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(Above) Natsuki Ikeda in Sabra double photoshoots.

The BuruBuru section is the eye candy place of JSexNetwork. This section features the most beautiful Japanese and Asian women ever to grace the spotlight, cameras and model catwalks in Japan. Idolized by millions, these gorgeous girls set the standard for beauty. BuruBuru gals features mainly non-nude (some nude) high resolution print quality photoshoots and downloadable DVD quality idol videos. We are also the largest content web site on the Internet. New videos are listed with "NEW" on the left column.
JSexNetwork also operates LeonKadena.com

Newly Added Gravure Idol Videos   Video Download
Natsuki Ikeda in Natsu Wo Dakishmete
Video Download
Natsuko Tatsumi in Hito Natsu No Koi   Video Download
Shoko Hamada in Shoko No Koi Video Download
Noriko Kijima in Underwater Naked   Video Download
Shizuka Nakamura in Shizukani Aishite
Video Download
Rina Aizawa in Rina's Wonderland 19 Graffiti   An Osaka native, Konan is a gravure idol, a singer (SDN48), actor and former race queen for Japan GT Championship (JGTC). Quite popular, this model as appeared in numerous variety shows and even on the AV show Muskat, although she is not an adult actress, we sure hope she becomes one. Here is her Desktop Gal Collection photoshoot [102p]   A popular actress and gravure idol, Anri Sugihara. Large breasts, super kickass body and complete beauty. Here is her @misty photoshoot [168p].   Anna Aoi and Reina Aoi are identical twins and they both made their debut in 2009, with Reina appearing in a drama store as well as appearing many variety shows and BOMB magazine. [40p].   Primarily a gravure model who has actually enjoyed simply being a bikini model! With aki hoshino photo book 10 image DVDs (2009) under her belt since her debut as well as appearing on idol variety shows on TBS, TV Tokyo and more. Minase Yashiro also made her acting debut for the film The Machine Girl in 2007. In 2009, she did alot of promotional work for many different large pachinko/slot entertainment and amusement stores and travelled all over Japan   Eri Otoguro Every Breath You Take Eri Otoguro simply looks extremely exotic and gorgeous.... born in Bangkok, Thailand and grew up in Kanagawa, this ethnic Japanese actress got her first acting break after auditioning for a Japanese Asahi program which put a person in Hong Kong for a month and incidently, during her Hong Kong stay, she got a small role in a HK horror film called "The Stewardess".   Maki Nishiyama She's simply drop dead gorgeous! Maki Nishiyama is most notably known for being the model for CanCam as well as appearing as the commercial girl for Krispy Kreme donuts in Japan. Maki's favorite food is pumpkin and collects Disney goods as a hobby. Here is her beautiful outdoor Naturalist photoshoot [34p].   Sayaka Araki A model and a DJ, Sayaka Araki was a model for Kick Ageha hair and makeup magazine and in 2009 is notable for releasing music under the name of DJ A Lucky. Here is her Glamorous High photoshoot and video [80p].   Kana Moriyama @misty Kana Moriyama is a gravure idol who came from Kyoto. She is known mainly for her tiny cute face and for her beautiful plump buttocks. More of a non-nude gravure idol magazine model, Kana is featured in magazines such as Cream, Beepin School and Chu Special. She has also released over 9 DVD image gravure videos. [60p].   Aya Ueto is one of few 'super idols'. A term not all idols have the honor of receiving. Her stardom goes far beyond any idol in Japan and this beautiful and talented idol/actress/singer is one of the most popular idols in the whole of Japan [104p].   Reon Kadena NS Eyes Artistic photos of Reon Kadena taken through the lens of famous idol photographer Nomura Seiichi. Capturing Reon in the beauty of nature, this large photoshoot is simply too artisitc for us to comprehend, but is quite nice for the avid Reon collectorr [250p]  

Quite a bombshell beauty, Anri Sugihara is sexy and heartstopping actress and gravure idol from Hiroshima, Japan. Her large breasts make her truly stand out as one of the few idols with a voluptuous body. Here is her truly sexy Desktop Gal phootshoot [118p].

