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Gas Chromatography – Flame Ionization Detector or GC-FID is a very common analytical technique that is widely used in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and natural gas markets.

An FID typically uses a Hydrogen/Air flame into which the sample is passed to oxidise organic molecules and produces electrically charged particles (ions). The ions are collected and produce an electrical signal which is then measured.

As common with other GC techniques, a carrier gas is required with low Water and Oxygen impurities since Water and Oxygen can interact with the stationary phase and cause significant problems such as high baseline noise and column bleed in the output gas chromatogram which both reduces the analyser sensitivity and decreases column lifetime. The FID is also extremely sensitive to Hydrocarbon impurities in the Hydrogen and Air supply for the flame. Hydrocarbon impurities can cause increased baseline noise and reduce the detector sensitivity.

The routine calibration of the analyser using a calibration mixture is common.

Our range of Experis® ultra high purity gases and patented BIP® technology offer you the optimum gas for your GC-FID requirements. Don’t forget your choice of cylinder equipment - our range includes high quality cylinder regulators, manifolds, valves and purge systems which will also help to optimise the smooth operation and accuracy of your analysis.

The recommended gases and equipment for this application are listed below. Please note that our recommendation is based on common analytical requirements, so you may require a higher purity grade if analysing to lower concentrations or be able to use a lower purity grade if analysing to higher concentrations. If you require any additional advice on the right purity grade for your needs, please contact us.


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