Закрыть ... [X]
Закрыть ... [X]

From 2001, this is one of my favourite albums.

Oh! Maurice thank you for this magnificent song that is and always will be one of my all time favourites. It has been special to me so many time in my life after the love had gone.

If all the cities of the world could be likened to a horse race, New York would win by 10 lengths. Check out my blog, http://fivestarvagabond.com/new-york-city/

Good advice Billy. :)

Beautiful, amazing, captivating Melody Gardot. Totally unique.


Linda Perry had a smile to die for, what a shame she batted for the other team. :) In 1992 I was having the time of my life on the Gold Coast. http://fivestarvagabond.com/gold-coast-babes-1992/

Here is my photo blog from Paris in 2005. I really have to get back to this wonderful city. http://fivestarvagabond.com/david-herd-loves-paris/

That certain night, the night we met, There was magic abroad in the air, There were angels dining at the Ritz, And a nightingale sang in Berkeley Square.

One thing I love about living in Thailand is always hearing the old songs being played around the clubs & bars, here is a favourite.

In my opinion this is the best ever re-make of a classic hit. Do yourself a favour and listen to it.

This is a fabulous song from Cuba, I was lucky enough to see the Broadway show on this great lady's life.

Just beautiful poetry by Leonard Cohen sung perfectly by K.D. Lang.

What a voice & what fabulous old songs.

If you could pick a theme song that explained your character & destiny this would certainly be mine.

Yes, those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end. Working for McDougalls LTD in Clarence St Sydney, my first sales job. Life was incredibly exciting for me, I was on the road to success.

I was a student at Homebush High School in Sydney's western suburbs, this great song takes me straight back to those wonderful days.

My all time favourite group. RIP Glenn Frey

Lead singer Tony Williams in my opinion had the best voice in pop & R & B until a guy named Freddie came along many years later. In fact Freddy also made the song a hit in 1987.

Here is your chance to compare Freddie with Tony Williams who made the original in 1955 with the Platters. I love the original but for me Freddie had the greatest voice in rock music, sadly he died way too young.

If I had to pick just two songs to be played at my funeral this would be one along with Lee Marvin singing WANDERING corbett tiger den resort photos STAR. Oh! hang on there is a third, Glenn Frey singing HERE’S TO LIFE.

You don't have to be a Nazi to be inspired by this fabulous exciting song. Great movie, great voice, great song.

Here's looking at you kid, super song from 1982. It just so happens in that same year I spent a couple of great months on the west coast of U.S.A. with a hot Aussie babe and my good friend Steve Bates; Yeh, we had it all, just like Bogie & Bacall.

I love this song from Japan. In fact I also love Japan as you can clearly see from the number of times I visit that great country. In fact I'm going again in October 2016.

As a Frank Sinatra fan and I remember quite clearly how it all began. My family were fans of Bing Crosby, if you were Crosby fan you didn't like Sinatra’s music, naturally being a cheeky young brat I announced that my preference was definitely Francis Albert Sinatra, so what started out as a rebellion became a lifetime of devotion to his music. Later in life I managed to bring Mum and Dad into the fold & they also became great fans, especially Dad. Sadly both these great men, Sinatra and my Dad passed away in 1998 which made it a very sad year for me.

Neil Diamond was a big part of my exciting life all through the 70s 7 80s, I have always been a fan of singer, song writers who could play the piano. Next up is BILLY JOEL. :)

In many ways this song is special to me. The memory it conjures up is from 1975 when I lived in the Old Melbourne Hotel for 3 months. This great hotel had the best piano bar I have ever drank in anywhere, & this video is exactly like it was back then, even the crowd looks similar.

This fabulous song from 1937 was featured in the wonderful 1974 film Chinatown. It was also in another favourite movie of mine from 1974, Save the Tiger with Jack Lemon starring. I can prove just how much I love it because I have used it as my ring tone for several years. :)

Certainly one of my favourite soundtracks of all time, so many incredible artists. Sit back and enjoy this collection of great music.

What a fabulous artist, Billy added a huge amount of excitement to my life in the 80s.

What a super song, by a great artist.

Simply a sensational song, it reminds me of my life in the 80s. :)

As smooth a ever.

In 1986, Billy Joel released an album titled The Bridge, which was the final album of his to be produced by Phil Ramone. Watch the official music video for 'Baby Grand', a duet with Ray Charles that is dedicated to the style of piano that goes by the same name.

One of the coolest smoothest tunes ever recorded by the very beautiful Sade.

One of the greatest songs ever written and Jeff Gutt really nails it on the X Factor.

"How Bizarre" is a hit single written and recorded by New Zealand group OMC. Another song that reminds me of the 90s.

Smoother than a rat with a gold tooth. :)

I'm not really a Mick Jagger fan but this track is exceptional.

These guys have got a sensational sound, they bring back a song that I am old enough to remember. :)

Finbar Furey and Christy Dignam with a stunning "Green Fields of France".

Sweet, lay back & very sexy.

A wonderful song performed by two amazing Chinese children aged 10 & 7. This is a performance you will never forget.

The song touches on the British trait of stoicism with the "stiff upper lip" spirit in the face of adversity, and became immensely popular. It reached number three on the UK Singles Charts, and the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in London featured a live performance of the song by Eric Idle.

WOW! Does this song take me back to the 70s. Absolutely magnificent.

A beautiful song sung by a beautiful young girl.

Penny Lancaster is one of the sexiest ladies I have ever seen, no wonder Rod married her. What about those fabulous legs?

What an artist, Van you are fantastic.

An amazing group, in my opinion they re in the top 3 or 4 who ever stepped up to a mike.

Still got the blues for you.

Perhaps my best decade, but then again the 80s & 90s were fabulous also. :)

Was there ever a better love song than this? I really doubt it.


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