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San Francisco Bay Area
Parks, Recreation,
and Travel
by Ron Horii
Coyote Peak Sign
Me in Santa Teresa County Park, at the , 12/6/16. I took most of the pictures, including the panorama, and helped with the sign's design.

Welcome! My favorite hobbies and activities are photography, hiking, biking, computers, geocaching, travel, and travel writing. I've created a number of Web pages on travel and recreation in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. Here you will find links to pages with photos and information on parks, beaches, trails, history, and places to visit.
I'm a retired electrical engineer. I spent over 34 years in the computer disk drive industry, working for IBM, Hitachi, and Western Digital. Among other activities, I am a volunteer photographer and docent for the , a docent for the , and a member of several volunteer and non-profit organizations.

Note that this is entirely a volunteer effort, with no commercial intent or sponsorship. These pages are for information only and are based on my opinions, research, and observations.

  • My picture of the Casa Grande in Almaden Quicksilver took first place in the non-professional category of the VisualSJ photo contest. See the section below.
  • My pictures have been used for some of the County Parks' .
  • I taught my annual at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch in Santa Teresa County Park on Saturday November 14 at 10 am - 1 pm. "Join a Docent for a FREE outdoor photography workshop. Learn how to choose and use a camera, how to take better outdoor pictures, and about photo composition. Workshop begins with an indoor slideshow, followed by demonstrations and a walk around the historic area to take pictures. Meet at the Bernal Ranch barn, 372 Manila Dr., San Jose." .
  • My pictures were used in an article in Edible Silicon Valley Magazine on Martial Cottle Park:
  • Some of my pictures of the Santa Clara County Parks were used in an on NBC Bay Area. .
  • I joined the Friends of Santa Teresa Park in leading hikes in April at Santa Teresa Park:
  • I gave my outdoor photography class and hike at Coyote Lake/Harvey Bear Ranch County Park on May 7, 2016 at 10:00. Here's a .
  • was on the June 2016 ballot. It renewed the Park Charter Fund, which allocates a fixed percentage of Santa Clara County's budget to fund the County Parks. It is not a tax, but an earmark that guarantees that the parks will get their fair share of the budget. It provides a reliable source of funding (though not a fixed dollar amount) for the County Parks, which allows them to maintain a high-quality park system and do long-term planning. The ballot measure also increases the percentage of the fund allocated for park development to allow them to do park improvements and open new parkland. My pictures were used as part of the "" campaign. Measure A passed with about 78% yes votes. It only needed just over 50%.
  • On 6/26/16, I was featured on an . . Below is a screenshot from that episode, with me being interviewed by Doug McConnell:
Interview with Doug McConnell on "Open Road" TV show
  • I gave a class at . Here's the description: 
    "Nature Photography for Beginners, Saturday, July 23, 2016, 4:00 - 7:00 p.m, Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve. Join nature photographer Ron Horii for this fascinating and engaging learning experience. Bring your own camera, phone, tablet or whatever you like to take pictures with and Ron will take you on a walk to observe nature as a photographer would. Learn how to take more engaging pictures from someone who is a passionate nature and community photographer." I previously gave this class on June 11, 2016. , mostly taken by my son Chris. 
  • I gave another class for the Open Space Authority at in Santa Clara on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 4:00 pm. , mostly taken by my son Chris.
  • I gave an outdoor photography class at Santa Teresa County Park, on November 12, 2016 at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch. Here's a .
  • The Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley has an article about me in their  (see page 2).
  • My pictures have been used in a billboard and busback advertising campaign for the Santa Clara County Parks, called ""
  • I edited and wrote many of the articles for the .
  • The Friends of Santa Teresa Park held a at the Bernal Ranch on Tuesday, August 1, 2017, from 5-7:30 pm: Free ice cream and cookies. Bring your family to our fun event. Meet your neighbors and public safety officials. Speak with local and county representatives. Fire engines, park ranger trucks, sheriff and police patrol cars, and other emergency vehicles on display. Children’s crafts project and games will be provided. Sponsored by: The Friends of Santa Teresa Park, Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation, United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County, City of San Jose’s Community Action and Pride Grant Program. Emergency agencies vehicles and public officials will attend depending on their schedule. Here are .
