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Personalized Fake and Joke Newspapers and Personalized Newspapers and Personalized Headlines for Gags and Gifts, Birthdays, Movies and Plays, Advertising, Publicity Stunts, Baby Showers, Wedding Showers, Stag Parties, Corporate Recognition, Awards, Thank You's, Revenge, Make a Point, Birth and Death Announcements, Wedding and Marriage Announcements, Practical Jokes, Cerebral Terrorism, Personalized Birthday Gags, Gifts. Fake Newspapers available in Small (pocket clipping) size, Full single page, Whole newspaper, Giant Poster, and Tabloid (by special request)



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A Few Abbreviations....

CFU -----(Bacteria) Colony Forming Unit
BDK -----(Java) Beans Development Kit
SVV -----(Latin
FUD -----"(spreading) Fear, Uncertainty and Disinformation"
BOB -----(Taco Bueno's) Big Ole Burrito
IIE -----"(the) Institution (of) Incorporated Engineers [in electronic, electrical and mechanical engineering] "
OTY -----[the whatever] Of the Year
YXB -----10-Year Commonwealth Treasury Bond
DDQ -----"2,3-Dichloro-5,6-Dicyano-1,4-benzoQuinone [oxidizing agent in organic chemistry]"
TCP -----"2,4,6-Trichlorophenol (disinfectant) "
TDE -----2-dichlorethane (organochlorine insecticide)
MDA -----"3,4-methylenedioxyamphetamine (synthetic hallucinogenic drug)"
QNX -----3-quinuclidinyl-xanthene-9-carboxylate hemioxylate
ABQ -----A Better Quality
PLU -----a code for supermarkets (meaning unknown)
SCB -----a sticker found on a small banana
BNC -----a type of video
AUC -----"ab urbe condita, or anno urbis conditae (Latin: in the year, indicates number of years since founding of Rome) "
YXX -----"Abbotsford, British Columbia"
QUE -----abbrev. for Quebec
ATH -----Abbreviated Trouble History
ABB -----abbreviation
HRV -----abbreviation for Croatia
ANM -----Abbreviation with No Meaning
AAI -----"Abbreviations, Acronyms and Initialisms"
ABD -----abdicated
AXR -----Abdominal X-Ray
AUJ -----Aberdeen University Journal
AZV -----Abfallzweckverband
AYN -----Aboriginal Youth Network
ABT -----About
ABV -----above
AAB -----Above And Beyond
ALQ -----Abraham Lincoln Quarterly
AJM -----Abrasive Jet Machining
AWJ -----Abrasive Water Jet
ABR -----abridged
AJV -----Abrupt Junction Varactor
AWL -----Absent With Leave
ABF -----Absolute Bloody Final (drink)
AOF -----Absolute Open Flow
AQU -----Absolute Quality University
AWT -----Abstract Window Toolkit (java)
AYV -----Abutilon Yellow Virus
AIS -----Academic Instruction School
AYG -----Academic Year Grant
AZG -----Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen
AGK -----Academy of Goju Karate
AIB -----Academy of International Business
AJK -----Academy of Japanese Karate
ACC -----Accelerate
AGP -----Accelerated Graphics Port
ARI -----Accelerated Research Initiative
APG -----Accelerating Population Growth
AQL -----Acceptable Quality Level
AUP -----Acceptable Use Policy
ABU -----Acceptance for Beneficial Use
AII -----Acceptance Inspection Instruction
ATR -----Acceptance Test Report
AHC -----Accepting Houses Committee
AXS -----access
ACL -----Access Control List
ARL -----Access Rights List
ASG -----Access Service Group
ASR -----Access Service Request
AUI -----Access Unit Interface
AIU -----Accident Investigation Unit
ADB -----Accidental Death Benefit
APV -----Accounts Payable Voucher
AIM -----Accuracy In Media
AQJ -----Ace-Queen-Jack
AQX -----Ace-Queen-Unknown
ABE -----Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (solvent)
AXM -----Acetoxycyclohexamide
ACH -----Acetylcholine
ACD -----acid citrate dextrose
ACK -----acknowledged
CUU -----ACM Conference on Universal Usability
ANS -----Acorn NetStation
AUN -----Acorn Universal Networking
ACQ -----acquisition
AQP -----Acquisition Quality Plan
ALR -----Action Leakage Rate
ASH -----Action on Smoking and Health
ACX -----Active Control eXperts
AGN -----Active Galactic Nucleus
AUO -----Active User Object
ADO -----ActiveX Data Objects
AIJ -----Activities Implimented Jointly
AIO -----"Activities, Interests and Opinions"
ABH -----Actual Bodily Harm
AGW -----Actual Gross Weight
AGZ -----Actual Ground Zone
ANP -----Actual Navigation Performance
AML -----Acute Myeloid Leukemia
AMI -----Acute Myocardial Infarction
APU -----Acute Psychiatric Unit
ARF -----Acute Respiratory Failure
AUL -----Acute Undifferentiated Leukemia
AHM -----Acutely Hazardous Materials
AHG -----Ad Hoc Group
ADL -----Ada design language
QVJ -----Adams (Massachusetts) Library
ALN -----Adaptive Learning Network
ACS -----Additional Curates Society
ADR -----Additional Dialogue Recording (film jargon)
ADY -----Additional Duty
AXC -----Additional eXtended Coverage
AEC -----Additional Extended Coverage
AVC -----Additional Voluntary Contributions
AKR -----Address Key Register
AMP -----Adenosine MonoPhosphate
AYP -----Adequate Yearly Progress
ABO -----Adiabatic Born-Oppenheimer
AMF -----Adios My Friend
ADJ -----Adjutant
ADM -----administration
AAJ -----Administrative Appeals Judge
ACO -----Administrative Contract Office
ARE -----Admiralty Research Establishment
ARJ -----Admission Reject
AOX -----Adsorbable Organohalogens
ADV -----advance
AAH -----Advanced Attack Helicopter
AEG -----Advanced Engineering from Germany
AXX -----Advanced Exchange Experiment
AXV -----Advanced Experimental Vehicle
AXL -----Advanced eXtended markup Language
AFW -----Advanced FireWire
AGR -----Advanced Gas-cooled (nuclear) Reactor
AGC -----Advanced Graduate Certificate
AIN -----Advanced Intelligent Network
AIX -----Advanced Interactive eXecutive
AJT -----Advanced Job Training
AJP -----Advanced Joint Planning
APT -----Advanced Passenger Train
AQF -----Advanced Quick Fix
ARS -----Advanced Righting System
ASS -----Advanced Sensor System
ASX -----Advanced Systems eXcellence
ATB -----Advanced Technology Bomber
ATX -----Advanced Technology Extended [Format]
AVS -----Advanced Visual Systems
AWM -----Advanced Warehouse Management
AXF -----Advanced X-Ray Facility
VAN -----adVANtage (tennis)
AEL -----Adverse Effect Level
ACY -----Advocates for Children and Youth
AEQ -----aequalis (Latin: equal)
AOT -----Aerosol Open Test
AET -----"aetatis (Latin: at the end of, aged) "
AFF -----affiliated
AFG -----Afghanistan
AFR -----Africa
ANC -----African National Congress
AVU -----African Virtual University
ACP -----"African, Carribean and Pacific (countries) "
AWB -----Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (right-wing political party in South Africa)
ZAF -----Afrique du Sud (code ISO de pays)
AFT -----after
ADS -----After Dinner Speaking
AHR -----After Heat Removal
ARO -----After Receipt of Order
AXY -----Aftercastle Yearbook
AOE -----Age Of lEgends
AFP -----Agence France-Presse
ARH -----Agence rgionale de l'hospitalisation
AGY -----agency
AQW -----Agenda Quik-Writing
AGT -----agent
AXT -----AGETOR XML Transformation
AXJ -----Agility Excellent Jumper
AWF -----Aging Waste Facility
AGD -----Agreed
AGE -----Agricultural Engineer
ALT -----Agricultural Lands Tribunal
ARC -----Agricultural Research Council
AUA -----Agricultural Unit of Account
AKE -----Agrotikon Komma Ellados
AHD -----Ahead
AAL -----Aid Association for Lutherans
ANB -----Aids to Navigation Boat
AAK -----"Aim, Attack, Kill"
ACM -----Air Chief-Marshall
ADC -----Air Defence Command
AEM -----Air Efficiency Medal
AFB -----Air Force Base
AFH -----Air Force Handbook
AFM -----Air Force Medal
AHU -----Air Handling Unit
AJX -----Air Japan
AKL -----Air Kilroe
ALO -----Air Liaison Officer
ANG -----Air National Guard
AOA -----Air Officer in charge of Administration
APZ -----Air Patrol Zone
AQA -----Air Quality Assessment
AQC -----Air Quality Control
AQD -----Air Quality Digest
AQG -----Air Quality Guidelines
AQI -----Air Quality Index
AQM -----Air Quality Monitoring
AQS -----Air Quality Standard
AQV -----Air Quality Valuation
ASO -----Air Staff Officer
AAM -----Air to Air Missile
ATC -----Air Traffic Control
ATA -----Air Transport Auxillary
AVH -----Air Vehicle Handler
AWS -----Air Warfare Course
AWI -----Air Water Interface
ABN -----AirBorN
AEW -----Airborne Early Warning
CVW -----Aircraft Carrier Air Wing
AHV -----Aircraft Handling Vehicle
AIK -----Aircraft Installation Kits
AOG -----Aircraft on Ground
ACW -----AirCraftWoman
ACV -----Air-Cushion Vehicle
ALW -----Air-Launched Weapon
AQE -----Airman Qualifying Examination
AOV -----Air-Operated Valve
ATZ -----Airport Traffic Zone
ARP -----Air-Raid Precautions
ASI -----AirSpeed Indicator
AUM -----Air-to-Underwater Missile
AWY -----Airway
ASK -----Akademische Software Kooperation
AGA -----Aktiebolaget Gasackumulator (cooker)
AHK -----Aktiv Hinten Kinematik
ABZ -----"Al, Bill, and Zorn Manufacturing, Inc. "
ALA -----Alabama
AMW -----ALARA Management Worksheet
AEH -----Alarm Event Handler
AKJ -----"Alaska, Juneau"
AKI -----Alaskan Independent Party
AYX -----Alaskan Yukon Explorer
AKY -----Albanian Kosovar Youth
YZA -----Albany Law School Library
AJS -----Albert John Stevens (British motor cycle manufacturer)
AEN -----Alberta Environmental Network
AWP -----Alberta Wheat Pool
ALB -----albumin
ABW -----alcohol by weight (abw)
ATF -----"Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms"
ALD -----Alderman
AXH -----Alexanders Holdings
AYS -----Alexandia (VA) Youth Soccer
ALG -----algebra
AKU -----Algemene Kunstzijde Unie
AVV -----Algemene Vrijinning Vakverbond
ALK -----alkali
AEZ -----Alkaline Earth Zeolite
AKD -----Alkyl Ketene Dimer
AAW -----All Around the World
AAO -----All At Once
ACN -----All Concerned Notified
AFN -----All For Nothing
AIQ -----All Is Quiet
AJW -----All Japan Womens wrestling
ANA -----All Nippon Airways
AOK -----All OK (alright)
AOS -----All Over the Shop
AOW -----All Over the World
APB -----All Points Bulletin (US)
AVT -----All Volatile Treatment
AYB -----All Your Base
AYW -----All Your Work
AKH -----Allegemeines Krankenhaus
QQH -----Allegheny County (Pennsylvania) Planning and Development Library
AEK -----All-Electric Kitchen [ie no gas]
AFJ -----Alliance For Justice
ABY -----Alliance of Baptist Youth
ACE -----"Allied Command, Europe "
AXP -----Allied eXercise Publication
AHQ -----Allied HeadQuarters
AIW -----Allied Industrial Workers
AMG -----Allied Military Government
AIR -----All-India Radio
ATV -----All-Terrian Vehicle
AUR -----All-Up Round
AVF -----All-Volunteer Force
AWX -----All-Weather Aircraft
AUW -----Aloha United Way
AXO -----Alpha Chi Omega
AKX -----Alpha Kappa Chi
AKK -----Alpha Kappa Kappa
AZO -----Alpha Zeta Omega
AAT -----Alpha-1-Anti-Trypsin (treatment for cystic fibrosis)
ANW -----Alpha-Numeric Warning
QOU -----al-Quds Open University
AKA -----Also Known As
AFU -----alt.folklore.urban [Usenet newsgroup]
ASB -----Alternative Service Book (church of england)
AZD -----Alternativer Zustelldienst
AHZ -----Altherrenzirkel
AZS -----Alumina-Zirconia-Silica
AKS -----Aluminum-Potassium-Silicon
AAY -----Always All Yours
ALZ -----Alzheimer's disease
AEU -----Amalgamated Engineering Union
AWA -----Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia) Ltd.
AAU -----Amateur Athletic Union (america)
APA -----Amateur Press Association
AXG -----Amax Gold
AZJ -----Amazonenjagd
AWQ -----Ambient Water Quality
AOZ -----Ambulantes Operations Zentrum
AMD -----amend
AOL -----America OnLine
ARV -----American (standard) Revised Edition
AAA -----American Academy of Advertising
SWV -----American all-female soul performers
ABA -----American Basketball Association
ABL -----American Basketball League
ABS -----American Broadcasting System
ACJ -----American Communication Journal
ACI -----American Concrete Institute
AEP -----American Electrical Power
AEV -----American Emergency Vehicles
AEF -----American Expeditionary Forces
AEI -----American Express International
AFL -----American Federation of Labor
AFS -----American Field Scholarship
AFI -----American Film Institute
AFC -----American Football Conference
AHI -----American Honey Institute
AJH -----American Jewish History
AJI -----American Jewish Institute
AJY -----American Jewish Youth
AJR -----American Journalism Review (Periodical)
AKF -----American Kidney Fund
ALL -----American Liberty League
AMZ -----American Maritime Zone
AMA -----American Medical Association
AMC -----American Motor Company
AMX -----American Motorcross(X)
AMS -----American Musicological Society
AMJ -----American Muslims for Jerusalem
ANQ -----American Notes and Queries
AJA -----American of Japanese Ancestry
AOU -----American Ornithologists' Union
AOJ -----American Orthoptic Journal
API -----American Petroleum Institute
QQG -----American Philatelic Research Library
APS -----American Psychological Society
TVT -----American record company
ASL -----American Sign Language
ASQ -----American Society for Quality
ASZ -----American Society of Zoologists
ASV -----American Standard Version
UPN -----american television network
AUY -----American Union of Youth
AUH -----American University Hospital
AUK -----American University in Kyrgyzstan
AVD -----American Vetinary Department
AWG -----American Wire Gauge
AWH -----American Women's Hospitals
AYR -----American Year in Review
AYH -----American Youth Hockey
AYY -----American Youth Yoga
AZL -----American Z Lines
AZA -----American Zinc Association
AZC -----American Zionist Council
AZM -----American Zionist Movement
AZY -----American Zionist Youth
AJJ -----Americans for Justice on the Job
ALX -----America's Learning Exchange
MXY -----AMEX Mexico Index
ADK -----Ammosov Delone and Krainov atomic tunnelling model
AWK -----"Amo, Weinberger, Kernighan (programming language)"
AMT -----amount
AMY -----Ampere Modulated Yielding
APK -----Amplitude Phase Keying
AEX -----Amsterdam (stock) EXchange
AAN -----An Amazing Night
AFE -----Analog Front End
AVB -----Analog Video Bandwidth
AAD -----Analogue Analogue Digital (recording technique)
ADD -----Analogue Digital Digital
AQT -----Analytical Query Time
ANE -----Anarchy 'N' Explosives
AOH -----Ancient Order of Hibernians
AOR -----And
AMM -----And Much More
AYA -----And Yet Again
ATK -----Andrew ToolKit
AUE -----Andrew User Environment
AYI -----Angle of Yaw Indicator
ASA -----Angle Side Angle
AZB -----Angular Z-Buffer (ray-tracing algorithm)
ANH -----"Anhang (German: appendix, of a book)"
AGU -----Anhydroglucose Units
AXU -----Animal Expo Unlimited
AFO -----Animal Feeding Operations
AHL -----Animal Health Laboratories
ANN -----annals
ZBX -----Annawan-Alba (Illinois) Township Library
ADZ -----Annual Day Zero
AGM -----Annual General Meeting
ALF -----Annual Licence Fee
APR -----Annual Percentage Rate
APY -----Annual Percentage Yield
AQQ -----Annual Qualifications Questionnaire
AYL -----Annual Yearly Loss
ANR -----another
AMQ -----Another Moronic Question
AFQ -----Answers Facts and Questions
ANT -----antenna
ATU -----Antenna Tuning Unit
APH -----AntePartum Haemorrhage
ALH -----Anterior Lobe Hormone
AKZ -----Antiarmor Kill Zone
ABM -----Anti-Ballistic Missle
ABX -----Antibiotics
ADH -----AntiDuretic Hormone
AHF -----AntiHaemophilic Factor
AIZ -----Anti-Imperialistische Zelle(n) (German)
AJD -----Anti-Jam Display
AJE -----Anti-Jam Equipment
AJF -----Anti-Jam Frequency
AXE -----Antique eXercise Equipment
ASW -----AntiSubmarine Work
ATT -----AntiTetanus Toxoid
AVX -----AntiVirus eXpert
ALY -----Antroposofisen Laaketieteen Yhdistyksen
AOP -----Any Old Place
AOB -----Any Other Business
AQK -----Any Quick Kiss
AOC -----Apellation d'Origine Controlee
AKP -----Apogee Kick Planning
APP -----apparatus
AQY -----Apparent Quantum Yield
ATJ -----Appendices To Journals
ATQ -----AppleTalk Transition Queue
AMK -----Applied Materials Korea (name of a company)
ARM -----Applied Research Methods
ART -----Applied Risc Technologies
AKT -----Apprentice Knowledge Test
ADF -----Approved Deposit Fund
ADI -----Approved Driving Instructor
AQR -----Approximate and Qualitative Reasoning group
APX -----approximately
ASU -----Arab Socialist Union
AUZ -----Arbeitskreis Umfassende Zahnheilkunde
AZK -----Arbeitsnehmer Zentrum Koenigswinter
ARB -----arbitrager
AVW -----Arbor Vitae Woodruff School
ATN -----arc tangent
WXK -----Archaeologie (library cataloguing)
ABP -----Archbishop
ANY -----Architecture New York
AZW -----Architektur Zentrum Wien
AZP -----Archiv fuer die Zivilistische Praxis
AGQ -----Archives Gaies du Quebec
AJU -----Archives Juives
AUB -----Are yoU Bored?
AYC -----Are You Crazy?
RUX -----Are You Experienced?
AYF -----Are You Finished
RUJ -----aRe yoU Joking?
AYK -----Are You Kidding?
RUK -----aRe yoU Kidding?
AAX -----Area of Absolute eXclusion
AAZ -----Areas And Zones
ARG -----arginine
RXZ -----Arginine-Alanine-Proline (proteins)
ANL -----Argonne National Laboratory
AYE -----Argue Your End
ALI -----Argyl Light Infantry
ALU -----Arithmetic and Logic Unit (computing)
ADE -----Arizona Department of Education
AZQ -----Arizona Quarterly
AZX -----Arizona Stock Exchange
AJG -----Arizone Jojoba Growers
ARK -----Arkansas
AHP -----Arkansas Highway Police
AHE -----Armament Handling Equipment
ASD -----Armament Supply Department
APO -----Armed Forces (or Army) Post Office
AMV -----Armored Maintenance Vehicle
AFV -----Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AIV -----Armoured Infantry Vehicle
APC -----Armoured Personnel Carrier
AAC -----Army Air Corps
AAF -----Army Air Force
ACF -----Army Cadet Force
AER -----Army Emergency Reserve
AHN -----Army Health Nurse
AKN -----Army Knowledge Network
AKO -----Army Knowledge On-line
ANV -----Army of Northern Virginia
AOD -----Army Ordnance Department
APD -----Army Pay Department
AQB -----Army Qualifications Battery
ASC -----Army Service Corps
AVR -----Army Volunteer Reserve
AWR -----Army War Reserve
AYT -----Army Youth Team
ARR -----arrangement
AOO -----Art lending Of Ottawa
AON -----Art Of Noise
ATD -----Art Teacher's Diploma
AID -----Artificial Insemination by Donor
AIH -----Artificial Insemination by Husband
AMN -----Artificial Mains Network
AOY -----Artist of the Year
AFY -----Arts For Youth
AHH -----Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase (used in tobacco research)
AZF -----As If
AHS -----Ashland High School
APN -----Asia Pacific Networx
AZN -----Asian (used in singles ads)
AXQ -----Asian Xgames Qualifier
ASN -----asparagine
AMB -----Asparagus Mustard Blancmange (!)
