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The talented actor, Andrew Jackson, loves to shock and surprise his audience with an ever expanding character range. He was once quoted as photograph photograph of andrew jackson saying, “Actors grant themselves permission to behave in ways that would be impossible or unthinkable in the real world. As a result, actors come to know themselves extremely well”. After filming, Andrew’s first on-camera role as a punk rocker, the director remarked, “I saw 12 guys in there.”

Andrew Jackson has worked extensively in Classical Theatre, Film, Television, Commercial Voice and Animation. He loves it all! Andrew continues to feel inspired by the endless possibilities of great storytelling and prides himself in being a team player.

His recent interest in writing has resulted in a classical TV series treatment, a horror screenplay as well as two children’s books.

Andrew was born in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. He is the son of an armed forces padre (minister) and a high school music teacher. Andrew spent his early years as an armed forces brat and lived in various parts of Ontario and Alberta. At the age of 12 he moved with his mother and sister to Annapolis Valley Nova Scotia where he spent his formative years.

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He has played leading and supporting roles in such shows as; Merlin’s Apprentice, Sea Wolf, Seed, Smallville, Charmed, Arli$$, Catch A Falling Star, The Highlander, Los Luchadores, The Collector, Deadly Betrayal, Scared Silent, Kyle XY, The Last Don II, Family Of Cops II, Earth: Final Conflict, All I Want, Shadowbuilder, Big Wolf on Campus, Being Erica, My Father Is An Actor, King, My Viking, Breakout Kings and Criminal Minds to name a few. Some of you may recognize him from his work as Vanaver Mainwairing on the 5th season of Wind At My Back or his role as Dr Stephen Hamill on ABC’s All My Children.


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