10 Ways To Look RICH Even When You're NOT

How to Look Rich when You're Not (Women)


  1. Take care of your hygiene and grooming.A well-groomed, healthy appearance is key to anyone's look.
    • Find the right products for you to get clear, glowing skin and shiny hair. Research online to find product reviews and select items that suit your needs. More expensive is not always better here - for some women a bottle of shampoo works better than a bottle. It's all about your individual needs.
    • For perfume, find a scent that works for you and apply it lightly. Another person should only be able to smell you if they're right next to you, not from across the room!
    • Clean, healthy, white (but not fake white) teeth also give an aura of wealth. If you have dental insurance, make sure you keep up with your visits. Use a whitening toothpaste and brush your teeth in the morning and before bed, and don't smoke!
    • If you choose to have a bit of a tan, don't overdo it. Nothing says "low-class" like orange skin.
  2. If you cannot keep up with regular salon visits, do not change your hair color!Roots look cheap and detract from your appearance. If you want to dye your hair at home, try to stick close to your natural color and use the dye to enhance your natural color.
    • Typically, drastic at-home dye jobs look flat and obvious. Also, streaky highlights are a big no-no. A short, classic cut, such as a bob, can be very cute, but requires constant trimming. If you can pull off a longer hairstyle you can get away with trimming it less often, saving more money. Long hair in a sleek ponytail can be a very classy, rich look.
  3. Keep your makeup simple and natural.For a smooth complexion, look for a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, that way you only pay for one product and get three! If you want to buy a department store brand, wait until they have a bonus promotion so you can get some great free items.
    • Choose a soft blush for a healthy flush, and a clump-free mascara). Natural eye makeup with minimal liner finishes off your eyes.
    • For lips, use a soft, natural gloss. Lip gloss is the one item you reapply throughout the day, so if you can invest in a better brand here, that would help.
  4. Take care of your nails.Short, clean nails are essential. If you want to use polish, avoid decals and designs. Choose a solid color in nude, soft pink, or a classic red. Another, even less expensive option, is to simply buff your nails. A few dollars for a nail buffer will give you great-looking nails for months.
  5. Have a classic wardrobe.Classic styles are the best option because you can wear them for years and save tons of money on replacements. Look to Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn for style inspiration.
    • Choose great cuts in good quality fabrics. Avoid synthetics such as acrylic sweaters (which pull easily) and shiny polyester tops.
    • If you wear jeans, avoid anything over-embellished or distressed. Make sure you have one longer pair (for heels) and a shorter pair (for flats). A straight cut, or a subtle boot-cut is the most classic. Levi's would be a good choice here because they are classic and have a variety of price points. Khakis in a great fit are another good pant choice.
    • Plain, fitted (not too tight or too loose) cotton tees are great on their own or layered, and you can usually get them on a special, such as buy 2 for . Black, white, and muted colors will go from season-to-season easily.
    • Cardigans are a great staple; a cotton blend is best because it will be warm enough for fall and winter but not too hot for spring. For outerwear, find a classic trench in tan and a wool pea coat for winter in black or navy. Make sure everything you buy fits correctly, or spend a little bit of money at a tailor to make it fit properly. When showing skin, make sure to balance: if you show a little leg, cover up on top and vice versa.
    • Make sure hemlines and necklines are modest enough to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Avoid any flashy logos, as those are very nouveau riche. Look for good quality brands at good prices. Another great strategy is to buy classics on sale at the end of the season. For example, coats go on sale in February, so invest in a classic style at half price and wear it for years! Don't mention that you got a great deal on something unless you are pressed. If someone asks where an item is from, just say the brand and change the subject. You're not lying, and the question is answered.
  6. Choose simple, classic jewelry.You can get very cheap items here and no one will be able to tell. Faux pearl studs and necklaces can be had for under and few people can tell the difference.
    • Choose cubic zirconia studs instead of diamonds, just make sure they're not too large or it will be obvious that they're fake. Fake metals can change colors, so go with sterling silver, which is inexpensive but good quality.
    • If you'd like to wear a watch, go with a Timex instead of a knock-off of a more expensive brand. Timex watches are great quality, and lots of rich people wear them.
    • Lots of people will tell you that you need an expensive designer handbag to look rich, but this is not the case. If you wear leather, choose a basic, good quality leather handbag in a timeless style, without any logos. Check outlets and sales for this item, and make sure you avoid anything flashy or trendy. Another good option is a nylon Longchamp bag (about 5). For summer days, carry an LL Bean tote (get it monogrammed, it's a very rich look) for under ...preppy and budget-friendly! Scarves can usually be had for cheap at discount stores and can bring a lot of fun to an outfit.
  7. Be warm and friendly, and carry yourself with poise.Don't make fun of others or look down on anyone else. Keep abreast of current events and join discussions, but make sure you hear out others' opinions. Most importantly, don't discuss money. Rich people just don't talk about it, and it's very tacky to do so.

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  • Your appearance means nothing if you don't act properly - a little class goes a long way.
  • Remember to keep your look classic and simple for the most expensive look.
  • Shop discount stores, sales, and online...you never need to pay retail if you know how to shop!
  • Key brands to look to are the classics: LL Bean, Land's End, Levi's, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, and Timex.
  • Make sure that you don't show off too much; most rich women don't, since it's their every day life.


  • Don't discuss money - if someone brings it up, politely change the topic.
  • Avoid anything synthetic, flashy, or covered in logos.
  • Don't forget to keep your personal style...accessories are a great place to have a little fun with your look. A colorful scarf can inject new life into a basic ensemble.

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How to Look Rich when Youre Not (Women)
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