18th birthday party ideas(updated in 2017) Coming out with the best 18th birthday party idea is important because the age of eighteen is a pivot point for every person.

It is during this transition where we start forgetting about young adulthood. We take a turn towards adult living where we set new expectations for ourselves. We grow up. It is, therefore, apt to make this birthday the most memorable one.

Here at, we have a list of cool and special birthday ideas to make this day truly unforgettable. Check out our ideas now!

Outdoor Camping


This is a unique 18th birthday party idea that can last for two days and one night.

Suitable for the adventurous teens who love camping and the outdoors. Ideally, the birthday planner will take the friends out and stay the night in a cabin, pretty much at a well demarcated campsite.

The group should bring their hiking gears and a lot of beer and any of their favorite drinks.

This is a great party during summer or a specific camping season, depending on the state. At night, the group can stay around a bonfire, cook their meals, and just have fun while singing to a birthday song and cutting the birthday cake.

Add DIY decorations with the number “18” around the campsite to remind everyone the significance of this occasion for the birthday boy or girl.

As the evening fades, more than half the team is probably asleep or drunk. In the morning, they can all enjoy the sun and the fresh air over a cup of coffee or juice.

If you are also planning birthday activities for other age range like, then this camping birthday theme is also a recommended suggestion.

Important checklist:
1) Camping Equipment
2) Camping Permit (if required by regulation)

Luxurious Night In A Limousine party

This idea is suitable if you are seeking birthday idea for your daughter who is turning 18. If you are willing to spend more for your beloved daughter on this milestone birthday, consider creating an opulent night for her to remember!

Girls grow up so quick and they are eager to become adults.

Rent a limousine for a glamorous night out so they can feel like a star. The birthday girl and her closest friends will have a night of extravagance.

Send them to a nice salon to get all prettied up with nail and make-up, then out to a fancy dinner.

They will love taking photos of each other all dressed up like princesses on their adventurous night.
For a really special night, consider getting them a night at a nice hotel with a pool.

Important checklist:
1) Limousine rental company that offers attractive rates
2) Salon and dinner reservation

Spa Party


If you are planning a celebration for a female, the soon to be 18 year old girl will love this special birthday idea!

A suitable indoor birthday party idea, you can set up a salon type of party where girls can get services like spa, massage, foot spa, nail polish or nail spa, eyelash extension and eyebrow shaving, make-up, and hair treatment.

Though it can get costly, the number of guests is within your control and you keep first birthday party photos it small. You can also set it up with several booths where the girls have to pay for the services. A spa party is always an awesome experience for ladies, you can consider it as one of the if you are planning one in future.

Important checklist:
1) Manpower at spa booths

Outdoor Movie Theatre


Most people love to watch movies. So why not consider having a 18th birthday party theme that is related to the movies? This birthday idea may be a bit tricky but if you can pull it off, it is guaranteed to be a night to remember.

Get a projector and a big screen set up in your backyard and lay out a bunch of comfortable sheets and pillows so the teens can just spread out and be comfortable during the entertainment.

For the food ideas, order pizza, popcorn and most importantly, the birthday cake to top it off for the celebration. To make it extra fun, they can all come to their party in their pyjamas and have a sleepover.

This idea is also a if you are planning one for your parents or other senior citizens. The advantage of this birthday concept is that the budget can be controlled easily, the cost can be cheap as the simple activities are inexpensive to plan for.

Important checklist:
1) Movie posters and related decorating items to create the birthday venue that resembles a cinema
2) Popcorn and soda drinks

Foam Party


Having a foam party as the party theme is a unique way to celebrate one’s 18th birthday!

If he or she loves to dance, then a foam party is a very good birthday idea, especially if there are many friends who love going to clubs.

To add an element of excitement and entertainment, think of dance floor, complete with DJs, surround-sound system, strobe lights, and cocktails.

Now add waist-deep foam all over the place. Can you imagine how fun it is to dance in a place like this? It is wild!

Make sure you note the number of guests coming and make reservations beforehand.

Foam parties are exciting because they take to back to the days when you can play with bubbles in your bath. In a foam party, everybody gets wet since the foam, which falls from above and accumulates from the floor up to your waist – while singing the happy birthday song!

Important checklist:
1) Local club that offers foam party at competitive rates
2) Budget management

Scavenger Hunt


If you are seeking a cheap birthday party idea that is fun, then this is certainly should be in your consideration.
It may take a bit of planning but what is more special than turning 18?

Organizing a scavenger hunt around your house or the neighborhood is a great way to ramp up the adventure and excitement.