  Mami Yamasaki Final Angel Mami Yamasaki is a Japanese actress, model and gravure idol who stands out amongst many idols. Here is her Final Angel photoshoot released in year 2009 [101p].   Sabra videos JSexNetwork presents the photoshoot videos of Sabra's gravure idols. Featuring videos of sexy and beautiful models and actresses such as Kana Tsugihara, Yuko Ogura, Ayaka Komatsu, Yuna Ichikawa, Nao Nagasawa, Meguru Ishii, Hatsune Matsushima, Ai Takabe and Toyomo Suzuki. XviD video codec required.   Sayaka Ando Sexy Sakaya Ando stars in her Desktop Gal Collection photoshoot. A former race queen and now an actress, gravude idol as well as a fashion model. With killer looks, and a nice body figure, Sayaka has appeared on commercials, radio, televison as well as an extensive gravure idol DVD collection. Check out this one of a kind beauty in her Desktop Gal Collection photoshoot [82p].   Ryoko Tanaka @misty She's tiny and sort of sweet and clumsy. Ryoko Tanaka is an actress, bikini idol and race queen best known for representing for the Super Exedy corporation, a racing clutch company. She has also appeared in couple dramas in 2008 with sort of limited roles. Nevertheless, a funny little idol with a look of "huh" on her face. Here is her @misty photoshoot [60p].   Chisato Morishita A former race queen of the year, turned model and actress. Chisato Morishita is unlike many other idols as she sports a proportionally built body, height and a seductive face. Although she has stopped making Gravure DVD and photobooks, her career has concentrated on appearing on Japanese dramas and variety shows and on television commericals. Enjoy her Switch Photoshoot [50p].   Azusa Yamamoto, a popular gravure idol, actress and TV host from Chiba prefecture who has been busy with photobooks DVD’s, TV commercials, magazines since she burst on to the scene as a contestant when she was 15 in the 1997 Bishojo Contest. This beautiful and talented actress is a trilingual who is capable of speaking Korean, English and Japanese, and she also studied classical ballet and piano. Here is your YS Young Sunday Web Gravure [47p].   When it comes to appearing in the popular Japanese fashion magazine PINKY, you'd most likey find Nozomi Sasaki all over the magazine. This top fashion model is one of the exclusive models working for PINKY and Nozomi is adored by many girls and women in Japan who simply just want to look like her and dress like her.   Ayaka Komatsu Fashion model, gravure idol, and actress. Ayaka Komatsu is probably one of the more popular idols in Japan. Perhaps best known for being best known as Sailor V in the Japanese Sailor Moon TV series, as well as appearing in Fanta's Japanese commercial and for convenience store Circle K for their Sandwiches (eating 4 sandwiches at once). Here is her ultra high resolution YS Web photoshoot [139p].   Kana Tsugihara Kana Tsugihara is indeed one popular bikini gravure idol in Japan for the last few years. In addition to her extensive modelling jobs, Kana also has had many small roles in TV dramas and short movies under her belt as well as a huge extensive collection of gravure idol DVDs released. In this feature, we have her 2008 Desktop Gal photoshoot as well as her Jonetsu and [EX] gravure idol videos for you to check out.   Beautiful and sexy Reon Kadena's DeskTop Girl photoshoot. Need we say more of this sexy and pretty bikini idol? [72p].   Rina Akiyama Born in Tokyo, Rina Akiyama is a famous gravure idol, actress and tarento whose most notable appearances are in two Kamen Rider Series, namely Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider Den-O. She also has a cameo appearance in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater in which she is featured in a poster on one of the levels. [58p].   Yuu Abiru Yuu Abiru is a gravure idol, actress and singer. Yuu is quite gorgeous, but this model's fame was stunted in 2005 when she admitted to stealing from a supermarket when she was 11 years old on a TV quiz show. [57P]   Sayuri Oyamada Sayuri Oyamada is perhaps one of the more gorgeous mature adult actress in Japan. Over thirty years old and still looks as though she is in her twenties. Sayuri made her debut on television commercials in year 1999, notably for Compaq and has actively been on screen for many TV dramas and variety shows: Her involvments in 2008 include the TBS drama Bloody Monday as well as appearing with the gorgeous beauty Meisa Kuroki in Tobira wa Tozasareta Mama.   Natsuki Harada N/S Eyeys Gravure Beautiful Natsuki Harada is a talented actress who made her debut as an actress in 2004 and since then, she has appeared in many popular TV dramas including 2008 NHK televisions's Taiga (NHK's annual historical series) drama 'Atsu-hime'. Enjoy the beautiful artistic photoshoot of Natsuki in Italy [226p].   Natsuko Tatsumi An extremely popular bikini model and actress, Natsuko Tatsumi, is featured in her One Night Lover photoshoot as well as her Take Off! gravure video. You can easily spot Natsuko in many types of media in Japan, from appearing in many variety shows the television, in couple TV dramas, as well appearing in couple commercials. Check out her photos and download her 100 minute gravure idol video [42P].   Saki Seto Born on June 21, 1985 in Japan, Saki Seto is definately one of the most popular gravure model who made her claim to fame in 2003 when she won the Miss Shuukan Shounen Magazine gravure idol contest. This gorgeous looking babe is also a TV and Drama actress who is best known for being cast in famous TV comedy “Haruka 17”. Featured here is her Yong Sunday Visual Web gravure photoshoot shoot. [74P]   Miki Hara Mikie Hara, is one of the most famous Japanese gravure idol and actress who also stars as Honey Kisaragi in the super popular manga and anime series. This Niigata prefecture born cutie is also known as a big fan of Japanse baseball and soccer. Enjoy her Young Sunday Visual Web gravure photoshoot releases. [57P]   Yuko Ogura Yuko Ogura is perhaps the most famous and most popular Japanese idol in the new millenia. With a face thats like a doll and the innocence of a high school girl, Yuko has the largest fan following that is incomprehensible. Whether it is commercials, TV dramas, variety shows, anime, and even magazines, there's no kinda of media without Yuko in it. Her is Yuko's Good Lovin photoshoot [42p] and video.   Yoshimi Hamasaki model Yoshimi Hamasaki is a gravure bikini idol who made her debut in 2007 and was designated as one of the 2008 PR girls (Nittere Jenic) of Nippon Television (NTV), a prestigous job which includes some of the top names in idols in previous years.Yoshimi's hobbies include cooking and donating blood, and she is well known for the bad habit of making monkey faces. She has also appeared on some television key variety shows in Japan.   Suzanne

