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The Project is already a catalyst for regional economic growth and holds more positive promise for years to come. Alphamin is committed to contributing to the stability and economic activity in North Kivu. Alphamin, with its Bisie mine, contributes significantly to benefit the community and other stakeholders alike. Local communities strongly support the development of the project, as it will create employment and facilitate the development of supportive infrastructure in North Kivu.

Local community support is further enhanced through the Lowa Alliance, a not-for-profit foundation that drives comprehensive and ongoing economic and social development, which is funded by ABM, donations and the local communities.

Alphamin’s development will fundamentally transform the local economy, social conditions and underlying governance of the Walikale Territory and North Kivu Province. According to the updated Feasibility Study, the responsible development and operation of the Bisie mine is expected to result in the employment of approximately 700 people during construction, and to create approximately 450 permanent local jobs during operations.

Already the positive impact of Alphamin is leading to vastly improved governance, security, safety and increased economic activity in the Walikale region of North Kivu. The catalytic nature of Alphamin’s commitment to and investment in the post-conflict region of the eastern DRC will brings synergies with the other humanitarian, stabilisation and development funding and initiatives of the GDRC and multiple donors (including the World Bank, European Union, United States Agency for International Development, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development and others).


“Alphamin represents a huge change in the whole mining democratic republic of congo photo gallery sector in North Kivu. This explains the enthusiasm of the national and provincial government in supporting the company. The mining project will generate employment and tax revenue nationally and provincially. Alphamin has shown that foreign investors have faith in North Kivu and the DRC, despite negative perceptions.”

– Minister Professor Anselme Paluku Kitakya, North Kivu Minister of Mines, Electricity, Small and Medium Enterprises, Industry and Hydrocarbons


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