These youth people have a lot of energy and want to go to a party that’s fun and requires their involvement.

Try to come out with a list of 18 items to hunt for the activities as this is the symbolic number for the event.

For an extra touch of this unusual birthday party idea, you could even have a theme for the party like come dressed as a Harry Potter character.

Important checklist:
1) A list of items to hunt for that is challenging but not overly difficult
2) Recce the scavenger hunt area first to ensure that place is safe e.g. adequate lighting, not too deserted
3) Wet weather program

Costume Party


Want to take Comic-Con to your house?

A great way to celebrate is to invite friends to a specific-themed costume party.

If the latest fad is Game of Thrones or superhero characters, you might as well capitalize on it and use it as a theme.

Your friends can dress up, and everybody can take memorable selfies. To make it exciting, you can set up the place like a real set from the TV series for the birthday party decoration.

Important checklist:
1) Local shop that offers costume rental services
2) Decoration at party venue that matches costume theme

Amazing Race Party


A cool and unique 18th birthday party idea. Especially if the birthday boy or girl is a fan of the reality TV show from the US.

Send birthday invitations to friends and assign them into groups of 2.

The letter will contain the first clue, which they have to solve. The solution will take them to one checkpoint, and they have to solve another clue.

The basics of this birthday game is that they will keep on solving hints and clues until they find out where the birthday party venue is, which is a kept secret right from the start.

If they fail, just call them and tell them where you the party venue is. If manpower planning is an issue, you can keep the size of the participants small.

Important checklist:
1) Thorough recce of the various checkpoints beforehand
2) Contact numbers of all the participants
3) Wet weather program

Go Kart Party


A suitable 18th birthday party idea for guys, this idea is based on the premise that many guys love driving.

With a Go Kart Party, if budget is less of an issue, one can try to book the entire operation of the Go Kart company to ensure exclusivity.

Depending on your budget, you can have the place for only a few hours or an entire day. To make things exciting, set up programs like racing.

Make sure food and beverages are readily available in buffet style. Amplify the noise through music, and surely, everyone will have a blast.

Make sure that safety precautions are observed. Individuals who have had too much alcohol should not drive. There should also be a barrier between the race track and where the people are. This ensures no one hangs around in the racetrack while the others are driving.

Go karting is also a

Important checklist:
1) Karting reservation
2) Food and beverage availability at karting arena

Paintball Party


This birthday idea is suitable for the 18 year old boys and even older guys as we recommend this activity in our

Many boys around this age like to compete physically and there is nothing more fun for a guy than to run around an open field with his friends shooting paintball.

There are several companies that offer paintball facilities at a competitive price. This birthday idea is relatively easy to plan as most of the activities are pre-planned by the paintball company.

The key to throwing a great birthday party for these youthful boys is to keep them physically active with enjoyment. After the paintball is over you can organize a pizza party and birthday cake at the house.

Important checklist:
1) Paintball company that offers attractive rates
2) Food and beverage availability at paintball arena

Masquerade Party


A masquerade is a good idea for girls as many 18 year old girls love to dazzle and shine and there’s nothing more glowing than a masquerade party.

This indoor birthday idea will give the girls a chance to dress up and feel like a woman with some added elegance and mystery.

All the guests should bring their own costume masks which will spice up the party as they will be planning ahead for days! Be creative with the accessories like making wands with the number “18” that everyone has to carry around.

To add to the excitement to the activities, you could create a little competition by rewarding the girl with the night’s best mask.

Important checklist:
1) Local shop that offers costume rental services
2) Decoration at party venue that matches costume theme

Water Party


Many 18 year olds are full of energy, highly active and one sure way to make a them have fun is to throw a water party.

You could keep it simple and easy by hosting the birthday party during the day at a pool.

The food ideas include some pizzas, soft drink and any other fried finger food and the boys and girls will do the rest.

If you want it to take it up a notch, take them to an outdoor water park. Most of these places can arrange fast food and a birthday cake to celebrate the event formally. The beauty of this idea lays in its simplicity as it can be DIY and is relatively inexpensive, which makes it suitable even if you are thinking of parties for other ages like.

Important checklist:
1) Accessible place with a sizeable pool
2) Planning sufficient games at the pool

The Bottom Line

The 18th birthday is the most important date in a teenager’s life. It is the precursor to adulthood which means the pressure is on to make this celebratory event a night to remember.

We hope our numerous eighteenth birthday party ideas will help you create a day to remember. Whether it’s for a birthday boy or girl, these ideas will get your party planning juices flowing! Check out our related

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