Model, singer, entertainer. Pretty Suzanne came from Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan and she comes from a lineage of models, with her mother being once a model also. Suzanne is definately pretty well known and has appeared in numerous television commercials, and a regular on many TV programs. Suzanne is also currently a member of the as well as a model at Pinky magazine.

  Misato Hirata Bikini Model, television actress and idol. Beautiful Misato Hirata made her debut in 2000 after graduating from Japan Women's University and has appeared in numerous telelvision shows and swimsuit photoshoots. She is best known for being in the cast of (Japanese ultrman super hero fighting oversized monsters) playing the character Konomi Amagai. Enjoy Misato in her gorgreous outdoor bikini @misty photoshoot 110p.   Sayaka Ando Sayaka Ando is a popular bikini idol and former race queen who has been featured in numerous photobooks, DVDs, commercials and is an exclusive model to the 'Jelly' and "Sawaii' fashion magazines. This sexy model is also actually a graduate of the Miyagi Gakuin Women's University and is also a qualified licensed teacher to many people's surprise. Check out her Vintage digital web photos of Sayaka in various bikinis [73p].   Leah Dizon Leah Dizon's story is an amazing one. A pretty import tuner model in the U.S. who decides to move to Japan for a modelling contract and ends up becoming a super popular model and singer there. Enjoy her third photo book scans titled ' Heaven' [67p].   Sayaka Sato DGC Cutie Sayaka Sato is featured in her DGC photoshoot. A bikini idol with a very nice ass [90p].   Ayumi Uehara

Beautiful Ayumi Uehara's is a fashion model and actress, and has appeared in pretty much nearly every single major fashion magazines in Japan and most recently specifically for SCawaii fashion magazine. This tanned beauty is also a TV and Drama actress who has appeared in more than a dozen times on the tube. In year 2008, Ayumi appears as one of the stars of.