ASP -----aspartic acid
AHB -----Assault Helicopter Battalion
ACZ -----Assembly Coder's Zenith
AEO -----Assication of Exhibition Organisers
AJQ -----Assignment and Justification Questionnaire
AAG -----Assistant Adjutant-General
ACG -----Assistant Chaplain-General
ADG -----Assistant Director-General
APM -----Assistant Provost-Marshall
ARD -----Assistant Resident Director
ASM -----Assistant Stage Manager
AYM -----Assistant Yard Master
ANJ -----Associacao Nacional de Jornais
AND -----Associate Administrator for NAS Development
AAS -----Associate in Applied Science
AFA -----Associate in Fine Arts
AGS -----Associate in General Studies
AKC -----Associate of King's College (London)
AIA -----Associate of the Institute of Actuaries
AGI -----Associate of the Institute of certified Grocers
AIG -----Associate of the Institute of certified Grocers
AIC -----Associate of the Institute of Commerce
AIE -----Associate of the Institute of Education
AIP -----Associate of the Institute of Plumbing
ASF -----Associate of the Institute of Shipping and Forwarded Agents
AIL -----Associate of the Institution of Linguists
ARA -----Associate of the Royal Academy
ATI -----Associate of the Textile Institute
AEB -----Associated Examining Board
AYZ -----Associated Youth for Zion
AKQ -----Association des Kinotherapeutes du Quebec
ASE -----Association for Science Education
ASJ -----Association for Scientific Journals
APF -----Association for the Propogation of the Faith
AAV -----Association of Avian Veterinarians
ABI -----Association of British Insurers
ACU -----Association of Commonwealth Universities
AEJ -----Association of European Journalists
AGB -----Association of Governing Boards
AIT -----Association of Inspectors of Taxes
AJO -----Association of Jensen Owners
AJL -----Association of Jewish Libraries
AKG -----Association of Kew Growers
AME -----Association of Municipal Engineers
AOM -----Association of Ontario Midwives
AUT -----Association of University Teachers
AWO -----Association of Water Officers
AWW -----Association of Women Welders
AYJ -----Association of Yugoslav Jews
AZH -----Association of Zoological Horticulture
AVY -----Association Viticole Yvorne
AZI -----Association Zen Internationale
APL -----Associative Programming Language
ATE -----Associativity Test Equation
AXN -----Assurante Experts Nederland
APE -----Asterisk Placement Executive
ATG -----Asterix The Gaul
ASY -----Astounding Stories Yearbook
AAQ -----Astronomical Association of Queensland
AVZ -----Astronomische Vereinigung Zuerich
APJ -----Astrophysical Journal [Space]
ADW -----Asymptotic Distorted Wave
ATP -----At room Temperature and Pressure
ATM -----At The Moment
ABG -----Aterial Blood Gas
ATY -----Atividades Terapeuticas e Yoga
ATL -----Atlantic
AMR -----Atlantic Missile Range
ANF -----Atlantic Nuclear Force
AST -----Atlantic Standard Time
AUU -----ATM User-to-User
AWV -----Atmospheric Wind Velocity
AEA -----Atomic Energy Authority
AHW -----Atomic Hydrogen Welding
AMU -----Atomic Mass Unit
AWD -----Atomic Weapons Decommissioning
AWE -----Atomic Weapons Establishment
ATW -----ATomic Weight
AYU -----Atomic Youth Ultrasonics
AKW -----Atomkraftwerk
ALE -----"Atropine, Lidocaine, Epinephrine"
ARN -----ATS Route Network
AFX -----Attack Fighter eXperimental
AHX -----Attack Helicopter Experimental
AHO -----Attack Helicopter Operations
ARW -----Attitude Reaction Wheel
AGO -----Attorney General of Ontario
AGG -----Attributed Graph Grammar system
AUD -----Audible
ACR -----Audio Cassette Recorder
ACA -----Audio Compression Algorithm
AES -----Audio Engineering Society
AJB -----Audio Junction Box
ARU -----Audio Response Unit
AVK -----Audio Video Kernel
AVI -----Audio Visual Interleaved
ALM -----AudioLingual Method (in teaching a foreign language)
AVA -----AudioVisual Aids
AVL -----AudioVisual Language
AVP -----AudioVisual Processor
ADQ -----Audits of Data Quality
AEY -----Auger Electron Yield
APW -----Augmented Plane Wave
AUG -----August
AEE -----Auronautical Engineer
AWZ -----Aus- und Weiterbildungszentrum
AQZ -----Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungszentrum
ABJ -----Austin Business Journal
ANZ -----Australia and New Zealand banking group
AUS -----Australia(n)
AAP -----Australian Associated Press
ABC -----Australian Broadcasting Corporation
ACT -----Australian Capital Territory
ACB -----Australian Cricket Board
ADT -----Australian Digital Theses program
AGL -----Australian Gas Light company
AGH -----Australian General Hospital
AGJ -----Australian Guitar Journal
AHA -----Australian Hotels Association
AIF -----Australian Imperial Forces
AJC -----Australian Jockey Club
AJZ -----Australian Journal of Zoology
ALP -----Australian Labour Party
ALJ -----Australian Law Journal
ANU -----Australian National University
AUQ -----Australian Quarterly
ARY -----Australian Rural Youth
ATO -----Australian Taxation Office
AVJ -----Australian Veterinary Journal
AWC -----Australian Wool Corporation
AWU -----Australian Worker's Union
AXK -----Australian Xbox Killers
AYO -----Australian Youth Orchestra
AYQ -----Australian Youth Quartet
AKB -----Australian-Korean Business
AHY -----Austrian History Yearbook
AUF -----AUthentication Function
AHJ -----Authority Having Jurisdiction
AXZ -----Auto Exchange Zaire
AZZ -----Auto Zentrum Zerbst
AFZ -----Auto-Free Zone
ALS -----Autograph Letter Signed
AED -----Automated External Defibrilator
AGV -----Automated Guided Vehicle
AKM -----Automated Key Management
AQO -----Automated Quality Organization
AWN -----Automated Weather Network
AAE -----Automatic Assemble Editing
ADP -----Automatic Data Processing
ADX -----Automatic Digital eXchange
AFD -----Automatic File Distribution
ALC -----Automatic Level Control
ANK -----Automatic Navigation Kit
ANO -----Automatic Network Operator
ANI -----Automatic Number Identification
AOI -----Automatic Optical Inspection
ARQ -----Automatic Repeat reQuest
AVM -----Automatic Vending Machine
ANX -----Automotive Network Exchange
ALV -----Autonomous Land Vehicle
AUV -----Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
ARZ -----Auto-Restricted Zone
AZR -----Autozentrum Radebeul
TAH -----"Auxilary, Hospital ship, MSC manned (naval ship type) "
AXB -----Auxiliary Boiler
AXW -----Auxiliary Wasteheat
AKV -----"Auxiliary, Cargo, Aircraft"
AGF -----"Auxiliary, General, Flagship"
ATS -----Auxillary Territorial Service (women in Britain 1938-48)
AUX -----auxillary verb
AXD -----Auxilliary Drum
AVO -----Available Vehicle Occupancy
AVE -----Avenue
AVG -----Average
AHT -----Average Holding Time
AOQ -----Average Outgoing Quality
APQ -----Average Picture Quality
AQH -----Average Quarter Hour
AVQ -----Average Voice Quality
AYD -----Average Yearly Demand
ADU -----Avian Demography Unit
AVN -----aviation
AMO -----Aviation Medical Officer
AMH -----Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics) US Navy Rating
AFK -----Away From Keyboard
AXI -----axiom
QUY -----Ayacucho Quechua
AIY -----Ayshire Imperial Yeomanry
AZE -----Azerbaijan (031) ISO 3-letter country code
AZT -----Azidothymidine
AQN -----Azimuthal Quantum Number
AZU -----azumith
BMB -----B Me Backwards
BMG -----Baader-Meinhof Gang
BHK -----Babcock-Hitachi Kaisha
BJV -----Baby and Junior Violence
BAC -----baccalaureat (French school examination)
BWV -----Bach Werke-Verzeichnis (German: catalogue of Back's works)
BAQ -----Bachelor Airmen's Quarters
BEQ -----Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
BAM -----Bachelor of Applied Mathematics
BAJ -----Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
BAO -----Bachelor of Arts in Obstetrics
BBA -----Bachelor of Business Administration
BCA -----Bachelor of Commerce and Administration
BCY -----Bachelor of Culinary Arts Technology
BDS -----Bachelor of Dental Surgery
BED -----Bachelor of Education
EDB -----Bachelor of Education
BHJ -----Bachelor of Human Justice
BIE -----Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
BLA -----Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
BLL -----Bachelor of Laws
LLB -----Bachelor of Laws (legum baccaleureus)
BLS -----Bachelor of Library Science
BMS -----Bachelor of Marine Science
BME -----Bachelor of Medical Engineering
BPE -----Bachelor of Physical Education
BPA -----Bachelor of Professional Arts
BPH -----Bachelor of Public Health
BRE -----Bachelor of Religious Education
BSC -----Bachelor of Science
BSF -----Bachelor of Science in Forestry
BSJ -----Bachelor of Science in Journalism
BSN -----Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BSP -----Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
BSS -----Bachelor of Secretarial Science
BCH -----Bachelor of Surgery (Latin: baccalaureus chirurgiae)
BTE -----Bachelor of Textile Engineering
BTP -----Bachelor of Town Planning
BOQ -----Bachelor Officer Quarters
BTO -----Bachman-Turner Overdrive
BCG -----Bacillus Calmette-Guerin
BXU -----Bacillus Xylanase Unit
BAK -----Back At Keyboard
BOH -----Back Of House
BOT -----Back On Topic
BYB -----Back Yard Breeder
BBE -----Background Block Error
BGN -----BackGround Noise
BPR -----Back-Pressure Regulator
BPN -----Back-Propagation Network
BNN -----Back-propagation Neural Network
BKD -----Backscatter Kikuchi Diffraction
BAI -----Backup Aerospace-vehicle Inventory
BDC -----Backup Domain Controller
BUF -----Back-Up Facility
BWH -----Backup WithHolding
BCK -----backward(s)
BWO -----Backward-Wave Oscillator
BYW -----Backyard Wrestling
BLT -----Bacon Lettuce & Tomato
BJE -----Bad Joke Ending
BQI -----Bad Questions Ignored
BHV -----Badischer Handball-Verband
BMK -----Badmintonklubb
BAG -----Baggage
BYK -----Bajaj Youth Cycle
BNT -----Baker-Nunn Telescope
BAL -----Balance
BFB -----Balanced Failure Biasing
BLR -----Balanced Likelihood Ratio
BTI -----Balanced Technology Initiative
BXO -----Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans
BLW -----Baldwin Locomotive Works
BVH -----Balgownie Veterinary Hospital
BGA -----Ball Grid Array
BBJ -----Ball-Bearing Joint
BAT -----Ballistic Aerial Target
BEE -----Ballistic Electron Emission
BMD -----Ballistic Missile Defence
BLN -----Balloon
BGE -----Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
BHU -----Baltimore Hebrew University
BBV -----Banco Bilbao Vizcaya
BLX -----Banco Latinoamericano de Exportacione
BZN -----Band Zonder Naam
BDQ -----Bande Dessinee Quebecoise
BQL -----Bandial
BXD -----Bandwidth and Delay
BWB -----BandWidth Balancing
BWC -----BandWidth Control
BRQ -----Bandwidth ReQuest
BNH -----Bangkok Nursing Home
BHE -----Bangor Hydro-Electric Company
BEU -----Bank Employees Union
BXQ -----Bank Exchange Quantity
BIS -----Bank for International Settlements
BGZ -----Bank Gospodarki Zywnooeciowej
BOE -----Bank Of England
BOJ -----Bank of Jamaica
BNY -----Bank of New York
BNZ -----Bank of New Zealand
BOS -----Bank of Scotland
BOZ -----Bank of Zambia
BVE -----Bank von Ernst (Liechtenstein)
BKG -----banking
BDW -----Banking Data Warehouse
BKY -----Bankruptcy
BEI -----Banque europeenne d'investissement (French: european investment bank)
BWJ -----Banten West Java
BUV -----Baptist Union of Victoria
BWA -----Baptist World Alliance
BAP -----baptized
BCR -----Bar Code Reader
BHB -----Bar Harbor Bankshares
BSV -----Bar Separated Values
BWU -----Barbados Workers' Union
BBQ -----BarBeQue
BJH -----Barclay James Harvest
BMF -----Bard Music Festival
BAR -----barometer
BKS -----barracks
BBL -----barrels (esp. of oil)
BMR -----Basal Metabolic Rate
BCO -----Base Central Office
BDF -----Base Defense Force
BDZ -----Base Defense Zone
BDB -----Base Development Board
BDD -----Base Development Doctrine
BDP -----Base Development Plan
BXX -----Base Exchange Experiment
BHW -----Base Hazardous Waste
BLO -----Base Level Operations
BPU -----Base Production Unit
BQM -----Base Quartermaster
BSG -----Base Spares Group
BSB -----Base Support Battalion
BIU -----Baseband Interface Unit
BSD -----Baseline System Description
BNA -----Base-Neutral-Acid
BXK -----Bashkir
BAS -----Basic Activity Subset
BCT -----Basic Combat Training
BEC -----Basic Emergency Care
BXR -----Basic eXpandeR
BFT -----Basic Flying Training
BGU -----Basic Generation Unit
BGM -----Basic Guided Missile
BIL -----Basic Insulation Level
BII -----Basic Issue Item
BLU -----Basic Link Unit
BMU -----Basic Measurement Unit
BMT -----Basic Motion Time-study
BNU -----Basic Networking Utilities
BQT -----Basic Qualification Training
BQQ -----Basic Qualifying Question
BRI -----Basic Rate Interface
BCX -----Basic to C Translator
BUT -----Basic Unit Training
BUU -----Basic User Unit
BWP -----Basic War Plan
BZS -----Basic Zirconium Sulphate
BZX -----Basic Zone eXpansion
BOI -----Basis Of Issue
BNK -----"Bass, Nixon, and Kennedy, Consulting Engineers"
BGV -----Basset Griffon Vendeen Club
BLD -----BassLine Design
BTH -----bath
BIW -----Bath Iron Works
BHQ -----Battalion HeadQuarters
BMI -----Battelle Memorial Institute
BDG -----Batten's Disease Gene
BTY -----battery
BBU -----Battery Back-Up
BDU -----Battery Display Unit
BLC -----Battery Level Computer
BRU -----Battery Regulation Unit
BCV -----Battle Command Vehicle
BGI -----Battle Group Interoperability
BMO -----Battle Management Organization
BTT -----Battle Technology Team
BAN -----Battlefield Account Number
BNW -----Battlefield Nuclear Warfare
BFP -----BattleField Period
BPV -----Battlefield Planning and Visualization
BVT -----Battlefield Video Teleconferencing
BVG -----Battlefield Visualization Graphics
BBG -----Battleship Battle Group
BZU -----BattleZone Universe
BQK -----Baubegleitenden Qualitaetskontrolle
BBZ -----Baukologischen Bildungszentrum Bremerhaven
BAV -----Bavaria
BGJ -----"BayanGobi Juulchin Co., LTD"
BMW -----Bayerische Motorenwerke (German: Bavarian Motor Works)
BLZ -----Bayerisches LaserZentrum
BCU -----Bayshore Credit Union
BYC -----Bayview Yacht Club
BWT -----BBroadcast Warning TWX
BLJ -----Be Like Jesus
BRB -----Be Right Back
BRT -----Be Right There
BJU -----Beach Jumper Unit
BHD -----Beachhead
BIC -----Bearer Identification Code
BTQ -----Beat To Quarters
BFO -----Beat-Frequency Oscillator
BPM -----Beats Per Minute
BWZ -----Beautiful White Zombie
BYV -----Beautiful Young Virgin
BNI -----"Bechtel National, Incorporated"
BNB -----Bed aNd Breakfast
BXB -----Bed and Breakfast
BIO -----Bedford Institute of Oceanography
BGQ -----Bee Gees Quarterly
BKQ -----BeeKeepers Quarterly magazine
BCE -----Before Common Era
BOY -----Beginning Of Year
BMN -----Behavioural Medicine & Neurotherapy Clinic
BZV -----Beleghafter Zahlungsverkehr
BFR -----Belgian FRanc
BVD -----Belgische Vereniging voor Documentatie
BEL -----Belgium
BZD -----Belize Dollar
BDN -----Bell Data Network
BDO -----Bell Data Network
BCI -----Belleville Collegiate Institute
BFC -----Belleville Flying Club
BGH -----Belleville General Hospital
BPW -----Belleville Public Works
BRF -----Below Rig Floor (Drilling Industry)
BKA -----Below the Knee Amputation
BTZ -----Below the Treatment Zone
BZE -----Below Zero Entertainment
BPZ -----Below-the-Primary Zone
BWK -----Belt Weather Kit
BSU -----Bench Scale Unit
BQX -----Bender Quadruplex
BNR -----Bengal Nagpur Railway
BHC -----Benzene Hexochloride
BEZ -----Benzoic Acid
BZM -----BenZoic acid phenylMethylester
BZT -----BenzoTriazole
ZYA -----Benzoyl-Tyrosine-Alanine-Methyl Ketone
BZQ -----Benzquinamide
BZP -----BenzylPiperazine
BDT -----Berkeley Design Technology
BFX -----Berkeley Festival and Exhibition
BQS -----Berkeley Quality Software
BUJ -----Berkeley Undergraduate Journal
BZC -----Berkeley Zen Center
BKO -----Berkelium Oxide
BYT -----Berkhamsted Youth Theatre
BXY -----Berkshire Crossed with Yorkshire
BIZ -----Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung
BSX -----Bermuda Stock Exchange
BJY -----Bernard Johnson Young (architects)
BIK -----Berner Institut fuer Kinesiologie
BQN -----Berufsqualifizierung fuer Nachwuchskraefte
BIQ -----"Beschaeftigung-, Industrieflaechenmanagement- und Qualifizierungsgesellschaft"
BQZ -----Besehaeftigungs und Qualifizierungs
BQG -----Besehaeftigungs und Qualifizierungsgesellschaft
BAZ -----Best Atom Zeta (basis set)
BBY -----Best Boats Yachting
BEJ -----Best Engineering Judgement
BEB -----Best Ever Bottled
BFF -----Best Friends Forever
BPJ -----Best Professional Judgment
BXZ -----Beta Chi Zeta
BYX -----Beta Upsilon Chi
BQA -----Beta-test Questions and Answers
BQR -----Beta-test Questions and Responses
BUK -----Betrieblich Unterstuetzte Kinderbetreuung
BHG -----Better Homes and Gardens
BQO -----Better Quasi-Ordering
BTL -----Better Than Life
BKI -----"Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. (technical consulting firm)"
BYD -----Beyond
BSR -----Beyond Sensor Range
BVR -----Beyond Visual Range
BXW -----Beyond Xtreme Wrestling
BZK -----Bezirkszahnaerztekammer
BJP -----Bharatiya Janata Party (Indian political party)
BKU -----Bharatiya Kisan Union
BGK -----Bhatnagar-Gross-Krook (kinetic-theory model for reactive collisions)
BIB -----bible
BUZ -----Biblioteca Universitaria de Zaragoza
BJZ -----Bibliothek des Japan-Zentrum
BKW -----Bibliothekskataloge Welt
BMX -----Bicycle Moto-cross(X)
BFQ -----Bid for Quotation
BZJ -----Bielzka Zadymka Jazzowa
BAD -----Big Audio Dynamite
BBT -----Big Bang Theory
BBW -----Big Beautiful Woman
BXF -----Big eXplosion Factory
BXG -----Big eXplosion Generator
BFM -----Big F-off Manual
BFZ -----Big Fat Zero
BFD -----Big Freakin' Deal
BFH -----Big Freaking Hammer
BFG -----Big Friendly Giant
BFK -----Big Friendly Kiss
BGB -----Big Green Book
BMZ -----Big Movie Zone
BQD -----Big Question Dialogue
BUM -----Big Ugly Monster
BWX -----Big Wide eXpanse
BYG -----Big Yellow Gorilla
BYM -----Big Yoga Muffin (UK band)
BJQ -----"Big, Juicy and Quick"
BJG -----"Big, Juicy, Gorgeous"
BQY -----Bike Quads Youth
BHL -----Bilateral Hearing Loss
BQJ -----Bilateral Quarantine Judgment
BKZ -----Bildungsdirektoren-Konferenz Zentralschweiz
BKE -----Bildungsinstitut fuer Kommunikations- und Entwicklungsprozesse
BZZ -----Bildungszentrum Zuerichsee
BRJ -----Bilingual Research Journal
BOM -----Bill Of Materials
BBD -----Billboard
BJK -----Billie Jean King
BVC -----Billing Validation Center
BEV -----Billion ElectronVolts
BYA -----Billions of Years Ago
BIN -----Binary
BCW -----Binary Chemical Weapon
BCD -----Binary Coded Decimal
BCL -----Binary Coded Language
BIT -----Binary digIT
BXT -----Binary Expression Tree
BIX -----Binary Information eXchange
HQX -----Binhex (File Name Extension)
BNV -----"Binoculars, Night Viewing"
BOD -----Biochemical Oxygen Demand
BET -----Bio-Engineering Team
BGC -----Bio-Geochemical Cycling
BEW -----Biological Equivalent Weight
BWD -----Biological Warfare Defense
BLY -----Biology
BZG -----Biology-Zoology-Genetics
BIG -----Bionet Intelligent Gateway
BPB -----BIOS Parameter Block
BJT -----Bi-polar Junction Transistor
BPY -----bipyridine
BOW -----Birds Of War
BKC -----Birmingham Kennel Club
BWG -----Birmingham Wire Gauge
BTK -----Birth Through Knowledge
BID -----"bis in die (Latin, twice a day, prescription dosage) "
BGO -----Bismuth Germanium Oxide
BER -----Bit Error Rate
BKL -----Bit Keeper Linux
BRR -----Bit Rate Reduction
BTR -----Bit Transfer Rate
BZR -----Bit Zone Recording
BMP -----BitMaP format
BPI -----Bits Per Inch
BPP -----Bits Per Pixel
BPS -----Bits Per Second
BLK -----black
BBR -----Black Body Radiation
BVQ -----Black Voice Quarterly
BWL -----Black Women Lawyers
BCJ -----Blackberry Creek Journal
BYI -----Blackfeet Youth Initiative
BHY -----BlackRock High Yield Trust
BNO -----Bladder Neck Obstruction
BFA -----Blank Firing Attachment
BVM -----Blessed Virgin Mary
BCC -----Blind Carbon Copy
BRC -----Blind Rehabilitation Center
BZW -----Blizzard Warning
BDM -----Block Data Message
BHR -----Block Header Record
BIP -----Block Improvement Program
BSZ -----Block Store Zeros
BQV -----Blocked Quadratic Variance
BBM -----Blocking and Bracing Materials
BUN -----Blood Urea Nitrogen
BKX -----Bloodline Knowledge Exchange
BGD -----Bloody Good Discos
BEH -----Blue Eyed Hottie -----
BHH -----Blue Heaven Hackers -----
BQB -----Bluetooth Qualification Body -----
BOG -----Board Of Governors -----
BOV -----Board Of Visitors -----
BCQ -----Boat Crew Qualification -----
BJI -----Bob Jones University -----
BYQ -----Boca Youth Quarterly -----
BOK -----Body Of Knowledge -----
BPT -----Boiling Point -----
BWR -----Boiling Water (nuclear) Reactor -----Highway through New York City
BTF -----Bold TypeFace -----
BUH -----Boletin de la Universidad de Huelva -----
BOL -----Bolivia -----
BVL -----Bolsa de Valores de Lisboa -----
BBN -----"Bolt, Beranak, and Newman" -----
QZK -----Bolzano (Italy)
BRD -----Bomb Release Distance
BRL -----Bomb Release Line
BYH -----Bomb Your House
BDR -----BombaDieR
BXE -----Bombardment-induced X-ray Emission
BPF -----Bon Pour Francs (French: value in francs)
BVF -----Bon Vivant Foundation
BEY -----Bond Equivalent Yield
BOO -----Bond Order Orbital
BQW -----Bond Quantity Worksheet
BJB -----"Bond, James Bond"
BBF -----Bond-Bending Force
BBO -----Bonding Bond Orbital
BJM -----"Bones, Joints, Muscles"
BWE -----Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment
BIY -----Book Inside You
BCP -----Book of Common Prayer
BGL -----Boost Graph Library
BHX -----Boot Hill Express
BAH -----Booz-Allen and Hamilton
BXH -----Boran and Holstein
BXP -----Border Check Point
BGP -----Border Gateway Protocol
BVW -----Bordering Vegetated Wetland
BOF -----Boring Old Fart
BOR -----borough
BSQ -----Boson Second Quantization
BPL -----Boston Public Library
BSO -----Boston Symphony Orchestra
BLQ -----Both Lower Quadrants
BUE -----Both Upper Extremities
BUQ -----Both Upper Quadrants
BTM -----bottom
BLI -----Bottom Layer Insulation
BHZ -----"Boulay, Heutmaker, Zibell Company, P.L.L.P., certified public accountants and consultants"
BBH -----Bouncing Busy Hour
BND -----Bound
BPX -----Boundary Point of Exit
BQP -----"Bounded-probability Quantum Polynomial (complexity theory, quantum computing) "
BJW -----Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers
BIV -----Bovine Immunodeficiency Virus
BJD -----Bovine Johne's Disease
BMV -----Bovine Maedi-like Virus
BSE -----Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy
BVV -----Bovine Veins Virus
BZI -----Bowlers Journal International
BOX -----BOXcar (railroad)
BXV -----Boxventilator
BSA -----Boy Scouts of America
BWS -----Boyfriend Wants Sex
BXC -----Boys' Cross Country sports team
BOP -----Boy's Own Paper
BTJ -----Boys Town Jerusalem
BYN -----Brachyenteron
BFV -----Bradley Fighting Vehicle
BLP -----Bragg Light Profile
BHP -----Brake HorsePower
BDJ -----Branded Drunk Jiggalo
BBK -----Brauner-Briggs-Klar (Wave Function)
BZF -----Brazil Fund
BGX -----Brazil-Gulf Coast Export
BJJ -----Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
BFJ -----Bread For the Journey
BRK -----Break
BBP -----Break Bulk Point
BDV -----BreakDown Voltage
BKR -----Breaker
BEP -----Break-Even Point
BTB -----BreakThrough Bleeding
BTV -----BreakThrough Volume
BRP -----Breeder Reactor Program
BVY -----Breeding Value Yield
BUP -----Bremer Universal Player
BRG -----Bridge
BDX -----Bridge Data Exchange
BES -----Bridge Erection Set
BVB -----Bridge View Bancorp
BLE -----Bridged LAN Emulation
BGW -----Bridgehead GateWay
BTG -----Bridging The Gap
BDE -----BrigaDE
BGS -----Brigadier General Staff
BRA -----Brigadier Royal Artillery
BYU -----Brigham Young University
BKF -----Brighton Kite Festival
BVZ -----Brig-Visp-Zermatt
BLB -----Brillouin-Levy-Berthier (theorem)
BHA -----Brine Handling Area
BHN -----Brinell Hardness Number
BHT -----Brinell Hardness Test
BAB -----Bring A Bottle
BUG -----Bring Up Grades
BYE -----Bring Your Enemies
BYO -----Bring Your Own
BYR -----Bring Your Reefers
BYY -----Bring Your Young'uns
BZO -----Brinzolamide
BKB -----Brisbane Koala Bushlands
KBK -----Brisbane Koala Bushlands
BMY -----Bristol-Myers
BWW -----Brit WorldWide
BZL -----Britannia Zinc Limited
BAE -----British AErospace
BAF -----British Air Force
BAA -----British Astronomical Association
BBC -----British Broadcasting Corporation
BCM -----British Commercial Monomark
BCN -----British Commonwealth of Nations
BCS -----British Computer Society
BCF -----British Cycling Federation
BDA -----British Diabetic Association
BDH -----British Drug House
BGY -----British Energy
BEA -----British Epilepsy Association
BEF -----British Expeditionary Force
BFI -----British Film Institute
UKX -----British Financial Times 100 Index
BHF -----British Heart Foundation
BHS -----British Home Stores
IOT -----British Indian Ocean Territory (086) ISO 3-letter country code
BIF -----British Industries Fair
BIM -----British Institute of Management
BIR -----British Institute of Radiology
BJN -----British Journal of Nursing
BJO -----British Journal of Ophthalmology
BJR -----British Journal of Radiology
BJC -----British Junior Chamber
BKK -----British Karate Kyokushinkai
BLG -----British Light Gun (M119)
BMA -----British Medical Association
BMC -----British Medical Council
BMJ -----British Medical Journal
BMH -----British Military Hospital
BMM -----British Military Mission
BNG -----British National Grid
BNP -----British National Party
BNX -----British Nuclear Executives
BNF -----British Nuclear Fuels
BNJ -----British Numismatic Journal
BOA -----British Olympic Association
BOU -----British Ornithologists Union
BOC -----British Oxygen Company
BPC -----British Pharmaceutical Codex
BQF -----British Quality Foundation
BRM -----British Racing Motors
BRS -----British Road Services
BSM -----British School of Motoring
BSY -----British School of Yoga
BSL -----British Sign Language
BSH -----British Society of Hypnotherapists
BSW -----British Standard Whitworth (type of screw thread)
BSI -----British Standards Institution
BST -----British Summer Time
BTX -----British Telecom eXchange
BTA -----British Theatre Association
BTU -----British Thermal Unit
BTC -----British Transport Commission
BVJ -----British Veterinary Journal
BVA -----British Vetinary Association
BVI -----British Virgin Islands
BWM -----British War Medal
BWI -----British West Indies (historical)
BWY -----British Wheel of Yoga
BWF -----British Woodworking Federation
BYJ -----British Youth Journal
BYS -----British Youth Science
BZA -----British Zeolite Association
BKP -----Broad Key Panel
BWN -----Broadband and Wireless Networking Laboratory
BFW -----Broadband Fixed Wireless
BBI -----BroadBand Interactive
BXM -----Broadband Switch Module
BGT -----Broadcast and Group Translators
BCB -----Broadcast Band
BTS -----Broadcast Technology Society (IEEE)
BPG -----Broadcasting Press Guild
BKN -----Broken
BZB -----Broken Zone Boundary
BPO -----Broker Price Opinion
BXN -----Bromoxynil
BPD -----Bronco Pulmonary Dysplasia
BRX -----Bronx
BXS -----Bronx X-ray Server
BGF -----Brooke Grove Foundation
BNL -----Brookhaven National Laboratory
BQE -----Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
BRO -----brother
BKV -----Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine
BCZ -----Brown City Zoo
BRW -----"Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc. "
BUO -----Brown University Orchestra
BHO -----Browser Helper Object
BTN -----Brussels Tariff Nomenclature
BJX -----Bubble Jet Excellence
BRV -----Bubble Release Vacuum
BKT -----Bucket
BUX -----Budapest Stock Index
BUW -----Budapest Uralic Workshop
BUD -----Budget
BFS -----Budget and Forecasting System
BEG -----Budget Estimate Guidance
BFY -----Budget Fiscal Year
BSK -----Budo Studien Kreis
BVU -----Buena Vista University
ZXS -----Buffalo
BLH -----Buffalo Lake-Hector Schools
BFL -----Buffered Field-effect-transistor Logic
BEM -----Bug Eyed Monster
BYF -----Build Your Future
BEO -----Building Emergency Organization
BJL -----Building Jewish Life
BQU -----Building Quota Unit
BRY -----Building Rugged Youth
BUA -----Built-Up Area
ZZH -----"Bukulan Island, Papua New Guinea"
BDY -----Bulgarian Democratic Youth
BAW -----Bulk Acoustic Wave
BEK -----Bulk Encryption Key
BXL -----Bulk Explosives Limited
