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photographs of female circumcision WARNING: 

This article exposes the little known, but huge sexual harm of male circumcision on women.
Therefore, the content of this article is of adult nature.


Women are severely harmed by male circumcision. The circumcised penis causes pain and dryness as it has lost all the necessary properties the vagina needs. The following is a depiction and explanation of how the intact penis (designed by Allah) behaves during love-making and a comparative look at how circumcision adversely affects love-making.

Intact penis diagram

In the normal unaroused state (above), the sensitive, smooth and moist head of the intact penis (glans) is internal, and remains protected under the foreskin. The glans is kept supple, moist and smooth, just like how the eyelids keep the eyeballs moist and smooth, protects it from abrasion and prevents it from drying out.

19 Ways How Women are Harmed by Male Circumcision

1)   Loss of Gliding Action and resulting loss of erotic pleasure sensations in the Vagina

The intact penis' foreskin retracts to the position in image 1 (below) automatically during an erection, revealing the internal, moist and supple glans.

Intact Natural Penis Animation

The gliding action of the intact penis designed by Allah is an important element of sensuous erotic pleasure for every women. The following diagram summarises the behaviour of the foreskin during love-making. It also indicates another feature of the foreskin - the 'valve' mechanism that keeps all lubrication locked in.

Intact sex illustration

Original Image Courtesy:   www.cirp.org

Therefore, the dynamic movement of the three components relative to one another, the foreskin, shaft and the vagina causes unique sexual pleasure and cause for orgasm in the female. This gliding action is destroyed in circumcised males as during circumcision, the foreskin is cut behind the coronal ridge and fixed permanently making it a static organ, like the end of a broom.


"The foreskin is the best thing God has ever invented for us women. It feels so good to have the feeling of the man's foreskin in my vagina...it glides easily. Once a natural penis is in your vagina, you wish it could stay forever. It makes you feel like you're on top of the world. You would only know if you've had sex with a natural man."

"I have found sex with circumcised men to be rough, hard and abrasive... I found sex with natural men to be much more soft and gentle. I love the feeling of a foreskin sliding inside me." 1

2)   Dryness due to coronal ridge pulling lubrication out during the out-stroke

With a circumcised penis, The coronal ridge is constantly exposed. On the outstroke, it scrapes the lubrication outside, exacerbated by the fact that the circumcised penis takes long elongated strokes that withdraws far too much (Harm 5 below). The lubrication which comes outside is exposed to air, which allows it to evaporate into the environment causing dryness.

Coronal ridge forces lubrication out

On the intact penis designed by Allah, as the penis withdraws, the foreskin that was behind the ridge, now comes and bunches over glans, thereby pushing the natural juices back inside the vagina.

Valve Mechanism - Natural Interourse

As mentioned, intact penis also moves with gentler and shorter strokes while remaining deeper inside the vagina, reducing lubrication loss. Together with the glans also being dry and rough ( below) compared to an intact glans, the net effect is dry and irritable sex for the woman with circumcised men.

"During intercourse, the skin of an intact penis slides up and down the shaft, stimulating the glans and the nerves of the inner and outer foreskin. On the outstroke, the glans is partially or completely engulfed by the foreskin with more skin remaining inside the vagina than is the case with the circumcised penis. This `valve' mechanism is thought to retain the natural lubrication provided by the female because the bunched up skin acts to block the lubrication escaping from the vagina, which results in dryness."

Bensley GA, Boyle GJ. Physical, sexual, and psychological effects of male infant circumcision: an exploratory survey. In: Denniston GC, Hodges FM, Milos MF, editors. Understanding circumcision: a multi-disciplinary approach to a multi-dimensional problem. New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers; 2001. p. 207–39.

This deficiency in lubrication during sex with circumcised men necessitates the use of artificial lubrication. Allah had designed the intact male and female organs to produce and sustain sufficient natural lubrication during the act of love-making. Circumcised sex can be rough and painful for the woman. The woman is also wrongly blamed for feeling discomfort, dry and unresponsive to the male, when in reality the problem does not lie with her intact and fully functioning body, but the deficiency in the male system caused by unauthorised alterations.  

“Most likely, reported vaginal circumcision dryness and the related clinical designation ‘female arousal disorder’ is but a normal female response to coitus with a man with an iatrogenically deficient penis.”

Gillian A. Bensley & Gregory J. Boyle. Effects of male circumcision on female arousal and orgasm. Bond University, Australia. Faculty of Humanities & Social Science. p. 2.

After intact love-making is complete, the intact penis returns to the flaccid (un-aroused) state - the foreskin returns to cover the glans in order to protect and preserve the glans in the environment that will be suited to the vagina for next time. Away from the effects of abrasion of clothing that would cause the glans to dry up and become rough.

