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When you choose a Series 7 full body panel you can trust Daavlin to provide safety and
cutting edge technology!  The slim design of the 7 Series line offers a variety of lamp quantities, optional double doors and a choice of control systems.

7 Series clears your skin

  • Light treatments are typically very brief, and occur about three times a week.
  • Results vary, but psoriasis symptoms usually begin to show improvement in
    as little as 6 – 8 treatments; vitiligo commonly begins to re-pigment
    within about 8 weeks.
  • This medical device requires a prescription from your doctor.

7 Series offers exibility and power

  • Units can be equipped with four, six, eight, ten or twelve lamps.
  • Four and six lamp models have optional re ective doors. Eight, ten and twelve
    lamp devices feature doors with lamps that act to double the treatment area.
  • 7 Series can accommodate a variety of lamp types, including Narrow Band UVB, Broad Band UVB and UVA and plug into a standard household electrical outlet.

7 Series is technologically advanced

  • Special ballasts and uniquely formed re ectors give the 7 Series a high output which ensures that treatment times are brief.
  • Units can be equipped with Daavlin’s Flex Dosimetry, a control option for measuring power output and assuring proper treatment while at home.
  • Advanced options such as the DistanceMinder Patient Positioning Sensor and FlexRx Exposure Limiting Software are available on the 7 Series.

Safe and Easy to Use

Phototherapy is safe for most patients, including those who are pregnant, elderly or immuno-compromised. Protective grid prevents accidental contact with the lamps, and UV blocking eyewear is provided.

An Affordable Choice

Daavlin’s home phototherapy units are reasonably priced, frequently covered by insurance and our free insurance processing program does the work for you!


Daavlin 7 Series Data

Treatment Area (no door lamps) 19×70.25 in (48.3×178.4 cm) Treatment Area (with door lamps) 33×70.25 in (83.8×178.4 cm) Height 74.5 in (189.2 cm) Width (no door lamps) 20 in (50.8 cm) Width (with door lamps) 39.5 in (100.3 cm) Depth (including feet) 24 in (61 cm) Depth (without feet) 6.5 in (16.5 cm) Weight (no doors) 75 lb (34 kg) Weight (with doors) 106-129 lb (48-58.5 kg) Voltage 110-120 V, 60 Hz and 220-240 V, 50 or 60 Hz.


Available Models

Model Name Model Description NB-UVB Timer or Dosimetry 6′ tall,
4 lamps,
no doors x Both Available 6′ tall,
4 lamps,
doors x Both Available 7 Series 6 6′ tall,
6 lamps,
no doors x Both Available 6′ tall,
6 lamps,
doors x Both Available 6′ tall,
8 lamps,
doors with lamps x Both Available 6′ tall,
10 lamps,
doors with lamps x Both Available 6′ tall,
12 lamps,
doors with lamps x Both Available


  • 7 Series 4

    The most basic model 7 Series, our economical 4 lamp unit without doors saves on space and can even hang on a wall.

  • 7 Series 4D

    Adding reflective doors to the 7 Series allows you to protect the lamps when not in use.

  • 7 Series 6

    Increase your output in the same amount of space by increasing the number of lamps.

  • 7 Series 6D

    Reflective doors not only protect the lamps, but aid in directing light during treatment.

  • 7 Series 8

    By adding lamps to the doors, patients can achieve a “wrap-around” effect.

  • 7 Series 10

    This “wrap-around” effect allows patients to treat their entire body with just two exposures.

  • 7 Series 12

    The more lamps that are used, the higher the UV output of the device will be, resulting in faster treatment times.

IMPORTANT: Prior to purchase or electrical modification of your location. Confirm with Daavlin that you have the correct electrical specification for your particular unit and country.

7 Series 4 Lamps, No Doors

7 Series 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Lamps and Doors


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