BML -----Bulk Material Length
BHI -----Bullet Hit Indicator
BPK -----Bullet Polisher Kit
BUL -----bulletin
BBX -----Bulletin Board eXchange
BBS -----Bulletin Board System
BFE -----"Bum Fed Egypt (meaning way out in the middle of nowhere, usually in reference to where someone lives) "
BDI -----Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie (federal association of German industry)
BJF -----Bundesverband Jugend und Film (European Children's Film Network)
BVK -----Bundesverdienstkreuz
BKJ -----Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Jugendbildung
BDL -----bundle
BNQ -----Bureau de Normalisation du Qubc
BIH -----Bureau international de l'heure (French
BNM -----Bureau National de Metrologie
BXA -----Bureau of Export Administration
BIA -----Bureau of Indian Affairs
BJA -----Bureau Of Justice Assistance
BJS -----Bureau of Justice Statistics
BLM -----Bureau of Land Management
BNE -----Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement
BRH -----Bureau Of Radiological Health
BTD -----Bureau of Telecommunications Development (of the ITU)
BVS -----Bureau of Vital Statistics
BVN -----Bureau Voucher Number
BUR -----buried
BAX -----Burlington Air eXpress
BFU -----Burst-Forming Unit
BUC -----Bus Unit Controller
BUI -----Bus Unit Interface
BUS -----Business
BEN -----Business And Educational Network
BAU -----Business As Usual
BXI -----Business Exchange International
BXJ -----Business Expansion Journal
BEX -----Business EXpress
BGG -----Business Generator Group
BIJ -----Business Ink Jet printer
BKH -----Business Know How
BMQ -----Business Migration Questionnaire
BON -----Business Object Notation
BQC -----Business Quality Control
BRZ -----Business Revitalization Zone
BVX -----Business ValueXpress
BUY -----Businesses by Urban Youth
BGR -----Businesses Getting Results
BZY -----Busy
BHM -----Busy Hour Minute
BLF -----Busy Line Field
BLV -----Busy Line Verification
BKM -----Butt Kicking Mode
BUB -----Butt Ugly Babe
BAY -----Buy Another Yearly
BNS -----Buyer No Seller
BVO -----Buyer Value Option
BPQ -----Buying Power Quota
BWQ -----Buzz Word Quotient
BTW -----by the way
BYL -----By Your Leave
BFN -----Bye For Now
BYP -----Bypass
BYZ -----byzantine
ZDJ -----C++ Developer's Journal
CCX -----Cable and Connection Experts
CJZ -----Cable Jacket Zipper
CNN -----Cable News Network
COU -----Cable Orderwire Unit
CRK -----Cable Repair Kit
CTV -----Cable TeleVision
CLQ -----CacheLine Queue
CZT -----Cadmium Zinc Telluride
CCM -----Caffeine Clearance Measurement (medical)
QXJ -----Caixas do Sul (Brazil)
CMZ -----Calcium Magnesium Zirconium
CZD -----Calculated Zenith Distance
CYE -----Calendar Year End
CPK -----California Pizza Kitchen
CYR -----California Young Republicans
CFV -----Call For Votes
CHT -----Call Holding Time
CRV -----Call Reference Value
CRQ -----Call ReQuest
CWD -----Call Waiting Deluxe
CLD -----called
WWV -----Callsign of frequency of accurate time broadcast
CUP -----Cambridge University Press
CUY -----Cambridge University Yachting
CMR -----Cameroon
CWK -----Cam-Net Communications Network
CJL -----Camp Juliette Low
CKY -----Camp Kill Yourself
CQH -----Camp Quaker Haven
CYJ -----Camp Young Judaea
CND -----Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
CRA -----Campaign for Real Ale (aka CAMRA)
ZZE -----"Canac Island, Papua New Guinea"
CAN -----Canada
CDN -----Canadian
CAJ -----Canadian Association of Journalists
CAW -----Canadian Auto Workers
CBC -----Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
CFA -----Canadian Field Artillery
CFL -----Canadian Football League
CGQ -----Canadian Guitar Quartet
CJS -----Canadian Joint Staff
CJX -----Canadian Jorex
CJC -----Canadian Journal of Communication
CKC -----Canadian Kennel Club
CKA -----Canadian Killifish Association
CMA -----Canadian Medical Association
CMQ -----Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly
CNE -----Canadian National Exhibition
CNQ -----Canadian Notes and Queries
CXY -----Canadian Oxy
CWB -----Canadian Wheat Board
CZC -----Canadian Zebra Corporation
CZN -----Canadian Zinc
CZG -----Canal Zone Government
CZP -----Canal Zone Police
CNL -----Cancel
CXL -----Cancel
CXD -----Cancel Approved Departure
CXA -----Cancel Arrival
CTO -----Cancelled To Order
CPF -----Cancer Potency Factor
CXZ -----Can-Ex Resources
CPV -----Canine ParvoVirus
CVB -----Canonical Valence Bond
CRL -----Canonicus Regularis Lateranensis (trans: Canon Regular of the Lateran
CRS -----Can't Remember Squat
CYN -----Canyon
CQP -----Capacitor Qualification Program
YUZ -----"Cape Hooper, Northwest Territories"
CGH -----Cape of Good Hope
CZE -----Capillary Zone Electrophoresis
CZX -----Capillary Zone Yield
CZY -----Capillary Zone Yield
CGT -----Capital Gains Tax
CRF -----Capital Recovery Factor
CTT -----Capital Transfer Tax
CRD -----Capstone Requirements Document
CYW -----Capture Your World
CFR -----Capuchin Franciscans of the Renewal
CLM -----Car Location Message
CAR -----carat
CBZ -----carbobenzyloxy
CHV -----Card Holder Value
CVC -----Card Validation Check
CPR -----CardioPulmonary Resuscitation
CRY -----Care and Relief for the Youth
CJR -----Career Job Reservation
CGO -----cargo
CPY -----Cargo Preference Year
CSY -----Caribbean Sailing Yachts
CVQ -----Caribbean Vocational Qualification
CZJ -----Carl Zeiss Jena
JXI -----Carme (astronomy-Jovian moon)
COK -----Carolina Orienteering Klubb
CYY -----Carpita Corporation
CXR -----Carrier
CAG -----Carrier Air Group
CBG -----Carrier Battle Group
CVL -----"Carrier Vessel, Light (light aircraft carrier)"
CVN -----"Carrier Vessel, Nuclear (nuclear powered aircraft carrier)"
CHH -----Cartilage-Hair Hypoplasia
CTN -----carton
JAU -----Cartridge-Actuated Initiator (military)
CSJ -----Case Study and Justification
CBD -----Cash Before Delivery
YXU -----Cash Component per Creation Unit
CFQ -----Cash For Questions
COD -----Cash On Delivery
COH -----Cash On Hand
CTJ -----Cash To Jump
CVD -----Cash Versus Documents
CWO -----Cash With Order
CDG -----Cask Designers Guide
CCR -----Cassette Camera Recorder
CGP -----Catalog of Government Publications
CBH -----Catalyst Bed Heater
QCZ -----"Catanzaro, Reggio Calabria"
CRO -----Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
CRT -----Cathode Ray Tube
CWV -----Catholic War Veterans
CNB -----Caught aNd Bowled (cricket)
CAV -----caveat
CAZ -----Ceftazidime
CRX -----Cefuroxime
CXM -----Cefuroxime
CEL -----celesta
CTD -----Cell Transfer Delay
CMI -----Cell-Mediated Immunity
VCL -----cello (from violoncello)
CCY -----Center for Creative Youth
CEK -----Center for Education and Communication
CFJ -----Center for Foreign Journalists [Reston VA]
CJH -----Center for Jewish History
CKM -----Center for Knowledge Management
CKS -----Center for Knowledge Societies
CKU -----Center for Kultursamarbejde med Udviklingslandene
CQS -----Center for Quantitative Science
CWM -----Center for Waste Management
CWQ -----Center for Water Quality
CGY -----Center of GravitY
CGS -----Centimetre-Gram-Second
CEN -----central
CAO -----Central Applications Office
CBJ -----Central Bank of Jordan
CCG -----Central Commission for Germany
CDX -----Central Data eXchange
CEA -----Central Electricity Authority
CEU -----Central Electronic Unit
CET -----Central European Time
CEC -----Central Executive Committee
CFO -----Central Forecasting Office (meteorology)
CIA -----Central Intelligence Agency
CIB -----Central Intelligence Board
CMF -----Central Meditteranean Force
CMU -----Central Michigan University
CMB -----Central Midwives Board
CNS -----Central Nervous System
CNY -----Central New York
CNJ -----Central of New Jersey
COI -----Central Office of Information
CPM -----Central prayer meeting
CPU -----Central Processing Unit
CQX -----Central Quality Exchange
CQU -----Central Queensland University
CRP -----Central Reserve Police
CST -----Central Standard Time (north america)
CSO -----Central Statistical Office
CUN -----Central University for Nationalities
CYG -----Central Youth Group
CZA -----Central Zionist Archives
CHW -----"Central, Handy, Western (high schools in Bay City School District)"
CTR -----centre
CDD -----Centre for Digestive Diseases
CDC -----Centre for Disease Control (american)
CRH -----Centre for Remote Health
CUH -----Centre for Urban History
CHU -----Centre Hospitalier Universitaire
CGG -----Centro Galileo Galilei (CNAA)
CKJ -----Centrum Komputerowo Jezykowe
CKZ -----Centrum koor Kwaliteitzorg
CZV -----Centrum voor Ziekenhuis- en Verplegingswetenschap
CSF -----CerebroSpinal Fluid
CVA -----Cerebrovascular Accident
CIH -----Certificate in Industrial Health
CSS -----Certificate in Social Service
CSE -----Certificate of Secondary Education
CCN -----Certification Control Number
CMM -----Certified Medical Manager
CNX -----Certified Network Expert
CNA -----Certified Nursing Assistant
CQT -----Certified Quality Technician
CVM -----Certified Vendor Memorandum
CZS -----Ceska Zoologicka Spolecnost
CZU -----Ceske Zemedelske Univerzity
CZL -----Ceskoslovenske Zavody Letecke
CCQ -----Chambre de Commerce du Quebec
CXC -----Chandra X-ray Center
CJU -----Chang Jung University
COA -----Change Of Address
CZQ -----Chaogaoya daidan Zidong Quingsao
CWZ -----Chaos Wir Zukunft
CHS -----chapters
CPS -----Characters Per Second
CHG -----charge
CPT -----"Charge conjugation, Parity, and Time reversal (particle physics)"
QEQ -----Charge Equilibrium
CXS -----Charge Exchange Spectroscopy
CXU -----Charge Spotting Bomb Unit
CPW -----Charged Particle Weapon
CCD -----Charged-Coupled Device
CXH -----Charing Cross Hospital
CHA -----charisma
CJV -----Charlie O Beverage
CVY -----Charlie-Victor-Yankee
CIN -----Chart Information Network
CCE -----Chartered Civil Engineer
CII -----Chartered Insurance Institute
CSD -----Chartered Society of Designers
CSP -----Chartered Society of Physiotherapists
CJG -----Chattanooga Junior Golf
CHK -----Check
CYU -----Check Your Understanding
CBW -----Chemical and Biological Warfare
CHE -----CHemical Engineer
CJO -----Chemical Journals Online
CSL -----Chemical Sewer Line
CBR -----"Chemical, Bacteriological, and Radiation"
CGZ -----Chemische Gesellschaft Zuerich
CHY -----Chemistry
UXK -----Chemistry apparatus and machines (library cataloguing)
CHQ -----cheque
CSX -----Chessie System eXpress (railroad)
XAE -----Chi Alpha Epsilon National Honor Society
CFW -----Chicago and Far Western railroad
CTA -----Chicago Transit Authority
DKC -----Chief Disbursing Clerk (Naval Rating)
CEO -----Chief Executive Officer
CKO -----Chief Knowledge Officer
CNO -----Chief Nursing Officer
CMJ -----Chief of Military Justice
COS -----Chief Of Staff
COO -----Chief Operating Officer
CPO -----Chief Petty Officer
CQO -----Chief Quality Officer
CHC -----Child Health Clinic
CSA -----Child Support Agency
CYF -----"Child, Youth and Family"
CYD -----Children and Youth Division
CTW -----Children's Television Workshop
CJN -----China Journal Net
CXN -----China Xin Network
CKX -----China-Korea Express
CHO -----Chinese Hamster Ovary
CJK -----Chinese Japanese Korean (encoding standard for character set)
CHB -----Chirurgiae Baccalaureus (latin
CHM -----Chirurgiae Magister (latin
CUK -----Chirurgische Universitaetsklinik
CFC -----ChloroFluoroCarbons (groovy planet killing gases)
CCK -----CholeCystoKinin
CEH -----Cholesteryl Ester Hydrolase
CYO -----Choose Your Own
CYQ -----Choose Your Question
CIY -----Christ In Youth
CES -----Christian Evidence Society
CSB -----Christian Science Bachelor
CWI -----Christian Witness to Israel
CYI -----Christian Youth International
CDU -----"Christlich-Demokratische Union (German political party, the Christian Democratic Union)"
CJB -----Christlicher Jugendbund
CKQ -----Christliches Krankenhaus Quakenbrueck
CZB -----Christliches Zentrum Brig
CZF -----Christliches Zentrum Forsthaus
CZZ -----Christliches Zentrum Zuerich
CNU -----Christopher Newport University
YXY -----Chromaticity
CKF -----Chronic Kidney Failure
CHR -----Chronicles (bible)
COE -----Church Of England
CHZ -----Ciernohronska Zeleznica
CIR -----circa
COJ -----Circle Of Janus
CKT -----circuit
CEG -----Circuit card Expert Group
CCJ -----Circuit Court Judge
CGB -----Circuit Group Blocking message
CGU -----Circuit Group Unblocking message
CKR -----Circuit Reference
CVP -----Circuit Virtuel Permanent
CIT -----citation
CAB -----Citizen's Advice Bureau
ZXC -----City College of New York Library
CEF -----City Electrical Factors
COZ -----City of Zanesville
CTC -----City Technology College
CIV -----civil
CAA -----Civil Aviation Authority
CCB -----Civil Cooperation Bureau (south africa)
CEX -----Civil Effects eXperiments
CRM -----Civil Rights Movement
CSC -----Civil Service Commission
CSU -----Civil Service Union
CCC -----Civilian Conservation Corps
CJT -----Civilian Jeep Truck
CLF -----Civilian Labor Force
CMY -----Civilian Man-Years
CMP -----Civilian Marksmanship Program
CFY -----Clarify
CBQ -----Class-Based Queueing
CJQ -----Classic Jonny Quest
CQG -----Classical and Quantum Gravity
CUW -----Clean Up the World
CWC -----Clean Water Commission
CFB -----Clear Frequency Broadcast
CLS -----CLear Screen
CTS -----Clear To Send
CLH -----CLearingHouse
CSZ -----Clearly Seperated Zones
CLK -----Clerk
CPC -----Clerk of the Privy Council
CXO -----C-level eXecutive Officer
CKN -----Clinicians Knowledge Network
KXO -----Clock Crystal Oscillator
CKW -----clockwise
CAS -----Close Air Support
CRZ -----Close Reconnaissance Zone
CUG -----Closed Users Group
CIW -----Close-In Weapon
CER -----Closer Economic Relations
CJA -----Closet Jimmys Anonymous
CLO -----clothing
CLC -----Clover Leaf Cars
CYV -----Clover Yellow Virus
CIU -----Club and Institute Union
CMK -----Club Muenchner Kyakfahrer
CUQ -----Club Universario de Quilmes
CXQ -----Club Xiang Qi
CXB -----Clube de Xadrez de Blumenau
CXP -----Clube de Xadrez de Petropolis
CIJ -----Coalition for International Justice
CNH -----Coalition for Natural Health
CTF -----Coal-Tar Fuels
CWF -----Coal-Water Fuel
CGC -----Coast Guard of Canada
CEJ -----Coastal Engineering Journal
CUE -----Coastal Upwelling Experiment
CZM -----Coastal Zone Management
CKI -----Cockpit Kill Indicator
CCL -----Code of Canon Law
CIC -----Codex Iuris Canonici (Code of Canon Law)
KHX -----Coefficient of Heat Transfer
COP -----Coefficient Of Performance
COG -----cognate
CQE -----Cognizant Quality Engineer
CJF -----Coherent Joint Fires
CMO -----Collection Management Officer
CAE -----College of Advanced Education
CFE -----College of Further Education
YYZ -----College of Lake County (Illinois) Murphy Memorial Library
CRJ -----College Radio Japan
CLN -----Colon
COL -----Colonel
CXF -----Color Exchange Format
CWX -----Colorado Wireless eXchange Cooperative
CSW -----Color-Segregated World
CFK -----Colour Find Key
CBS -----Columbia Broadcasting System
CZR -----Columnar Zone Radius
CBV -----Combat Breacher Vehicle
CEV -----Combat Engineer Vehicle
CPQ -----Combat Pistol Qualification
CRN -----Combat Radio Net
CVK -----Combat Vehicle Kill
CVR -----Combat Vehicle Recognition
CZW -----Combat Zone Wrestling
CSR -----Combat-Stress Reaction
CAX -----Combined Arms eXercise
CCF -----Combined Cadet Force
CHP -----Combined Heat and Power
COC -----Combined Oral Contraceptive
CTX -----Combined Training Exercise
CBP -----Combustion By-Product
CQD -----"Come Quick, Distress"
CWH -----Coming of the great White Handkerchief
CQQ -----Comissoes Qualificacao do Qualiop
CAU -----Command Arithmetic Unit
CLI -----Command Line Interrupt
CMD -----"Command Pape (fourth series, 1918-56) "
CPX -----Command Post Exercise
CDR -----CommanDeR
CBE -----Commander of the British Empire
CRE -----Commander of the Royal Engineers
CVO -----Commander of the royal Victorian Order
CTG -----"Commander, Task Group"
CTU -----"Commander, Task Unit"
CDO -----Commando
CML -----commercial
CDL -----Commercial Driver's Licence
CUV -----Commercial Utility Vehicle
CED -----Committee for Economic Development
CPI -----Committee for Public Information
CQJ -----Committee for Qualified Judiciary
CQN -----Committee for Qualified Judiciary
CAY -----Committee of Adults and Youth
CDP -----Committee of Directors of Polytechnics
CKB -----Commodore Knowledge Base
CMN -----Common
CAC -----Common Access Card
CAP -----Common Agricultural Policy
CBK -----Common Body of Knowledge
CDB -----Common Data Base
CFP -----Common Fisheries Policy
CLX -----Common Lisp Xinterface
CLB -----Common Logic Board
CUF -----Common University Fund
CUI -----Common User Interface
CVI -----Common Variable Immunodeficiency
CVE -----Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CXI -----Common X-windows Interface
CUA -----Commonly Used Acronym(s)
CNF -----Commonwealth Nurses' Federation
CIS -----Commonwealth of Independent States
CEE -----Communaute Economique Europeenne (French
CTB -----Communication ToolBox
CRG -----Communications Relay Group
CCA -----Communist Control Act
CPB -----Communist Party of Britain
CDQ -----Community Development Quota
CHN -----Community Health Nurse
CSV -----Community Service Volunteer
CDV -----Compact Digital
CDA -----Compact Disc Album
CDE -----Compact Disc Erasable
CDI -----Compact Disc Interactive
CDS -----Compact Disc Single
CDZ -----Compact Disc Zone
CDJ -----Compact Disk Jukebox
CGV -----Compagnie Generale de Videotechnique
CDY -----Companion Dog of the Year
CMG -----Companion of (the order of) St. Michael and St. George
CIE -----Companion of (the order of) the Indian Empire
COB -----Companion Of the Bath
CNI -----Companion of the Nautical Institute
CSG -----Companion of the order ofthe Star of Ghana
COY -----Company
CBX -----Company Branch (telephone) eXchange
CSM -----Company Stage Manager
CUO -----Compaq Users Organization
CMW -----Compartmented Mode Workstation
CLU -----Compatible Land Use
CEP -----Compensatory Equipment Package
CFT -----Complement Fixation Test
CAK -----Complete Accessory Kit
CJP -----Complete Joint Penetratation (welding)
CKE -----Complete Kuula Edition
CBU -----Completely Built-Up
CKD -----Completely Knocked Down (of goods for sale)
CXT -----Complexiteitstheorie
CTK -----Composite Tool Kit
CWU -----Composite Weighted (Work) Unit
CPD -----compound
CVH -----Compound Valve-angle Hemispherical-head
CGL -----Comprehensive General Liability (Insurance Policy)
CNG -----Compressed Natural Gas
CVF -----Compressed Volume File
WMZ -----compressed Windows Metafile- Microsoft file extension
CKL -----Compromised Key List
CCP -----Compte Cheque Postal (postal order)
CIX -----Compulink Information eXchange
CPN -----Compuserve Packet Network
CAD -----Computer Aided Design
CAQ -----Computer Aided Quality
CVG -----Computer and Video Games
CCO -----Computer Center Operator
CCZ -----Computer Club Zutphen
ICL -----computer company
CGD -----Computer Game Developer
CGI -----Computer Generated Imagery
CGX -----Computer Graphics
CGA -----Computer Graphics Adapter
CGW -----Computer Graphics World
CIG -----Computer Image Generator
CIL -----Computer Integration Laboratories
CJI -----Computer Jobs in Israel
CNC -----Computer Numerical Control
COM -----Computer Output on Microfilm
ADA -----computer programming language (after Ada Lovelace)
CRU -----Computer Resource Utilization
CSI -----Computer Service Index
CTI -----Computer Telephony Integration
CXE -----Computer to External Environments Interface
CUD -----Computer Underground Digest
CUC -----Computer Users Committee
CAI -----Computer-Aided Instruction
CAL -----Computer-Aided Learning
CAM -----Computer-Assisted Manufacture
CBL -----Computer-Based Learning
CBT -----Computer-Based Training
CAT -----Computerized Axial Tomography
CTM -----Computerized Tomographic Myelography
CZO -----Computerized Zoning Ordinance
CLR -----Computer-Language Recorder
CLT -----Computer-Language Translator
CHI -----Concentration Highway Interface
CRW -----Conceptual Recoilless Weapon
CUZ -----Conditional Use Zoning
CEZ -----Confederacion de Empresarios de Zaragosa
CBI -----Confederation of British Industry
CHJ -----Conference of Historical Journals
CFG -----Configuration
CFN -----Confine
CHL -----Confinement at Hard Labor
CDH -----Congenital Dislocation of the Hip
CHF -----Congestive Heart Failure
CJM -----Congregatio Jesu et Mariae (trans: the Congregation of Jesus and Mary
CBY -----Congregation Beth Yeshua
CKH -----Congregation Kol Halev
CFX -----Congregation of St. Francis Xavier (Xaverian Brothers)
CIO -----Congress of Industrial Organizations
CMH -----Congressional Medal of Honor
CQK -----Conjunctuur
CTE -----Connected Terminal Equipment
CMX -----Connected-Moments eXpansion
CLL -----ConnectionLess Layer
CCH -----Connections per Circuit Hour
CJY -----Conrail Jackson Yard
CLZ -----Conservation Lower Zambesi
CMC -----Conservation Monitoring Centre
CYH -----Consider Yourself Hugged
CYK -----Consider Yourself Kissed
CFF -----Consistent Force Field
CLE -----Console Local Equipment
CTY -----Console TeletYpe
CXK -----Consolidated Norex Resources Corporation
CQV -----Consolidated Suntec Ventures
CGM -----Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
CLV -----Constant Linear Velocity
CVT -----Constant Variable Transmission (in vehicles)
CVJ -----Constant Velocity Joint
CLP -----Constituency Labour Party
CQZ -----Constrained Quartet Zeta (Basis Set)
CIP -----Construction Installation Procedure
CQA -----Construction Quality Assurance
CTL -----Constructive Total Loss
CGJ -----Consulate General of Japan
CGK -----Consulate General of Kenya
CUJ -----Consumers Union of Japan
CLW -----Contaminated Liquid Waste
CPZ -----Contingency Planning Zone
CNT -----continued
CEW -----Continuing Education Workshop
CRI -----Continuity Recheck Incoming
CEM -----Continuous Effluent Monitor
CQI -----Continuous Quality Improvement
CVZ -----Continuous Visibility Zone
CWJ -----Continuous Wave Jammer
CWL -----Continuous Working Level
CBB -----Contract Budget Baseline
CWN -----Contract Work Notification
CQL -----Contractual Quantitation Limit
CBO -----Control Board Operator
CDK -----Control Development Kit
CSN -----Control Symbol Number
CTZ -----Control Traffic Zone
CCV -----Control-Configured Vehicle
CIZ -----Controlled Injury Zone
CQR -----Controlled Quick Release
CON -----Convention
CMS -----Conversational Monitor System
WZX -----Conversion Buffer Overflow
CEY -----Conversion Electron Yield
CWR -----Cooling Water Return
CKG -----Cooperative Key Generation
CPJ -----Cooperative Phantom Jamming
CWS -----Cooperative Wholesale Society
CUT -----Coordinated Universal Time
CWG -----Coordination Working Group
CJW -----Coplanar Joined Wing
COW -----Copy On Write
CRR -----Corby's Royal Reserve
CVU -----Corel-draw and Ventura Users Club
COR -----Corinthians (new testament)
CNR -----Corner
CXJ -----Corner Expansion Joint
CME -----Coronal Mass Ejection
CCU -----Coronary Care Unit
CPL -----Corporal
CNP -----Corporate Network Product
CBF -----Corps Benevolent Fund ( Brit Army Regt in house charities)
CSH -----Corps Support Hospital
CAH -----Cosine = Adjacent
CAF -----Cost And Freight (US)
CBA -----Cost Benefit Analysis
CEB -----Cost Estimate Breakdown
CIF -----Cost Insurance Freight
COQ -----Cost Of Quality
CQM -----Cost Quality Management
CWP -----Cost Work Program
CFI -----"Cost, Freight and Insurance"
COT -----cotangent
CJE -----Council for Jewish Elderly
CLY -----Council for Lutheran Youth
CEI -----Council of Engineering Institutions
CEQ -----Council on Environmental Quality
CCW -----counterclockwise
CSK -----countersink
CLA -----Country Landowner's Association
CMT -----Country Music Television
CNW -----Country 'n' Western (music)
CQW -----Coupled Quantum Well
DHL -----courier company
CDW -----Course Development Workshop
CQB -----Court of Queens Bench
COV -----covariance
CGE -----Cover Gas Equalization
CGF -----Cover Gas Feed
CYA -----Cover Your Ass
CYB -----Cover Your Butt
GXQ -----Coyhaique (Chile)
COF -----Cradle Of Filth (british black metal band)
CDM -----Craft & Design: Metalwork
CDT -----Craft & Design: Technology
CKP -----Crankshaft Position
CBM -----Crash-prone Buggy Machines
CWY -----Crashworthy
CCS -----Creative Curriculuum Software
CLJ -----Credit Lyonnais Japan
CRB -----Cremer-Rao Bound
KQZ -----Cretaceous Quiet Zone
CJD -----Creutzfeldt Jacob Disease
CCI -----Crevice Corrosion Index
CPE -----Crew Procedure Engineer
CVS -----Crime & Victim Support
CWA -----Crime Writers' Association
CID -----Criminal Investigation Department
CJJ -----Criminal Justice Journalists
CFZ -----Critical Friendly Zone
CPA -----Critical Path Analysis
CPG -----Critical Population Group
CTP -----Critical Technical Parameter
CTQ -----Critical To Quality
CVX -----Critical Velocity Experiment
CQC -----Critres-Qualit-Contrles
CGR -----Crop Growth Rate
CXG -----Cross eXamination Game
CXW -----Cross eXamination Work
CQY -----Cross of Queen's Yeoman
XBR -----cross-Band Radar
XBC -----Cross-Border Connection
CWW -----Cruciform Wing Weapon
CVV -----Cryo Vacuum Vessel
CNV -----Crypto Net Variable
CSQ -----Cryptofacility Security Questionnaire
CIK -----Crypto-Ignition Key
CNK -----CryptoNet Key
XBO -----Crystal Beat Oscillator
CZI -----Crystalline Zinc Insulin
CUB -----cubic
CBN -----Cubic Boron Nitride
CFD -----Cubic Feet per Day
CFH -----Cubic Feet per Hour
CFM -----Cubic Feet per Minute
CFS -----Cubic Feet per Second
CKV -----Culturele en Kunstzinnige Vorming
CUM -----cumulative
CCT -----Cumulative Cycle Time
CDF -----Cumulative Distribution Function
CUR -----currency
CPP -----Current Purchasing Power
IXV -----Current times Voltage
CWE -----Current Work Estimate
CUS -----Customer
CIQ -----Customer Information Quality
CNM -----Customer Network Management
CQF -----Customer Quality Forum
CIM -----Customer-Interface Management
CUX -----Cuxhaven (Germany) (national vehicle registration code)
CKK -----Cyanogen Chloride
CTH -----Cycle Test Hours
CPH -----Cycles Per Hour
CRC -----Cyclic Redundancy Check
CNZ -----Cycling New Zealand
CYP -----Cyclists Yellow Pages
CYX -----Cyclohexane
CHX -----Cyclohexanol
COX -----Cyclooxygenase
CYC -----cyclopedia
CYZ -----Cyclothiazide
CYL -----cylinder
CYM -----Cymric
XAK -----Cyprus Stock Exchange (in Greek)
CYS -----cysteine
CMV -----CytoMegaloVirus
CYT -----Cytosine
CZK -----Czech Koruna
CZH -----Czechoslovak(ian)
DKB -----Daichi Kaigin Bank
DKS -----Daihatsu K-car Spirits
DLY -----Daily
DCQ -----Daily Contract Quality
DFL -----Daily Flight Log
DJC -----Daily Journal of Commerce
DOR -----Daily Operations Report
DXJ -----Daiwa Deluxe Jacket
DAK -----Dakota
DML -----Dakota Mailing List
DBU -----Dallas Baptist University
DAS -----Damage Assessment Strike
DCO -----Damage Control Officer
DWF -----Damaged Weapons Facility
DCB -----Dame Commander (of the order) of the Bath
DBE -----Dame commander (of the order) of the British Empire
DYE -----Damn Your Eyes
DZW -----Danger Zone Wrestling
DHV -----Dangerously High Violence
DAN -----Daniel (bible)
DGF -----Danmarks Gymnastik Forbund
DKO -----Dansk Karate Organisation
DKK -----Dansk Kennel Klub
DPK -----Dansk Parakart Klub
DTK -----Dansk Traekhunde Klubb
DVY -----Daphne Virus Y-poty
DGY -----Dark Grey
DQK -----Dark Queen of Krynn
DAL -----Data Access Line
DAM -----Data Access Manager
DAQ -----Data AcQuisition
DBK -----Data BanK
DCF -----Data Capture Facility
DCD -----Data Carrier Detect
DCR -----Data Command Release
DCE -----Data Communications Equipment
DCW -----Data Control Words
DDF -----Data Decryption Field
DDL -----Data Definition Language
DDE -----Data Dictionary Entry
DED -----Data Element Definition
DEK -----Data Encryption Key
DEU -----Data Encryption Unit
DEB -----Data Evaluation Board
DER -----Data Evaluation Record
DXI -----Data Exchange Interface
DXN -----Data Exchange Navigator
DEI -----Data Export
DXT -----Data eXtractT facility
DFU -----Data File Utility
DFA -----Data Flow Analyst
DFD -----Data Flow Diagram
DIS -----Data Indicate Stopped
DID -----Data Item Description
DLM -----Data Line Monitor
DLO -----Data Line Occupied
DLH -----Data Link layer Header
DMP -----Data Management Plan
