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» » Stay Away from 42nd Street Photo in New York. It’s a Total Scam!

Stay Away from 42nd Street Photo in New York. It’s a Total Scam!

It’s true: this place is a TOTAL SCAM. I knew it was too good to be true.

When I saw the low price of the brand new on 42nd Street Photo website, I couldn’t help but making the purchase. I got the confirmation email, but the order status never changed from “Being Picked”. 2 days later, I got a call from one of their reps, asking whether I wanted any protection plan. I told him no, as I’d be happy with Nikon’s 1-year manufacturer warranty. The guy said no, it only comes with a 30-day store warranty, as this is an import model. NOWHERE does it say on their website that this was an import model. I guess that’s why the price was low. I told the guy I no longer wanted the camera from them, and that I wanted to cancel my order.

While I understand the benefit of upselling is 42nd street photo reputable your products, I don’t agree with the way these guys do business here. They hold up your order until they call and bug you and about the add-ons and protection plan. If this is a brand new camera from the manufacturer, why would I need the protection plan? Oh, that’s right, these cameras are import models, which they totally fail to mention on their website. I seriously don’t know how they manage to have such high rating on and on their. One thing I do notice from reading all the “good” reviews is how generic they sound, as opposed to the bad ones, which sound more like a true story.

I’m very upset and disappointed, but I guess I knew this going in. I was just hoping they’d treat me differently. That old saying is never wrong: if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. Stay away from these guys.


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