  • was held this year on Saturday, August 5 from 5-8pm at the Bernal Ranch in Santa Teresa County Park. ​Celebrate the history of early California and its ties to the Anza Expedition and the Bernal family. The evening’s focus is family fun through song, dance, demonstrations and activities that highlight the many contributions of our early communities. Location is Camino Verde at Manila Drive in San Jose. Here are .
  • I gave a lunchtime brownbag slideshow presentation on outdoor and nature photography at the 's headquarters at 33 Las Colinas Lane, San Jose, on September 22, 2017 at 12:30-1:30 pm. More .
  • I gave an outdoor photography class scheduled at Santa Teresa County Park on September 30, 2017 at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch (Manila Drive at Camino Verde) from 11am to 2pm. . You can or call (408) 355-2201 to register or for more information. 
    Photo Class 9/30/17
  • I gave a Nature Photography Workshop at the Japanese Friendship Gardens, 1300 Senter Road San Jose, CA 95112 on Saturday October 21, 2017 from 4pm to 6pm. See here for .
    Japanese Friendship Gardens
  • I will be helping to lead these hikes with the Friends of Santa Teresa Park this spring:
    • Sunday 3/25/18: “Hike the Magnificent Seven! Santa Teresa” 10am to 1pm. Join the Friends of Santa Teresa Park for a moderate 2.5-mile #PixInParks hike on the Stile Ranch, Mine, and Fortini Trails. View spectacular wildflower displays, take in the gorgeous views, and hear talks about the rich history of the area. There will be nature and history exhibits and activities at the trailhead. Please bring snack, sunscreen, water and wear comfortable shoes. Meet at the Stile Ranch Trailhead on San Vicente Avenue, at the end of Fortini Road, off McKean Road. .
    • Saturday 3/31/18: Outdoor Photography and Wildflower Walk: 10 am - 1 pm. Join a docent (me) for an outdoor photography class and slide show in the barn at the historic Bernal Ranch followed by a moderate, but easy-paced hike up the Joice Trail to take pictures of the colorful spring wildflower displays. Meet at the Barn with your camera or smartphone. . .
    • Saturday 4/21/18: Coyote Peak Vistas Hike: 2 pm - 4 pm. Join the Friends of Santa Teresa Park on a moderate 2-mile hike to Coyote Peak starting from the Pueblo Day Use Area. Look at the wildflowers and trees along the way. At the top, take in panoramic views of the Bay Area and Coyote Valley. Please bring snack, sunscreen, water and wear comfortable shoes. . .
  • Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese's office contacted me last year about providing a picture that would be used on the Gold Star Families Memorial monument to be installed in Oak Hill Memorial Park. It honors families of fallen military members. I sent them some pictures, and they chose one that I took from the Bernal Hill Trail in Santa Teresa Park on 4/15/16. The picture was etched in granite on the back of the monument, representing the homeland of the families, in this case, Santa Clara County. , which was dedicated on 4/14/18.
    Gold Star Families Memorial, Homeland panel
  • On August 7, 5:00-7:30 pm, I helped the Friends of Santa Teresa Park with our second annual National Night Out event at the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch at Manila Drive and Camino Verde. . For pictures from last year's event, see:
  • On Sunday, September 23, 2018, the Friends of Santa Teresa Park had an information booth at Viva CalleSJ. I helped setup the booth, and my pictures were on display. Here are . This is a huge annual event. Several miles of San Jose streets are closed to vehicles, so bicycles and pedestrians can experience exploring those streets without having to worry about traffic. There were lots of activities along the way.
  • On Sunday, September 30, 2018, from 10 am-1pm, I gave an outdoor photography class at Santa Teresa County Park's Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch. .
  • On Wednesday, October 10, 2018, I led a hike to Little Uvas Creek Open Space Preserve in Morgan Hill for the City of . . 
  • On Sunday, October 14, 2018, I helped to lead a hike for the Open Space Authority in San Jose's Alum Rock Park. .
  • On Saturday, October 27, 2018, I will be helping with the . Here is the description: "Bernal Ranch is "La Fuente" or "The Origin" for family histories, local economy, and a growing new community. Join us to celebrate the different histories of "Santa Teresa Spring," the original source of thriving communities from the past to present day. The afternoon event will feature cultural presentation of local community organizations, family activities, and children's games. FREE and fun for all ages! Questions? (408) 226-5453​."