DMU -----Data Management Unit
DOV -----Data Over Voice
DPG -----Data Processing Group
DPQ -----Data Processing Quality
DPS -----Data Processing System
DPD -----Data Program Directive
DQA -----Data Quality Assessment
DQC -----Data Quality Control
DQI -----Data Quality Index
DQM -----Data Quality Manager
DQO -----Data Quality Objective
DQV -----Data Quality Verification
DQX -----Data Quality-Pixel
DQY -----Data Query File
DQF -----Data Query Function
DQW -----Data Query Worktable
DRP -----Data Record and Playback
DRF -----Data Reduction Facility
DRT -----Data Reduction Team
DRL -----Data Requirement List
DRU -----Data Retrieval Unit
DRN -----Data Routing Network
DSU -----Data Service Unit
DSG -----Data Systems Group
DTE -----Data Terminal Equipment
DTR -----Data Terminal Ready
DTX -----Data Throughput (enhanced)
DTB -----Data Transfer Bus
DTN -----data transmission network
DUV -----Data Under Voice
DVR -----Data Validation Review
DBF -----DataBase File
DBO -----Database Operation
DQL -----Database Query Language
DOB -----Date Of Birth
DTG -----Date Time Group
DTD -----DateD
DUM -----Dator Utskottet foer Mdstudenter
DAR -----Daughters of the American Revolution
DOK -----Daughters of the King
DLT -----Dave Lee Travis (radio presenter)
DMB -----Dave Matthews Band
DVW -----daVinciWorld Forum
DJL -----Davy Jones' Locker
DKH -----Day Kimball Hospital
DMY -----Day Month Year
DOW -----Day Of Week
DOY -----Day of Year
DST -----Daylight Saving Time
DBD -----Dead By Dawn
DOA -----Dead On Arrival
DUK -----Dead Upon Keyboard
DWT -----Dead Weight Tonnage
DYL -----Dead Yet Living
DDM -----Deadlock Detection Mechanism
DWW -----Deaf World Web
DYT -----Deaf Youth Today
DLF -----Dear Little Friend
DAI -----Death from Accidental Injury
DZF -----Deazafolic Acid
DWS -----Debris Washing System
DIX -----"DEC, Intel, Xerox"
DKL -----DecaLiter
DKT -----Decatherm
DHR -----Decay Heat Removal
DEC -----December
DBL -----DeciBel Limit
DBW -----DeciBel Watt
DBV -----Decibels referenced to 1 Volt
DXZ -----Decimal Dollars
DGD -----Decision Guidance Document
DUC -----Decision Unit Coordinator
DDO -----Decline Definite Offer
DWP -----Decommissioning Work Plan
DSZ -----Decrement and Skip on Zero (assembly language instruction)
DEY -----Decrement Index Register Y
DPW -----Dedicated Professional Workforce
DGR -----Deductible Gift Recipient
XBS -----"deep bass thingy on big radio
XBT -----Expendable Bathythermograph
XBU -----Okanagan, British Columbia
XBV -----Extreme Beach Volleyball
XBW -----Extreme Backyard Wrestling
XBX -----No Boundaries Exchange
XBY -----Ex-Bromley Youth Concert Band
XBZ -----XBox Zone
XCA -----eXtreme Circumstances Allowance
XCB -----Extension Client Binding
XCC -----Expectation-value Coupled-Cluster
XCD -----East Caribbean Dollar
XCE -----Exchange Carry and Emulation
XCF -----Experimental Computing Facility
XCG -----Xenopus Cement Gland
XCH -----Exchange
XCI -----XML Court Interface
XCJ -----Cease data transmission of track
XCK -----Extreme Chaos Kommando
XCL -----eXcess Current Liabilities#
XCM -----External Command
XCN -----X-Chat Napsterizer
XCO -----Cross Connection
XCP -----eX Coupon (financial term, without certain interest)
XCQ -----Executive Control Quotient
XCR -----Xilinx Cool Runner
XCS -----Xenos Christian School
XCT -----Xtrak Catheter, Thrombus
XCU -----eXtreme Close Up
XCV -----Experimental Carrier Vessel
XCW -----Extreme Championship Wrestling
XCX -----eXtreme Circumstances eXploration
XCY -----Exact Company Name
XCZ -----Xanthomonas Campestris Zinniae
XDA -----X-band Drive Amplifier
XDB -----Extended Database
XDC -----cross-point Data Conflict
XDD -----eXperimental Design Document
XDE -----Xylene-Dioxane-Ethanol
XDF -----eXtended Distance Feature
XDG -----eXperimental Design Group
XDH -----Xanthene DeHydrogenase
XDI -----Xavier Dequaire International
XDJ -----Xerox Disclosure Journal
XDK -----XML [Extensible Markup Language] Developer's Kit
XDL -----Extension to Specification and Description Language
XDM -----XML Documentation Mark-up
XDN -----Xsonic Data Now
XDO -----Extensible Data Object
XDP -----eXtended Data Processing
XDQ -----Disqualified for previous better time
XDR -----eXtended Dynamic Range
XDS -----Xerox Data Systems
XDT -----Xenon Discharge Tube
XDU -----Graphical Disk Usage
XDV -----Experimentelle DatenVerarbeitung
XDW -----Xerox DocuWorks
XDX -----Xenon Discharge Experiment
XDY -----Malayic Dayak
XDZ -----Xian Development Zone
XEA -----Express Electronic Access
XEB -----XeBusiness Limited
XEC -----Experimental Estelle Compiler
XED -----XML EDitor
XEE -----XML Query Execution Engine
XEF -----Xenon Fluoride
XEG -----X-ray Emission Gauge
XEH -----Xenon Hydride
XEI -----Xarxa d'Ecologia Industrial
XEJ -----Canal 5, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico
XEK -----Standard and Poor's-Almax 300 Energy Index
XEL -----Xcel Energy
XEM -----eXchange Electronic Mail
XEN -----Xenophon
XEO -----Standard and Poor's 100 Index Options
XEP -----Dollar increase in Economic Profit
XEQ -----eXtra Easy Question
XER -----XML Encoding Rule
XES -----Xray Emission Spectra
XET -----Xyloglucan EndoTransglycosylases
XEU -----European Currency Unit
XEV -----Volume of Energy Exports
XEW -----X Examine WAD
XEX -----Xenon Halide
XEY -----European Youth Foundation
XEZ -----Xenopus homolog of Drosophila Enhancer of Zeste
XFA -----eXtremely Fast Access
XFB -----eXtended File Broker
XFC -----XSL Formatting Composer
XFD -----Cross-FeeD
XFE -----X Front End
XFF -----eXtended Feature Function
XFG -----X-band Frequency Generator
XFH -----X-ray Fluorescence Holography
XFI -----X-band Frequency Interference
XFJ -----Experimental Fighter North American Aviation
XFK -----Experimental Fighter Fairchild Aviation
XFL -----Extreme Football League
XFM -----Exchange Force Microscopy
XFN -----Experimental Frazer-Nash
XFO -----XSL Formatting Object
XFP -----Small Form-factor Pluggable
XFQ -----Xenon-Filled Quartz
XFR -----Experiments in the Future of Reading
XFS -----eXtra Fast System
XFT -----Extremely Fast Tracker
XFU -----Xenon Flash Unit
XFV -----Experimental Fighter Vertical-takeoff
XFW -----Crossing Fort Worth
XFX -----eXtra effects (FX)
XFY -----Experimental Fighter Convair
XFZ -----Xenopus Frizzled protein
XGA -----eXtended Graphics Array
XGB -----Extreme Ghost Busters
XGC -----eXtension of the Goldbach Conjecture
XGD -----Extended Graphics Display
XGE -----Exogenous Genetic Engineer
XGF -----XML Game Format
XGG -----Xander Guardian Guild
XGH -----Xenopus Growth Hormone
XGI -----Xenopus laevis Gene Index
XGJ -----Xantogranuloma Juvenil
XGK -----X-Generation Kit
XGL -----Extra Grand Luxury
XGM -----Cross-Gain Modulation
XGN -----Extreme Gaming Network
XGO -----Australian Gold Index
XGP -----Xylophone and Glockenspiel Players
XGQ -----Ex-Gentleman's Quarterly
XGR -----Extreme Gaming Radio
XGS -----Extreme Gaming Server
XGT -----Extreme God Team
XGU -----Guam, United States
XGV -----Xerox Global View
XGW -----Global Weather Dynamics, Incorporated
XGX -----Extensible Graphics
XGY -----Watervliet (New York) Public Library
XGZ -----Xenogears Ground Zero
XHA -----Canal 10, Colonia Guillermina, Durango, Mexico
XHB -----XML HandBook
XHC -----eXtra High Ceiling
XHD -----Extra Heavy-Duty
XHE -----Transport of Helium
XHF -----Extra High Frequency
XHG -----Extra High-Grade
XHH -----Xanthomonas Hortorum Hederae
XHI -----eXtra High Intensity
XHJ -----Experimental Helicopter Special Test Temporary
XHK -----Xerox-Hong Kong
XHL -----eXtensible Hyperlinking Language
XHM -----Xantus Healthplan for Mississippi
XHN -----Hydrolytic Lime
XHO -----Xanthamonas Holcicola
XHP -----X-rays and Health Project
XHQ -----Extreme High Quality
XHR -----Xplizit Hardcore Recording
XHS -----Exchangeable Hub System
XHT -----X HeighT (printing term, typseize of letters excluding ascenders and descenders)
XHU -----Khua
XHV -----Extremely High Vacuum
XHW -----Extreme Hardware
XHX -----Female Hemophilia Carrier
XHY -----Extra High Yield
XHZ -----Hertz value
XIA -----Xanadu Information Architecture
XIB -----XML Inline Binary
XIC -----Xarxes d'Intercanvi de Coneixements
XID -----eXchange IDentification
XIE -----X-Image Extension
XIF -----Xerox Image File
XIG -----XML Interest Group
XIH -----Hypothalamic Inhibiting Hormone
XII -----Twelve
XIJ -----Information Technology Market Index
XIK -----XRT Integration Kit
XIL -----Extensible Indexing Language
XIM -----Extra Information Management
XIN -----Extended Intensive-care Nursing
XIO -----eXtended Input-Output
XIP -----eXecution In Place
XIQ -----Extreme Intelligence Quotient
XIR -----XIAM Information Router
XIS -----X-ray Isochromat Spectroscopy
XIT -----exit
XIU -----Xian International University
XIV -----Fourteen
XIW -----Warfighting Innovation Directorate
XIX -----Nineteen
XIY -----Female Albino Carrier
XIZ -----Extra Initial Zero
XJA -----Experimental Utility Atlantic Aircraft
XJB -----Wireless Java Bluetooth
XJC -----XML Java Compiler
XJD -----XML Job Description
XJE -----X-frame Java Environment
XJF -----Experimental Utility Amphibian Grumman Aviation
XJG -----Xassow Japan Guiding
XJH -----Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States
XJI -----Ex Jocks, Incorporated
XJJ -----Juvenile Justice Department
XJK -----Experimental Utility Transport Fairchild Aircraft
XJL -----Experimental Utility Amphibian Columbia Aircraft
XJM -----Embedded Java Machine
XJN -----Experimental Utility Amphibian Naval Aircraft Factory
XJO -----Experimental Utility Transport Lockheed Aircraft
XJP -----Experimental Jet Pack
XJQ -----Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada
XJR -----Experimental Jaguar Racing
XJS -----Experimental Jaguar Sports
XJT -----eXpansion JoinT
XJU -----Xinjiang University
XJV -----Fourteen
XJW -----Ex-Jehovah's Witness
XJX -----XML to Java Transformation
XJY -----Exchange of Japanese Yen
XJZ -----Western European Languages and Literature
XKA -----Kalkoti
XKB -----Extension Keyboard
XKC -----Experimental-11th Generation-Competition
XKD -----Experimental-11th Generation Competition-2nd Generation
XKE -----Kereho-Uheng
XKF -----Khengkha
XKG -----Ex-Kindergarten
XKH -----Karahawyana
XKI -----eXtensible Key Infrastructure
XKJ -----Kajali
XKK -----Kaco
XKL -----Kelinyau Kenyah
XKM -----XML Key Management
XKN -----Kayan River Kayan
XKO -----Kiorr
XKP -----Windows NT Extended Kanji Processing Council
XKQ -----Koroni
XKR -----Xakriaba
XKS -----Corporate-Backed Trust Certificate
XKT -----Christmas Island
XKU -----Experimental Drone Vought Aircraft
XKV -----Kgalagadi
XKW -----Kembra
XKX -----Karore
XKY -----Western Kenyah
XKZ -----Kurtokha
XLA -----Excimer Laser
XLB -----Xylem-Limited Bacteria
XLC -----Excellence and Leadership for Communities
XLD -----Experimental Laser Device
XLE -----XML Lightweight Extractor
XLF -----eXtensible Log Format
XLG -----Extra Large
XLH -----X-Linked Hypophosphatemia
XLI -----Forty-one
XLJ -----X Liberalus Jaunimas
XLK -----Xlook Visualisation Tool
XLL -----Extended Linking Language
XLM -----Extra-Light Mountain
XLN -----Xtra Low Noise cable
XLO -----eXtra Large Orifice
XLP -----X-Linked Lymphoproliferation
XLQ -----Extra-Large Quotient
XLR -----type of audio cable or socket
XLS -----eXceL Spreadsheet
XLT -----XML Lexicons and Terminologies
XLU -----Exclusive of Loading and Unloading
XLV -----Extended Linux Video
XLW -----eXceL Web
XLX -----Extra Learning Experience
XLY -----Standard and Poor's Select Consumer Discretionary Fund
XLZ -----Xi Lambda Zeta
XMA -----X-ray Micro-Analysis
XMB -----XML Message Board
XMC -----Xpress Media Consulting
XMD -----Expert Mold Design
XME -----Kiss Me
XMF -----eXpanding Market Forces
XMG -----Xavier Media Group
XMH -----X-interface to Mail Handling
XMI -----Seymour-Moss International
XMJ -----Majera
XMK -----Extreme Minimal Kernel
XML -----eXtended Markup Language
XMM -----eXtended Memory Manager
XMN -----Transmission
XMO -----Xylene Monooxygenase
XMP -----Experimental Mathematical Programming
XMQ -----XPS MultiQuant
XMR -----X-ray Magnetic Resonance
XMS -----eXtended Memory Specificiation
XMT -----Transmit
XMU -----Xiamen University
XMV -----Volume of Manufactured Exports
XMW -----XMegaWave
XMX -----X-protocol Multiplexer
XMY -----Ximenynic Acid
XMZ -----MegaView XGL Movie
XNA -----Xinghua News Agency
XNB -----Explore New Brunswick
XNC -----Experimental Numerical Control
XND -----X-Men Next Dimension
XNE -----Xiamen Ningly Electronics
XNF -----Xilinx Netlist Format
XNG -----Crossing
XNH -----Experimental Nagler Helicopter
XNI -----Xerces Native Interface
XNJ -----Experimental Trainer North American Aviation
XNK -----Microsoft Exchange Shortcut
XNL -----Ex-National League
XNM -----Experimental Trainer Martin Aircraft
XNN -----Xena News Network
XNO -----Experimental Network Operation
XNP -----Experimental Network Protocol
XNQ -----Experimental Trainer Fairchild Aircraft
XNR -----X-based News Reader
XNS -----Xerox Network Services
XNT -----eXcelleNT
XNU -----Exclude Non-Unique
XNV -----Volume of Non-manufactured Exports
XNW -----Explorations NorthWest
XNX -----XinstituteX
XNY -----Xin Nan Yue Ceramics Ltd. Company
XNZ -----Grist Mill Museum Library
XOA -----Experimental Observation Amphibian Aircraft
XOB -----Xanopinauta Oro de Brasilia
XOC -----Xterra Owners Club
XOD -----External Object Data
XOE -----Experimental Observation Cessna Aircraft
XOF -----Transmit OFf
XOG -----Expedition Owners Group
XOH -----Experimental Observation Helicopter
XOI -----eXplodes On Impact
XOJ -----Executive Office-Joint Matters
XOK -----Exokernel
XOL -----XML-based Ontology-exchange Language
XOM -----Open(X) Object Management
XON -----Transmitter On
XOO -----Extended Operational Optimisation
XOP -----X-rays Out of Plaster
XOQ -----Example of Order Query
XOR -----eXclusive OR (logic gate)
XOS -----eXperimental Operating System
XOT -----X.25 Over TCP
XOU -----Extra Output Unit
XOV -----Crossover Overview
XOW -----XML Output Writer
XOX -----Noughts and Crosses game (also OXO, XXO)
XOY -----Executive Officer Yeomanry
XOZ -----Extra Output Zero
XPA -----X-band Planar Array
XPB -----Xlib Playback Benchmark
XPC -----eXtended Processing Cabinet
XPD -----Cross Polar Discrimination
XPE -----Extreme Performance Enhancement
XPF -----Explosion-release Factor
XPG -----X.400 Promotion Group
XPH -----Explosion Hazard
XPI -----Extra Paranormal Investigation
XPJ -----Experimental Patrol North American Aircraft
XPK -----External Packer
XPL -----Explosive
XPM -----Cross-Phase Modulation
XPN -----Explosive-Neutralized
XPO -----Explosive-Optimized
XPP -----Express Paid Post
XPQ -----La Managua-Quepos, Costa Rica
XPR -----Ex-Privileges
XPS -----X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
XPT -----Cross Point
XPU -----X-band Pulse Unit
XPV -----Experimental Patrol Lockheed Aircraft
XPW -----Extreme Pro Wrestling
XPX -----Executive Physical Examination
XPY -----Experimental Patrol Consolidated Aircraft
XPZ -----Curriculum and Research Directorate
XQA -----XML Query Algebra
XQB -----Ex-Quarterback
XQC -----X-Ray Quantum Calorimeter
XQD -----Experimental Quality Determination
XQE -----XQuery Engine
XQF -----Express Quick Form
XQG -----Minnesota West Community and Technical College Library
XQH -----Excess Quantity Holdover
XQI -----XML Query Interface
XQJ -----Minnesota West Community and Technical College at Jackson Library
XQK -----Expansion of Quadratic Kernal
XQL -----XML Query Language
XQM -----Xmail Queue Manager
XQN -----XML Qualified Name
XQO -----XML Query Operation
XQP -----Extended QIO Processor
XQQ -----Airway Heights (Washington) Correctional Center Library
XQR -----Extended Query Record
XQS -----Experimental Query System
XQT -----SuperCalc Macro Sheet
XQU -----Unknown Quality Unit
XQV -----eXtra-Quiet Vehicle
XQW -----XML Document Management System
XQX -----XML Relational Database Interface
XQY -----Kettle Falls (Washington) Public Library
XQZ -----Excuse
XRA -----X-Ray Analysis
XRB -----X-Ray Background
XRC -----Extended Remote Collaboration
XRD -----X-Ray Diffraction
XRE -----X-Ray Event
XRF -----X ReFerence (axis reference point)
XRG -----Experimental Reentry Glider
XRH -----X-Ray Hazard
XRI -----X-Ray Image
XRJ -----Extreme Rain Jacket
XRK -----Experimental Transport Kinner Aircraft
XRL -----eXtended Range Lance
XRM -----X-Ray Microanalyser
XRN -----X-window News Reader
XRO -----X-Ray Optics
XRP -----X-Ray Photon
XRQ -----Experimental Transport Fairchild Aircraft
XRR -----X-Ray Reflectometer
XRS -----X-Ray Spectrometer
XRT -----eX RighTs (financial, without rights)
XRU -----X-Ray Unit
XRV -----X-Ray Vector
XRW -----X-Ray Warming
XRX -----X-Ray Experiment
XRY -----X-RaY
XRZ -----Extension of Reconnaissance Zone
XSA -----XML Software Autoupdate
XSB -----X-Sokobon
XSC -----Extensions for Scientific Computation
XSD -----eXtra Space Design
XSE -----Xray Scattering Energy
XSF -----Xavier Science Foundation
XSG -----Experimental Scout-Great Lakes
XSH -----XML Editing Shell
XSI -----Xray Shielding and Insulation
XSJ -----Ex-Society of Jesus
XSK -----Xilinx Student Kit
XSL -----eXstensible Stylesheet Language
XSM -----Xray Stress Management
XSN -----Xtended Stay Network
XSO -----Excess Speed Observed
XSP -----Xylem Sap Potential
XSQ -----eXtreme Spreadsheet Quality methodology
XSR -----Experimental Sports Roadster
XSS -----eXperimental Space Station
XST -----eXiST
XSU -----X-band Satellite Unit
XSV -----Transfer cost System Value
XSW -----X-band antenna SWitch
XSX -----mysterious subversive organisation, meaning not known
XSY -----Extended School Year
XSZ -----Xerox High Technology Company of Shenzhen
XTA -----Experimental Trainer-Air Cooled
XTB -----Experimental Torpedo Boeing Aircraft
XTC -----ie. ectascy
XTD -----Charing Cross -----Tonbridge -----Dover
XTE -----Cross-Track Error
XTF -----Experimental Transport Grumman Aircraft
XTG -----External Transmission Gearing
XTH -----Xenon-Tungsten-Halogen
XTI -----X-open Transport Interface
XTJ -----Telecommunications Market Index
XTK -----Cross Track
XTL -----Crystal
XTM -----X-ray Tomographic Microscopy
XTN -----Christian
XTO -----X-band Triode Oscillator
XTP -----eXpress Transfer Protocol
XTQ -----Extraction from QuarkXpress
XTR -----Xray Transition Radiation
XTS -----Cross-Tell Simulator
XTT -----Xoops Time Tracker
XTU -----Xing Tai University
XTV -----Exeter Television
XTW -----X-band Traveling Wave
XTX -----Chi Tau Chi
XTY -----Christianity
XTZ -----Ecstacy
XUA -----Xtreme Universal Alliance
XUB -----Circleville, Ohio
XUC -----Extended Use Case
XUD -----Excess Usage Data
XUE -----Ex-Union Executive
XUF -----Experimental Utility Grumman Aircraft
XUG -----Xbox Users Group
XUH -----Ex-University of Hertfordshire
XUI -----X-Windows User Interface
XUJ -----Utilities Market Index
XUK -----Experience United Kingdom
XUL -----Extensible User Interface Language
XUM -----X-ray Ultra-Microscope
XUN -----Xpression Urbn
XUO -----Xtreme Ultima Online
XUP -----Xilinx University Program
XUQ -----Capstone Pharmacy Services Incorporated Option
XUR -----Xuron
XUS -----Ex United States
XUT -----Extraction Universal Tripod
XUU -----Xavier University Union
XUV -----Expendable Unmanned Vehicle
XUW -----Xavier University Women
XUX -----Xavier University Exchange
XUY -----Experience Uruguay
XUZ -----Transmit User Zero
XVA -----Extra-Vehicular Activity
XVB -----Xtreme Volley Ball
XVC -----Extra Video Card
XVD -----Extraordinary Video Disc
XVE -----Vinyl Ester with Excellent Fire Resistance
XVF -----Extended Vertical File
XVG -----Value Line Geometric Index
XVH -----External Vacuum Housing
XVI -----Sixteen
XVJ -----Extra-credit Vocal Jazz
XVK -----Xenophanes von Kolophon
XVL -----Experimental Vertical Liftoff
XVM -----Extreme Volt Modulation
XVN -----External Vendor Network
XVO -----Extra Virgin Olive-oil
XVP -----Xtremely Violent Posse
XVQ -----Xwindow Video Compression
XVR -----Exchange Voltage Regulator
XVS -----Exchange Voltage Signal
XVT -----eXecutive Vector Table
XVU -----Xwindow Viewer
XVV -----X-axis towards Velocity Vector
XVW -----Xernet Variable Word
XVX -----eXpanded Value eXperiments
XVY -----Seu Jeans de Cara Nova
XVZ -----Excessive Voltage-Zener
XWA -----Extra-Wide Aperture
XWB -----Xerox Wireless Broadband
XWC -----Expanded Water Column
XWD -----X-Window Dump
XWE -----X-treme Wrestling Entertainment
XWF -----Xtreme Wrestling Federation
XWG -----eXperimental Working Group
XWH -----Class X Wheat Hopper (railroad car type)
XWI -----Xtensa Wrapper Interface
XWJ -----Value of world exports of J
XWK -----Xworks
XWL -----Extreme Water Level
XWM -----X-Window Manager
XWN -----Westminster Records
XWO -----Xtreme Wrestling Order
XWP -----Xena the Warrior Princess
XWQ -----Iwakuni, Japan
XWR -----Extra Water Resistance
XWS -----Extended Workflow Support
XWT -----XML Windowing Toolkit
XWU -----Experimental Early Warning Vought Aircraft
XWV -----Christian World View
XWW -----Michelin Radial White Wall
XWX -----By Width By
XWY -----Expressway
XWZ -----Xsetup Wizard
XXA -----Xross-Xultural Architecture
XXB -----Woodford, Manchester
XXC -----Expert Cross-Country
XXD -----Extra-Extra Distance
XXE -----XMLmind XML Editor
XXF -----Extra-Extra Fine
XXG -----Extra-Extra Grande
XXH -----Extra Extra Heavy
XXI -----Twenty-First Century
XXJ -----Financial Property Trusts Market Index
XXK -----United Kingdom-county unknown
XXL -----eXtra eXtra Large
XXM -----Indice Canadien du Marche
XXN -----Call for document as evidence
XXO -----Noughts and Crosses game (also OXO, XOX)
XXP -----Xbase and eXchange Platform
XXQ -----Unknown-Unknown-Queen
XXR -----Chi Chi Rho
XXS -----Extra Extra Small
XXT -----Extra Extra Tough
XXU -----Country of Ordering Library
XXV -----Twenty-five
XXW -----Extra Extra Wide
XXX -----Extremely sensitive
XXY -----Klinefelter Syndrome
XXZ -----Anisotropic Heisenberg Chain
XYA -----Cross Your Arms
XYB -----Re View2 standard extended XYZ file
XYC -----Aero Chasqui
XYD -----width (X) height (Y) depth (D) (alternative version of XYZ)
XYE -----Electrical Power Supply
XYF -----Ex-Wife
XYG -----Xyloglucan
XYH -----Xylarohydroxamate
XYI -----Xylose Isomerase
XYJ -----ITESM Biblioteca Campus Sinaloa
XYK -----Xenopus-tyrosine Kinase
XYL -----xylophone
XYM -----Examine Your Mind
XYN -----Xylanase
XYO -----DuQuoin (Illinois) Public Library
XYP -----Gas Cell (electro-chemistry)
XYQ -----Walla Walla (Washington) Public Library
XYR -----Xyridaceae
XYS -----Xylopyranose
XYT -----eXpanding Youth Trends
XYU -----eXamine Your Underwear
XYV -----Alaska State Court Law Library
XYW -----Xywrite
XYX -----Male Index
XYY -----Exchange of Yiddish Youth
XYZ -----eXamine Your Zipper
XZA -----High Voltage Technology
XZB -----eXtreme Zone Boundary
XZC -----Covenant Christian High School Library
XZD -----ITESM Biblioteca Campus Toluca
XZE -----Extreme Zone Effect
XZF -----ITESM Biblioteca Preparatoria Garza Laguera
XZG -----Heritage Christian School Library
XZH -----Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library
XZI -----Expansion Zone Index
XZJ -----ITESM Biblioteca Preparatoria Santa Catarina
XZK -----ITESM Biblioteca Preparatoria Garza Sada
XZL -----Ex Libris USA
XZM -----Exterior Zone Melting
XZN -----Smyrna (New York) Public Library
XZO -----DuQuoin (Illinois) Middle School Library
XZP -----Extended Zinc Process
XZQ -----Bristol Bay (Alaska) School Library
XZR -----Palmer (Alaska) Agricultural and Forestry Experimental Station Library
XZS -----Indianapolis (Indiana) Zoological Society Library
XZT -----Colony Middle School Library
XZU -----Matanuska Susitna College Library
XZV -----Palmer (Alaska) Public Library
XZW -----Xtreme Zone Wrestling
XZX -----Big Lake (Alaska) Public Library
XZY -----Wasilla (Alaska) High School Library
XZZ -----Wasilla (Alaska) Public Library

YAA -----Yet Another Acronym
YAB -----Yet Another Blog
YAC -----Yeast Artificial Chromosome
YAD -----You Are Dead
YAE -----Yet another Apple II Emulator
YAF -----Yankee Air Force
YAG -----Yttrium Aluminum Garnet
YAH -----You Are Here
YAI -----Yet Another Interview
YAJ -----You are joking!
YAK -----Yakovlev (Russian aircraft design bureau)
YAL -----Yemeni American League
YAM -----Yet Another Mistake
YAN -----Yes And No
YAO -----Youth Action Online
YAP -----Yet Another Platform
YAQ -----Yet Another Question
YAR -----Young Adult Representative
YAS -----Youth After School
YAT -----Youth Asociation Team
YAU -----Youth Affairs Unit
YAV -----Yuppie Assault Vehicle
YAW -----You're A Wr
YAX -----Young Adult Smoker
YAY -----Yet Another YACC (YACC=Yet Another Compiler Compiler)
YAZ -----Carl YAstrZemski (baseball player)
YBA -----Young Buddhist Association
YBB -----You've Been Beaten
YBC -----yttrium-barium-copper
YBD -----You Back Down
YBE -----Yearly Basic Exemption
YBF -----You've Been Framed
YBG -----Youth Baseball Glove
YBH -----You've Been Had
YBI -----Youth Business International
YBJ -----Youth Bowl Japan
YBK -----Why Be Killed?
YBL -----You've Been Lazy
YBM -----YouthBuild McLean
YBN -----Young Blood Needed
YBO -----Young Bucks Outdoors
YBP -----Coalition of Young Black Professionals
YBQ -----Tadoule Lake (Canada)
YBR -----Yellow Brick Road
YBS -----Your Big Sister
YBT -----Yeshiva B`nei Torah
YBU -----Yellow Book Update
YBV -----Yucca Bacata Vespertina
YBW -----Yachting and Boating World magazine
YBX -----Young Brothers' Exchange
YBY -----Yarmouth Boat Yard
YBZ -----Yad Ben-Zvi
YCA -----Yokogawa Corporation of America
YCB -----Youth Coordinating Board
YCC -----Youth Conservation Corps
YCD -----Youth Community Development
YCE -----You Can't Enter
YCF -----Yankee Critical Facility
YCG -----Young Carmelite Group
YCH -----Youth Crisis Hotline
YCI -----Youth Challenge International
YCJ -----Young Champions for Jesus
YCK -----Yekitiya Ciwanen Kurd
YCL -----Young Communist League
YCM -----Youth Council of Montenegro
YCN -----Youth Challenge Network
YCO -----York College Observatory
YCP -----Youth Collaboration Project
YCQ -----Yacht Club of Quebec
YCR -----Youth Council Representative
YCS -----You Can't be Serious
YCT -----You Can't Type
YCU -----Yard Craft, Utility (Naval Vessel Type)
YCV -----Youth Council Voice
YCW -----You Can't Win
YCX -----Youth Club Extreme
YCY -----Youth Council of Yugoslavia
YCZ -----Youth for Christ Zimbabwe
YDA -----Young Democrats of America
YDB -----Yamaha Drum Bag
YDC -----Youth for Development and Co-operation
YDD -----Youth Development Department
YDE -----Youth Development through Employment
YDF -----Youth Deliberative Forum
YDG -----Yard De-Gaussing vessel
YDH -----Yeshiva Derech HaTorah
YDI -----Youth Development International
YDJ -----Youth Development Journal
YDK -----You Don't Know
YDL -----Youth Development Leadership
YDM -----You Da Man
YDN -----Youth Development Network
YDO -----Youth Development Officer
YDP -----Youth Development Program
YDQ -----Your Daily Quiz
YDR -----Young Dancers in Repertory
YDS -----Young Democratic Socialists
YDT -----Yardcraft, Diving Tender (Naval Vessel Type)
YDU -----You Don't Understand
YDV -----Young Dumb and Violent
YDW -----Youth Development Worker
YDX -----Yankee Book Peddler
YDY -----Youth Defending Youth
YDZ -----Youth Development Zone
YEA -----Youth Environmental Associates
YEB -----Young Entrepreneurs at Berkeley
YEC -----Youth Evangelical Conference
YED -----Yeovil Electronic Developments, Limited
YEE -----Youth and Environment Europe
YEF -----Young Engineers Forum
YEG -----Youth Experiencing God
YEH -----Youth Enterprise Hub
YEI -----Youth for Energy Independence
YEJ -----Youth Encounter Jesus
YEK -----Youth Entrepreneurs of Kansas
YEL -----YEL Electronics Limited
YEM -----Youth Empowerment Mission
YEN -----Youth of European Nationalities
YEO -----Your Eyes Only
YEP -----Youth Empowerment Project
YEQ -----Young Engineers Queensland
YER -----Youth En Route
YES -----Youth Education Series
YET -----You're Eligible, Too
YEU -----Yukon Employees Union
YEV -----Yazaki EDS Vietnam, Ltd.