3)   Dryness due to rough, dry, desert-like texture of the circumcised glans

The glans of the penis (head of the penis) is the first part which interacts with the vagina, both during entrance and while inside. Intact natural penis' glans has the texture of the eyeball, kept protected under the moist mucosa of the inner-linings of the foreskin. The inner-linings of the foreskin is like the inside of ones cheek, simply rolling your tongue there is a good representation of it. This is also like the texture of the intact glans that is intended for the vagina. Through daily abrasion, chaffing and drying, the circumcised glans looses this property completely - through a process of keratinization, it dries, hardens and toughens to defend its self from abrasion of clothing and dry air. It is rough to the touch and appears like moisture-less dry earth, rather than smooth and shiny like the eyes - the texture of a natural penis.

Dry desert earth

Glans surfaces

The surface of the circumcised glans bears resemblance with the dried, cracked and thirsty desert earth - an unhealthy state unexpected by the female reproductive organ during sex.

“The foreskin’s inner lining, which is mucous membrane, continually moisturises the penis head (glans) with a lubricating lenolin-like substance which I suggest we call lanofore. This constant moisturising results in a glans which is giveable and somewhat spongy to the touch, even when erect. The softly-stiff, giveable glans is part of nature’s sexual plan and is what nature intended for a woman to experience during intercourse – it is kind and gentle to the vaginal walls.

In contrast, the head of the circumcised penis is a constantly exposed, external organ. As a result, the glans becomes dried out and abnormally hardened due to lack of moisture, analogous to the way a sponge hardens when water evaporates from it. In order to imagine the significance of this to the man, imagine your tongue hanging outside your mouth, all dried out. You may have experienced this occasionally upon awakening. Now imagine your tongue never being able to return to the protective, moist environment of your mouth – constantly exposed, constantly dried out. Then imagine someone rubbing a coarse fabric across your tongue every waking hour. Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun does it? And yet, for a man denied his foreskin due to circumcision, this is life for his penis head is like, as it is chafed by coarse underwear, bedding and the man’s own wiry pubic hair, day in day out. The glans of the circumcised man never gets to experience what it is like to live as an internal organ, sheltered inside the moist foreskin (like the female vulva stays constantly moist)."

Sex as Nature Intended it: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love But No One Could Tell You Until Now (2nd Edition) by Kristen O’ Hara.

Moisture Deficit at the Entrance of Vagina

Dry sex

The diagram above identifies two tiny ducts (orifices) on the entrance of the vagina (8 o-clock and 4 o-clock positions). These two ducts connects to two "Bartholins Glands" located internally on either side (not shown). These two glands produce mucous and release them via the ducts shown above when the female is sexually aroused. The liquid secreted here is special. It secretes only a minute amount of approximately one to two drops. This is only to moisten the labial opening to make penetration of the penis comfortable and painless. Vaginal lubrication comes from further inside the vagina.

When the dry circumcised penis' glans meets the opening of the aroused vagina, the dry desert-like surface of the glans 'absorbs' a large quantity, if not all of the secretion of the bartholins glands to get it to a soft, moistened state, much like a dried sponge needing a large amount of water to bring it back to life again. Thus, there is already a deficit in the intended amount of lubrication before the penis has moved inside the vagina! The intact penis' glans responds differently to this mucosa afforded by the female vulva. Since it is already smooth and coated in the lenolin-like moisture coating, the one to two drops of mucosa at the entrance of the vagina makes the glans slippery and comfortable for entrance. Furthermore, as a circumcised penis moves in and out, it's exposed stiff coronal ridge hook forces all other lubrication out and evaporates it during each circumcised thrust ( discussed above).


"With my circumcised husband, initial insertion is dry and rough (unless we use artificial lubricants)... With prolonged intercourse, I get dry and painful... Originally, I lost my virginity to a natural man...dryness was never a problem."

"I have noticed that the vagina is much more accepting of the natural penis. Once the head of the natural penis is at the opening of the vagina, it just kind of naturally slides in... I notice that the vagina gets softer during intercourse." 1

4)   Coronal ridge hook scrapes the vaginal wall causing discomfort and burning

The purpose of the Coronal Ridge (the ridged part on the penis head), is to capture the movable foreskin during thrusting motions. During intercourse, the foreskin bunches up against it on the outward stroke in the vagina creating pleasure for the female. When circumcised, instead of being something that contributes to pleasure, the coronal ridge becomes like an exposed hook, and something that contributes to discomfort for her as it scrapes the vaginal walls. It is also abnormally hardened due to keratinisation caused by abrasion. A simulated view of the circumcised penis is as follows:

On the original penis created by Allah, the foreskin and the coronal ridge work as a team, and have been intended to work together. The combination is designed uniquely by Allah for female pleasure. This hook does not exist on the intact, original penis:

Foreskin Simulation

Moreover, the coronal ridge itself on the intact penis is soft and supple - it gives in, bends and flexes compared to a circumcised one. See below to see why. That, and with the additional protection of seal around the ridge, and the bunching and un-bunching of the foreskin against its gentle ridge makes the intact natural penis a loving gentle hand for the vagina. The losses are three folds:

1) Lack of foreskin exposes the coronal ridge.
2) Rough texture of the ridge due to abrasion and keratinisation.
3) Abnormally hard and toughened ridge due to taut shortage foreskin making the glans excessively stiff and hard.

