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This chop line made a big splash and continues to gain so much popularity. It appears to have taken over everywhere…overnight! With awesome reviews from This option is divided into three categories of texture: Kinks (4b-4C), Kurls (3C-4A), and Koils (3B-3C). They have an extensive chart helping you to discover which type is closely related to your own texture and explains the difference. See chart Just like the wefted hair, these clip-ins and closures have 100% virgin hair to perfectly match a woman’s natural hair texture and curl pattern. Out of the vast options for extensions, wigs have the lowest risk in the damage. You do not have to worry about breakage, over manipulation from blending, or proper washing and moisturizing your own hair. Take it off at night and put it on in the morning. It's the best of both worlds! The owner Ngozi Opara is a natural hairstylist and certified hair manufacturing technologist so this is a brand that backed and led by plenty of experience.

The goal for Fingercomb is to help others in the natural hair community to attain healthy, happy hair through support and beautiful hair units. This line is extensive!

It’s a full cap wig that’s big on volume and length. Summer was the muse for this fun flirty wig with a light breathable cap and accordion clips in the front and nape.

This line has much more to offer with their,,, and. These textures look amazingly real and beautiful.

This is a soft, kinky curly coil pattern that’s the perfect voluminous wash and go look for year round. It blends easily with 2B – 4C textures and can be a sew-in or used to fill in your own natural hair.


The Private Stock Hair Collection boasts of no chemicals, no additives silicones coatings, or other unacceptable enhancers have been added to their hair. All of their selections have ultra-premium cuticle hair. They have an extensive line of hair types that range from curly, kinky curly, wavy, and straight.

This line mimics type 3C – 4C hair and is highly defined and full of volume and bounce.

This line mimics 4A, 4B, and 4C textures because it is a blend of the lines and textures. This is the brand's most popular hair extensions.
The Private Stock Hair Collection has several more lines: The,,,, and (not dreadlocks). The hair line also has and that are accompanied with reviews and customer photos for you to see the results. You also have the luxury of selecting from a variety of hair colors.


With the attention of many blogger and vloggers after launching in July 2013, this company is known for its ease of application, removal, and versatility.
The creator of Kurly Klips is a natural who had a rather devastating weave experience from her stylist and is the reason she came up with Kurly Klips. She’s very honest about her experience and is genuinely concerned about trying to prevent others from undergoing the same. The hair can be washed and colored so it makes it that much easier to blend. Check out the from blogger Natural Belle from the UK.

This is the kinkier of the two lines they offer and both come in three lengths: (short), (shoulder length), and (longest), which falls a little past bra-strap length.
My Spirals
This is the curlier of the two with big ringlets that hang looser and longer than the. Both lines do not require salon installation.


My Natural Hair Extensions is for black women who are tired of damaging their hair from attempting to match the many types of extensions that are not like our own textures. This line is 100% human hair that has been steam pressed to give the look of natural textures.

This line matches 3C–4B textures and this hair can be cut, colored, dyed, flat-ironed, washed, conditioned, and bleached.

This line is for the 4C texture with tight and tiny ringlets. There is no need to do a twist-out to have your tresses match this hair, so that’s less work and more fun.
You can check out their customer review on.


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