YEW -----Youth Encounter Weekend
YEX -----Youth Exchange
YEY -----Young Engineer of the Year
YEZ -----Youth Enterprise Zone
YFA -----Youth for Achievements
YFB -----Youth For Boost
YFC -----Young Farmers' Club
YFD -----Yard Floating Drydock
YFE -----Youth For Europe
YFF -----Your Friend Forever
YFG -----Young Fine Gael
YFH -----Youth For Health
YFI -----Youth and Family Institute
YFJ -----Youth for Justice
YFK -----Ytre Fjordane Kraftlag
YFL -----Youth For Life
YFM -----Youth and Family Ministry
YFN -----Young Feminist Network
YFO -----Youth Forum Online
YFP -----Youth For Peace
YFQ -----Yet another Fair Queuing
YFR -----Youth Fellowship Rally
YFS -----Yachts For Sale
YFT -----Youth Facilitator Team
YFU -----Harbor Utility Craft (US Naval Ship designation)
YFV -----Yellow Fever Virus
YFW -----Youth For Work
YFX -----Youth Field Xpress
YFY -----Youth For Youth
YFZ -----Youth Forum Zambia
YGA -----Yorkshire Game Angling
YGB -----Youth Group Band
YGC -----Youth Gone Crazy
YGD -----Youth Gubernatorial Debate
YGE -----Youth Grantmaking Entity
YGF -----You Go First
YGG -----Youth Garden Grant
YGH -----Youth Guest House
YGI -----Youth Garden Internship
YGJ -----Yonago, Tottori, Japan
YGK -----Yamato Gate Keepers
YGL -----Yilgarn Gold Limited
YGM -----You've Got Mail
YGN -----Young Generation Network
YGO -----Yagi Genetic Optimizer
YGP -----Your Golf Professional
YGQ -----Geraldton, Ontario
YGR -----Young Game Reviewer
YGS -----Youth Gang Survey
YGT -----Young Graduate Trainee
YGU -----Yamanashi Gakuin University
YGV -----Yorkshire Gay Vegetarians
YGW -----Young Georgia Writers
YGX -----Gillam, Manitoba
YGY -----Goldeneye Explorations Limited
YGZ -----Grise Fiord, Northwest Territories
YHA -----Youth Hostels Association
YHB -----Youth Health Breaks
YHC -----Young Harris College
YHD -----Your Home Doctor
YHE -----Yale Hook & Eye Company
YHF -----Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation
YHG -----Young Homelessness Group
YHH -----Yosemite Highway Herald
YHI -----Youth Health Initiative
YHJ -----Young Horse Jumper
YHK -----Gjoa Haven, Northwest Territories
YHL -----You Have Lost
YHM -----Yankee Hill Machine Company, Inc.
YHN -----Your Humble Narrator
YHO -----Youth Hostel Organisation
YHP -----Your Home Page
YHQ -----Yokogawa HeadQuarters
YHR -----Yakima Herald-Republic
YHS -----Yorktown High School
YHT -----YacHT
YHU -----Hucamp Mines
YHV -----Yellow-Head Virus
YHW -----Your Homework
YHX -----Youth Hospitality Exchange
YHY -----Youth Helping Youth
YHZ -----Halifax, Nova Scotia
YIA -----Youth In Action
YIB -----Years In Business
YIC -----NTSC video format: Y (perceived luminance), I Q (colour
YID -----Y-Input Data
YIE -----Yankee Invention Exposition
YIF -----Your Incredible Future
YIG -----Yttrium Iron Garnet
YIH -----Western Yiddish
YII -----Yes It Is
YIJ -----Young Indiana Jones
YIK -----International Kembit Youth
YIL -----Yahoo! Internet Life
YIM -----Youth In Ministry
YIN -----Youth Intervention Network
YIO -----Youth Involvement Ontario
YIP -----Young Inventors Program
YIQ -----Youth Interplay Queensland
YIR -----Year In Review
YIS -----whY am I so Stupid?
YIT -----Youth In Transition
YIU -----Youth Issues Unit
YIV -----Youth Internet Volunteer
YIW -----Youth in Wilderness
YIX -----Yahoo! Internet Exchange
YIY -----Yoga is Youthfulness
YIZ -----Youth in Zambia
YJA -----Young Jains of America
YJB -----Youth Justice Board
YJC -----Young Jewish Care
YJD -----Yun Jung Do
YJE -----Yale Jazz Ensemble
YJF -----Fort Liard, Northwest Territories
YJG -----Jichi Youth Group
YJH -----Yale Junior High
YJI -----Yong Jin Industrial Company
YJJ -----Yale Judaica Journal
YJK -----Young Jedi Knight
YJL -----Young Jewish Leadership
YJM -----Yayasan Jantung Malaysia
YJN -----Young Jedi Niagara
YJO -----Youth Jazz Orchestra
YJP -----Young Jewish Professional
YJQ -----Yellow Jacket Quadrangular
YJR -----Youth Justice Renewal
YJS -----Youth Justice Services
YJT -----Youth Justice Team
YJU -----Youth Justice Unit
YJV -----Youth-Junior Volleyball
YJW -----Yarmuk-Jordan Waters
YJX -----Young Jewish Experience
YJY -----Ympaeristoejohtamisen Yhdistyksen
YJZ -----Yellow Jacket Zone
YKA -----Yacht Klub Achenkirch
YKB -----Yapi Kredi Bankasi
YKC -----Yale Kendo Club
YKD -----Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
YKE -----Yellowknife
YKF -----Yayasan Kesejahteraan Fatayat
YKG -----Northern Yukaghir
YKH -----Yung Kong Holdings
YKI -----Ytkemiska Institutet
YKJ -----Yhtenaeis Koordinaatti Jaerjestelmae
YKK -----something to do with zips
YKL -----Yayasan Konservasi Laut
YKM -----You're Kidding Me
YKN -----Yukon, Kuskokwim, and Norton Sound
YKO -----Ukrainskyi Cultunyi Oseredok
YKP -----Yhteisen Kalastuspolitiikan
YKQ -----Waskanganish, Quebec
YKR -----Yalu King Ranch
YKS -----Yamashita Karate Studio
YKT -----Yeast Killer Toxin
YKU -----Young Koreans United
YKV -----Yamato Karate Verein
YKW -----You Know Who
YKX -----Kirkland Lake, Ontario
YKY -----Young Kettle's Yard
YKZ -----King City, Ontario
YLA -----Youth Leadership Academy
YLB -----Youth League Baseball
YLC -----Youth Leadership Conference
YLD -----American Bar Association -----Young Lawyers Division
YLE -----Young Learners English
YLF -----Youth Leadership Forum
YLG -----Youth Libraries Group
YLH -----Your Logo Here
YLI -----Youth Leadership Institute
YLJ -----Youth Leadership Jacksonville
YLK -----Yayasan Lembaga Konsumen
YLL -----Young Labor Left
YLM -----Yachtclub Litzelstetten Mainau
YLN -----Yorkshire Library News
YLO -----Youth Leadership Omaha
YLP -----Yosemite Lakes Park
YLQ -----La Tuque, Quebec
YLR -----Youth Leader Retreat
YLS -----Youth Leadership Seminar
YLT -----Youth Leadership Training
YLU -----Youth Leaders University
YLV -----Yalova'da
YLW -----Yellow
YLX -----Youth Leadership Exchange
YLY -----Yad L'Yad
YLZ -----You LoZe
YMA -----Young Musicians & Artists
YMB -----You Must Be ....
YMC -----Youth Missionary Corps
YMD -----Your Message Dated ....
YME -----Young's Modulus of Elasticity
YMF -----Young Musicians Foundation
YMG -----Young Marble Giants
YMH -----Young Moore and Henderson, P.A.
YMI -----Why Am I ....
YMJ -----Yonsei Medical Jorunal
YMK -----Yrkesgrupper mot Kaernvapen
YML -----Why Markup Language
YMM -----Your Mileage May ....
YMN -----Youth Media Network
YMO -----Yellow Magic Orchestra
YMP -----Yucca Mountain Project
YMQ -----Youth Ministry Quarterly
YMR -----Yellow Mustang Registry
YMS -----Yield Management System
YMT -----Yanko Moto Tours (Motorcycle Tour Company in Chile)
YMU -----Y-net Management Unit
YMV -----Young Musicians of Virginia
YMW -----You Might Win
YMX -----Yokogawa Marex Limited
YMY -----Your Message Yesterday
YMZ -----Yard Management Zone
YNA -----York Neurosurgical Associates, PC
YNB -----Yardville National Bank
YNC -----You're Not Coming
YND -----Youth Networking Desk
YNE -----Yugoslavia versus Netherlands
YNF -----Yacimientos Naturalmente Fracturados
YNG -----YouNG
YNH -----Your Name Here
YNI -----Yonkers Network, Inc.
YNJ -----YesNoJAPAN Corporation
YNK -----Yngre Nuklearmedicineres Klub
YNL -----You're Not Listening
YNM -----You aNd Me
YNN -----Youth News Network
YNO -----Yeungnam Observer
YNP -----Yellowstone National Park
YNQ -----Yesterdays New Quintet
YNR -----You have No Return
YNS -----You Know Squat
YNT -----Young Neurologists and Trainees
YNU -----Yokohama National University
YNV -----Why Envy?
YNW -----You're Not Welcome
YNX -----Upsilon Nu Chi
YNY -----Young New Yorkers
YNZ -----Yachting New Zealand
YOA -----Youth Orchestra Association
YOB -----Year Of Birth
YOC -----Youth Opportunity Center
YOD -----Year of Diversity
YOE -----Youth Outreach Education
YOF -----Youth Outreach Foundation
YOG -----Yardcraft, Oiler, Gasoline (naval vessel type)
YOH -----Your Own Hair
YOI -----Young Offenders Institution
YOJ -----Yankee Oscar Juliet
YOK -----Ylioppilaskylaesaeaetioen Kylaeverkko
YOL -----Yellow OnLine
YOM -----Youth on Mission
YON -----Fuel Oil Barge (Non-Self Propelled) (US Naval Ship type)
YOO -----Youth Opportunities Office
YOP -----Youth Opportunities Programme
YOQ -----Your Own Question
YOR -----Youth Opportunities in Retailing
YOS -----Years Of Service
YOT -----Yield Optimization Test
YOU -----Youth Opportunities Unlimited
YOV -----Yayasan Ohoivuur
YOW -----Year Of the Wombat
YOX -----Yttrium Oxide
YOY -----You're On Your ....
YOZ -----Youth Only Zone
YPA -----Young Politicians of America
YPB -----Yardcraft, Personnel, Barracks
YPC -----Young People's Chorus of New York City
YPD -----Yellow Page Directory
YPE -----Your Planet Earth
YPF -----Yellowstone Park Foundation
YPG -----Young Pharmacists' Group
YPH -----Young Professionals of Houston
YPI -----Young People's Institute
YPJ -----Yayasan Pendidikan Jayawijaya
YPK -----Yayasan Panca Karsa
YPL -----You're Probably Lost
YPM -----Yellow Pages Media
YPN -----You're Probably Nuts
YPO -----Young President's Organization
YPP -----Young Professionals Program
YPQ -----Yale Political Quarterly
YPR -----Young Person's Railcard
YPS -----Yellow Pages Superhighway
YPT -----Youth Protection Training
YPU -----Yale Political Union
YPV -----Youth Pride Village
YPW -----Young Performers Workshop
YPX -----Yeast-extract Peptone Xylose
YPY -----Your Precious You
YPZ -----Young People Zone
YQA -----Yorkshire Quality Alliance
YQB -----Quebec, Quebec
YQC -----Yield Quality Control
YQD -----Yi Quan Dao
YQE -----Yquem
YQF -----Prototype Drone Fighter
YQG -----Windsor, Ontario
YQH -----Young, Queer, and Homeless
YQI -----YourQuest Internet
YQJ -----North Africa
YQK -----Youthquakers
YQL -----YouthQuake Live
YQM -----Yield Quality Management
YQN -----Yorkshire Quality Network
YQO -----Aylmer, Ontario
YQP -----Quartz-Plagioclase Gneiss
YQQ -----Comox, British Columbia
YQR -----Year-Quarter
YQS -----Young Quiet and Single
YQT -----Thunder Bay, Ontario
YQU -----University of Queensland Library
YQV -----Yorkton, Saskatchewan
YQW -----Yantai-Qing-dao-Wulian
YQX -----Gander, Newfoundland
YQY -----Sydney, Nova Scotia
YQZ -----Quartz Mountain Resources
YRA -----Yacht Racing Association
YRB -----Youth Risk Behavior
YRC -----Yorkshire Riding Centre
YRD -----Youth Resources Division
YRE -----You'RE
YRF -----Y ReFerence (axis reference point)
YRG -----Your Rocket Gallery
YRH -----Yves R. Hamel et Associes, Inc.
YRI -----York-rite Research Institute
YRJ -----Youth Riders Journal
YRK -----York International Journal
YRL -----Yellowhead Regional Library
YRM -----Yahweh's Restoration Ministry
YRN -----Yacht Racing Newsletter
YRO -----Year-Round Operations
YRP -----Youth Restoration Program
YRQ -----Trois Rivieres, Quebec
YRR -----Youth Retreat Resources
YRS -----Years
YRT -----York Region Transit
YRU -----Why Are You ....
YRV -----Young Rich and Violent
YRW -----Young Researchers Workshop
DLB -----Deep Listening Band
DRZ -----Deep Reconnaissance Zone
DSV -----Deep Sea Vehicle
DUB -----Deep Underground Basing
DVT -----Deep Vein Thrombosis
DCN -----Defence Communications Network
DIA -----Defence Intelligence Agency
DEF -----Defend
DAD -----Defense Acquisition Deskbook
DAU -----Defense Acquisition University
DAG -----Defense Aerial Gunner
DAH -----Defense Agency Head
DFH -----Defense Family Housing
DFR -----Defense Fuel Region
DGM -----Defense Guidance Memorandum
DIB -----Defense Industrial Base
DII -----Defense Information Infrastructure
DLI -----Defense Language Institute
DLA -----Defense Logistics Agency
DPR -----Defense Performance Review
DSN -----Defense Switched Network
DWM -----Defense Waste Management
DGU -----Defensive Gun Use
DQU -----Deganawidah-Quetzalcoatl University
DJD -----Degenerative Joint Disorder
DEG -----Degree(s)
DGN -----Degrees Grid North
DOF -----Degrees Of Freedom
DEL -----Delaware
DNG -----Delaware National Guard
DHC -----Delayed Hydrogen Cracking
DJE -----Delayed Job Entry
DNC -----Delayed Neutron Counter
DNM -----Delayed Neutron Monitor
DTS -----Delerium TremenS
DNY -----Delight New York
DIQ -----Delivered Image Quality
DFJ -----Delta Force Junkie
DKE -----Delta Kappa Epsilon
DYO -----Delta Youth Orchestra
DHF -----Demand History File
DPU -----Demand Processing Unit
DMZ -----DeMilitarized Zone
DEM -----Democrat
DPJ -----Democratic Party of Japan
DUP -----Democratic Unionist Party
DDZ -----Demo-Digitalzaehler
DHK -----Den Haag Koninklijke-bibliotheek
DXQ -----Denominator times Quotient
DHY -----Dental Hygiene
DYR -----"Dentsu, Young and Rubicam"
DAY -----Denver Archdiocese Youth
DYP -----Denver Young Professionals
DOM -----"Deo Optimo Maximo (trans: to God, the best and greatest)"
NOJ -----Deoxynojirimycin
DNA -----Deoxyribo(se)Nucleic acid
DUD -----Deoxyuridine Diphosphate
DOD -----Department of Defence
DES -----Department of Education and Science
DEQ -----Department of Environmental Quality
DFW -----Department of Fish and Wildlife
DFO -----Department of Fisheries and Oceans
DOH -----Department Of Health
DHH -----Department of Health and Hospitals
DHW -----Department of Health and Welfare
DHS -----Department of Health Services
HEW -----"department of Health, Education and Welfare (US)"
DOJ -----Department of Justice
DJJ -----Department of Juvenile Justice
DMH -----Department of Mental Health
DMV -----Department of Motor Vehicles
DND -----Department of National Defence
DRD -----Department of Redundancy Department
DSS -----Department of Social Services
DAF -----Department of the Air Force
DOT -----Department Of the Treasury
DTI -----Department of Trade and Industry
DVA -----Department of Veterans Affairs
DWJ -----Department of World Justice
DYS -----Department of Youth Services
DNX -----Departmental Network eXchange
DOO -----Departmental Organization Order
DEP -----Departs
DYA -----Dependent Youth Activity
DXH -----Depth by Height
DCG -----Deputy Commanding General
DSM -----Deputy Stage Manager
DBY -----Derbyshire
DIZ -----Description in Zip
DQN -----Desert Quilters of Nevada
DBI -----Design Basis Incident
DBB -----Design Bid Build
DFQ -----Design For Quality
DFT -----Design For Test
DFE -----Design For the Environment
DGW -----Design Gross Weight
DIE -----Design Interface Engineer
DMT -----Design Manufacture and Test
DQT -----Design Qualification Test
DRS -----Design Representation Standard
DRO -----Design Requirements Overview
DRB -----Design Review Board
DUF -----Design Up Front
DWL -----Design WaterLine
DWR -----Design With Reuse
DZM -----Design Zentrum Muenchen
DGZ -----Designated Ground Zero
DQP -----Designated Qualified Person
DTP -----Desktop Publishing
DHA -----Destination Hardware Address
DZK -----Destination Zyklon
DKF -----Det Kooperative Faellesforbund
DTL -----Detail
DFI -----Detailed Facility Information
DLE -----Detailed Ledger Entry
DRW -----Detroit Red Wings
DYC -----Detroit Yacht Club
DET -----"Detroit, Michigan"
DBP -----Deutsche Bundis Post
DDR -----Deutsche Demokratische Republik (German Democratic Republic)
DXY -----Deutsche Energy Index
DEJ -----Deutsche Esperanto Jugend
DFG -----Deutsche ForschungsGemeinschaft [German Community of Research]
DFN -----Deutsche Forschungsnetz Verein (German Research Network Association)
DFV -----Deutsche Frisbeesport Verband
DGK -----Deutsche Geodtische Kommission
DGO -----Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Onkologie
GTZ -----Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit
DHI -----Deutsche Hydrographische Institut
DIN -----Deutsche Industrie-Norm (German industrial standard)
DIK -----Deutsche Internet Kommunikation
DJK -----Deutsche Jugend Kraft
DJR -----Deutsche Jugend Russland
DKV -----Deutsche Kanu-Verband
DKJ -----Deutsche Kommission Justitia
DKP -----Deutsche Kommunistische Partei (German Communist Party)
DMJ -----Deutsche Marine-Jugend
DSJ -----Deutsche Sport Jugend
DUX -----Deutsche Umwelt Index
DUH -----Deutsche Umwelthilfe
DVZ -----Deutsche Verkehrs Zeitung
DVU -----Deutsche Volksunion
DWV -----Deutsche Wasserstoff-Verband
DWZ -----Deutsche Wertungs Zahlen
DWK -----Deutsche Windsurfer Klassenvereinigung
DZZ -----Deutsche Zahnrztliche Zeitschrift
DZJ -----Deutsche Zelt Jugend
ZBW -----"Deutsche ZentralBibliothek fr Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Kiel"
DZG -----Deutsche Zentrale fuer Globetrotter
DZT -----Deutsche Zentrale fuer Tourismus
DZR -----Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei
DVJ -----Deutschen Volleyball Journal
DHB -----Deutscher Hockey Bund
DJV -----Deutscher Jagdschutz Verband
DJB -----Deutscher Judobund
DJZ -----Deutscher Kalibrierdienst
DKD -----Deutscher Kalibrierdienst
DXB -----Deutscher Xianggi Bund
DZV -----Deutscher Zahntechniker Verband
DIJ -----Deutsches Institut fuer Japanstudien
DJH -----Deutsches Jugendherbbergswerk
DKZ -----Deutsches Kartenlege Zentrum
DKI -----Deutsches Kunststoff Institut
DPZ -----Deutsches Primatenzentrum
DRK -----Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
DZN -----Deutsches Zahnarzt-Netz
DZH -----Deutsches Zentraleregister fuer kinlische Hoerstoerungen
DZA -----Deutsches Zentrum fuer Attersfragen
DJG -----Deutsch-Japanischen Gesellschaft
DZX -----Deutz
DCV -----deux cheval-vapeur (aka 2CV)
DAX -----Developer API eXtensions
DRG -----Developer Relations Group
DSE -----Developer Support Engineer
DEV -----development
DBJ -----Development Bank of Japan
DPE -----Development Project Engineer
DSY -----Development School for Youth
QYV -----Deventer (Netherlands)
DWC -----Dever Water Cont.
DCK -----Device Configuration Kit
DDI -----Device Dependent Interface
DUT -----Device Under Test
DUS -----Device Unified Services
DEX -----dexterity
DXM -----Dextromethorphan
DXO -----Dextrorphan
DEZ -----Dezember
DHU -----Dhurga
DKA -----Diabetes Ketoacidosis
DKQ -----Diabetes Knowledge Questionnaire
DVN -----Diabetesvereniging Nederland
DYF -----Diabetic Youth Foundation
DXR -----Diagnostic Reasoning
DAZ -----Dial A Zipcode
DSI -----Dial Services Interface
DTF -----Dial Tone First payphone [Telephony]
DTO -----Dial Tone Office
DUN -----Dial Up Networking
DBN -----Dial-Back Number
DDU -----Dialog Data Unit
DDV -----Dialog Data Validation
DUL -----Dial-Up Line
DBH -----Diamater Breast Height
DJQ -----Diamond Jo Quarry
DPH -----Diamond Pyramid Hardness
DQD -----Diamond Quality Document
DQR -----Diamond Quality Report
DQJ -----Diamonds-Queen Jack
DZQ -----Diaziridinylbenzoquinone
DBT -----Di-Butyl Tin
DUY -----Dicamay Agta
DCZ -----Dichlorobenzene
DDT -----DichlororDiphenylTricholoethane (CCl3CH-(C6H4Cl)2)
DNB -----Dictionary of National Biography
DNF -----Did Not Finish
DGS -----Diego Garcia Station
DHG -----Die-Hard Gamer
DZL -----Diesel
DGB -----Diesel Generator Building
DHD -----Diesel Heavy Duty engine
DIF -----difference
DMR -----Differential Microwave Radiometer
DQE -----Differential Quantum Efficiency
DPV -----Differential-Pulse Voltammetry
DXS -----Diffuse X-ray Scattering
DDW -----Digestive Disease Week
DAB -----Digital Audio Broadcasting
DAP -----Digital Audio Processing
DAT -----Digital Audio Tape
DAV -----Digital Audio Video
DAW -----Digital Audio Workstation
DBC -----Digital Battlefield Communications
DXD -----Digital by Digital
DCC -----Digital Compact Cassette
DCT -----Digital Control Transformer
DXX -----Digital Cross Connect
DXC -----Digital Cross-Connect
DDD -----Digital Digital Digital (recording technique)
DDH -----Digital Distributed Hardware
DFX -----Digital Effects
DEE -----Digital Electronic Engine
DEO -----Digital End Office
DXP -----Digital Exchange Product
DFP -----Digital Free Press
DGT -----"Digital Gene Technologies, Inc."
DIL -----Digital Impairment Learning
DIU -----Digital Interface Unit
DJO -----Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
DKX -----Digital Key Exchange
DLN -----Digital Library Network
DLP -----Digital Light Processing
DLG -----Digital Line Graph
DLU -----Digital Line Unit
DMF -----Digital Matched Filter
DMI -----Digital Multiplexed Interface
DNU -----Digital Networking Unit
DOQ -----Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
DPY -----Digital Partners Youth
DPL -----Digital Power Line
DRX -----Digital Radio Receiver
DRH -----Digital Resources for the Humanities
DSX -----Digital Signal Cross-connect
DSP -----Digital Signal Processor
DSL -----Digital Subscriber Line
DTJ -----Digital Technical Journal
DTV -----Digital TeleVision
DTA -----Digital Tone Adapter
DUJ -----Digital Urology Journal
DVD -----Digital Versatile Disc
DVB -----Digital Video Broadcasting
DVC -----Digital Video Cassette
DVE -----Digital Video Effect
DVG -----Digital Video Graphic
DVI -----Digital Video Interactive
DVL -----Digital Video Link
DVS -----Digital Video Superimpose
DVX -----Digital Voice eXchange
DVK -----Digital Voice Keyer
DVH -----Digital Vortex Heater
DWO -----Digital Ware Osaka
DZC -----Digital Zoom Controller
DGX -----Digoxin
DHP -----Di-Heptyl Phthalate
DHZ -----Dihydrozebularine
DMS -----Di-methyl sulphide
DIM -----Diminuendo
DGQ -----Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette
DNT -----Di-NitroToluene
DLW -----Dinosaurs of the Lost World
DIW -----D-Inside Wire [AT&T]
DPT -----"Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (vaccine)"
DIP -----Diploma
DIC -----Diploma of Imperial College
DSW -----Dirac Scattered-Wave
DXU -----Direccion Xeral de Universidades
DBX -----Direct Branch eXchange
DBS -----Direct Broadcast Satellite
DCH -----Direct Containment Heating
DCX -----Direct Current eXperiment
DXA -----Direct Exchange Activity
DXG -----Direct Exchange-Geothermal
DGI -----Direct Gasoline Injection [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
DGA -----Direct Graphics Access
DKG -----Direct Kick Goal (soccer)
DMA -----Direct Memory Access
DME -----Direct Memory Execution
DOX -----Direct Operation eXchange
DPC -----Direct Program Control
DSB -----Direct Satellite Broadcasting
DTH -----Direct To Home
DZE -----Direct Zone Expansion
DIR -----Director
DGE -----Director General-Environment
DEH -----Director of Engineering and Housing
DIO -----Director of Industrial Operations
DNL -----Director of Naval Laboratories
DON -----Director of Nursing
DPP -----Director of Public Prosecutions
DRE -----Director of Religious Education
DJS -----"Director, Joint Staff"
DGH -----Directorate General of Hydrocarbons
DCP -----Directorate of Civilian Personnel
DGC -----Directors Guild of Canada
DDN -----Directory Distinguished Name
DHT -----Directory Hash Table
DUA -----Directory User Agent
DEN -----Directory-Enabled Networking
DVO -----Direct-View Optics
DRI -----Dirty Rotten Imbeciles [American Punk Band]
DIG -----Disabled Income Group
DRJ -----Disaster Recovery Journal
DOS -----Disc Operating System
DJM -----Disciples of Jesus and Mary
DYY -----Discipline Youth and You
DRQ -----Disengage Request
DFS -----Disk Filing System
DJX -----Disk Jockey Extreme
DUW -----Disk Usage for Windows
DFZ -----Dislocation Free Zone
DNZ -----Disney New Zealand
DSF -----Dispersion-Strengthened Ferritic
DRM -----Display Request Matrix
DPX -----Disposable Pipette eXtraction
DMQ -----Disquieting Muses Quarterly
DGP -----Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
DMW -----Dissimilar-Metal Weld
DXW -----Distance and Weight
DLD -----Distance Learning Directorate
DXV -----Distance Receiver Verification
DEW -----Distant Early Warning
DHN -----Distant Healing Network
DFC -----Distinguished Flying Cross
DFM -----Distinguished Flying Medal
DSC -----Distinguished Service Cross
DSO -----Distinguished Service Order
DVQ -----Distinguished Visitors Quarters
DWA -----Distorted Wave Approximation
DWE -----Distorted-Wave approximation with Exchange
DWX -----Distorted-Wave approximation with eXchange
DAJ -----Distributed Area Jamming
DCA -----Distributed Computing Architecture
DDX -----Distributed Data eXchange
DDP -----Distributed Data Processor
DGL -----Distributed Graphics Language
DOI -----Distributed Object Infrastructure
DQH -----Distributed Query Handler
DQS -----Distributed Queueing System
DQQ -----Distribution Quantity and Quality
DAE -----District Airport Engineer
DCJ -----District Chief Judge
DNV -----District of North Vancouver
DYD -----District Youth Director
DKN -----Distriktkommando Nord-Norges
DTQ -----Ditch The Queen
DTT -----Dithiothreitol
DBG -----Diversified Business Group
DAC -----Divide And Conquer
DTW -----Divide The World
DNN -----Diving Network Nippon
DIV -----Division
DBM -----Division Battle Model
DCS -----Division Combat Support
DHQ -----Division HeadQuarters
DIH -----Division of International Health
DUE -----Division of Undergraduate Education
DWQ -----Division of Water Quality
DOG -----Division Officer's Guide
DTZ -----Division Tactical Zone
DJF -----Divorced Jewish Female
DYB -----Dixie Youth Baseball
DOU -----Dixon Odom University
DYX -----Diyixian
DZY -----DiZzY
DJW -----Djawi
DJI -----Djibouti (262) ISO 3-letter country code
DYI -----Djimini Senoufo
DMC -----DJs Mixing Club
DNE -----Do Not Erase
DNK -----Do Not Know
DNO -----Do Not Open
DNP -----Do Not Print
DNQ -----Do Not Quote
DNR -----Do Not Resuscitate
DYK -----Do You Know
DYM -----Do You Mean ....