5)   Elongated Thrusts

The natural intact penis derives high levels of pleasure from the thousands of sensitive nerve endings on the tip of the foreskin (upper penis). Thus, it does not have to travel far out to gain the pleasure. The circumcised penis has to compensate by deriving more pleasure from the base of the penis. Thus it has to take long in and out strokes using hard thrusting or pounding of the vagina.

The thrusting of the circumcised penis is long and elongated. On the contrary the intact penis takes shorter strokes while the penis remains buried deep inside the vagina. As stated, this is because the intact penis derives pleasure primarily from the tip of the penis.

The gentle and shorter in and out stroke deeper in the vagina is the most affective stroke for the female to achieve orgasm - that which is produced by the intact penis. The circumcised penis withdraws too far outside the vagina, drawing out lubrication, allowing it to evaporate, causing dryness.

6)   Friction & chafing causing discomfort & irritation of the vagina

Circumcised penis produces uncomfortable friction with the vaginal walls. Please perform the following demonstration, that shows how the circumcised penis produces friction against the vaginal walls, and how the intact natural penis has a comfortable cushioning effect with its foreskin:

 The intact penis has a cushioning and gliding foreskin, effectively minimising friction:

The circumcised penis rubs its skin against the vaginal wall throughout the length of the whole stroke. Its whole length is also dry. For example, if it moves in three inches on the inward stroke, the vaginal wall experiences three inches of dry skin rubbing its wall. When the intact penis enters, the moist glans glides open the labia, and as it moves in, the foreskin is initially 'blocked' by the labia, the glans and shaft extend from inside as the foreskin rolls out on itself, revealing the surface underneath the foreskin - thus producing a greater surface area of the penis that has its own mucosa lubrication layer in addition to the lubricated glans. Therefore, once the intact penis is inside, much of it's surface area is its own mucosa layer - the vagina sees the first 30-40% of the intact penis as soft lubricated and supple touch. Whereas the circumcised one has 100% of its surface area dry (considering pre-cum as a constant, thus disregarded in this analysis). The following demonstrates what is being said. The glans and area behind the glans is the additional lubricated area on the intact penis (i.e. the area within the red circle is lubricated part of the intact penis).

Furthermore, on the in and out strokes of the intact penis, as the foreskin is being held snugly in the vagina, it moves only a small amount - but the glans and the shaft moves in and out more (area in the red circle) relative to the foreskin. This means the moist / lubricated surface does most of the sliding inside against the vaginal wall (giving gentle lubricated pleasure) while the foreskin's outer surface which is dry (area outside the circle), does less of the movement. In addition, the foreskin having extra loose skin means the dry area itself is velvety to the touch (discussed in Harm 7 below) compared to the taut foreskin of a circumcised one. So the intact penis caresses the vagina by having much of its surface area under its own lubrication and using sophisticated mechanics to limit the movement of the dry surface (the finger demonstration above shows how the foreskin is held by the vagina - try the simulation again with your fingers, your nails represent the moist glans and your knuckle skin is the foreskin held around the vagina). This is a miraculous design of Allah. This starkly compares to a circumcised penis - which is dry across 100% of its length starting from the glans to the root - and has no mechanics of gliding action to limit the movement of dry area. The circumcised penis is like a stiff rod, it scrapes the whole length of vagina, starting from the labia to it's inner-most wall with its dry and hard surface, causing discomfort and even pain in the female.


“Circumcised intercourse feels like a friction burn. With the natural penis, the extra skin makes it go smoother...my vagina doesn't get sore.” (1)

The female's discomfort is exacerbated by the elongated thrusting need of the circumcised man discussed in Harm 5 above. While the intact penis affords all these exquisite advantages, it also as stated already, resides deeper in the vagina moving with shorter and gentler strokes making the act of love-making, really making 'love'.

We have indeed created man in the best of moulds. (Qur'an 95:4)

A sad woman


“I always experience vaginal discomfort with my circumcised partners – chafing – even enough to turn me off. I have also heard this from other women. I feel very strongly that I experienced a lot of pain with my circumcised partner. The circumcised penis hurts. But with my natural partner, I have no pain, only pleasure.” (1)

The following are medical photos of male adult penis circumcised vs. natural (intact). Please note, they are shown purely for the sake of proving the damage done and depict how harmful male circumcision is for the vaginal environment. Note the sharp ridge and dried glans the circumcised penis has. Also note how tough the side of the shaft looks due to stretched shortage foreskin (discussed in below). Please click only if you are willing to view such photographs at your discretion. Otherwise, continue reading. 

