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Lake Champlain, 1875. Boston Public Library Lake Champlain, 1875. Boston Public Library

It was getting dark when the Joneses spotted the creature.

Martin Jones, husband and father of two, says he has heard stories about a lake monster before.

“I’m aware of the Champ legend, but I always dismissed it as silly tales that are good for tourism,” he said.

Jones wasn’t the only one person to witness the incident. His wife Tamara and his two children were also present at the lake.

“We thought we’d spend the day somewhere nice, let the kids do some fishing and eat some, you know, but you never expect something like this,” she said.

The event took place after one of the kids reeled in a largemouth bass. A splash turned their heads away from the fish back to the water: a big, greenish thing came up through the surface. At first they weren’t able to make out the shape. There was another man fishing next to them.


I was like, is that an alligator? But right away I saw the round head and big black eyes, kind of an empty look, there was nothing that resembled a reptile of any kind” said Peter Clark, 48. ” I could make up some scales on the side of the head, but most of the skin I’d say looked like that of a catfish. Then, some sort of horn or spike or something, that was freaky, really. It was there for 20 seconds and then it left.”

Whale's blowhole Whale’s blowhole

But what makes this sighting significantly different from the others is that the beast produced a sound. The five champ lake monster photo witnesses agree that it reminded them of a whale’s noise followed by a splash.

The lake Champlain is located between the US and Canada and it is over 100 miles long and 12 miles wide. It is indirectly connected to the Atlantic Ocean, so the possibility of a cetacean sneaking into the lake can not be discarded, however it’d be very difficult for this to happen. The blowholes located on top of the head of a whale would explain the need of the animal to come up to the surface to breath; that would also explain the reported sightings every year.

How about the scales on the side of the head described by Mr Clark? Whales don’t have scales or spikes. Could it be that what looked like a horn to the witness was just vegetation, debris tangled on the animal’s head?


Nessie by JoeLercio CC BY-SA 3.0 Nessie by  

Throughout our e-mail correspondence with the two parties, we asked for some evidence to support this report, such as pictures or video, but we came empty handed. Although it seems hard to believe that in this digital era no pictures or videos were taken, take into consideration that 20 seconds is not much time; putting the fishing rod down, bringing the phone or camera out of your pocket and finding the app to take the shot -all while watching a giant monster put up a good show- seems a little difficult to do. Do you ever wonder why most of the alleged pictures of strange creatures appear blurry? I am sure you’d have a shaky hand too.

A big thank you to the Jones family for reporting this sighting and for providing us with a way to contact Peter Clark. If you were there and have further information regarding the case, please contact us.

If you are interested in finding out about the story of the lake and the alleged monster living in it, we recommend the following reads: and.



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