Coyote Peak, Santa Teresa County Park

(Migrated from geocities.com/santateresapark.) Here are web pages on my favorite park in San Jose. The park covers nearly 1700 acres in the rolling, grass-covered hills guarding the southern gateway to the Silicon Valley. It's the closest County Park to where I live, so I go there the most often and have lots of pictures of it. 

  • (on STPFriends Facebook page).

FOSTP president Mike Boulland leading a hike on the Stile Ranch Trail in Santa Teresa Park, 5/4/08

(Migrated from geocities.com/stpfriends.) The Friends of Santa Teresa Park (FOSTP) is the volunteer organization supporting Santa Teresa County Park. I am the secretary and webmaster for the organization. Find out what's going on in the park and what you can do to help make it better. This site is updated frequently with park and community news, developments, pictures, and volunteer activities. Below are Santa Teresa Park-related volunteer events and community issues. The Friends of Santa Teresa Park also has a , which I help administer.


Geocaching class in Mt. Madonna County Park, 7/11/09

  • - Geocaching is a hobby and recreational activity that has been growing in popularity. It involves using GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers to locate hidden "caches" whose GPS coordinates are published on the Internet. Santa Teresa Park is a popular place for geocaching.

Mine Hill Rotary Furnace, Almaden Quicksilver County Park
(Migrated from geocities.com/almadenqs.) Website on one of the Bay Area's crown jewels. This park, in the backyard of the Silicon Valley, covers almost 4000 acres, with hiking trails through rugged, wildflower-covered  hills filled with historical quicksilver mining relics.

  • (see 8/7-8/17 for comparison)

NAQCPA president Kitty Monahan at the dedication of the English Camp Map House, 10/10/09

The New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association (NAQCPA) is the volunteer organization supporting Almaden Quicksilver County Park. I am the webmaster for the organization. See this site for pictures, events, and volunteer opportunities at the park. Here are NAQCPA events in Almaden Quicksilver County Park and New Almaden community events, which are organized by NAQCPA members:
  • in Spanishtown, 10/14/06.

  • New Almaden Day 9/13/14, ,
  • ()
  • Facebook: New Almaden Day: Jump-In Parade, 9/9/17, , ,
  • , , , 9/8/18

Self-Running Slideshows (Windows only)
Instructions for slideshows: move mouse around the bottom of the page to see the controls to pause/play and step back/forward. Slideshow will loop. To stop, right-click, choose Exit option.

Online Slideshows

(Wait for pages to finish loading, enable Javascript if asked, scroll to bottom, hit play button to start, stop button to stop, click on links to exit):


These are videos that I've uploaded to the Internet, primarily on Youtube and Facebook:

Other :

Healthy Trails Hike, Uvas Canyon County Park, 2/21/09

and County Parks are covered above. Here are webpages and pictures on other County Parks:

  • County Parks - All/Multiple
    • (18 MB)

    • (includes pictures of the County Parks
  • Alviso Marina
    • Facebook Albums 10/12/14: ,
  • Anderson Lake
  • Calero/Rancho San Vicente

  • Chesbro Reservoir
  • Chitactac-Adams
  • Coyote Creek Parkway
  • Coyote Lake-Harvey Bear
    • Harvey Bear Ranch-Coyote Lake Pictures, , ,
  • Ed R. Levin
    • (Published 2/9/18)

  • Field Sports
  • Hellyer
    • at Hellyer, 6/24/07 (10 MB)
    • ,
    • ;
  • Joseph D. Grant
  • Lexington Reservoir
  • Los Gatos Creek Park/Trail
    • Los Gatos Creek Trail Update, ,
  • Martial Cottle

  • Motorcycle
  • Mt. Madonna
  • Penitencia Creek
  • Rancho San Antonio
  • Sanborn
  • Stevens Creek
  • Sunnyvale Baylands
  • Upper Stevens Creek
  • Uvas Canyon
  • Uvas Reservoir
  • Vasona
    • Los Gatos Creek Trail Update,

  • Villa Montalvo

Discovery Meadow, Children's Discovery Museum, Downtown San Jose
  • - (Migrated from geocities.com/santateresahills.) Pictures and descriptions of the Santa Teresa Hills in South San Jose and the Coyote Alamitos-Canal which runs below them.
  • Ideas for the Albertson Parkway, 2007, ,
  • ,
  • ,

Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve
Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve, Sierra Vista Trail, 10/22/11
  • Coyote Ridge
    • (includes pictures of Coyote Ridge)
  • Coyote Valley
  • Doan Ranch (Diablo Foothills)
  • Little Uvas Creek Preserve (Melchor Ranch)
  • Pajaro River Agricultural Preserve
  • Palassou
  • Rancho Canada Del Oro/Blair Ranch

  • Santa Teresa Hills
  • Sierra Vista
  • Urban Open Space, Parks, and Trails

Note that the Open Space Authority provides 20% of its capital expenditures to fund . This includes the Albertson Parkway, Martial Cottle Park, the Three Creeks Trail, the Coyote Creek Trail in Selma Olinder Park, the Penitencia Creek Trail, the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail, Ulistac Natural Area, and the Santa Teresa Park Historic Area. See other pages for more pictures on these areas. This list also includes OSA events at urban parks. The Open Space Authority partners with city agencies to provide educational and interpretive events in urban areas.

Alviso Slough Trail
  • - The Bay Trail, when completed, will be a 400-mile trail along the shores of San Francisco Bay. Here are pictures and descriptions of the southern Bay Trail segments from just north of SFO to Oakland Airport, many of which I submitted to the official . Note that the Bay Trail website has been revamped. The old photo tours are frozen and will not be updated until that process is complete, so they may have obsolete information, or they may not be available at all. The new tours are stored on my website.

  • Facebook Albums 10/12/14: ,
  • Facebook: Coyote Hills Regional Park bike tour, 6/25/15: 
  • Facebook: Bay Trail Tour, Alviso to Mountain View 8/27/15:
  • Facebook: Alameda Creek Trail Bike Ride 8/31/15:

Southern California

Santa Barbara Harbor, 9/23/12

Santa Barbara Harbor, 9/23/12

I was born and raised in Southern California. My family's there, so I mostly go to visit family, rather than being a tourist. Here are some pictures I've taken down there:

Mid-Peninsula Regional Open Space District Preserves
View of Mt. Umunhum from the Woods Trail, Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve
Other Park and Trail Pages Tunnel in Quarry Park, Saratoga
Tunnel in Quarry Park, Saratoga
  • - (May 2001) Guide to Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa and parks and attractions in Santa Rosa and Sonoma and Napa Counties.
  • - Spring 2001 pictures of the trails and wildflowers at Edgewood County Park in Redwood City, one of the best places in the Bay Area for wildflower viewing.
  • - Pictures and information about beautiful redwood-shaded Portola State Park and nearby parks in the Santa Cruz Mountains.,
  • - (Migrated from geocities.com/bayareparks.) Another former Geocities Website of mine hosting the following Web pages:
    • - Pages on the 600-acre preserve in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains above Palo Alto.
    • -  Webpage with detailed descriptions of the south part of the Coyote Creek Trail from Hellyer County Park to Anderson Lake County Park
    •   -  The partially-completed Coyote Creek Trail from Yerba Buena Road to San Francisco Bay, and plans for future developments.
    • - Detailed mileage notes and pictures on the completed south parts of the Coyote Creek Trail.
  • - (June 2001) Indexed archive of my replies to the Bay Area Backroads Message Board, with information on parks, travel, outdoor recreation, etc. and lots of links.
Outdoor Photography
Ron teaching photo class, Santa Teresa Park, 11/14/15
Ron teaching a photo class at the Bernal Ranch, Santa Teresa Park, 11/14/15, picture by Mike Boulland

I've been been teaching classes on outdoor photography at Santa Teresa Park for several years. These are web pages associated with the classes or on outdoor photography:
  • - Text from presentation foils for a class I gave on this subject.
  • - Examples of some of my outdoor photographs, taken around the Bay Area.
  • (4/2007, 21 MB).
  • High Dynamic Range Photography:
  • , , demonstration of High Dynamic Range photography.
  • Part 3: sunset
  • Part 4:

  • My old .



  • - Pictures of my alma mater, UCSB, and of the beaches, parks, trails, and sights in the Santa Barbara area near the campus, taken in summer 2000.
  • - information, rankings, pictures, advice, and links on Calfornia 4-year colleges and planning college tours.
  • Pictures of

Museums, Gardens, and Exhibitions

Gilroy Gardens Luminations

Lumination, Gilroy Gardens, 10/2/16

  • (my picture of Santa Teresa Park is on the memorial)

Facebook and

Note that most of these Facebook albums are also listed above. This is a list of all the Facebook albums I have. They are organized by the date of the pictures, not by the date I created the album.