DYJ -----Do Yourself Justice
DYZ -----Dockyard Zone
DCL -----Doctor of Civil Law
DDS -----Doctor of Dental Surgery
LLD -----Doctor of Laws (legum doctor)
LJD -----Doctor of Letters of Journalism
DMD -----Doctor of Medical Dentistry
PHD -----Doctor of Philosophy
DPM -----Doctor of Podiatic Medicine
SCD -----Doctor of Science
CHD -----Doctor of Surgery (Latn: Chirugiae Doctor)
DVM -----Doctor of Vetinary Medicine
VMD -----Doctor of Vetinary Medicine
DBQ -----Document Based Question
DDC -----Document Design Center
DHE -----Document Handling Equipment
DLS -----Document Library Services
DRR -----Document Release Record
DNI -----Documento Nacional de Identidad (ID)
DBA -----Doing Business As
DIY -----Do-It-Yourself
DSR -----Dolby Sound Reduction
DOL -----Dollar
ZWD -----Dollar (Zimbabwe) (ISO currency code)
DMO -----Domain Management Organization
DNH -----Domain Name Handbook
DNS -----Domain Name Server
DAO -----Dominion Astronomical Observatory
DAA -----Dominion Automobile Association
DXL -----Domino XML Language
DLJ -----"Donaldson, Lufkin, Jenrette [securities firm]"
DYU -----DongYang University
DKY -----Donkey
DFB -----Don't Fight Back
DKM -----Don't Kid Me
DNJ -----Don't kNow Jack
DKW -----Don't Know Why
DMM -----Don't Mock Me
DMN -----Don't Move Now
DRY -----Don't Repeat Yourself (chat rooms)
DTM -----Don't Time Me
DWH -----Don't Walk Here
DWU -----Don't Want yoU
DOP -----Doppelganger
DGV -----Doppler Global Velocimetry
DZU -----Dorfzentrum Unterloisdorf
DLR -----DOS LAN Requester
DJA -----Dotation aux Jeunes Agriculteurs
DLQ -----Dot-matrix Letter Quality
DPI -----Dots Per Inch
DRV -----Douay-Rheims Version (of the Bible)
DDY -----Double DutY
DLK -----Double Lined Kraft
DPF -----Double Point Failure
DZD -----Double Zeta Diffuse
DZP -----Double Zeta Polarization
DDB -----Double-Declining Balance
DSD -----Double-Sided Disc
DSA -----Doughnut Sufferers Anonymous
DYH -----Dover Youth Hockey
DJN -----Dow Jones Newswires
DJT -----Dow Jones Transportation (stock index)
DJU -----Dow Jones Utilities (stock index)
VXZ -----Dowling College Library
DWN -----DoWN
DUZ -----Down Under Zone
DUR -----Down Unloaded Restricted
DYW -----Downingtown Young Whippets
DTU -----Download The Universe
DSK -----DownStream Keyer
DSQ -----DownStream Quartz
DVV -----Downward Vertical Velocity
DOZ -----Dozen
DZB -----DoZy Bugger
DDJ -----Dr. Dobbs Journal
DHJ -----Draft Horse Journal
DJP -----Dragon Jump Pack
DBZ -----DragonBall Z (Japanese anime)
DFK -----Drammen Flyklubb
DWG -----Drawing
DXE -----Drawing Exchange Engine
DXF -----Drawing Exchange Format
DWD -----DrawWorks Designer (software package)
DCY -----Dream Catcher Yachts
DTC -----Dream Theatre Content
DGJ -----Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects
DPB -----Drive Parameter Block
DDK -----Driver Development Kit
DRA -----Driver's Right Away
DUI -----Driving Under the Influence
DWB -----Driving While Blond
DWI -----Driving While Intoxicated
DWY -----Driving While Yakking
DKU -----Drop Kick Ugly
DLZ -----Drop Landing Zone
DEA -----Drug Enforcement Agency
DNW -----Drug Network
DFY -----Drug-Free Youth
DCI -----Drum Corps International
DBR -----Dual Band Radar
DDA -----Dual Digital Audio
DMX -----Dual Motorway eXtension
DPA -----Dual Phone Adapter
DPN -----Dual Processing Node
DQG -----Dubai Quality Group
DCU -----Dublin City University
DFF -----Dublin Film Festival
DGG -----Dublin Games Guild
DIT -----Dublin Institute of Technology
DUO -----Dublin Transportation Office
DHM -----Duct Hardfacing Material
KWS -----duff defunct British pop band
DOE -----Duke Of Edinburgh's award scheme
DUU -----Duke University Union
DHX -----Dump Heat eXchanger
DVF -----Dump Viewing Facility
DMG -----Dungeon Master's Guide
DHO -----Dunster Home Opera
DZI -----Duo-Zone International
DUQ -----Duquesne
DQZ -----Duquesne Light Company
DLV -----Duraguard Laminated Velvet
KLM -----Dutch national airline
DQB -----Dutch QSL Bureau
DRC -----Dutch Reformed Church
DYG -----Dutch Young Generation
DTY -----DuTY
DCM -----Duty Committee Member
DSH -----Dye-Sensitized Heterojunction
DYQ -----Dyna Glass
DKR -----Dynamic Knowledge Repository
DLL -----Dynamic Link Library
DLC -----Dynamic Load Control
DMK -----Dynamic Management Kit
DYV -----Dynamic Vector
DVP -----Dynamic Virus Protection
DZS -----Dynamobau Zeichen Saal
DYN -----Dyne (look it up!)
DUG -----Dynix Users Group
DJY -----Dynojet Yamaha
DZO -----Dzongkha
EAE -----Each And Every
ENT -----Ear Nose & Throat
EKL -----Earl K. Long Medical Center
EAD -----Earliest Arrival Date
EID -----Earliest Induction Date
ERY -----Early
EEP -----Early Experience Program
EFE -----Early Fuel Evaporation [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
EIT -----Early Interface Test (NIMA)
EIP -----Early Intervention Project
ELH -----Early Life History
EMB -----Early Morning Boner
EPT -----Early Pregnancy Test
ERX -----Early Registration Transfer
EUE -----Early User Evaluation
EUT -----Early User Test
EWB -----Early Warning Broadcast
EWL -----Early Warning Line
EWN -----Early Warning Net
EWR -----Early Warning Radar
EYS -----Early Years of Schooling
EYU -----Early Year's Unit
EGR -----Earned Growth Rate
ERA -----Earned Run Average (baseball)
EVF -----Earned Value Function
EVV -----Earned Value Verfahren
ERS -----Earnings-Related Supplement
EAS -----Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
EXI -----Earth Experience International
ESV -----Earth Satellite Vehicle
EQK -----Earthquake
ECV -----"Earthquake Controller, Vertical"
EHZ -----Earthquake HaZard
EQW -----Earthquake Warning
EPY -----Easeful Peaceful Yoga
EAJ -----East Africa Journal
EAP -----East Africa Protectorate
EAC -----East African Community
EBN -----East By North
EBS -----East By South
ECQ -----East Circular Quay
EEH -----East End Hospice
EJR -----East Jersey Railroad
EKR -----"East Kootenay Realty, Ltd."
ELD -----East Longitude Date
ELY -----East Lothian Yeomanry
EME -----East Midlands Electricity
ENE -----East North-East
ESE -----East South-East
ETW -----East to West
YUY -----East Yugur
EZT -----East Zorra-Tavistock
ECF -----Eastern Canadian Federation
EDT -----Eastern Daylight Time (US)
EET -----Eastern European Time
EKY -----Eastern Kentucky
EKN -----Eastern Kentucky Network
EKU -----Eastern Kentucky University
EST -----Eastern Standard Time (US)
ETP -----Eastern Tropical Pacific
EKC -----Eastman Kodak Company
VQJ -----Eastman Kodak Company Engineering Library
VQK -----Eastman Kodak Company Health and Safety Library
EWW -----East-West Winds
EZY -----Easy
EZQ -----Easy Cue
EZX -----Easy Exchange
EZJ -----'easy' Job
EQA -----Easy Questions and Answers
EPC -----Easy-Processing Channel
EBL -----Eat Before Lunchtime
EMC -----Eat My Crap
EYV -----Eat Your Vegetables
EIK -----Eat-In Kitchen (when describing an apartment)
EIG -----Eating Is Good
EZM -----Eccentrity Zero Molding
EPL -----Echo Path Loss
DXK -----Echocardiograph
EVX -----Eclipse Voice Exchange
EMN -----Ecole des Mines de Nantes
EGH -----Ecologae Geologicae Helvetiae
ELQ -----Ecology Law Quarterly
ECE -----Economic Commission for Europe
EDC -----Economic Development Committee
EOV -----Economic Order Van
EPQ -----Economic Production Quantity
ERC -----Economic Research Council
EIU -----Economist Intelligence Unit
ENI -----Ecumenical News International
EGG -----"Edgerton, Gemerhausen, And Grier"
EWA -----Edgewood Arsenal
EHS -----Edgewood High School
EAA -----Edinburgh Architechtural Association
QOZ -----Edison Township (New Jersey) Public Library
EDY -----Edit Data Yourself
EDN -----edition
EJX -----Editor Jboss XML
EYO -----Edmonson Youth Outreach
EHG -----Edmonton Homebrewers Guild
EDU -----education
EED -----Education and Evaluation Division
EDS -----Education Specialist
ESG -----Education Support Grant
EYL -----"Education, Youth and Leisure"
EIS -----Educational Institute of Scotland
EMG -----Educational Management Group
ESW -----Educational Statistics Workshop
ETN -----Educational Telephone Network
ETV -----Educational TeleVision
EWO -----Educational Welfare Officer
ESN -----Educationally Sub-Normal
EDW -----Edward
ERI -----Edwardus Rex et Imperator (Latin: Edward King and Emperor)
EKA -----Eesti Kunstiakadeemia
EBD -----Effective Bill Date
EDE -----Effective Dose Equivalent (of radiation)
EFP -----Effective Fragment Potential Method
EVB -----Effective Valence Bond
EZB -----Effective Zone Boundary
EFX -----Effects
FXP -----effects (FX) Pedal (guitars etc)
FXR -----effects (FX) Return
FXX -----Effects Extreme
EVP -----EGR Valve Position (sensor) [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
EGY -----Egypt
EEF -----Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EXG -----Eiffel X Graphics
EKQ -----Eigenkapitalquote
EBK -----Einstein-Brillouin-Keller
EKB -----Einstein-Brillouin-Keller [Quantization Method]
EWZ -----EinWandererZentralstelle
EFZ -----Eisenbahnfreunde Zollernbahn
EZV -----Eisenbahnzustaendigkeitsverordnung
EWK -----Eisenwerke Kaiserlauten
ECZ -----Eislauf-Club Zuerich
EOR -----Either
EYN -----Ekklesiyar Yan'uwa a Nigeria
OXG -----Elaeis Oleifera and Elaeis Guineensis
EAF -----Electric Arc Furnace
EFG -----Electric Field Gradient
EFV -----Electric Field Variant
EGQ -----Electric Guitar Quartet
EHH -----Electric HandHold
ELO -----Electric Light Orchestra
EPF -----Electric Penetration Feedthrough
EVW -----Electric Volkwagen
EWC -----Electric Water Cooler
EAW -----Electrical Association for Women
ELS -----Electrical Load Schedule
ERG -----Electrical Resistance Gauge
ESB -----Electrical Stimulation of the Brain
ETU -----Electrical Trades Union
EEE -----"Electrical, Electronic, Electromechanical"
ECG -----ElectroCardioGram
EKG -----electrocardiogram
EIX -----Electrochemical Ion Exchange
EVD -----Electrochemical Vapor Deposition
ECT -----ElectroConvulsive Therapy
EEJ -----Electroejaculation
EEG -----ElectroEncephaloGram
EGW -----Electro-Gas Welding
EHB -----Electro-Hydraulic Brake [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
EHD -----Electro-HydroDynamic
EKP -----Electrokinetic Phenomena
EMF -----ElectroMagnetic Frequency
EMD -----Electromagnetic Manufacturing Development
EMP -----ElectroMagnetic Pulse
EMR -----ElectroMagnetic Radiation
EMW -----Electro-Magnetic Wave
EMI -----Electro-Musical Industries
EBR -----Electron Beam Recording
EBW -----Electron Beam Welder
ECH -----Electron Cyclotron Heating
EIF -----Electron Impact Fluorescence
EIH -----Electron Ion Hybrid
END -----Electron Nuclear Dynamics
EPR -----Electron Paramagnetic Response
EQY -----Electron Quantum Yield
ESR -----Electron Spin Resonance
EAX -----Electronic Automatic eXchange
EBF -----Electronic Beam Fusion
EBX -----Electronic Book Exchange
EBB -----Electronic Bulletin Board
ECR -----Electronic Cash Register
ECN -----Electronic Components News [periodical]
ECM -----Electronic Counter-Measures
EDH -----Electronic Data Handling
EDI -----Electronic Data Interchange
EDP -----Electronic Data Processing
EDR -----Electronic Dictionary Research
EDL -----Electronic Discharge Laser
EEN -----Electronic Engineering News [periodical]
EXV -----Electronic Expansion Valve
EFM -----Electronic Fetal Monitor
EFF -----Electronic Font Foundry
EFN -----Electronic Frontier Norway
EFJ -----Electronic Frontiers Japan
EFI -----Electronic Fuel Injection (of car engines)
EFT -----Electronic Funds Transfer
EGJ -----Electronic Green Journal
EHX -----Electronic House Expo
EHR -----Electronic Human Resource
EIM -----Electronic Image Management
EJC -----Electronic Journal of Communication
EJO -----Electronic Journal of Oncology
EJP -----Electronic Journal of Probability
EKI -----Electronic Knowledge Interchange
ELJ -----Electronic Law Journal
ELA -----Electronic Learning Aid
ELX -----Electronic Learning Exchange
ENG -----Electronic News Gathering
ENP -----Electronic News Processing
EPX -----Electronic Payment Exchange
EPB -----Electronic Preparation of the Battlefield
ERO -----Electronic Return Originator
ETM -----Electronic Technical Manual
ETJ -----Electronic Training Jacket
ETF -----Electronic Transfer of Funds
EVO -----Electronic Vehicle Orifice [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
EVS -----Electronic Voice Switching
EVR -----Electronic Voltage Regulator
EWD -----Electronic Warfare Director
EWE -----Electronic Warfare Element
EWM -----Electronic Warfare Monitoring
EWS -----Electronic Warfare System
EWT -----Electronic Warfare Technology
ETO -----Electronics Technology Office
EPM -----Electron-Probe Microanalysis
EOG -----ElectroOculoGram
ERF -----Electrorheological Fluid
ESD -----ElectroStatic Discharge
EQQ -----Electrostatic Quadrupole-Quadrupole
ESU -----ElectroStatic Unit
ETL -----ElecTrotechnical Laboratory
EUF -----Electro-UltraFiltration
ESZ -----Elektrische Strassenbahn Zuerich
EKS -----Elektrizitaetswerk des Kantons Schaffhausen
EKZ -----Elektrizittswerken des Kantons Zrich
EMV -----Elektro-Magnetische Vertrglichkeit
EVK -----Elektronik von Kerschhaggl
EZI -----Elektronische Zahlungssysteme im Internet
EZD -----Elektronischen Zolldokumentation
EZU -----Elektrotechnicky Zkusebni Ustav
EYQ -----Element Youth Quarterly
ENU -----Elementary Neutralization Unit
LLY -----Eli Lilly and Company
EAG -----ELINT Advisory Group
EDQ -----Elite Du Quebec
EGV -----Elk Grove Village
EHK -----Elterninitiative HIV-betroffener Kinder
EOC -----E-mail Of Comment
ECK -----Embedded Component Kit
EDK -----Embedded Development Kit
ETK -----Embedded Toolkit
EZW -----Embedded Zero-tree Wavelet
EMY -----Emergency
EAL -----Emergency Action Level
EAM -----Emergency Action Message
EAO -----Emergency Actions Officer
EEW -----Emergency Equipment Wing
EEV -----Emergency Escape Vehicle
EFW -----Emergency FeedWater
EMH -----Emergency Medical Hologram (from Star Trek)
EMJ -----Emergency Medical Journal
EMT -----Emergency Medical Technician
ENW -----Emergency Nursing World
EOH -----Emergency Operation Headquarters
EOO -----Emergency Operations Officer
EPZ -----Emergency Planning Zone
EPK -----Emergency Product Kit
ERU -----Emergency Rescue Utility
ERD -----Emergency Reserve Decoration
ERN -----Emergency Response Notification
ERH -----Emergency Ride Home
ESI -----Emergency Services Interface
ETG -----Emerging Technologies Group
EVN -----Emerging Venture Network
ELP -----Emerson Lake & Palmer (70s band)
EPG -----Eminent Persons Group
EDZ -----Emission Density Zoning
EKJ -----"Emmett Kelly, Junior (circus)"
EJL -----Emotional Journey Line
EQJ -----Emotional Quotient Japan
EKM -----Empirical Kinetic Model
EWP -----Employee Wellness Program
EVH -----Employers in Voluntary Housing
EIV -----Employment Innovations Victoria (Australia)
ELB -----Employment Law Brief
ELM -----Emulsion Liquid Membrane
ENR -----En Route
EPS -----Encapsulated PostScript
EDJ -----Enchanted Dreams Jewelry
ENC -----enclosed
ENJ -----Encyclopedia of New Jersey
EYD -----Encyclopedia of Yacht Designers
EFR -----End Function Review
EIQ -----End Item Quantity
EOB -----End Of Block
EOE -----End Of Everything
EOF -----End Of File
EOI -----End Of Interrupt
EOJ -----End Of Job
EOL -----End Of Line
EOM -----End Of Message
EON -----End Of Number
EOP -----End Of Process
EOQ -----End Of Quarter
EOT -----End Of Tape
ETX -----End of TeXt
EOW -----End Of Week
EOY -----End Of Year [often used in financial reports]
EOZ -----End Of Zone
ESH -----End System Hello
EUQ -----End Unit Qualification
EUC -----End User Computer
EUU -----End User Update
EUM -----End Users Manual
EIR -----Endangerment Information Report
EDV -----End-Diastolic Volume
EUP -----End-User Proxy
EUS -----End-User Support
EPW -----Enemy Prisoner of War
EUK -----Energiesparen und Klima
EUB -----Energy and Utilities Board
EUN -----Energy User News
EDX -----Energy-Dispersive X-ray (Spectroscopy)
EER -----Energy-Efficiency Ratio
EZF -----Engaged Zen Foundation
EFH -----Engine Flight Hours
ELE -----Engine Life Expectancy
EOK -----Engine Overhaul Kit
EQT -----Engine Qualification Test
EIC -----Engineer In Chief
ETE -----Engineer Test Equipment
ECJ -----Engineering Change Journal
EFD -----Engineering Flow Diagram
EIA -----Engineering Industries Association
EQF -----Engineering Quality Forum
ERB -----Engineering Review Board
EWH -----Engineering World Health
ENZ -----Engineers of New Zealand
EFL -----English as a Foreign Language
ESL -----English as a Second Language
EBC -----English Benedictine Congregation
EBH -----English Boot House
EDD -----English Dialect Dictionary
EGU -----English Golf Union
EHL -----English Hockey League
ELL -----English Language Laboratory
ELT -----English Language Teaching
ELU -----English Language Unit
ENB -----English National Ballet
ENO -----English National Opera
ZHC -----English Nederlands Zaanse Hockey Club
ERV -----English Revised Version (of the bible)
EYR -----Enhance Your Romance
EFS -----Enhanced Filing System
EGA -----Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGP -----Enhanced Graphics Processor
EGS -----Enhanced Graphics System
EGE -----Enhanced Greenhouse Effect
EIW -----Enhanced Imagery Workstation
EIO -----Enhanced Input
EJS -----Enhanced JTIDS System
EPE -----Enhanced Privacy and Encryption
EQI -----Enhanced Quality Inspection
ERW -----Enhanced Radiation Weapon
ETB -----Enhanced Technology Base
EVC -----Enhanced Video Connector
EYT -----Enjoy Yourself Tonight
ENL -----enlarge(d)
ENQ -----ENQuiry
EXO -----Enriched Xenon Observatory
ENM -----Enrolled Nurse (Mental)
ENS -----ensemble
EFK -----Enskede Frisbee Klubb
EAB -----Enterprise Access Builder
EAI -----Enterprise Application Integration
EBA -----Enterprise Bargaining Agreement
EJB -----Enterprise JavaBeans
EMX -----Enterprise Messaging eXchange
ERQ -----Enterprise Resource Query
EXA -----Enterprise X Architecture
EZC -----Enterprise Zone tax Credit
ENY -----Entomology
EJQ -----Entraide Jeunesse Quebec
EKV -----Entwicklung Konstruktion Vertrieb
ENV -----envelope
EFB -----Environment and Food Bureau
EYI -----Environment Youth Internship
EMO -----Environmental and Monitoring Office
EAR -----Environmental Aspects Report
EEK -----Environmental Education for Kids
EEU -----Environmental Engineering Unit
EGI -----Environmental Graphical Information
EHA -----Environmental Health Agency
EHC -----Environmental Health Committee
EHJ -----Environmental Health Journal
EHN -----Environmental Health Network
EHO -----Environmental Health Officer
EII -----Environmental Investigations Instruction
EJG -----Environmental Justice Group
ELI -----Environmental Law Institute
ELC -----Environmental Literacy Council
ELZ -----Environmental Living Zone
ENN -----Environmental News Network
EPA -----Environmental Protection Agency (US)
EQB -----Environmental Quality Board
EQD -----Environmental Quality Division
EQM -----Environmental Quality Modeling
EQO -----Environmental Quality Objective
EQS -----Environmental Quality Standard
ERE -----Environmental Restoration Engineering
EUL -----Environmental Unit Leader
EVM -----Environmental Vapor Monitor
EWG -----Environmental Working Group
EYA -----Environmental Youth Alliance
ESA -----Environmentally Sensitive Area
EPH -----Ephesians (new testament)
UXX -----Epic Unreal Tournament 2003 Cache file
EYE -----Epics-General
EYZ -----Epics-Other
EGF -----Epidermal Growth Factor
EYG -----Episcopal Youth Group
EEQ -----Epistula Electronica Quercopolitana
EZP -----Epoxy Zinc Phosphate
EEL -----Epsilon Extension Language
EBV -----Epstein-Barr Virus
EQU -----EQUal
EEO -----Equal Employment Opportunity
EJF -----Equal Justice Foundation
EJI -----Equal Justice Initiative
EAV -----Equalized Assessed Valuation
KEQ -----EQualized Temperature in Degrees Kelvin
EQN -----equation
GNQ -----Equatorial Guinea (226) ISO 3-letter country code
EQZ -----Equiaxed Zone
EIE -----Equilibrium Isotope Effect
EVJ -----Equine Veterinary Journal
EQX -----Equinox
EQP -----equipment
ECO -----Equipment Change Order
EDA -----Equipment Decontamination Area
EMM -----Equipment Maintenance Mission
ENF -----Equipment Not-operationally-ready to Fire
EPN -----Equipment Piece Number
EQL -----Equipment Qualification List
EQR -----Equipment Qualification Record
EQV -----equivalent
EBO -----Equivalent Bond Orbital
EFO -----Equivalent Field Office
EQE -----Equivalent Quantum Efficiency
EQH -----Equivalent Quarter Hour
EZN -----Erfinderzentrum Norddeutschland
EKX -----Ergatikoy Kentroy Xalkidikhs
EIJ -----Eritrean Islamic Jihad
ERR -----Error
EHP -----Error Handling Package
ERL -----Error Reference Line
EUZ -----Erwerbsunfaehigkeits-Zusatzversicherung
EZG -----Erzeugergemeinschaft
EZZ -----Erzeugerzusammenschluesse
EZH -----Erzherzog
ESC -----escape key
EGN -----Escola de Guerra Naval
ESJ -----Escort Support Jammer
EES -----Escrowed Encryption Standard
ESK -----ESKimo
EOA -----Esophageal Obturator Airway
EFY -----Especially For Youth
EIL -----Esprit International Limited
ESQ -----Esquire
ESS -----Essex
EZL -----Estazolam
ECD -----Estimated Completion Date
ETA -----Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD -----Estimated Time of Departure
ETI -----Estimated Time of Interception
ETR -----Estimated Time of Return
EWY -----Estimated Work Years
EBG -----Estonian Beer Guide
ETC -----ET Cetera
HKN -----Eta Kappa Nu
EGX -----Ethernet Gateway
EEY -----Ethics of European Youth
ETH -----Ethiopia(n)
ENH -----Ethiopian News Headlines
KXQ -----Ethyl Alcohol
EOS -----Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
ETY -----Etymology
ENK -----Eukephalin
ECP -----Euro-Commercial Paper
EYK -----Euroopan Ympaeristoekeskuksen
EZK -----Europaeische Zentrum fuer Kriminalpraevention
EIZ -----Europaeischen Informations-Zentrum
EYJ -----Europaeischen Jugendforums
EGK -----Europaeisches Graduierten Kolleg
EMZ -----Europaeisches Migrationszentrum
EVZ -----Europaeisches Verbraucherzentrum
EZA -----Europaeisches Zentrum fuer Arbeitsnehmerfragen
EMK -----Europaministerkonferenz
EUR -----Europe(an)
EAN -----European Academic Network
EAY -----European Alliance of YMCAs
EBJ -----European Biophysics Journal
EBU -----European Broadcasting Union
ECB -----European Chemicals Bureau
ECS -----European Communications Satellite
ECA -----European Confederation of Agriculture
ECX -----European Cultural Exchange
ECU -----European Currency Unit
EDG -----European Democratic Group
EDF -----European Development Fund
EEC -----European Economic Community
EEX -----European Energy Exchange
EEB -----European Environmental Bureau
EFA -----European Fighter Aircraft
EGL -----European Gemological Laboratory
EHI -----European Helicopter Industries
EUH -----European History
EHU -----European Humanities University
EIB -----European Investment Bank
EJD -----European Journal of Dermatology
EJE -----European Journal of Endocrinology
EJM -----European Journal of Mineralogy
EJN -----European Journal of Neuroscience
EJU -----European Journal of Ultrasound
EJA -----European Juggling Association
EKO -----European Karate Organisation
ELG -----European Liaison Group
EMA -----European Monetary Agreement
EMS -----European Monetary System
EMU -----European Monetary Union
ENX -----European Network Exchange
EOU -----European Ornithologists Union
EPO -----European Patent Offic
EPU -----European Payments Union
EPP -----European People's Party
EPJ -----European Physical Journal
ERP -----European Recovery Programme
EUX -----European Recyclers Exchange
ERJ -----European Respiratory Journal
ESF -----European Science Foundation
ESO -----European Southern Observatory
EUD -----European Union of Dentists
EUG -----European Union of Geosciences
EUW -----European Union of Women
EUY -----European Union of Yoga
EUA -----European Unit of Account
EUI -----European University Institute
EVE -----European Videoconferencing Equipment
EVU -----European Virtual University
EWF -----European Wrestling Federation
EYB -----European Yacht Brokerage
EYF -----European Yoga Fellowship
EYP -----European Youth Parliament
EWU -----Europische WhrungsUnion [European Currency Union]
EJZ -----Europisches Jugend Zentrum in Kreta
ESX -----Euro-Sport Experimental
EKE -----Euskal Kultur Erakundea
EVI -----EVacuate Immediately
EVL -----Evaluation
EQG -----Evaluation Qualification Guideline
ELW -----Evangelical Lutheran Women
EMQ -----Evangelical Missions Quarterly
EUJ -----Evangelisation und Juengerschaft
EKK -----Evangelisch Katholischer Kommentar
EKD -----Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland
EKH -----Evangelische Krankenhaus-Hilfe
EZE -----Evangelische Zentralstelle fuer Entwicklungshilfe
EJH -----Evangelischen Jugend Hamburg
EJW -----Evangelisches Jugendwerk
EJK -----Evangelisches und Johanniter Klinikum
EVG -----Evangelist
EHY -----"Evans, Hardy, Young Marketing and Advertising Agency"
EFC -----Everton Football Club
EBT -----Every Bloody Time
ECC -----Every Cent Counts
EGB -----Every Good Boy
EOD -----Every Other Day
EFQ -----Everyday Functioning Questionnaire
EYW -----Everything You Want
EYY -----Evini Yapana Yardim
EHW -----Evolvable HardWare
EGD -----Evolved Gas Detection
EXN -----ex new (of shares)
EXM -----EXaMination
EUO -----Examination Under Oath
EYM -----Examine Your Material
EXD -----examined
EXX -----examples
XAX -----eXcellence Above eXpectation
EIY -----Excellence In Youth
ETQ -----Excellence Through Quality
EAH -----Excellence to Affordable Housing
EXC -----excellent
XAM -----Exceptional Asian Market
ECY -----Exceptional Children and Youth
EHE -----Exceptional Human Experience
ELR -----Exceptional Leave to Remain (to UK asylum seekers)
EWQ -----Exceptionally Well Qualified
ERT -----Excess Retention Tax
EXZ -----EXcessive Zeros
XAW -----eXchange and Warranty
ERM -----Exchange Rate Mechanism
EXJ -----Exchange rate-Japanese yen
EPD -----Excluded from Public Domain
EPV -----Exclusion-Principle Violating
EEZ -----Exclusive Economic Zone
EFU -----Exclusive Farm Use
EXR -----EXclusive Rights
EXE -----executable file
ETS -----Executable Test Suite
ECL -----Execution Control List
EXU -----Execution Unit
EBY -----Executive Board of Youth
EBQ -----Executive Bonus Qualified
EKW -----Executive Knowledge Works
EXL -----Executive Lounge
EXB -----Exercise Biology
EBP -----Exhaust Back Pressure [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
EGO -----Exhaust Gas Oxygen
EGT -----Exhaust Gas Temperature
EXH -----exhibit
EGZ -----Existenzgruenderzentrum
EXK -----Exkursion
EML -----Expanded Mark-up Language
EXQ -----EXpanded Quota
EYH -----Expanding Your Horizons
EJY -----Expansion Joint Yield
EVT -----Expect Vector To ....
