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James Myhre is an award-winning health bloggist, columist, and HIV educator who has worked in the frontlines of HIV since 1989. As faculty of the PEPFAR-funded Foundation for Professional Development, Myhre participated in the design and facilitation of the national HIV nurses training program on behalf of the South African government's antiretroviral roll-out, the largest such HIV initiative in the world. As program coordinator for the Johannesburg-based LifeSense Disease Management, Myhre provided clinical and case management support for over 15,000 people living with HIV in southern African. Myhre's work in HIV communications and training has encompassed such non-profits organizations as the AIDS Project Los Angeles, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, Visiting Nurses and Hospice, the Southern African HIV Clinician Society, and the Elton John AIDS Foundation-funded Health4Men. In addition to contributing to consumer health publications and medical journals (including Men's Health, POZ, GQ, HIV Nursing Matters, Medical Chronicle, the Advocate, Health & Fitness, and South African Journal of HIV Medicine), Myhre has co-authored and presented research at the International AIDS Conferences (2006, 2008, 2010), the World Bank, and the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), among others. A San Francisco native, Myhre is married to Dr. Dennis Sifris, a leading HIV specialist and founder for Southern Africa's first HIV clinic at Johannesburg General Hospital. Select publications: Sifris, D.; van Bassen, A.; and Myhre, J. "Implementing diagnostic score cards to identify potentially life-threatening hepatoxicities related to the use of the traditional medicine, uBhejane, in South Africa." XVII International AIDS Conferenc; August 6, 2008. Sifris, D.; van Bassen, A.; and Myhre, J. "Clinical practices impacting the durability of HAART in resource-limited settings: a five-year South African managed healthcare study." 2006 - XVI International AIDS; August 15, 2006. Webber, L.; Sifris, D.; and Myhre, J.

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