  • 2005-2010
  • 2011

  • 2012

  • 2013

  • 2014

    • Facebook Albums 10/12/14: ,
  • 2015

    • Coyote Hills Regional Park bike tour, 6/25/15: 

    • Bay Trail Tour, Alviso to Mountain View 8/27/15:
    • Alameda Creek Trail Bike Ride 8/31/15:

  • 2016

  • 2017

    • New Almaden Day: Jump-In Parade, 9/9/17, , ,

  • 2018
    • (on STPFriends Facebook page).

    • (on STPFriends Facebook page).

    • (Published 2/9/18)

    • , , , 9/8/18

I have contributed pictures and notes to the Facebook pages of these organizations:

My Work Used By Others

Bay Trail in Shoreline Park in Mountain View, used in

I often get requests to use pictures or information from my websites. Here are some examples. If you'd like to use something from my websites, send me a note.

  • Pictures for Bay Area Action's (now ) poster on Matadero Creek and pamphlet on invasive weed management, 2001
  • Pictures for the website, 10/01
  • Picture of Coyote Hills used for display in ABAG's auditiorium, 3/06
  • Pictures for NOAA Coastal Ocean Program manual for Science-based Restoration Monitoring of coastal habitats, 7/04
  • Photo for the book , 12/03
  • Mechanical Science and Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana -Champaign, picture for poster, 7/07
  • (interview for article on accessible hiking, 5/08)
  • picture for 5th grade science unit on "Earth's Water", 3/08
  • , picture used for FOCUS program letterhead, 12/07
  • Pictures of the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens for a book on Hargreaves Associates by a professor at the Univ. of Penn.: by Karen M'Closkey, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013, page 124..

  • : for intro pictures to a monthly community access TV program on Palo Alto's Community Environmental Action Partnership (CEAP), 12/08
  • My picture of Rancho San Vicente was featured in the 's 2009 Annual Report (print only).
  • Many of my pictures were used on the , pages 1 top and bottom, 3 top, 4 bottom, 6 top, 7, 8, 9 (with me in it), 11, 12.
  • Many of my pictures were used on the , pages 1 left and bottom, 2 top, 4 bottom, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 upper left, 11 upper left and center.
  • Many of my pictures were used in the , pages 26, 28, 29, 31, 32, 33, 39, 41, 43, 46, 48.
  • Pictures of the for the site reservation system.
  • .
  • The has my picture of Coyote Peak on the front cover, Uvas Canyon on the back cover, page 2 top left, 5, 6 top left, 7 top right, 8 both, 11, 13 top left, 14 top right, 20 top right, 21 top left, 23 top left, 28 both (I'm in the picture on the left).
  • My pictures of Calero and Rancho San Vicente were used in the open houses.

