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Pelican™ brand cases are available both in-store and online. With 37 stock sizes and customized interior design, there is a Pelican Case for any application. The selection lets you travel for business with peace of mind. Bring your photography, video, and audio equipment along for the ride with the options. If you’re looking for tough shipping cases, or a secure method of transporting firearms for law enforcement or military purposes, you can find the right. Pelican™ brand cases are ideal for medical and emergency first aid operations, water sports, fire departments, air travel, and more.

Pelican™ brand cases recent acquisition of Hardigg cases has broadened the product line to include 500 sizes of roto-molded cases and 23 injection molded Storm cases. The Pelican Hardigg Roto-Pack series feature lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dust proof cases that are heat and chemical resistant. Whether you’re looking for a Pelican™ brand laptop case, a Pelican™ brand Hardigg shipping case, or a Pelican™ brand camera 1600 photo organizer case case, there is a perfect storage case for your essential items. Pelican™ brand cases are proudly made in the U.S.A. and come with a lifetime guarantee! For the toughest cases with the ultimate protection, choose a.
Carrying Cases:

Our innovations in the packaging industry have had overwhelming success in worldwide environments.  The Pelican-Hardigg's extensive line of Reusable Containers ensures a perfect size and function for any Military, Electronic or Industrial application, which requires extended service life and outstanding protection for any delicate equipment.

This web site will provide you extensive information on Pelican Products and our Foam Manufacturing capabilities; we can create a completely custom interior to accommodate any product or piece of equipment. Our engineers can help you select the perfect case for your needs.

Pelican Cases built to protect in the most severe conditions:

  • Pelican proprietary copolymer resin formula is incredibly tough and four times stronger than most consumer injection molded plastics. Unaffected by dents, scratches or corrosion. Pelican™ brand cases meet MIL-STD 4150-J stacking (400 lbs.) Drop Test (48"), Immersion (2" at 160°F). They meet and far exceed the highest standards of industrial, airline, military and commercial applications.
  • Multiple massive ABS Latches and.250 neoprene closed cell "O Ring", provides up to 30 feet watertight and air tightness for the ultimate protection. 

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To discuss your application, call us toll free at 800-882-4730, or contact us by e-mail (click email link at bottom of page)
Let us show you why we have acquired a reputation for successfully undertaking both the mundane and difficult projects.

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