7)   Circumcised Penis' side is tough like a broomstick

Shaft skin

In an erection, the shortage of foreskin on a circumcised penis means the remaining foreskin stretches tightly against the glans (pulling on the glans) to accommodate the erection. This makes circumcised penis' sides tough and hard like a broomstick. It compares starkly with the soft 'cushiony' and 'velvety' feel of the natural intact penis due to the ample skin on the shaft that is not pressured against the glans. The circumcised penis is like a broomstick pounding the vagina while the intact penis feels like it is covered in velvet caressing the vaginal walls.

8)   Orgasmic Strokes of the Intact Penis Vs. Pounding of the Vagina
by the Circumcised Penis

Circumcised penis has brutal, pounding long strokes. Hard banging thrusts rather than gentle small in and out strokes inside the vagina. As mentioned already, this is because the circumcised penis tries to get pleasure from the base of the penis whereas the intact penis derives most of its pleasure from the tip of the penis (Thousands of erotogenic nerve endings - which were most densely concentrated at the tip of the foreskin were cut off during circumcision).


“Circumcised men are rougher and they tend to pound away.”

“Sometimes circumcised men just thrust too hard.” 1

A remarkable mechanism of the intact penis helps to ensure the strokes of the natural, intact penis is at the ideal frequency, rhythm and strength for the female to achieve orgasm:

The Remarkable Intact Mechanism by Allah:

On the penis designed by Allah, the tugging of the mobile foreskin against the during the in & out motions in the vagina provides a natural tugging 'alert' to the male brain. As the foreskin is pushed back on the inward stroke, it puts a pulling pressure on the frenulum sending an alert to the brain. This 'alert' curbs hard pounding or thrusts, helping to maintain the ideal speed and rhythm that matches the female's needs. The lacking foreskin and/or frenulum means the circumcised penis has no in-built system of curbing pounding / hard thrusting.  This together with the already given need for the circumcised penis to compensate for pleasure loss through elongated and hard thrusting, the result is a brutal pounding on the vagina.

Note: the 'tugging' is an additional source of pleasure for the intact male as the frenulum is a sexually sensitive tissue!


“Circumcised men do have a tendency to be really rough and unpleasurable, whereas the natural is really smooth and pleasurable when making love.”

“The natural intercourse experience is softer…the man doesn’t have to pump very hard like they’re trying to come but are having trouble feeling anything.” (1)

9)   Penis shape altered by circumcision

Circumcised penises are often bent in an erection as the stretched foreskin forcibly pulls on the tip of the penis. Not being able to accommodate the natural full erection, it takes a bent shape. This bend gives a poky feel to the vagina and not the intended shape. The intact penis designed by Allah has its natural shape which is the intended shape for the vaginal canal.

Allah designed the shape of the vaginal canal to be suitable for the shape of the intact,
natural penis He originally designed.

10)   Reduced girth / size of the circumcised penis

The circumcised penis is smaller in circumferential size compared to the intact penis. The vagina expects to receive the size of a full intact penis and not a smaller one. The penis also expects to feel adequate pressure from the vagina to also derive pleasure. This exacerbates problem 6 stated above of the circumcised penis - the need to pound or thrust the vagina to compensate for the loss in pleasure. The difference in size caused by an average 51% of the shaft skin (and possibly more) is illustrated below:


“My natural partner is more sensitive, but I tend to think it is because he has a natural penis – hence he is more delicate – he is more in touch with his penis, and his penis is more in touch with his heart. When my natural man is inside me, he moves more smoothly, more gently, which is what I need. Also a natural penis feels more filling and seems to have an extra gliding action inside me. My current natural lover is usually in close physical contact with me, adding to the feeling of intimacy.” (1)

11)   "Turkey Neck" caused by circumcision

The scrotum is the skin-sack which nestles the male testicles responsible for producing sperm. When a circumcised penis erects, there is a huge shortage of shaft skin. During the process of the remaining foreskin accommodating the erect penis, the point where the scrotum joins the penis on the underside is pulled along toward the tip of the penis to an unintended and undesirable position:

Turkey neck (Penoscrotal Webbing) - scrotum pulled by shaft skin

This condition is termed "Penoscrotal Webbing". Just how much 'turkey necking' happens to a circumcised man will depend on how much foreskin was removed. A vagina deserves a penis Allah has designed for it, the whole penis should be in the form which Allah has intended for it. Any amount of turkey neck caused by circumcision is a deviation to the perfect design Allah created the male form complimenting the female.

12)   Flexibility of the glans to press in its self

As the foreskin is not pulling the glans on an intact penis, it allows the intact penis' glans to have a certain 'giveability': the glans can tip up, down, give in - it is supple, caressing the vagina. The glans on the circumcised penis is stiff as it is being pulled by the tight foreskin.