  • Picture of Penitencia Creek Park in , page 70.
  • has a picture on page 3 from the Norred Trail in Santa Teresa Park, showing the Albertson Parkway.
  • The new County Parks released July 2011, has maps, pictures, and descriptions of all the County Parks. The cover picture is of the Norred Trail in Santa Teresa Park, . I  also took the pictures of Alviso Marina, Chesbro Reservoir, Chitactac-Adams Park, Uvas Reservoir, Rancho San Antonio Park, Sanborn Park, and Stevens Creek Park.
  • The new County Parks has my pictures on the front and back covers, top 3 on page 2, right 3 on page 5, top and bottom left on page 6, bottom left and top right on page 7, top center on page 8, upper left on page 12, all 3 on page 13.
  • Picture of Los Gatos Creek in Vasona County Park on the cover of the , .
  • The has a short article that I wrote on the Sunnyvale Baylands, with a picture of the Bay Trail.
  • has my pictures on page 3 lower left, 5, 8 upper right, 9 upper left, 10 upper right, 12 upper right, 16 upper right, 18 upper right, 21, 22, 23 top, 25 upper right, 26 upper left. (Note that the page numbers are from the printed version. The online version has page numbering errors.)
  • Many of my pictures were used in the booklet, pages 22, 25, 26, 28, 30, 36 (of me, not by me), 39, 41, 42, 50, 52.
  • Pictures in the .
  • , Second Edition, A State Coastal Conservancy book, with assistance from the Bay Trail Project: Cover (top, Shoreline at Mountain View), pages 33 (Brisbane Pier), 37 (South San Francisco Bay Trail), 56 (Dumbarton Bridge Pathway), 59 (Palo Alto Baylands Nature Center and Boardwalk), 60 (Byxbee Park sculptures), 61 (Palo Alto Baylands boat ramp), 64 (Shoreline's sailing lake), 65 (Stevens Creek Trail over Caltrain tracks), 67 (Moffett Field Bay Trail), 69 (right 2, Alviso Marina County Park), 70 (top, bird-watching at Mallard Slough), 71 (top left, Coyote Creek Trail, bottom right, Drawbridge), 82 (top left, Eden Landing).
  • , November/December 2012 issue, page 37, Alameda Creek Regional Trail.
  • (many pictures).
  • The has my pictures on the cover, pages 1, 6, 7 left, 12, 14 left, 16 right center, 17 bottom left, 20 left, 21, 22 right, 23 right. I'm in 24 top and 27 top left.
  • , County Parks Healthy Trails pictures: (Santa Teresa County Park), , (Coyote Lake County Park), , , , , , , (Almaden Quicksilver County Park), (Ed Levin County Park).
  • The has my pictures on pages 5 top right, 6 top left, 7, 10 top right, 12 top left, 14 top left, 15 top right, 16, 17 top right, 18 top right, 19 top right, 21 top left, 22 top left, 24 top right, 25 top left, 26 top left, 28, 29.
  • Many pictures in the and the .
  • New : Moffett Bay Trail on the big map, Alviso Marina County Park on card 7.
  • I worked on updating the website for the and included some of my pictures.
  • The Active Times: , #16: The Los Gatos Creek Trail.
  • The has many of my pictures.
  • The has my picture of Harvey Bear Ranch on p. 191.
  • The has my picture of the Hacienda signs at Almaden Quicksilver for February.
  • The has many of my pictures, including the cover.
  • , August 2014, page 78.
  • , pages 9 and 54.
  • The latest (2014) has my pictures on pages 6-8 top and bottom, 9 top, 10-11 top and bottom, 13 top, 14 bottom, 15 top, 16 bottom, 17 bottom, 18 top and bottom, 19 top, 20 bottom, 21 top and bottom, 23.
  • has my picture of a yurt at Mt. Madonna County Park on page 7.
  • , July 2014, pages 6 and 66.
  • , my picture of Almaden Lake on p. 15. My son's picture of my photo class at Coyote Lake is on p. 14. His picture of Fandango is on page 62.
  • , October-November 2014, page 38, picture of the Aquila Trail at Sierra Vista.
  • Fall 2014 Landscapes magazine, page 9.
  • The has my pictures and my son's taken from Coyote Peak in Santa Teresa County Park
  • The Santa Clara County Parks Fall-Winter 2014 Play Here guidebook has many of my pictures inside.
  • The issue of on p. 58 has my picture of Shoup Park in Los Altos.
  • The has an article that I wrote (pages 16-17) on taking photos to use for gifts and some good places to take pictures.
  • My picture of the John Nicholas Trail in Sanborn County Park is on the front page of the .
  • The guidebook has my picture of the Stile Ranch Trail on the cover and many pictures I've taken inside. On page 20 is a selfie I took at Bull Run in Almaden Quicksilver.
  • My pictures of Coyote Creek are on the walls of the Anderson Lake Visitor Center.
  • A slideshow with my pictures of the County Parks is showing at the .
  • 7 of my pictures have been made into campaign.
  • My picture is on the cover the . Many of my pictures are inside. There is a picture of me teaching my photography class on page 8.
  • My picture of Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve is on the Cover of the .
  • My pictures and quotes used in this San Jose Mercury News Article: , 8/24/15
  • The guidebook has many of my pictures. On page 18 is a picture of me teaching my outdoor photography at Santa Teresa Park.
  • My pictures were used in an article in Edible Silicon Valley Magazine on Martial Cottle Park:
  • The uses many of my pictures.
  • Some of my pictures of the Santa Clara County Parks were used in an on NBC Bay Area. . There is also a brief shot of me teaching my outdoor photography class at Santa Teresa Park at 2:08.
  • The guidebook has many of my pictures. There's a selfie of me on page 11.
  • There was a TV commercial on the County Parks, airing on NBC Bay Area, narrated by Doug McConnell. It used pictures from the .
  • The "Yes on A" campaign to promote Measure A, the Parks Charter Fund renewal, has been using my pictures on their , their , and in ads and flyers. The measure passed by about 76%, so my pictures were successful.
  • I was on an . They show my pictures of Rancho San Vicente (with Tom Cochrane), Alviso Marina (with Chris Carson), the John Nicholas Trail in Sanborn, and several pictures of Santa Teresa, Almaden Quicksilver, Coyote Ridge OSP, and Coyote Lake. They also showed pictures of me teaching my photo classes at Santa Teresa and Coyote Lake, some of which were taken by my son Chris or by Mike Boulland. . Doug McConnell interviewed me at Tilden Park because he was interviewing other people from Marin County and East Bay. They had me walk around the nature area of Tilden taking pictures. 
  • My picture of Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve was used as the cover picture in the Open Space Authority of Santa Clara Valley's 2016 report called, "."
  • My picture of the Coyote Valley Open Preserve was used on the cover of the July 29-Aug 11, 2016 issue of the in an article on the Coyote Valley. They also used my picture of wildflowers on Coyote Ridge.
  • The guidebook uses many of my pictures, page 2 for example. 
  • Poet Samanthi Fernando used my picture of the Hayward Shoreline for the cover of her book of poetry: .
  • The Santa Clara County Parks' Spring-Summer 2017 Play Here guidebook uses many of my pictures. For example, all the pictures on page 33 are mine.
  • The used my pictures for billboards and panels on buses.
  • My picture of the Alviso Marina was chosen for s 2018 calendar.
  • The guidebook uses many of my pictures. My picture of is on the front cover.
  • Many internal publications.
  • Many internal and external . Their has an article about me and uses serveral of my pictures. 
  • The document uses many of my pictures. .
  • My picture from the Bernal Hill Trail in Santa Teresa Park was used on the Gold Star Families Memorial monument at Oak Hill Memorial Park. .
  • The Santa Clara County Parks' Spring-Summer 2018 Play Here guidebook uses many of my pictures. Here is a . There's a picture of me teaching my photo class on page 21.
  • The Santa Clara County Parks' uses many of my pictures. There's a picture of me (in green) leading my photo class on a hike in Coyote Lake on page 12 .
  • Numerous requests from students and educators to use my pictures in their school projects.

