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These photos represent a perspective of typical Jewish families of Rhodes.  In many photos you will notice the distinctive foreground of the graceful stone mosaic floors which are used throughout the Old City of Rhodes.  These stones were used to pave the streets, as well as for flooring of the homes, shops and even the synagogues.

The poses may appear to be more “stiff” than normal.  That was because the camera lens was required to remain open for at least a few seconds—so the photographer would say the equivalent of, “OK, hold still”.

The men wore the “fez” which was the customary Turkish headwear of the time.  The women often wore the traditional head cover, which was called the “tokado”.   A “rozeta” (ornamental pin) was fastened in the front center of the “tokado” and symbolized the woman’s married status.

The family photos also illustrate the fashion transition–in particular it shows the change to European clothing styles.  Older family members tended to dress in the costume of the Turkish traditions, while the younger family members would adopt the more European styles.  The younger women wore shorter dress lengths and some started wearing high heels and new hair styles of curls and waves.

The Amato Family


1917 of the Amato family. Standing (left to right): Matilda, Morris, Yaacov, Edward and Marie. The young boy standing is Aron. Sitting in front wearing the fez is Albert (Behor). The woman sitting is Rahel (Capelouto) holding daughter, Esther. The young girl standing in front is Reina.

The Benveniste family


1917 of the Benveniste family. Left to right: Catherine (Hasson), Sarota (Aroghetti), Moshe and Emily.

The Capelouto Family


1908 of Yacov Capelouto and Estrella Mizrahi. Their children are: Amelie (at left), Nissim (baby sitting) and Rosa (standing).


The Gaon and Fresco Family

Gaon and Fresco family

Circa 1930:  Standing: Dr. David Gaon, Maurice Gaon, Camer Fresco, Norman Fresco, Sam (Silvio) Gaon and Neileh Fresco Gaon.  Sitting: Rebecca Fresco, Zelda Gaon and Moise Fresco.

The Hasson Family


1918 of the Rafael Hasson family (left to right): Jamilia, Mary, Rafael, Solomon, Salvator, Rachel, Victor (infant) and Amelie(Cohen).

The Fis family

Fis family 1919, edited













1919 of the Fis family (left to right):  Isaac Fis, Miriam Fis, Yacov Fis and Bension Fis.

The Hazan family


1922 of the Hazan family. Father sitting is Perahia, mother sitting is Rica Rozanes. The children are: Samuel, Hacco, Sarina, Reina, Rafael and Pepo.

The Huniu and Pilosof Family


1910 photo. Sitting in chairs: Behor Myer Huniu and Sarota Pilosof.  Left to right sitting on floor: Morris Huniu, Catherine Huniu Benghiat and Flora Huniu Levy.  Standing in back, left to right: Gabriel Pilosof, Luna Pilosof and Asher Huniu.

The Israel Family


1913 of the Israel family. Left to right: Nessim, Sarah, Samuel, Isaac and Morris. Children in the front row: John and Bona (Hasson).

The Levy Family

1924 of the Levy family. Left to right: Yehuda, Sarah, Renee (child in front), Miriam Notrica (sitting), Selma (Mizrahi) and Victor.

The Menashe Family


1925 of Reina (Benoun) Menashe with her children. At the far left is Sam. At the left, above is Albert, in front of him is Haim. At the right, above is Rahamin, in front is Jack.

The Tarica Family


1921 of Buena Leah DeLeon and Heskia Tarica.

The Touriel Family


1924 of the Touriel family. Left to right: Esther (Franco), Elie, Jacob (sitting), Reina (Menashe), Esther (Menashe) (sitting), Claire (Alhadeff-Peha) and Vida (Franco).

Angel Family


Photo about 1910 of the Angel family. The older woman in dark dress in center is Bulissa Esther Huniu married to Behor Yeudah Angel. The woman in white dress above Bulissa Huniu is her daughter Behora Victoria Angel and girl on right side of the second row is her daughter Luna Angel. The other children are Morris,Ralph, Joseph, Abner, Raymond and Victor.

The Cohen Family


1921 of the Cohen family. Left to right: Olga, Ruben, Flor Tarica, Rahamim and Bertha. The boy sitting is Sami.


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