Right: The pull by the taut foreskin of a circumcised penis on the glans makes the glans excessively stiff.


“My present husband is circumcised. He is very concerned about pleasing me, but during intercourse, the penis feels hard. I experience discomfort, and I often feel like I’m being pounded on. With my natural partner, whom I went with before I was married, intercourse felt gentler and more sensuous. I could sense that he got much more pleasure during intercourse than did any of my circumcised partners. He was more passionate, and sex with him was very stimulating and fulfilling. With him, I always experienced much more pleasure and intercourse seemed more loving. I strongly feel this is the way it was meant to be” (1)

13)   Premature Ejaculation

High levels of Histamine is associated with premature ejaculation. Histamine is a naturally occurring chemical in the body acting as a neurotransmitter and fulfil other functions. The more histamine is in the blood, the more sensitive is the male to ejaculation. "Touch" stimulation of the penis' glans against the vaginal wall releases histamine into the bloodstream of the male helping to induce orgasm (and ejaculation).

"Have you considered what you ejaculate? Is it you who created it, or are We the Creator?"

(Qur'an 56:58)

The circumcised penis' glans is constantly exposed and receives too much continuous touch stimulation on every thrust, releasing too much histamine in too little time. The continuously exposed glans of the circumcised penis is over-stimulated on each thrust as its glans is continuously exposed. Furthermore, as discussed in and, it takes long, elongated thrust of hard banging nature further adding to over-stimulation of the glans. On the contrary, the natural penis' foreskin slides over the coronal ridge and over the penis' glans on every out-stroke, engulfing the glans with foreskin. This covering of the glans in the outstroke prevents direct stimulation of the glans as the penis withdraws (the foreskin prevents the touch-stimulus to the glans responsible for histamine release, pressure stimulation to the penis is still there for pleasure). Thus, for the intact, natural penis designed by Allah, the release of histamine is at a slower rate. This mechanism, naturally delays ejaculation and prolongs erection for longer love-making. Love-making, with a perfect penis that is designed for her, with all the sensuous benefits the vagina longs for.

In the system designed by the Creator of Mankind, the intact natural penis' glans is covered on the outstroke which spreads the release of histamine over a longer period, delaying ejaculation.


"The one natural man I had was unique. Oh, what a wonderful experience. Often, we made love for over an hour, four times longer than my typical circumcised session. Yet, all the while, his penis felt so comfortable in me - smooth, pliable, and untroublesome - it seemed to fit me more naturally, like it was better matched to a woman - probably because that's how it was designed." 1

14)   Man's need for excessive sexual intercourses

Harm 13 (above) highlighted the problem of over-stimulation of glans during sexual intercourse that induces premature ejaculation. The circumcised male's glans is however, always exposed outside of sexual intercourse in daily life, in his every living moment, his penis' glans is being "touch-stimulated" - under the contact and abrasion of his clothing. The reason that contributes to premature ejaculation, is the very same reason that causes the male to feel the need to "relieve", even after a recent sexual intercourse, as his glans is being stimulated by the abrasion of fabric continuously. This can lead a man to seek repetitive sexual intercourses and/or to masturbate to relieve this pressure. On the contrary, the intact penis' glans is nestled in a warm and moist covering of a foreskin while the male is in his day to day activities, and no such feelings to 'relieve' is induced.

The intact, natural male is designed for the intact natural female as both are in the original blue-print of Allah - the Supreme Creator. Their individual needs for sexual fulfilment is in harmony with each other, reflecting the perfection and balance in Allah's creation, as stressed in multiple places of the Qur'an.

15)   Penis length shortened by circumcision

The amount of foreskin Allah originally designed the human penis with fully accommodates the penis to its 100% erect state, that is, until no more blood can fill the engorged penis. It even has more slack skin left on the shaft for gliding action. A "correctly" circumcised penis (where enough skin is removed to expose the glans) stretches the remaining shortage foreskin. This inhibits the penis to reach its full natural length in an erection. A survey carried out in Australia showed that on average, circumcised men have 8mm shorter penis length when erect compared to intact men(2) who are left in the design created by Allah.

A "correctly" circumcised penis is unable to accomodate the body's full natural erection, full erection position marked here by the dashed line. This is due to the insufficient foreskin limiting the expansion of the penis, by an average of 8mm.

Therefore, not only does circumcision reduce the girth (circumference) of the erect penis (Harm 10 above), but also the length - by exactly how much depends on how much foreskin was removed during circumcision (for which no clear guidance exists).

16)   Cold Glans

One of the functions of the protective foreskin missing in the circumcised man is the precise temperature regulation of the glans. A circumcised man continuously experiences cold glans due to this missing system. The vaginal environment is precisely controlled. It has been designed to be mated with the precision properties of a natural intact penis which includes the precisely matched temperature of the glans.