Recipients of Presidential Volunteer Service Award
Me (3rd from left) with fellow recipients of the Presidential Volunteer Service Award on 11/18/14 at the County of Santa Clara Civic Center
I've received a number of awards over the years. Here's a sample of them:
  • Santa Clara County Parks Volunteer Coordinating Council Award 2002.
  • Volunteer Program Choice Award, SCC Parks & Recreation 2008.
  • Volunteer Award, County of Santa Clara, California Park & Recreation Society, 2008.
  • My picture of the Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch won second place (see the ), and my picture of Rancho San Vicente won third place (see ) in the Historical Landscapes category of the city of San Jose's Historic Landmarks photo contest in 2010.
  • Certificate of Commendation for 5,500 cumulative volunteer hours for the Santa Clara County Parks, 4/26/11 from Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Supervisors.
  • Docent of the Year Award, 4/24/12, Santa Clara County Parks & Recreation.
  • I submitted 2 pictures to the 2014 . They are . My son Chris submitted picture #13. My picture of the Cottle House at Martial Cottle Park won best of show. Here is the and . I also submitted a . Here is the .
  • Recognition for 8,000 cumulative volunteer hours, Santa Clara County Parks, 8/9/14.
  • My picture of Vasona Lake County Park was one of three winners of .
  • White House Lifetime , .
  • My won first place in the non-professional category in the , with the award given at Southern Lumber on 6/16/15. The award-winning pictures were published in , the , and the .
  • I was recognized for 8,500 cumulative volunteer hours at the .
  • My picture of Russian Ridge was a winner in the .
  • My picture of Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve was one of three winners of .
  • I gave a slideshow and talk on nature photography to the West San Jose Kiwanis Club on August 17, 2016. They awarded me a certificate of appreciation with a clock.
  • In 2016, I received a from the Santa Clara County Parks for 10,000 cumulative hours of service. I also for those hours.
  • My picture of the Alviso Marina was chosen for s 2018 calendar.
  • At the Santa Clara County Parks' on 8/12/17, I was recognized for 10,000 hours of lifetime volunteer service hours.
  • At the Santa Clara County Parks' on 4/28/18, I was recognized for 11,000 hours of lifetime volunteer service hours.
Note on Geocities migration: was a web hosting service that was founded in 1994. They offered free web hosting for small web pages. Many of my web pages, including the predecessor of this one, were on Geocities. The webpages included geocities.com/rhorii, which was my main page, geocities,com/santateresapark, bayareaparks, almadenqs, santateresahills, stpfriends, and some others. Geocities was acquired by Yahoo! in 1999, but they shut it down in October 2009. I migrated most of my Geocities.com webpages to this website or other websites that I control. While the links below work, the links on the pages that they are linked to most likely don't work. Here are my old Geocities websites and their new locations, including some for the pages that haven't been migrated:
  • Ron Horii's San Francisco Bay Area Travel and Recreation Homepage: www.geocities.com/rhorii moved to www.rhorii.com (here), but a copy of the original version preserved here: , , , 
  • Bay Area Parks: www.geocities.com/bayareaparks moved to , archived on
  • The Santa Teresa Hills and the Coyote Alamitos-Canal: www.geocities.com/santateresahills moved to , archived on
  • Santa Teresa County Park: www.geocities.com/santateresapark moved to , archived on
  • Friends of Santa Teresa Park: www.geocities.com/stpfriends moved to
  • Almaden Quicksilver County Park: www.geocities.com/almadenqs moved to , archived on
  • Gardena High School Class of '71 Reunion: www.geocities.com/gardenahs71 not migrated, but preserved on and ,
  • Lincoln High School PTSA: www.geocities.com/lhsptsa not migrated and probably won't be, but preserved on , ,
  • Lincoln High Grad Night: www.geocities.com/lhsgradnite not migrated and probably won't be, but preserved on ,

