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When is Independence Day 2019?

Independence Day 2019 is on Thursday, July 4, 2019 (in 257 days).  

Independence Day 2018 photo has already passed: it was on Wednesday, July 4, 2018 (108 days ago).  2018 Calendar

What is Independence Day?

Fireworks display over the Washington Monument on Independence DayFireworks display over the Washington Monument on Independence Day Independence Day is a United States federal holiday, celebrated annually on July 4. The day is often referred to simply by its date: Fourth of July, or July Fourth.
Independence Day commemorates the publication, on July 4 1776, of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain. It is the National Day of the United States and typical celebrations include speeches and parades, parties and gatherings, and – perhaps most famously – extravagant firework displays.
See also: showing all US federal holidays.
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When is Independence Day 2020?

Independence Day 2020 is on Saturday, July 4, 2020 (in 623 days).  

Dates for Independence Day from 2014 to 2024

The next occurrence of Independence Day is marked in red.
When is...? Date      Day of the week      Days away      Independence Day 2014      July 4, 2014      Friday      1569 days ago Independence Day 2015      July 4, 2015      Saturday      1204 days ago Independence Day 2016      July 4, 2016      Monday      838 days ago Independence Day 2017      July 4, 2017      Tuesday      473 days ago Independence Day 2018      July 4, 2018      Wednesday      108 days ago Independence Day 2019      July 4, 2019      Thursday      in 257 days Independence Day 2020      July 4, 2020      Saturday      in 623 days Independence Day 2021      July 4, 2021      Sunday      in 988 days Independence Day 2022      July 4, 2022      Monday      in 1353 days Independence Day 2023      July 4, 2023      Tuesday      in 1718 days Independence Day 2024      July 4, 2024      Thursday      in 2084 days

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Independence Day 2019 Dates of and surrounding years
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Printable 2019 Calendars

Calendar templates 2019 for Word, Excel & PDF
Calendar templates 2019 for Word, Excel & PDF

2019 calendar as templates for
, &

A selection of calendar templates for 2019 in landscape and portrait orientation and with US federal holidays, suitable for a variety of applications.

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