EYX -----Expected-value of dependent Y given independent X
ELV -----Expendable Launch Vehicle
EXS -----expenses
EVY -----Experience Verus Youth
WKX -----Experience Works
XAT -----Experimental Advanced Trainer
XAO -----Experimental Airplane-Observation
XAD -----Experimental Attack Divebomber
XAJ -----Experimental Attack North American Aviation
XBG -----Experimental Bomber-Great Lakes
EIN -----Experimental Integrated Network
EWJ -----Expert Witness Journal
EXY -----Expiry
EWV -----Explore West Virginia
EWI -----Explosive Waste Incinerator
EXP -----exponential
ESM -----Exponential-Series Method
EBZ -----Export Board of Zambia
XBE -----Express Business Effectiveness
EYC -----Express Yourself Clearly
EBM -----Expressed Breast Milk
EAQ -----Extended Average Quality
XBI -----Extended Basic Input
XBM -----eXtended Basic Mode
ECW -----Extended Cold Weather
ECI -----Extended Compressor at Idle [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
EEA -----Extended Euclidian Algorithm
EHQ -----Extended HeadQuarters
EHM -----Extended Hubbard Model
EJT -----Extended Joint Test
EJJ -----Extended Juvenile Jurisdiction
EKF -----Extended Kalman Filter
EKT -----Extended Koopmans Theorem
ENA -----Extended Network Addressing
ERZ -----Extended Reconnaissance Zone
ESY -----Extended School Year
XAF -----Extensible Application Framework
XBF -----Extensible Binary Format
XBL -----Extension Bell
ELK -----Extension Language Kit
EBI -----Extensive Background Information
EXT -----Exterior
EEI -----External Environment Interface
EEM -----External Expansion Module (Sun)
EXF -----EXternal Fire
EJV -----External Jugular Vein
EQC -----External Quality Control
EWX -----External Works
XBA -----eXtra Bases Advanced
XBH -----eXtra-Base Hit
ERK -----Extracellular-signal-Regulated Protein Kinase
EOX -----Extractable Organic Halide
EZO -----Extraction Zone Officer
EHT -----Extra-High Tension
EHV -----Extra-High Voltage
EGM -----Extraordinary General Meeting
ETZ -----Extrapolation-To-Zero
ESP -----Extra-Sensory Perception
EBE -----Extraterrestrial Biological Entity
ETT -----Extra-Terrestrial Toilet
EVA -----Extra-Vehicular Activity
XAA -----eXtreme Activity Addict
EUV -----Extreme Ultra-Violet
EVQ -----Extreme Value Query
EHF -----Extremely High Frequency
ELF -----Extremely Low Frequency
ELN -----Extremely Low Noise
EGC -----Extrememly Gruntled Customer
EXW -----Ex-Works
EPI -----Eysenck Personality Test
EZR -----Ezra (bible)
FTW -----F The World
FNP -----Fing Noisy Prat
FTJ -----Face The Jury
FHZ -----Fachhochschule Zentralschweiz
FGK -----Fachinstitut Gebaeude-Klima
ZKF -----Fachverband der Karosseriebauer und Fahrzeugbauer
FKI -----Fachverband Klebstoffindustrie
FVK -----Fachvereinigung Kaltwalzwerke
FMT -----Facilities Maintenance Team
FSR -----Facilities Support Requirement
FDL -----Facility Data Link
FEP -----Facility Excellence Program
FIP -----Facility Interface Processor
FLE -----Facility Life Extension
FMP -----Facility Management Plan
FPF -----Facility Parameter Field
FRJ -----Facility ReJect message
FSO -----Facility Security Officer
FSE -----Facility Systems Engineer
FUP -----Facility Utilization Plan
FVV -----Facility Verification Vehicle
FCF -----Facsimile Control Field
FES -----Factor Evaluation System
FJR -----Factories Journal Reports
FCE -----Factory Checkout Equipment
FVJ -----Faculdade Vale de Jaguaribe
FCQ -----Faculty Course Questionnaire
FDW -----Faculty Development Workshop
FWE -----Faddeev-Watson Expansion
FPI -----Fade Prior to Intercept
FHT -----fahrenheit (measure of temperature)
FOA -----Failed On Arrival
FVN -----Failed Vector Number
FEQ -----Failure Equation
FFW -----Failure Free Warranty
FTT -----Failure To Train
FPY -----Failures Per Year
FAP -----Fair Access Policy
FWT -----Fair Wear and Tear
FFX -----FairFaX (County)
FJY -----Fairfield Jewish Youth
FYG -----Faith Youth Group
FNP -----Fake News Papers
FQW -----Fake Quote of the Week
FLG -----Falling
FCG -----False Cross or Ground
QYF -----Familia Quan Yin
FJN -----Familial Juvenile Nephrophthises
FMF -----Familial Mediterranean Fever
FJT -----Familiarization Job Training
FHX -----Family History
FHB -----Family Hold Back (when guests are sharing a meal)
FHE -----Family Home Evening
FLM -----Family Law Master
FPA -----Family Planning Association
FPC -----Family Proceedings Court
FQN -----"Family Quarters, Navy"
FSG -----Family Support Group
FVO -----Family Violence Option
FPR -----Fan Pressure Ratio
FAN -----Fanatic
FZN -----Fanfarenzug Niedersachsen
FZO -----Fanfarenzug Oberrut
FAY -----Fantastic Adventures Yearbook
FEV -----Far End Voice
FUV -----Far Ultra-Violet
FUX -----Far Ultraviolet Xerox
FJF -----Farmworker Justice Fund
FGI -----Fashion Group International
FKG -----Fashion Ka Ghar
FUK -----Fashion United Kingdom
FAF -----Fast And Frantic
FBB -----Fast Break-Bulk (Ship)
FBR -----Fast Breeder Reactor
FDP -----Fast Digital Processor
FFT -----Fast Fourier Transform
FFH -----Fast Frequency Hopping
FFG -----Fast FriGate [type of US Naval vessel]
FIB -----Fast Information Block
FKF -----Fast Kalman Filter
FMW -----Fast Magnetosonic Wave
FNA -----Fast Neutron Analysis
FRV -----Fast Reaction Vehicle
FZC -----Fast Zip Cracker
FTL -----Faster Than Light
FBS -----Fasting Blood Sugar
FMV -----Fast-Moving Vehicles
FCD -----Fast-track Committee Draft
FBQ -----Fat Bastard Quotient
FIL -----Father In Law
FDI -----Fault Detection and Isolation
FDV -----Fault Detection Verification
FLF -----Fault Location Facility
FLP -----Fault Location Panel
FLU -----Fault Location Unit
FAV -----Favourite
FIU -----FDDI Interface Unit
FGA -----Feature Group A
FGB -----Feature Group B
FGC -----Feature Group C
FGD -----Feature Group D
FME -----Feature Manipulation Engine
FEB -----February
FGX -----Federacao Gaucha de Xadrez
FVG -----Federacion Venezolana de Golf
FED -----Federal
FAI -----Federal Acquisition Institute
FAA -----Federal Aviation Administration
FBI -----Federal Bureau of Investigations
FCC -----Federal Communications Commission
FCW -----Federal Computer Week (periodical)
FEC -----Federal Election Commission
FEE -----Federal Environmental Executive
FFY -----Federal Fiscal Year
FHL -----Federal Home Loan Bank
FIX -----Federal Information eXchange
FIS -----Federal Information System
FIT -----"Federal Information Technologies, inc. "
FII -----Federal Item Identification
FJO -----Federal Job Offer
FNC -----Federal Networking Council
FPN -----Federal Part Number
FPQ -----Federal Plant Quarantine
FRM -----Federal Reference Method
FRA -----Federal Register Act
FRG -----Federal Republic of Germany
FRK -----Federal Reserve-Kansas City
FSB -----Federal Savings Bank
FSC -----Federal Stock Class
FSI -----Federal Stock Item
FSN -----Federal Stock Number
FTC -----Federal Trade Commission (US)
FUT -----Federal Unemployment Tax
FWS -----Federal Wage System
FEW -----Federally Employed Women
FNS -----Federated Naming Service
FCY -----Federation Canadienne de Yachting
FNQ -----Federation de Natation du Quebec
FVQ -----Federation de Voile du Quebec
FKQ -----Federation des Kinesiologues du Quebec
FQQ -----Federation des Quilles du Quebec
FIA -----Federation Internationale de l'Automobile
FJP -----Federation of Jewish Philantrophies
FQK -----Federation Quebecoise de Karate
FDO -----Fee Determining Official
FTF -----Feed The Famished
FBT -----Feedback Technology
FWQ -----Feedlot Water Quality
FSW -----Feet Sea Water
FDS -----Feline Distraction Syndrome
FXT -----Felixstowe
FBA -----Fellow of the British Academy
FIQ -----Fellow of the Institute of Quarrying
FPS -----Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society
FRS -----Fellow of the Royal Society
FSA -----Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
FZS -----Fellow of the Zoological Society
FOY -----Fellowship Of Youth
FYX -----Fellowship of Youth Experience
FJK -----Female Jedi Knight
FKU -----Feminist Karate Union
FKS -----Fernmelde-Klein-Steckverbindung
FSZ -----Fernstudienzentrum
FVZ -----Fernwaermeversorgung Zwoenitz
FNM -----Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico
FLC -----Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
FMR -----Ferro-Magnetic Resonance
FFQ -----Ferrosilite-Fayalite-Quartz
FXY -----Ferrous Sulfate-Xylenol
FXG -----Ferrous sulfate-Xylenol-Gelatin
FXC -----Ferrox Cube
FRY -----Ferry
FZM -----Fertigungszentrum Maschinenbau
FLZ -----Festo-LernzentrumFunktionskennzeichen
FDZ -----Fetal Death Zone
FHH -----Fetal Heart Heard
FUO -----Fever of Unknown Origin
FLB -----FForward Logistics Base
FBG -----Fiber Bragg Gratings
FCI -----Fiber Channel Interface
FOG -----Fiber Optic Gyro
FON -----Fiber Optic Network
FIW -----Fiberglass Insulated Wire
FRB -----Fiberglass Rotor Blade
FGF -----Fibroblast Growth Factor
FBN -----Fictitious Business Name
FTN -----Fido Technology Network
FAL -----Field Analysis Laboratory
FCN -----Field Change Notice
FCJ -----"Field Command, Johnston Atoll"
FDN -----Field Designator Number
FEG -----Field Emission Gun
FEX -----Field EXercise
FFC -----Field File Custodian
FGV -----Field Gradient Voltage
FIK -----Field Ionization Kinetics
FKT -----Field Kitchen Trailer
FKM -----"Field Kitchen, Modular"
FNV -----Field Not Valid
FOV -----Field Of View
FRU -----Field Replaceable Unit
FSL -----Field Service Logistics
FTB -----Field Terminal Box
FTK -----Field Test Kit
FTX -----Field Training eXercise
FVT -----Field Validation Test
FWP -----Field Work Proposal
FET -----Field-Effect Transistor
FKN -----Field-Koros-Noves
FPX -----Field-programmable Port Extender
FWA -----Fields Waves & Atoms
FTY -----Fifty
FTS -----Fight The System
FBX -----Fighter Bomber Experimental
FEZ -----Fighter Engagement Zone
FLO -----Fighter Liaison Officer
MIG -----fighter plane
FWW -----Fighter Weapons Wing
FSV -----Fighting System Vehicle
FUC -----Fighting Unreal Cows
FVA -----Fighting Vehicle Armament system
FVS -----Fighting Vehicle System
FIG -----Figure
FJI -----Fiji (242) ISO 3-letter country code
FAT -----File Allocation Table
FCB -----File Cache Buffer
FID -----File Identifier Descriptor
FNT -----File Name Table
FNR -----File Next Register
FSP -----File Slurping Protocol
FTP -----File Transfer Protocol
FUI -----File Update Information
FQH -----Filled Quartz Helix
FNG -----Film News Gathering
FTD -----Film Television and Drama
FCK -----Filter Change Kit
FBP -----Final Boiling Point
FCR -----Final Costs Recovery
FXL -----Final eXplosion Limit
FFL -----Final Firing Line
FLH -----"Final Limit, Hoist"
FPL -----Final Protective Line
FRN -----Final Rulemaking Notice
FTG -----Final Trunk Group
FYZ -----Final Yield of Zero
FOZ -----Finalists' Opportunites Zone
FAG -----Finance and Accounting Group
YVX -----Financial Accounting Data History Restore Transaction
FMU -----Financial Management Unit
FNN -----Financial News Network
FRX -----Financial Reporting Extender
FTR -----Financial Times Report
FWG -----Financial Working Group
FYY -----Finansal Yeniden Yapilandirma
FFI -----Find Further Information
FMB -----Find My Beer
FMM -----Find My Mind
FYO -----Find Your Own
FGS -----Fine Guidance Sensors (on HST) [Space]
FNF -----Finger-Nose-Finger
FEM -----Finite Element Model
FIR -----Finite Impulse Response
FCM -----Finite-Cluster Model
FIN -----Finland
FIM -----FInnish Markka (currency)
FMI -----Finnish Meteorological Institute
FFM -----Fire and Forget Missile
FCS -----Fire Control System
FCX -----Fire Coordination Exercise
FHR -----Fire Hose Rack
FHY -----Fire Hydrant
FSX -----Fire Support eXecution
FUA -----Fire Unit Analyzer
FWZ -----Fire Weather Zone
FBH -----Fire-Baptized Holiness
FWO -----Fire-Weather Office
FPW -----Firing Port Weapon
FBC -----First Baptist Church
FDC -----First Day Cover
FDT -----First Destination Transportation
FFV -----First Families of Virginia (US)
FGT -----First Goal Terror
FGW -----First Goal Wins
FJS -----First Jersey Securities
FJD -----First Judicial District
FNU -----First Name Unknown
FNW -----First Nationwide
FOW -----First Open Water
FPP -----First Past the Post
FRT -----First Responders Team
FTU -----First Training Unit
FUE -----First Unit Equipped
FVF -----First Vertical Flight
FVC -----First Volume Commit
FYW -----First Year Writing
FHW -----First-Hand Witness
FYR -----Fiscal YeaR
FYE -----Fiscal Year End
FYP -----Fiscal Year Plan
FYM -----Fiscal Year-Month
FUZ -----Fisch-Umschlags Zentrum
FWR -----Fish and Wildlife Resources
FCZ -----Fishery Conservation Zone
FOX -----Fishery-Oceanography eXperiment
FYQ -----Fisica Y Quimica
FYH -----Fission Yeast Handbook
FBF -----Five By Five
FXD -----Fixed
FXM -----Fixed Asset Management
FBO -----Fixed Base Operation
FFK -----Fixed Function Keyboard
FLL -----Fixed Loss Loop
FNE -----Fixed Network Equipment
FPG -----Fixed Pattern Generator
FXU -----FiXed point Unit
FPE -----Fixed Price with Escalation
FWV -----Fixed Wing Vehicle
FPD -----Flame Photometric Detector
FVP -----Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis
FWI -----Flash With Information
FXF -----Flash X-ray Facility
FBK -----Flat Back
FST -----Flat Screen Technology
FTM -----Flat Tension Mask [Zenith]
FAD -----Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide
FMN -----Flavin Mono-Nucleotide
FGO -----Fleet Gunnery Officer
FPO -----Fleet Post Office
FWC -----Fleet Weather Central
FWF -----Fleet Weather Facility
FLX -----Flexible
FBM -----Flexible Buffer Management
FML -----Flexible Membrane Liner
FWH -----Flexible Working Hours
FTA -----Flexographic Technical Association
FLT -----Flight
FDF -----Flight Dynamics Facility
FIH -----Flight Information Handbook
FMG -----Flight Management Guidance
FMS -----Flight Mission Simulation
FNL -----Flight Navigation License
FPB -----Flight Progress Board
FQS -----Flight Qualified System
FQP -----Flight Quality and Performance
FRO -----Flight Radio Officer
FRF -----Flight Readiness Firing
FTE -----Flight Test Engineer
FWU -----Flight Watch Unit
FAM -----FLIR Alignment Module (FLIR is Forward Looking InfaRed)
FPU -----Floating-Point Unit
FHV -----Flockhouse Virus
FEH -----Flood Estimation Handbook
FLS -----FLood Statement
FLW -----FLood Warning
FDD -----Floppy Disc Drive
FAU -----Florida Atlantic University
FDQ -----Florida Designers Quarterly
FNB -----Florida National BankFunktionskennzeichen
FSU -----Florida State University
FYN -----Florida Yards and Neighborhoods
FAR -----Flow Admission Request
FCV -----Flow Control Valve
FIC -----Flow Indicator Controller
FPV -----Flow Plague Virus
FTI -----Flow Totalizer Indicator
FUN -----Flow Update Notification
FVL -----Flow Volume Loop
FIE -----Flow-Injection Extraction
QXH -----Flowrate by Height
FKE -----Floyd's Knob Elementary
FGR -----Flue Gas Recirculation
FCU -----Fluid Conditioning Unit
FDH -----"Fluor Daniel Hanford, Incorporated"
FLN -----Fluorescence Line Narrowing
FJH -----Flushing Junior High
FBW -----Fly By Wire
FIY -----Fly It Yourself
FRH -----Fly Runway Heading
FLY -----Flywheel
FMX -----FM eXtended-range (Transmission System)
FNH -----Focal Nodular HyperplasiaFunktionskennzeichen
FVH -----Focal Vascular Headache
FFU -----Focus-Forming Unit
FKH -----Foerderkreis Deutsches Heer
FUU -----Foerderkreis Umweltschutz in Unterfranken
FKJ -----Foerderverein der Kinder- und Jugendarbeit
FHK -----Foereningen Hallandskatten
FGY -----Foggy
FPK -----Folding Pocket Kodak
FOL -----Folio
FSH -----Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
FNI -----Following Named Individuals
FNO -----Following Named Officers
FQA -----Following Question
FOI -----Follow-On Interceptor
FJG -----"Fonda, Johnstown and Gloversville"
FQF -----Fondation Heritage Faune
FJQ -----Fonds Jeunesse Quebec
FNK -----Fonoblok
QZF -----Font Romeu (France)
FHJ -----Fontys Hogeschool Journalistiek
FDA -----Food and Drug Administration
FHI -----Food for the Hungry International
FMC -----Food Machinery Corporation
FCP -----Foolscap
FAW -----Football Association of Wales
FFS -----For Fs Sake
FHS -----For Heaven's Sake
FHM -----For Him Magazine
FAO -----For the Attention Of
FYA -----For Your Attention
FYC -----For Your Consideration
FYF -----For Your File
FYI -----For Your Information
FYJ -----For Your Journal
FYL -----For Your Log(s)
FYS -----For Your Signature
FYT -----For Your Trash
FVI -----Forage Value Index
FJV -----Forca Jovem Vasco
FDU -----Force Deployment Update
FER -----Force Exchange Ratio
FRP -----Force Rendezvous Point
FQO -----Forced Quantum Oscillator method
FVE -----"Forced Volume, Expiratory"
YYN -----Ford Cologne 2300 V-6 112 horsepower engine
FKX -----Ford Koeln Experimental
FDK -----Forecastle Deck
FGN -----Foreign
FCO -----Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FXA -----Foreign Exchange Analysis
FXE -----Foreign Exchange Encashment
FXO -----Foreign Exchange Office
FLV -----Foreign LeaVe
FMY -----Foreign Missions of Yarumal
FTO -----Foreign Training Officer
FUG -----Foreningen af Underkendte Genier
FHN -----Forest Hills Northern
FUY -----Forests in the Upper Yangtze
FEY -----Forever Yours
FUF -----"Forges, Usines et Fonderies, Haine St. Pierre"
FKD -----Forked
FEA -----Formal Environmental Assessment
FQR -----Formal Qualification Review
FQT -----Formal Qualification Test
FKA -----Formerly Known As
FLD -----Forming Limit Diagram
FZG -----Forschungsstelle fuer Zahnraeder und Getriebebau
FZB -----Forschungszentrum fuer Bodenfruchtbarkeit
FZI -----Forschungszentrum Informatik
FZJ -----Forschungszentrum Juelich
FZK -----Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
FZL -----Forschungszentrum Lobeda
FZR -----Forschungszentrum Rossendorf
YXJ -----"Fort Saint John, British Columbia"
FSJ -----"Fort St. John (British Columbia, Canada)"
FZH -----Fortbildungszentrum Hofen
FFF -----Fortissimo (very very loud)
FXV -----Fortran Extension for Vax
FEU -----Forty-foot container Equivalent Unit
FJJ -----Forum du Jeune Journaliste
FKL -----Forum fuer Klanglandschaft
FMK -----Forum MobilkommunikationFunktionskennzeichen
FZV -----Forum Zdrave Vyzivy
FZT -----Forum Zubniho Technika
FAC -----Forward Air Controller
FEO -----Forward Engagement Operations
FHQ -----Forward HeadQuarters
FLI -----Forward Looking Infared
FLR -----Forward Looking Radar
FOO -----Forward Observation Officer
FSS -----Forward Supply System
FUB -----Forward Utility Bridge
FVM -----Forward Visibility More than (miles)
FVW -----Forward Volume Wave
FWL -----Forward Working Limit
FOU -----Foundation
FJB -----Foundation for the Junior Blind
FYD -----Foundation for Youth Development
FHU -----Foundation of Human Understanding
FUW -----Foundation of University Women
FDY -----Foundry
FLA -----Four
FCT -----Four Corner Test (4FCT)
FWD -----Four Wheel Drive
FCH -----Fourier Color Hologram
FGH -----Fourier-Grid Hamiltonian
FQM -----Four-Quadrant Multiplier
FGL -----Fourth Generation Language
IVY -----Fourth Infantry
FWJ -----Fourth World Journal
FWM -----Four-Wave Mixing
FXH -----Foxhound
FIF -----Fractal Image Format
FXZ -----Fractal Xtreme Zoom
FYB -----Fractal Xtreme Zoom
FDG -----Fractional Doppler Gate
FGE -----Fractographic Examination
FXK -----Fraesen Extension Kontur
FSM -----Frame Service Module
FSY -----Frame SYnc
FPH -----Frames Per Hour
FPM -----Frames Per Minute
FWK -----Framework
FEJ -----France Europe Jet
FJZ -----Frank Joseph Zamboni
KXZ -----Frank Twist Elastic Constant
FQZ -----Frankenwaelder Querzone
FGM -----Frankford Group Ministry
FAZ -----Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
FKO -----Franz-Keldish Oscillations
FXN -----Frataxin
FOP -----Fraternal Order of Police
FKW -----Frauen Kunst Wissenschaft
FGZ -----Frauengesundheitszentrum
FIZ -----Frauensinformationszentrum
FRL -----Fraulein
FHG -----Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (Germany
IZM -----Fraunhofer Institut fur Zuverlaessigkeit und Mikrointegration
FPJ -----Freddie Prinze Junior
FAS -----Free Alongside Ship
FBZ -----Free Blocking Zone
FBD -----Free Body Diagram
FBE -----Free Buffer Enquiry
FEN -----Free Electron Network
FFZ -----Free Fire Zone
FJE -----Free Jet Expansion
FOC -----Free Of Charge
FOK -----Free Of Knots
FOB -----Free On Board
FOQ -----Free On Quay
FOR -----Free On Rail
FPZ -----Free Port Zone
FSF -----Free Software Foundation
FTZ -----Free Trade Zone
FUQ -----Free University Quarterly
FVY -----Free Vietnam Youth
FZA -----Free Zone Authority
FZQ -----Free Zone Quarterly
FXI -----Freedom of Expression Institute
FWX -----Freedom Worx
FFB -----Free-Fall Bomb
FFD -----FreeForm Diagram
FHD -----FreeHand Drawing
FLJ -----Free-Lance Journalist
FKV -----Freelance Koks Vereniging
FJC -----Freely Joined Chain
FWY -----Freeway
FGJ -----Freezing Gas Jet
FPT -----Freezing Point
FZZ -----Frei Zur Zucht
FDR -----Freie Democratishe Republic
FDJ -----Freie Deutshche Jugend
FMZ -----Freies MusikzentrumFunktionskennzeichen
FAK -----Freight All Kinds
FKK -----FreiKrperKultur (german)
FBJ -----Freiman-Berger-Johnson bound
FZW -----Freizeitzentrum West
FZX -----Freizeitzentrum Xanten
FHO -----"Fremde Heere Ost (German Intelligence Evaluation Service, Eastern Section, WWII)"
BZH -----French Britanny
FKP -----French Kommunist Party
FNY -----French Navy
FQB -----French Quarter Bar
FGQ -----Freqent Gale Questions
FQY -----Frequency
FBV -----Frequency Bias Value
FDM -----Frequency Division Multiplex
FEK -----Frequency Exchange Keying
FIO -----Frequency In and Out
FOT -----Frequency of Optimum Traffic
FSK -----Frequency Shift Keying
FRQ -----Frequent
FAQ -----Frequently Asked Questions
FRE -----Frequently Requested Enhancement
FTQ -----Frequently Tested Questions
FZP -----Fresnel Zone Plate
FKY -----Freundekreis Klassische Yachten
FHP -----Friction Horsepower
FRW -----Friction Welding
FRI -----Friday
FND -----Friday Night Disco
FOF -----Friend Of (a) Friend
FFN -----"Friend, Foe or Neutral"
FFJ -----Friends For Jamaica
FMH -----Friends Meeting House
FJW -----Friends of Jackie Wilson
FJM -----Friends of Johnny Mathis
FOE -----Friends Of the Earth
FKC -----Friends of the Kennedy Center
FNZ -----Friends of the National Zoo
FXQ -----Friends Xiang Qi
FGP -----Frigate-General Purpose
FZE -----Frischezentrum Essen
FGU -----From the Ground Up
FLQ -----Front de Liberation de Quebec (Quebec Liberation Front)
FNJ -----Front National de la Jeunesse
FOH -----Front Of House (theatres)
FUJ -----Front Upset Jaw
FEL -----Front-End Loader
FAJ -----Frontier Adjusters of America
FXW -----Frontier Xtreme Wrestling
FYV -----Fructas y Verduras
FGG -----Fruit Growers Group
FRZ -----Fruity Religious Zealot
FYK -----Frysk Ynterasjonaal Kontakt
FJU -----Fu Jen University
FJX -----Fu Jia Xis
FEF -----Fuel Examination Facility
FHC -----Fuel Handling Cell
FIV -----Fuel Isolation Valve
FQV -----Fuel Quality Value
FQI -----Fuel Quantity Indicator
FUM -----Fuel Unloading Machine
FVD -----Fuel Vapor Detector
FAX -----Fuel-Air eXplosive
FAE -----Fuel-Air Explosive
FQC -----Fuels Quality Control
FQE -----Fuels Quality Engineering
FVX -----Fujitsu Visual Explore
FJL -----Fukushi Jukankyo Link
FUL -----Fulcrum
FBL -----Full Bell Lines
FCL -----Full Container Load
FDB -----Full Data Block
FDX -----Full Duplex
FDE -----Full Duplex Ethernet
FFR -----Full Frequency Recording
FMJ -----Full Metal Jacket
FQG -----Full Quantity Generator
FRC -----Full Rate Codec
FRD -----Full Rate Deployment
FSD -----Full Scale Development
FSQ -----Full-Spectrum Quantization
FTH -----Full-Time Hourly
FUS -----Full-Use Standard
FBU -----Fully Built-Up
FXS -----Fully eXpanded System
FFO -----Fully Functional Operations
FFP -----Fully Functioning Process
FMQ -----Fully Mission Qualified
FQD -----Fully Qualified Domain
FQJ -----Fully Qualified Jerk
FQU -----Fully Qualified Unit
FHA -----Fully-Heated Area
FKB -----Function Key Button
FQX -----Function on Queues of Anything
FJA -----Functional Job Analysis
FOM -----Functional Operational Manager
FQL -----Functional Query Language
FRR -----Functional Review Report
FTV -----Functional Technology Vehicle
FVU -----Functional Verification Unit
FWB -----Functional Well Being
FEI -----Functionally Emulative Increment
FIJ -----Fund for Investigative Journalism
FKR -----Fung Keong Rubber
FKZ -----Funktionskennzeichen
FMD -----Funky Mellow Disco
FLK -----Funny Looking Kid
FXB -----FunXBox
FZD -----Furazolidone
FUR -----Furlong
MFI -----furniture company
FNX -----Furniture 'N' Xtras
FFE -----"Furniture, Fittings and Equipment [in Architecture]"
FUH -----Fuse Holder
FOJ -----Fuse On-Jam
FVR -----Fuse Voltage Rating
FYU -----Fushigi Yuugi
FAH -----Future Attack Helicopter
FBY -----Future Budget Year
FCA -----Future Coconut of America
FFA -----Future Farmers of America
FMA -----Future Mailing Address
FMO -----Future method of operation
FOS -----Future Operations Section
FVB -----Future Villain Band
FWN -----Future World News
FZU -----Fuz Hou University
FZY -----FuZzY
FZF -----Fyzikalni Zaklady Fotoniky
GIM -----Gaining Inventory Manager
GAL -----Galatians (new testament)
GXY -----Galaxy Nutritional Foods
GEM -----Galileo Europa Mission
GGD -----Galizien German Descendant
GPH -----Gallons Per Hour
GPM -----Gallons Per Mile
GGT -----Galloping Governors Toastmasters
GYB -----Galveston Yacht Basin
GDW -----Game Developers World
GJO -----Game Junkie Online
GGX -----Gamma Graphx
GHB -----Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate
GRB -----Gamma Ray Burst
GRO -----Gamma Ray Observatory
IYX -----Gamma Scintillation Camera
GYT -----Ganaraska Youth Theatre
GOF -----Gang Of Four
GKY -----Ganga Kalyan Yojana
GXN -----Ganxianning
GKO -----Ganzheitliche Kieferorthopaedie
GZM -----Ganzheitliche Zahn-Medizin
GZJ -----Ganzjaehrig
GKZ -----Ganzkoerperzaehler
GDN -----Garden
GWL -----Garden Writers mailing List
GQT -----Gardener's Question Time
GSG -----Garment Salesmens Guild
GBB -----Gas Blow Back
GCU -----Gas Charging Unit
GCX -----Gas Chromatograh Transmitter
GXK -----Gas Exchange Kinematics
GFH -----Gas Fired Humidifier
GPF -----Gas ProoF
GTL -----Gas To Liquid [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
GTA -----Gas Tungsten Arc
GTC -----Gas Turbine Compressor
GOX -----Gaseous OXygen
GLC -----Gas-Liquid Chromatography
GED -----Gasoline Engine Driven
GVP -----Gasoline Vapor Pressure
GGE -----Gasoline-Gallon Equivalent
GKS -----Gaspar-Kohn-Sham
QJZ -----Gaston Memorial Hospital Library
GDV -----Gastric dilatation and volvulus
GVX -----Gastric-branch Vagotomy
GEJ -----Gastro-esophageal junction
GUK -----Gate Unicode Kit
GXI -----Gated Xray Imager
GRJ -----Gatekeeper ReJect
GWC -----GateWay Controller
GNX -----Gateway Network eXchange
GGP -----Gateway to Gateway Protocol
GGK -----Gator Gardening for Kids
GBM -----Gaussian Beam Model
GLO -----Gaussian Lobe Orbital
GOE -----Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble
GUE -----Gaussian Unitary Ensemble
GWD -----Gaussian Wave-packet Dynamics
GJQ -----Gauss-Jacobi Quadrature
GLQ -----Gay and Lesbian Quarterly
GAP -----Gay and Proud
GDF -----Gaz De France [French Gas Company]
GBX -----Gear BoX
GJR -----Gebirgsjaeger Regiment
GEZ -----Gebuehren Einzugs Zentrale
GKJ -----Gedung Kesenian Jakarta
GWZ -----Gee WhiZ
GZR -----Geezer (band)
GFC -----Gel Filtration Chromatography
GPC -----Gel Permeation Chromatography
GMY -----Geldanamycin
GJX -----"Gem and Jewelry Exchange, L.L.C."