  Mika Inagaki This bikini model is hot! Saitama girl Mika Inagaki made her model debut in 2007 and has released couple erotic idol DVDs and appeared in couple photoshoots, notably for Desktop Gal Collection and Young Visual Sunday. This model has a big booty and a sweet face, but unfortunately does not take off her bra. Enjoy Mika Ingaki's Desktop Gal Collection photoshoot [85p].   Yumi Sugimoto Young Sunday Visual Web One of the most beautiful bikini models in Japan is Yumi Sugimoto. A model who originated from Osaka and has appeared in popular womans magazine JJ's, Young Sunday visual web and now in Japanese TV shows on TBS and dramas.An absolutely gorgeous model for your eyes to feast on. Enjoy her Young Sunday Visual Web gravure photoshoot releases [156p].   Jun Natsukawa Desktop Gal Collection Jun Natsukawa is no doubt one of the top gravure idols in Japan having appeared in nearly every type of possible media which includes TV shows, dramas, movies, commercials, gravure videos, photobooks and magazines. Enjoy her Desktop Gal Collection photoshoot [80p].   Reon Kadena It has been a long while since we released any Reon Kadena videos, so here is her Dream Planet video. Running scantily clad in a bikini on a beach and playing soccer, Reon is in Austrailia for this video shoot. Enjoy this mighty popular and sexy idol.   Yukie Kawamura Popular gravure idol Yukie Kawamura in her extremely sexy photoshoot in Mexico titled Bible and Miracle! Dress as a female torero, a biker chick as well an assortment of sexy bikini's, Yukie poses outdoor for this nice sunny outdoor photoshoot. Enjoy!   Rina Nagasaki Rina Nagasaki is a gravure idol and entertainer who first made her debut at the age of 18 appearing in a DVD photobook in a magazine. This university educated idol also has appeared in numerous DVDs, collection books as well as making her debut in a Japanese television drama with TV Tokyo in 2007.An absolute cutie! Enjoy her @Misty Volume 1 and 2 photoshoot.   Yuriko Shiratori Gravure idol, tarento actress, fashion model and singer. Yuriko Shiratori is a model who is truly involved in a bit of everything. This popular model has released idol from Sendai has released her own idol DVDs, appeared on commercials for,, as well as numerous fashion magazines, but her biggest break came in 2007 when she was chosen to star in a nationwide TV program called Kamen Rider Den-O. Enjoy her APlus Bomb photo collection.   Yoko Matsugane Yoko Matsugane is probably one of the most popular and famous Japanese bikini model in Japan well known for her completely voluptuous figure. With a beautiful face, H-cup breasts and a bombshell of a body, this idol has appeared in several idol DVDs, photobooks, TV shows and also can be found in attendance for numerous promotional events every year. Featured is her TenMei Kano photoshoot with over a hundred high resolution photos. Absolutely heartstopping!   Shoko Hamada Kyoto born Japanese race queen and popular gravure idol Shoko Hamada is one of the top idols in Japan. She started her modeling career at the age of 17 when she was scouted on a trip to Tokyo Disneyland as well as becoming a race queen for the ENDLESS Racing team. Popular with otaku fans, Shoko appears in many photobooks, DVDs as well as television commericals. Enjoy her exclusive high resolution DGC photoshoot.   Nozomi Sasaki is a rising beautiful and sexy model who you will be seeing more often. She has appeared in magazines (Young Jump, Maquia, Tokyo Week), commercials (Cofu, NTT DoCoMo, Cheriche) and even appearing briefly on TV (NHK Morning Akita), but one of her biggest achievements so far has been being the frontpage girl for PINKY magazine, one of the top woman's fashion magazine in Japan.   RYU Super gorgeous bikini model RYU in her Symmetry Left and Symmetry Right video. Two very mesmorizing and strange videos for you to download. Filmed in Bangkok Thailand, RYU appears in this heart stopping gravure idol's video presented by Kazoo Planning. There are also brief topless scenes of RYU in this video. Video available in Windows Media Video with 720x544 resolution.   Reon Kadena SBOOK SBOOK Exclusive original high resolution digital nude photos + new unreleased photos which was used in Reon Kadena's Hadaka No Reon nude photobook. Instead of the scans from the photobook, here are the ACTUAL original digital images from the photoshoot. Extremely exclusive and rare! You can also compared the quality with the scans.   