There is a unique and amazing feeling for a woman who makes love with a natural man where two 'internal body parts' are in contact, one of her own and one of her natural spouse's. Circumcised sex is totally different. Instead of the male penis' glans being an internal organ, it is an external one characterised by a lack of moisture, softness and warmth. The natural penis's glans is warm, soft and moist as it is kept protected as an internal organ under a foreskin until it is ready to interact with the vagina. This increases the feeling of intimacy and love.

17)   Intact male has more frequent and the correct rhythmic contact with Clitoris, with correct amount of pressure than a circumcised one.

One of the main erogenous zones designed by Allah on a woman, is the clitoris, part of which is visible on the upper vagina (the remaining surrounds the vagina internally):

A miraculous design of Allah containing thousands of purely sexual nerve receptors, the sole purpose of the clitoris is female sexual pleasure. Although most people assume it to be only the pea-sized glans on the external vagina (above), the clitoris is much larger in fact, it extends from the visible glans outside (protected under a clitoral hood) to inside around the vagina. The first one-third of the vagina is entwined with the internal portion of the clitoris, The clitoris is relatively large organ that starts from the glans outside, goes inward and branches down in two legs (crus') approximately behind the labia majora.

The Clitoris (deep pink). The coloured structures are internal, the non-coloured structures are external (labia minora and the clitoral hood).

The internal part of the clitoris is stimulated by the movements of the penis internally, which indirectly stimulate it via movements of the 'Bulb of Vestibule' (light pink colour above). The bulb of vestibule ('vestibular bulbs') are masses of pure erectile tissues connected to the blood supply of the clitoris and is nestled by the clitoris. It becomes erect (engorges with blood) along with the clitoris when the woman is sexually aroused and expands the vulva in preperation for penetration. Thus, the penis stimulates the internal portions of the clitoris with its movements by indirect contact via the vestibular bulbs that are inextricably linked to the clitoris. The outer part of the clitoris (glans) being located on top of the vaginal and urethral orifice, is meant to be stimulated by the pelvic movements of the male and the female i.e. the contact made with the male's pubic mound. However, these mechanisms are once again harmed by circumcision.

The long elongated strokes in circumcised sex mean the pubic mound of the male make contact with the external part of the clitoris less often than the intact one, and is also not suitable for the stimulation requirements of the internal part of the clitoris. The intact penis resides deeper in the vagina and has shorter and also, gentler strokes, not only is this more suitable for the stimulation of the internal clitoris, the male's pubic mound also makes more frequent contact with the external clitoris' glans and with a more gentle touch.

Research finds that there is an ideal rate of rhythm and pressure level for clitoral stimulation that allows the female to achieve orgasm, any slower or faster disturbs the build-up to orgasm. The movement of the intact penis matches the rhythm and pressure requirements for clitoral stimulation that builds to orgasm. Therefore, the movement of natural male is better for clitoral stimulation. This is yet another method by which circumcision harms women.


“Circumcised thrusting seems to be...hard and fast, therefore eliminating any pleasure I might feel from my clitoris.”

“I realised there was a difference the first time I had sex with a natural man, who is now my husband. I wouldn't have been able to put in words the difference at first, but over time I discovered sex is smoother, gentler, and more sensual.
I orgasm almost effortlessly.” (1)

Allah who created the minds of both a man and a woman, and the physical systems in both,  has ensured everything within them works perfectly complimenting each other. That is only when they have not been manipulated by people and are in their original state of creation.

Flower & Women

Allah has designed the entire female body with a special form of beauty not given to males. He identifies this in the Qur'an. This beauty parallels with the beauty of flowers in nature. See.

The female vulva is part of this greater beauty of a woman's body. In its design, it amazingly resembles the beauty of a flower in a much more striking and direct way, with the labias representing petals of a flower. This design of the vulva is in harmony with the unique & special beauty of a woman's body that embodies the beauty of flowers in nature.

"So blessed be Allah, the Best of all Creators!" (Qur'an 23:14)

Allah mercifully designed women beautifully, from her face to her entire form representing the beauty of flowers in nature. Unfortunately, some women feel displeased with how their vulvas look, and some even consider surgeries such as labiaplasty. But just as flowers come in all shapes and sizes and are beautiful in their own way, so are vulvas with their associated labias. Changing the creation of Allah is disproved by Allah, and we must learn to see creation with an eye appreciative of Allah's majesty in design:

"You will not see any flaw in what the Lord of Mercy creates.
Look again! Do you see any flaw?"
(Qur'an 67:3)

18)   Out of Sync Motions for Vaginal Orgasm

The rhythm, length of stroke and the frequency of a circumcised man is out of sync from the woman's natural rhythm and motion needed to progressively build sexual excitement in her to achieve vaginal orgasm (pleasure from inside the vagina). Note, the clitoral orgasm differs to vaginal orgasm, although a clitoral orgasm may be confused with a vaginal orgasm due to the internal structures of the clitoris that are impossible to not be activated through vaginal stimulation (there is, ofcourse, no practical need to separately identify these feelings so long as they are enjoyable, but for purpose of discussion we have separated them). A study done in Rutgers University in 2011 using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) mapped the feelings generated as a result of stimulation of the clitoris, cervix and vaginal walls on to different places in the sensory cortex of the brain, suggesting the existence of vaginal orgasm and its origin differing from a clitoral orgasm.3 The movement of the altered penis is different to sexual expectations of the female body designed by Allah for vaginal orgasm.