Bay Area Back Pages Bay Area Back Pages header
For many years, I had a website on Prodigy called "Bay Area Back Pages." This is what it said:

Bay Area Backpages - Visit my first webpages on Prodigy, started in 1997, once featured on TV, on travel and outdoor activities in the Bay Area. It has pages on parks, hiking, camping, biking, beaches, swimming, museums, playgrounds, views, and information about places in the Bay Area and other parts of California. There's also a technical section on scanners. Prior to these webpages, I was a frequent contributor to Prodigy and other travel bulletin boards, and I found I was frequently answering the same questions over and over again. These pages gave me a means of having the information available permanently. Because of space limitations, I have not been able to expand these pages, so some have been supplanted with pages on this site.

On June 1, 2011, AT&T terminated the Prodigy Personal Web Pages without warning (to me, at least). All my Bay Area Back Pages at http://pages.prodigy.net/rhorii are now dead. I may revive some of them here, but it will take time. Many of those pages are very old and are in need of upgrading. In the meantime, you can still find the home page on . See here for the .
I attempted to re-create Bay Area Back Pages on this website, but not everything is working yet. Here are the major pages for my migrated Bay Area Back Pages. Note that many of these pages date from the 1990's, so they are not up-to-date. The links are most likely stale. Some things never change, so much of the fundamental information is still valid. Just don't expect the links to work.
The information in these web pages was accurate to the best of my knowledge at the time the pages were written, but is not guaranteed to be accurate or current. Factors such accessibility, conditions, rules, ownership, directions, etc., can change without notice. Readers are responsible for finding out the latest conditions before venturing out. The information on these pages should not be treated as official, but as private opinions and observations. These pages are non-commercial and not officially associated with any company or agency.
Note on Dead Links:
Links go dead faster than I can fix them. The older the web page, the more likely the links will be dead. All of these web pages are volunteer efforts, done in my spare time. I don't have time to constantly go back to check and refresh links on old web pages. However, if you are looking for some specific information, send me an e-mail, and I can see what I can do to answer your questions.
Note on Link Exchanges:
Sorry. I don't have time, so please don't ask. I do not accept commercial link exchanges.

Updated 10/16/18 by Ron Horii.


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