Sabra Love Addiction Enjoy Sabra's HardEdge Girls 02 titled 'Love Addiction' featuring three gorgeous Japanese bikini models getting quite erotic with each other. Starring Kaori Takagi, Anna Fukuyama and Yoko Kawahara. Here is the actual video of the photoshoot with interviews and also behind the scenes footage. DivX Codec Required.   Ai Takahashi Shashinshu Zenshu Photobook Beautiful Ai Takahashi is a member of Hello! Project, best known as the sub-leader of Morning Musume and member of its most popular subgroup, Mini Moni. This singer and actress has released numerous photobooks, gravure idol videos, appeared on many Japanese TV shows as well as J-Drama. Enjoy Ai Takahashi's Shashinshu Zenshu [ai] photobook which features her complete works from her photobooks.   Jun Natsukawa Astraea Jun Natsukawa is one of the top bikini idols in Japan and is featured in numerous photobooks, gravure videos, commercials, TV shows, and even sang the theme song for an anime called Cat's Eye. Included is her exclusive ultra high resolution photoshoot available in two sizes and her gravure video.   Leah Dizon Petite Amie Beautiful Leah Dizon is featured in this Shueisha released Japanese photobook titled 'Petite Amie' now available online at JSexNetwork and at all your local bookstores in Japan. See this former California Import Girl, now a gravure model and aspring singer take on Japan with with her beautiful looks and sexy body. An extremely cute and sweet model. Bonus photobook Japan launch video included for members.   Reon Kadena Memories This is the last gravure on location video released in 2006 for Leon Kadena titled 'Memories' by Akita Publishing. Video is in high resolution DivX format. You will need to have the DivX codec installed before downloading and playing this lovely Reon Kadena video.   Reon Kadena @misty Gravure Featuring the @misty photo collection of the beautiful Reon Kadena. Released in Japan on November 17th 2006, this photoshoot is available in both large 1600 x 1000 and small 800 x 600 resolution. Enjoy these 95 exclusive images of Reon Kadena in skimpy bikinis.   Yuino Saito Chihiro Nakamura Shizuki Miyazawa Saeka Izumi Exclusive non-nude high quality print images available for download and printing. Featuring Japanese bikini models Yuino Saito, Shizuku Miyazawa, Chihiro Nakamura and Saeka Izumi. Enjoy this exclusive and rare released images collection. 1500 x 1000 Resolution Photos.   Aki Hoshino @misty Stunning model Aki Hoshino is featured in this month with her @misty photoshoot. Enjoy her ultra high quality/resolution gallery. For collectors, these photos are of print quality and are color printer ready. If you have never heard of Aki, prepared to be dazzled by this jolly personality bombshell.   Kyoko Fujikawa in Zenkai Classy Kyoko Fujikawa has been around the modelling scene for the last couple of years (since 2002), and with the trend still moving towards more mature and feminine idols these days, Kyoko still is as stunning as ever and also releasing Gravure Idol videos in 2006. Included are the exclusive JSN scans of her Bauhaus released Zenkai photobook as well as a free short promo video of gravure DVD titled GO!GO! 3, scheduled for release in April 2006.   Enter Hatsu Gals We present to you a new sub-section called Hatsu Gals Series! Which features high quality beautiful photos of the Second Tier Adult actress with their exclusive photoshoot. What's Second Tier? These are girls that usually portray the extra characters, the understudies in your average AV movie. Not your mainstream actress, but supporting actress are amazing. ENTER HATSU GIRLS SUBSECTION   Sabra 3 Colors Download and enjoy this exclusive Sabra video presentation. This 98 MB DivX video features the making and behind the scenes of the 3 COLORS gravure idol book featuring the stunning Misako Yasuda, Yoko Kumada and Jun Natsukawa. Non-Nude   Leon Kadena Style DVD Leon Kadena video 'Style' now available for download. It is perhaps her most artistic and melancholic feature ever, narrated by herself and filmed with a special technique which make this video like an old home movie. This film was shot in Hawaii. Included at the end of the feature is the behind the scenes plus Leon playing ball with couple dogs. No Sexual Content. Size: 639 MB. High Resolution Video.   Yukie Kawamura This cutie bikini model's popularity sky rocketed higher in Japan with the released of 4+ videos this year alone. Yukie posing in front of the camera in various sexy swimwear, as well as some costume fetish costumes. Bonus features include behind the scenes. A absolute must download video for Yukie fans out there.  


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