Sexual pleasure is a Gift from God so that we may give thanks to Him

Allah (God) gives us these blessings solely so that we show thanks in return and devote ourselves to Him in exchange. Though Allah is needless, and rich beyond needs, He asks us to show thanks and gratitude, to see if we can do our part. It is for this reason, the disbelievers, those who deny the existence of Allah, do more and more wrong each time they enjoy a blessing Allah gave them. This is because they do not give in return, what Allah asked them for having given them all that
they needed and wanted.

"It is Allah (God) who brought you out of your mothers wombs and you knew nothing at all, He gave you hearing, sight and understanding so that you might be thankful".
(Qur'an 16:78)

From the QuranicPath Article:

To summarise all the points discussed so far, the intact penis has a velvety feel. It has a moistened, warm and supple glans at the front to caress the vagina. It has no hook to scrape the vaginal walls. The foreskin acts to keep all the lubrication locked in like a valve mechanism. It provides gliding action on a layer of cushion to allow frictionless gentle caressing on each stroke. It moves with shorter and gentler strokes deeper in the vagina, making regular contact with the clitoris matching her needs whilst keeping all juices locked in, providing exquisite love-making and pleasure for the woman and man.

"The ecstasy of delicious natural sex is the foundation upon which an intimate couple builds a mutual sexual admiration for each other. Natural lovemaking is completely different from circumcised sex. It's a gentler interminging, a tender blending—an enrapturement oozing with sensuousness—with both partners swooning in ecstatic surrender to the passionate, graceful dance of the sex organs. And these feelings create feelings of love for your partner. A love that is strengthened with each sexual encounter."

“With natural lovemaking, the vagina totally surrenders to the soft sensuousness of lingering ecstasy, as it hungrily caresses and lovingly responds to the erotic movements of the softly-stiff penis, and the penis adores and gently strokes the vagina in return. Like two halves of a perfect whole, each organ swoons and sighs to a passionate sexual connectedness—the way it was meant to be. With no holding back, lost in voluptuous abandon, you TOTALLY want it, you TOTALLY need it, and you TOTALLY love it. The wonderful sex the couple experiences promotes the the development of deep "love roots" within the brain, from which blossoms a mutual love bond that grows stronger with time.”

Sex as Nature Intended it: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love But No One Could Tell You Until Now (2nd Edition) by Kristen O’ Hara.

19)   Psychological Harm from Circumcision

Passionate, pleasurable and entirely fulfilling natural (intact) sex are very needed on-going acts of love gifted by Allah to a husband and wife. Natural love-making embodies, expresses and encapsulates the love and passion that exists between husband and wife. Such Love-making helps one grow in closeness to his or her spouse at a very deep subconscious level, incomparable to any other human relationship. Circumcision destroys natural intercourse mechanisms. Intercourse becomes uncomfortable and irritable for the woman. Perhaps the worst consequence of all this is this very purpose of sex in a relationship being brought to destruction. The psychological harm of circumcised sex, ultimately affects the entire relationship. Couples' nearness and passion towards each other diminish through their degraded and frustrating sexual encounters, particularly for the woman. Allah is the best of creators. An intact male is the perfect companion for an intact female.

"During circumcised sex, the woman's sex organ does not experience the true feelings that nature intended. And instead of the loving sensuousness and pure pleasure of natural intercourse, circumcised sex can subject the woman to various degrees of discomfort and displeasure, often accompanied by frustration, incompleteness and disapointment.

This becomes increasingly apparent as the woman ages (and the more she has sex with the circumcised man). But the problem can begin as early as the twenties or thirties. Unsatisfactory sex affects the woman on a primal level, causing her to feel various degrees of resentment toward her partner, whether she consciously realizes it or not. She becomes subconsciously annoyed, frustrated, and even angered. This can affect the relationship far beyond the bedroom door, and she may begin taking out her dissatisfactions by belittling the man, nagging him about his faults, or by being argumentative toward him. And petty arguments can snowball into heated arguments. This can gradually erode the relationship and eventually set the stage for divorce. In America, half of all marriages end in divorce. This is double the rate of European countries where most men are not circumcised.

