Dr. Travis Rails against Gluten-Free Diet Industry - GLUTEN DEBATE - PART 2

5 Gluten-Free Diet Myths

5 Gluten-Free Diet Myths


You’ve probably heard a lot about gluten these days, and you most likely know someone who has gone gluten-free. Thinking of making the switch, yourself? Then, it’s important to tackle the myths surrounding gluten-free diets, so that you know what you can expect and can keep your body running as strong as possible.

Here are 5 Gluten-Free Diet Myths:

Myth Number 1:  A gluten-free diet helps you lose weight and keep slim.

Fact:  Not always.
This depends on several factors, including unhealthy vs. healthy weight gain. Someone with celiac disease may need to put on a few pounds, particularly someone who is not absorbing nutrients and calories due to gluten in the intestines. Also, swapping gluten-rich foods for gluten-free versions could lead to weight gain, as some of these foods have more refined flours, sugar, and fats. Looking for nutritiousGluten-Free Recipes? SkinnyMs. has got you covered.

Myth Number 2:  All gluten-free foods are beneficial and healthy choices.

Fact:  Not necessarily.
Just because the package of crackers is gluten-free, it does not mean it is OK to eat the entire container. Pizzas, cakes, and cookies that are gluten-free still contain fats, sugars, and flours that pack on the pounds.Try one of these Gluten-Free Ideas that Your Kids Will Eat, Too.

Learn about gluten and weight gain here.

Myth Number 3:  Eating a gluten-free diet is only a trend.

Fact:  This regimen is not the decade’s version of the Atkins.
For people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity, this diet is a lifestyle, one that could save their lives. Gluten leads to an autoimmune response for these people, affecting as many as 3 million of the U.S. population. This is not a diet that will go away anytime soon.

Myth Number 4:  People who get sick from consuming small amounts of gluten are just overreacting.

Fact:  The symptoms associated with gluten sensitivity are very real. 
Individuals with celiac disease can become seriously ill from only trace amounts of gluten. A small crumb of bread can lead to critical physical reactions for many with this condition. Gastroenterologists warn their patients to avoid using other people’s utensils and never add even one crouton to the salad.

Myth Number 5:  The gluten-free diet gives you energy.

Fact:  Hardly true.
While cutting out excessive carbs could mean a healthier well-being, there is mild immediate benefit with this dietary regimen. While you may eventually feel better after you adjust to this diet, initially, you will feel weak and tired from a low carbohydrate intake. Boost your energy levels by staying physically active.

Video: Gluten-Free is Pointless for Most of Us (8 gluten myths debunked)

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