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there’s something about photos plants that just liven up a room, right? ( ) however, if you’re like most, you’ve bought a beautiful fiddle leaf fig or exuberant fern, and before you know it…it’s not looking so great. thankfully, having lush and happy houseplants is truly very simple! a little bit of research and a whole lotta TLC go a long way.

check out our favorites to grow indoors:


light: these little darlings are delicate – ferns do best with indirect sunlight to shade; strong sunlight should definitely be avoided.

water: keep soil moist, but not water-logged. i’m also a HUGE fan of misting (just picked up this cute brass mister), since it keeps them hydrated & happy.


light: moderate shade to bright indirect light; like ferns, they’re not the biggest fans of strong, unfiltered sunlight.

water: keep soil moist at all times, and make sure your container allows for good draining.


light: bright, indirect sunlight is best – like next to a window that has sheer curtains, for example.

water: allow the soil surface to dry slightly in-between waterings. if you notice droopy leaves, it’s time to water.


light: these cuties can seriously take the heat. give them the sunniest spot in your home. my windowsills are lined with them!

water: water very sparingly. soil should be dry to the touch at all times, but if you notice that their petals are withering and puckered, it’s time to water.


light: like rubber trees, these fellas love bright, indirect light. a west or south-facing window is best.

water: allow soil surface to dry in-between waterings. overwatering is actually the biggest killer of the fiddle leaf fig.

and there you have it! which plants are you going to try in your home? best of luck with them.

art direction by: bri emery
plant care guide by:
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photography by: 


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