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Find Out Who Ignored Your Birthday On Facebook

Your birthday has passed and you got tons of birthday wishes on your Facebook Timeline? Now it’s time to find out who was too lazy to even post a simple, public HBD!

Facebook Enables Custom Thumbnails For Link Shares On Pages

Ever felt frustrated with the auto-selected thumbnails for link shares? I know you have.
Because many websites still haven’t properly setup Open Graph meta tags for their pages, the “randomly” selected thumbnail images for link shares are often irrelevant. Fortunately, Facebook Page admins now have the option to upload a custom thumbnail image for shared links rotate photo in facebook from any website. Once the …

Spacebook: First Facebook Page In Space (VIDEO)

Mission: Spacebook is accomplished, because Belgian television show Magazinski has successfully launched its Facebook page into space!

Facebook Poke Becomes Snapchat-Like iPhone App

Facebook is bringing the love back with the Facebook Poke app which lets you poke your friends to share fun moments or just say hello.

Highlight Bug on Facebook Pages

If you’re a Facebook Page admin and are unable to Highlight your Timeline posts today, you’re not alone. The feature seems to be acting up for a lot of admins.

Amazing Mind Reader Knows Everything About You And Reveals His Gift

Dave is an extremely gifted mind reader. In this video, he reveals his dumbfounding skill. Would Dave be able to read your mind?

Help, I Don’t Understand Facebook Anymore! How Do I Change My Language Setting Back To Normal? facebook

We received a few emails from users asking how they could reset their Facebook language setting. Here’s the two-click solution.

How Many Books Would It Take To Print Facebook?

What if we would print all of Facebook into actual books? And how long would it take an average Facebook user to post enough content to fill one book?

Bigger Profile Pictures For Facebook Pages Coming Next Week

On April 26 2012, Facebook will be updating the size of the profile picture on all Pages. The new profile picture will be 160 x 160 pixels; a small, yet welcome change for those who had to cram their logo into the current 125 x 125 profile pic dimensions.

Print Your Facebook Photos To Any Size Canvas

CanvasPop, an online gallery-quality canvas printing company, today launched a new service that allows customers to print Facebook photos to a canvas of virtually any size.

SmartSync: Sync iPhone Contacts With Facebook Friends

SmartSync is an easy-to-use app that will update your iPhone contacts with their Facebook profile picture, birthday, most recent status, website, company and job information.

Like A Boss, Dunkin Donuts’ Video Resume Maker

Get hired like a boss with Dunkin Donuts’ video resume maker. We won’t spoil the fun for you by showing an example resume, so just head to the Like a Boss app over on the Dunkin Donuts Facebook page and let it process your profile.

Facebook Fist Bump Button T-Shirt

There are some status updates and comments you simply like, and then there are the genius ones that make you want to express eternal respect. Especially for those occasions, we propose the Facebook Fist Bump Button.

American Psycho: Facebook Business Cards Remix (VIDEO)

American Psycho Patrick Bateman goes fuuuuuu when he sees the Facebook Timeline business cards.


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