Sex as Nature Intended it: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love But No One Could Tell You Until Now (2nd Edition) by Kristen O’ Hara.

Domestic Violence, Cruelty, Insensitivity in behavior, Lack of Sensuality & Passion for Women as Beautiful, Gentle & Sensuous creations of Allah

Khatna and women

There is a connection between body and mind. If a man has to 'pump' long and hard with an organ that is like a rod, a penis missing every single feature that gives it the properties of sensuousness, gentleness, softness, suppleness - what can we conclude regarding the bodies attitude towards women and the subsequent effect it has on the mind's relationship with women? The body tells a circumcised man the nature of woman in relation to his - he needs to use pounding, banging thrusts to derive pleasure from her, there is no gentle mingling of his spouse's interior and gliding action of a natural velvet action of a foreskin, rolling over one another with lubrication in intimate gentle mingling - it is a dry rod. It sees the vagina as an empty channel for his banging thrusts, exacerbated by a dry, lifeless glans and stiffness of his glans. The 'ridged band', 'frenular tissue' and 'meissner's corpuscle' - specialised nerves that are removed in circumcision from the top part of foreskin is missing on his penis. Thus, there is almost total loss of gentle enhancing sensations that allows a man to surrender to the lingering sensual aspect of sex and bonding with his wife on each stroke. The cumulative effect is that the mind is being told to perceive women as body or "meat" for empty banging away with the goal of achieving an orgasm at some point.

Romantic Bed

"One of His signs is that He created for you spouses like your selves so that you may live with them with affection and mercy - there are signs in this for people who reflect."
(Qur'an 30:21)

Here rises a conflict between a man's mind which should be geared towards a caring and loving nature, and how his sexual body tells him to view women. There is a subconscious pressure to view women in the aforementioned way. A force that tries to portray women as feelingless and insensuous beings rather than to view women with an eye full of loving and sensuous passion, deserving of gentleness and care. Ultimately, the man's behaviour towards his wife may be impacted and thus his entire relationship with her. There may well be a correlation between cruelty and abuse from men towards women and circumcision, such as domestic violence, and other psychological and emotional torturing. Although, this phenomenon has not been officially studied - it is known that divorce rate in the United States is high where circumcision rates are highest, compared to Europe where divorce rates are much lower and circumcision is almost non-existent.


There may be some women who say that they have not experienced any pain during intercourse with their circumcised husbands. However, the feelings they experience during circumcised intercourse are not 'pure' pleasure. It is discomfort or pain diluted with pleasure, such that it is difficult to identify it. The "pleasure" she feels are not the original pure feelings Allah intended for her, which is free from contamination - a pure delightingly sensuous pleasure from her genitals free of all the discomfort and pain stimuluses discussed in this article.

We have seen some of the ways how male circumcision harms women. There are mountains of ways in which 'circumcision' harms children and babies such as the baby's early bonding and relationship with his mother (such as breastfeeding habits), the man as an adult and his sexuality, and the moral and ethical implications of genital cutting enforced upon babies and children without consent.

Most importantly of all, the violation of the final Scripture from the Creator Himself, the Glorious Qur'an, is the ultimate reason why a true believer will not manipulate Allah's naturally created mechanisms:

Circumcision - Does the Qur'an Approve it? "The work of Allah who has 'perfected everything' (He created)." (Qur'an 27:88)

"The One Who has 'perfected everything' He has created and began the creation of human beings from clay" (Qur'an 32:7)

"Allah is the One who made the Earth a habitat for you, and the sky as a structure, and He designed you, and has perfected your design." (Qur'an 40:64)

"Allah created the heavens and the Earth for a true purpose, He designed you, and has perfected your design. You will all return to Him." (Qur'an 64:3)

"Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; then of that clot We made a lump; then we made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then we developed out of it another creature. So blessed be Allah, the 'Best of all Creators!'"
(Qur'an 23:14)

"We have indeed created man in the 'best of moulds'." (Qur'an 95:4)

"You will not see any flaw in what the Lord of Mercy created." (Qur'an 67:3)

"Let there be no change in Allah's creation." (Qur'an 30:30)

"(Satan said), "I will command them (mankind) and they will change Allah's creation." (Qur'an 4:119)

(1) Survey responses. Sex as Nature Intended it: The Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Making Love But No One Could Tell You Until Now (2nd Edition) by Kristen O’ Hara.

(2) Talarico and Jasaitis, 1973; Richters et al., 1995

(3) Komisaruk, B. R., Wise, N., Frangos, E., Liu, W.-C., Allen, K. and Brody, S. (2011). "Women's Clitoris, Vagina, and Cervix Mapped on the Sensory Cortex: fMRI Evidence". The Journal of Sexual Medicine 8 (10): 2822–2830. doi:10.1111/j.1743-6109.2011.02388.x. Surprise finding in response to nipple stimulation Lay summary – CBSnews.com (5 August 2011).

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