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OpticsPlanet is the best for night vision products photon in the world! From Gen 1 night vision goggles for hobbyists, to Gen 3 Rifle Scopes for military and law enforcement, we have every type of night vision device you can imagine! Check out our full selection of, monoculars, scopes, and digital night vision from the best night vision brands like,,, and other top NV manufacturers.

What are the differences between generation of night vision?

Generation 1 Night Vision

are most affordable, but rely on ambient light to function properly. They use an S20 photocathode that provides about 1000x light amplification.

Generation 2 Night Vision

Image resolution and light amplification are improved in the. Utilizing a microchannel plate (MCP) and an improved image intensifier tube, coupled with an S25 photocathode, you get better brightness than first generation night vision.

Generation 3 Night Vision

is a step up from second generation in that the new photocathode is used. A microchannel plate (MCP) is still present and the new coating on the MCP increases tube life. An ion barrier film on the microchannel plate causes a halo effect when looking at bright light sources. Generation 3 night vision devices and rifle scopes consume more power, but have light amplification of 30K-50K.

Generation 3+ Night Vision

devices differ from standard third generation in the use of auto-gated technology and use of a thinner ion barrier on the microchannel plate (MCP). Automatic gating regulates the photocathode voltage, which makes the night vision device to automatically adjust to changes in light conditions. The thinned layer of the ion barrier improves image noise and luminous sensitivity. However, a thinner or removed ion barrier also decreases the life of the intensifier tube from 20,000 mean time to failure to 15,000 hours. Generally NV devices are replaced before reaching this point. It is important to note, that auto-gating can be placed on previous version of night vision and having this capability does not necessarily mean that the device is classified as Gen 3+.

See into the night with our attractively priced nightvision devices, built by the best brands in the world. We offer all the way through Generation 3 and even. Military, Law enforcement, security personnel, nature lovers, hunters and hikers will be amazed at the ability of these night vision devices to turn the darkest nights into light, and will appreciate the discounted prices at which OpticsPlanet makes the world's best night vision products available.

OpticsPlanet is an active DOD and DHS equipment supplier of,,, and cameras and weapon sights to the US Military (CCR Cage Code 3GP24). Our Government Sales experts () are proud to supply 2nd and 3rd Generation night vision gear to the US Military, Law Enforcement, Security Companies, Special Forces, Fire, Rescue, and Emergency/Disaster Response teams. OpticsPlanet.com is one of the few selected Authorized US Online Resellers for and advanced from and.

OpticsPlanet is committed to making sure its customer have the information they need to make the right product decision. Be sure to check out the numerous night vision product reviews, and please leave reviews for any night vision device you have experience with. is a common question that we are asked. Need a quick night vision intro? Take a look at our section. Our night vision bestsellers are presented in our section. Have a question? Look at our, and if you do not see an answer, feel free to ask! We have night vision experts on staff to answer any night vision question you might have!


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