GOO -----Gemeenschappelijke Onderwerpsontsluiting
GBV -----Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund
GVK -----Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog
GJU -----Gemeinschaft Junger Ungarndeutscher
GXV -----Gene Expression Vaccine
GEN -----General
GAO -----General Accounting Office
GAC -----General Advisory Committee
GFO -----General and Flag Officers
GCE -----General Certificate of Education
GCA -----General Council Audit
GCO -----General Counsel Office
GDS -----General Declassification Schedule
GDC -----General Design Criteria
GDY -----General Duty
GDE -----General Dynamic Equation
GET -----General Employee Training
GFU -----General Foul-Up
GFD -----General Functional Description
GGI -----General Graphics Interface
GHQ -----General HeadQuarters
GHH -----General Hospital Humor
GHM -----General Hydrological Model
GIT -----General Information Test
GIR -----General Institutional Requirements
GIA -----General International Area
GKQ -----General Knowledge Question
GLA -----General Ledger Account
GLM -----General Linear Model
GML -----General Modelling Language
GMC -----"General Motors Corp,"
GMH -----General Motors Holden (Australia)
GNC -----General Nutrition Centers [US-based health food store][health store chain]
GOC -----General Officer Commanding
GOR -----General Officer Review
GOQ -----General On-line Query
GPI -----General Paralysis of the Insane
GPP -----General Plant Project
GPL -----General Population Limit
GPO -----General Post Office (extinct)
GPK -----General Proxy Kit
GPU -----General Public Utilities
GPV -----General Public Virus
GPR -----General Purpose Register
GQI -----General Quality Inspection
GQS -----General Quarters Station
GSP -----General Strike Plan
GSF -----General Support Forces
GSL -----General Support Laboratory
GSD -----General System Description
GSB -----General Systems Business
GUH -----General University Honors
GUR -----General University Requirements
GUN -----General Usage Network
GUP -----General Use Permit
GWO -----General Watch Officer
GBT -----Generalized Brillouin Theorem
GCV -----Generalized Cross Validation
GDO -----Generalized Diatomic Orbital
GEH -----Generalized Effective Hamiltonian
GGH -----Generalized Geometry Hold-up
GGA -----Generalized Gradient Approximation
GGC -----Generalized Gradient-Corrected
GHF -----Generalized Hartree-Fock method
GHL -----Generalized Heitler-London
GHO -----Generalized Hybrid Orbital
GIL -----Generalized Image Library
GLF -----Generalized Laguerre Function
GLE -----Generalized Langevin Equation
GMO -----Generalized Molecular Orbital
GQF -----Generalized Query Facility
GVQ -----Generalized Vector Quantization
GVA -----Generalized Viterbi Algorithm
GWF -----Generalized Wannier Function
GAQ -----Generally Asked Question
GPE -----General-Purpose Equipment
GBQ -----Generating Bearing Quality
GDG -----Generation Data Group
GXW -----Generation eXtreme Wrestling
GJJ -----Generation Jeunes Journalistes
GYX -----Generation Youth Explosion
GXB -----Generation-X Bears
GAX -----Generator Absorber Heat Exchange
GHW -----Generator(s) of Hazardous Waste
GAE -----Generic Application Environment
GAT -----Generic Application Template
GEE -----Generic Enterprise Ensemble
GXF -----Generic Exchange Format
GIO -----Generic Interface for Operations
GNM -----Generic Network Model
GRC -----Generic Reference Configuration
GUF -----Generic User Folder
GWM -----Generic Window Manager [X]
GGW -----Genesee GateWay
GAH -----Genetically Altered Homosapien
GCG -----Genetics Computer Group
GMQ -----Geneva Message Queuing
GDB -----Genome DataBase
GNF -----Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation
GZB -----Genossenschaftliche Zentralbank
GXE -----Genotype by Environment
GZT -----Genzyme Tissue
GLT -----Geochemical Logging Tool
GGL -----Geodesy and Geodynamics Laboratory
GFZ -----Geoforschungszentrum
GEI -----Geographic Enforcement Initiative
GHT -----Geographic Hash Table
GHY -----Geography
GSJ -----Geological Survey of Japan
GGY -----Geology
GLY -----Geology
GEK -----Geomagnetic Electro-Kinetograph
GBD -----Geometric Data Base
GTD -----Geometrical Theory of Diffraction
GIS -----Geopgrahic Information Systems
GJI -----Geophysical Journal International
GRL -----Geophysical Research Letters
GSY -----Geophysical Society of Yugoslavia
GEO -----George
GMU -----George Mason University
GWU -----George Washington University
GCH -----Georgia Children's Home
GFB -----Georgia Factory for the Blind
GKA -----Georgia Karate Academy
GPB -----Georgia Public Broadcasting
GTU -----Georgia Technological University
GCL -----Geosynthetic Clay Liner
GEL -----Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
GER -----German
GDR -----German Democratic Republic (DDR)
GFL -----German Football League
GLK -----German Language Kit
GLJ -----German Law Journal
GTQ -----German Teachers of Queensland
GTF -----German Territorial Forces
GVV -----German Volunteer Votetakers
GWJ -----German With Journalism
GZC -----German Zocker Community
GAD -----Germersheim Army Depot
GEY -----Gerontology
GRG -----Gerontology Research Group
GZW -----Gesamtzuchtwert
GMD -----Gesellschaft fr Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung (German National Research Center for Computer Science)
GSI -----Gesellschaft fr Schwerionenforschung (German Federal Research Institute f
GZS -----Gesellschaft fr ZahlungsSysteme
GKU -----Gesellschaft fuer Kommunale Umweltdienste
GMK -----Gesellschaft fuer Medienpaedagogik und Kommunikationskultur
GNK -----Gesellschaft fuer Netzwerk und Kommunikation
GQH -----Gesellschaft fuer Qualifizierung im Handwerk
GQW -----Gesellschaft fuer Qualitaetswissenschaft
GJZ -----Gesellschaft Junger Zivilrechtswissenschaftler
GZQ -----Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Qualitaets- und Umweltmanagement-Systemen
GKV -----Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung
GVJ -----Gespreksvaardigheden Voor Juristen
GYR -----Gestion Yves Renaud
GZF -----Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal
GQZ -----Get if Queue Zero
GIY -----Get It Yourself
GMJ -----Get More Juice
GQA -----Get Quick Answer
GRQ -----Get Rich Quick
GYH -----Get You Home
GYO -----Get Your Own
GZV -----Gewaesserunterhaltungszweckverband
GJA -----Ghana Journalists Association
GRW -----"Ghirardi, Rimini, and Weber (physics)"
GJT -----Giant Java Tree
GQD -----Giant Quick Disconnect
GBF -----Gibbs-Bogolyubov-Feynman (Variational Principle)
GIB -----Gibraltar
GMI -----Gibson Music International
GIZ -----Giftinformationszentrum
GIK -----Gifts In Kind
GEV -----GigaElectronWolt
GHZ -----GigaHertz
GWE -----GigaWatt
GWH -----GigaWatt Hour
GOL -----Giggle Out Loud
GLZ -----Gila-Las Cruces Zone
GKC -----Gilbert Keith Chesterton
GJK -----"Gilbert, Johnson, and Keerthi (robotics)"
GVB -----Gilbert-Varshamov Bound
GZN -----Gimelstar Zodiac Newsletter
GUG -----Gimp User Group
GJC -----GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
GEG -----Gitarren Ensemble Graz
GBA -----Give Better Address
GBR -----Give Better Reference
GIV -----Give Items of Value (United Way campaign)
GUW -----Give Us Wings
GOD -----Givers Of Destruction
GBK -----Gladsaxe Bowling Klub
GPZ -----Gladys Porter Zoo
GCS -----Glasgow Coma Scale
GDH -----Glasgow Distributed Haskell
GUU -----Glasgow University Union
GPQ -----Glass Patterns Quarterly
GSK -----GlaxoSmithKline
GHJ -----Glenohumeral Joint
GLI -----Glider
GNZ -----Gliding New Zealand
GAN -----Global Area Network
GAW -----Global Atmospheric Watch
GBN -----Global Business Network
GDX -----Global Data Exchange
GDM -----Global Data Management
GDT -----Global Descriptor Table
GEQ -----Global Economy Quarterly
GEF -----Global Environment Facility
GEC -----Global Environmental Change
GXS -----Global Exchange Services
GXG -----Global Express Guaranteed
GFJ -----Global Finance Journal
GFQ -----Global Food Quarterly
GFW -----Global Forest Watch
GFP -----Global Functional Plane
GGS -----Global Geospace Science
GHX -----Global Healthcare Exchange
GHN -----Global Hunger Network
GIE -----Global Information Environment
GIG -----Global Information Grid
GIH -----Global Information Highway
GII -----Global Information Infrastructure
GIW -----Global Information Warfare
GJN -----Global Jaringan Nusantara
GJG -----Global Joint Guidance
GJV -----Global Justice Volunteers
GKD -----Global Key Distribution
GKI -----Global Key Infrastructure
GKM -----Global Key Management
GKE -----Global Knowledge Exchange
GKG -----Global Knowledge Group
GKP -----Global Knowledge Partnership
GLN -----Global Location Number
GMX -----Global Message Exchange
GMN -----Global Music Network
GNJ -----Global Net Japan
GNA -----Global Network Academy
GNE -----Global New Energy Technology Corporation
GNG -----Global Nomads Group
GOT -----Global Offset Table
GPW -----Global Point Warning
GPS -----Global Positioning System
GPY -----Global Program on Youth
GQK -----Global Quality Kit
GQQ -----Global Quantum Quest
GRS -----Global Retirement System
GSO -----Global Software Outsourcing
GTI -----Global Teamwork Information
GTN -----Global Trends Network
GUD -----Global Union of Democracies
GUA -----Global University Alliance
GUO -----Global Urban Observatory
GVC -----Global Value Chain
GVO -----Global Virtual Organization
GWA -----Global Warming Assessment
GXA -----Global XML Architecture
GYE -----Global Youth Exchange
GYI -----Global Youth Initiative
GYV -----Global Youth Village
GYW -----Global Youth Work
GTJ -----Globe Trotter Japan
GJY -----Globex Japanese Yen
GYJ -----Gloucestershire Young Jazz
GDL -----Glow Discharge Lamp
GMS -----Glycerol MonoStearate
GHC -----Glycinated Herbal Complex
GYG -----Glycogenin
GGV -----Gnome Ghostscript Viewer
GHU -----Gnome Hamradio Utilities
GCC -----Gnu C-language Compiler
GGZ -----Gnu Gaming Zone
GIJ -----Gnu Interpreter for Java
GNO -----GNU Network Object
GPG -----GNU Privacy Guard
GTK -----Gnu Tool Kit
GWV -----Gnutella Worm Victim
GFK -----Go Fly a Kite
GTH -----Go To Hell
GQM -----"Goal, Question, Metric"
GAA -----Goals Against Average
GFA -----Goals For Average
GDI -----God Damn It
GKW -----God Knows Where
GOW -----God Of War
GOK -----God Only Knows
GGO -----God's Great Outdoors Ministry
GAJ -----Godwin Austen Johnson Architects
GEB -----"Goedel, Escher, and Bach (computers)"
GDZ -----Goettingen Digitization Centre
GZL -----Goettinger Zeitschriften Liste
GCQ -----Going Concern Qualification
GTB -----Going To the Bathroom
GKH -----Goju kai Karate do Holland
GKK -----Goju-ryu Karate-do Kyokai
XAU -----Gold and Silver Mining Index
GJS -----Gold Jewel Setting
GQJ -----Gold Quarry Jasperoid
GGB -----Golden Gate Bridge
GGU -----Golden Gate University
GYC -----Golden Years Club
GVF -----Goldmann Visual Field (opthalmological test)
GQX -----Goldquest Exploration
GWX -----Goldwax (records)
GCY -----Golf Club Ybrig
GOY -----Golfer Of the Year
GON -----Gondola
GAY -----Good As You
GCP -----Good Clinical Practices
GEP -----Good Engineering Practice
GFG -----Good Fruit Grower Magazine
GGM -----Good Ground Ministry
GHD -----Good Hair Day
GJP -----Good Job Partner
GJF -----Good Jobs First
GMA -----Good Morning America
GMW -----"Good Morning, Washington (DC area local version of Good Morning America)"
GXP -----Good Practice
GRP -----Good Regulatory Practices
GSH -----Good Sense of Humor
GTX -----Good Till eXecuted
GVE -----Good Versus Evil
GLL -----Goodmans Loudspeakers Limited
GST -----Goods and Services Tax (canadian)
GLG -----Goofy Little Grin
GWB -----Gopinathan-Whitehead-Bogdanovic
GAZ -----Gorkovskij Avtomobilnyi Zavod
GRD -----GOSIP Register Database
GOZ -----Gosudarstvennyi Opytnyi Zavod
GTG -----Got To Go
GNN -----Gotham News Network
GGN -----Gotta Go Now
GQB -----Governing Quality Board
GAS -----Government Accounting System
GBL -----Government Bill of Lading
GCN -----Government Computer News [periodical]
GFY -----Government Fiscal Year
GFE -----Government Furnished Equipment
GFF -----Government Furnished Facilities
GFM -----Government Furnished Material
GFS -----Government Furnished Software
GFV -----Government Furnished Vehicle
GIQ -----Government Information Quarterly
GIX -----Government Information Xchange
GLP -----Government Loaned Property
GMG -----Government Manufacturing Group
GOG -----Government Of Guyana
GOI -----Government Of Indonesia
GOJ -----Government Of Japan
GOS -----Government Of Sweden
GVN -----Government of Vietnam
GPN -----Government Packet Network
GQC -----Government Quality Control
GQP -----Government Quality Program
GQR -----Government Quality Review
GRH -----Government Rental Housing
GSN -----Government Satellite Network
GVH -----Government VeHicle
GWG -----Government Working Group
GAK -----Governmental Accessed Keys
GOV -----Governor
GRX -----GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Roaming Exchange
GLS -----GPS Landing System
GLU -----GPS Landing Unit
GTY -----Grace to You
GYM -----Grace Youth Ministries
GPA -----Grade Point Average
GXT -----Graded Exercise Test
GRE -----Graduate Record Examination
GRA -----Graduate Research Assistant
GSC -----Graduate Student Council
GWP -----Graham Whistler Productions
GAR -----Grain Aspect Ratio
GBJ -----Grain Boundary Junction
GFN -----Grain Fineness Number
GMB -----Grain Marketing Board
GQU -----Grain Quality Unit
GEW -----gram equivalent weight
GBC -----Grammar-Based Code
GMV -----Gram-Molecular Volume
GSM -----Grams per Square Metre (paper measurement)
GMM -----Granada Men and Motors
GTV -----Granada Television
GCJ -----Grand Canyon Journal
GJW -----Grand Junior Warden
GJE -----Grand Jury Europen
GNH -----Grand National Hydroplane
GOM -----Grand Old Man (specifically William Gladstone)
GOP -----"Grand Old Party (american, meaning the Republican Party)"
GQG -----Grand Quartier General
GSQ -----Grand Scale Quarterly
GTR -----Grand Trunk Railway
GTW -----Grand Trunk Western Railroad
GUT -----Grand Unified Theory (physics)
GWK -----Grandmothers` Wisdom Keepers
GOB -----Grants Operations Branch
GXL -----Graph Exchange Language
GXO -----Graphic eXchange Online
GFT -----Graphic Firing Table
GIF -----Graphic Image Format
JPG -----graphic image format
GMF -----Graphic Monitor Facility
GQE -----Graphic Queue Element
GDD -----Graphical Data Display
GQL -----Graphical Query Language
GRR -----Graphical Representation of Relationships
GUI -----Graphical User Interface
GVL -----Graphical View Language
GFX -----Graphics
GXH -----Graphics Hardware
GIN -----Graphics INput
GIU -----Graphics Interface Unit
GKF -----Graphics Kernel File
GKL -----Graphics Kernel Language
GKR -----Graphics Kernel Routine
GLX -----Graphics Language Linux
GPD -----Graphics Products Division -----
GSR -----Graphics Service Request -----
GSX -----Graphics System eXtension -----Electric
GVT -----Graphics Vector Toolkit -----
GWS -----Graphics Work Station -----
GRZ -----Graphische Rechenzentrum -----
GCB -----Graphitized Carbon Black -----
GVG -----Grass Valley Group -----
GCZ -----Grasshopper-Club Zuerich -----
GJH -----Grassy Junior High School -----
GLR -----Grating Light Reflection -----
GLV -----Grating Light Valve -----
GZO -----Grating Zero Order -----
GYS -----GraveYard Shift -----
GAV -----Gravity Assisted Valve -----
GVY -----Gravy -----
GRY -----Gray
GXR -----Grazing Xray Reflectometer
GKB -----Graz-Koeflacher Bahn
GAI -----"Grease, Aircraft, and Instruments"
GBG -----Great Big Grin
GBP -----Great British Pound
GBY -----Great British Youth
GGG -----Great Galactic Ghoul
GIP -----Great Indian Peninsular (railway)
GJD -----Great Japanese Dog
GJM -----Great Jazz Masters
GLW -----Great Lakes Water
GNT -----Great Northern Telegraph
GNW -----Great Northern War (1700-1721)
GUS -----Great Universal Stores (mail order company)
GWR -----Great Western Railway (defunct)
GWN -----Great White North
GEX -----Greater Expectations
GMR -----Greater Manchester Radio
GNY -----Greater New York
GVZ -----Greater Vancouver Zone
GYZ -----Greater Young Zion
GCD -----Greatest Common Divisor
GLB -----Greatest Lower Bound
GRK -----Greek
GPJ -----Greek Politics Journal
GRN -----Green
GBO -----Green Bank Observatory
GJL -----Green Jobs Limited
GJB -----Green June Beetle
GVI -----Green Vegetation Index
GHG -----GreenHouse Gas [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
GWI -----Greenhouse Warming Index
GSZ -----Green-Sellin-Zachor
GQN -----Greenvale Queensland Nickel
GNB -----Greenville National Bank
GVU -----Greenville Update (newsletter)
GWY -----GreenWaY
GCT -----Greenwich Civil Time
GGJ -----Greenwich Glass and Joinery
GMT -----Greenwich Mean Time
GYL -----Greenwich Youth Lacrosse
GYY -----Green-Yellow-Yellow (daffodils)
GZK -----"Greisen, Zatsepin, and Kuzmin (physics)"
GUC -----Grenoble Universite Club
GPX -----Greyhound Package eXpress
GXD -----Greyhound Xpress Delivery
GRU -----Grid Reference Unit
GBH -----Grievous Bodily Harm
GCK -----Griffith College Karachi
GFR -----Grim File Reaper
GUM -----Grip Unique Method
GHK -----"Griswold, Heckel, Kelly Associates, Inc."
GCW -----Gross Combination Weight [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
GDP -----Gross Domestic Product
GNP -----Gross National Product
GQY -----Gross Quantity Yield
GRM -----Gross Revenue Multiplier
GUB -----Gross Ugly Bug
GVM -----Gross Vehicle Mass
GVW -----Gross Vehicle Weight
GBZ -----Grossbritannien-Zentrum
GGQ -----Grote Geschiedenis Quiz
GHV -----Grote HandelsVaart
GND -----Ground
GAB -----Ground Analog Box
GBI -----Ground Based Interceptor
GCM -----Ground Combat Model
GCF -----Ground Communications Facility
GCI -----Ground Control Intercept
GES -----Ground Engineering System
GFI -----Ground Fault Indicator
GGR -----Ground Gunnery Range
GHE -----Ground Handling Equipment
GLD -----Ground Laser Designator
GLH -----Ground Launched Hellfire
GRT -----Ground Reconnaissance Troop
GRI -----Ground Reference Image
GSE -----Ground Support Electronics
GSU -----Ground Support Unit
GTE -----Ground Threat Emitter
GTS -----Ground Training Squadron
GVS -----Ground Vibration Study
GWW -----Ground Water for Windows
GWQ -----Ground Water Quality
GWT -----Ground Water Table
GZX -----Ground Zero Addressinator
GZA -----Ground Zero Attack
GZD -----Ground Zero Damage
GZG -----Ground Zero Games
GZI -----Ground Zero Instruction
GZP -----Ground Zero Performance
GAM -----Ground-to-Air Missile
GAG -----Ground-to-Air-to-Ground
GZE -----GroundZero EntertainmeNT
GHA -----Group Health Association
GHI -----Group Health Insurance
GHP -----Group Health Practitioner
GID -----Group IDentification
GPT -----Group Policy Template
GQV -----Group Qualifying Volume
GUV -----Group Unique Variable
GVD -----Group View Display
GVR -----Group Virtual Reality
GRV -----Group Virtual Reality
GCR -----"Group-Coded Recording (magnetic tape, 6250 bpi)"
GDJ -----Groupe des Jeunes
GZH -----Groupe Zoologique Humain
GAF -----Growing Annuity Factor
GYF -----Growing Your Future
GHR -----Growth Hormone Receptor
GUZ -----Gruen- und Uferschutzzone
GZZ -----Gruendungszentrum Zuerich
GOU -----Grundsaetzen Ordnungsmaessiger Unternehmensleitung
GUQ -----Grundwasserstaende und Quellschuettungen
GQO -----Grupo de Quimica Organometalica
GUJ -----Grupo de Usuarios Java
GUL -----Grupo de Utilizadores de Linux
GXM -----Grupo de Xadrez de Macau (Macau Chess Association)
GNV -----Grupos De No-violentos
GKX -----Guaifenesin-Ketamine-Xylazine
GXU -----Guangxi University
GXZ -----Guangxiangzhan
GZY -----Guangzhou Shipyard
GTP -----Guanosine Triphosphate
GBW -----Guaranteed BandWidth
GIC -----Guaranteed Inferior Compounding
GMP -----Guaranteed Minimum Pension
GTO -----Guaranteed Time Observers
GTM -----Guatemala
GOH -----Guest Of Honour
GKN -----"Guest, Keen & Nettlefold (Engineering company)"
GZU -----Gueterzugumfahrung
GGF -----Guidance and Guarantee Fund
GYD -----Guide
GDQ -----Guide Dogs Queensland
GBU -----Guided Bomb Unit
CGN -----"Guided Missile Cruiser, Nuclear powered"
GSV -----Guided Space Vehicle
DDG -----Guided-Missile Destroyer
CLG -----Guided-Missile Light Cruiser
GNI -----Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists
GSA -----Guildford School of Acting
GBS -----Guillian-Barre Syndrome
GNS -----Guineas
GOA -----Gulf Of Alaska
GYA -----Gulf Yachting Association
GDU -----Gun Display Unit
GRF -----Gun Range Finder
GSW -----Gun Shot Wound
GAU -----"Gun, Automatic Unit"
GUX -----Guna (India)
GDA -----Gun-Defended Area
GNR -----Gunner
GHS -----Gunner's Helmet Sight
GSS -----Gunner's Sighting Station
GDK -----Guns Don't Kill
GMZ -----Gusenichnyy Mino-Zagraditel (Russian)
GTT -----guttae (drops)
GUY -----Guyana
GKT -----"Guy's, King's and St Thomas' "
GXC -----"GX Computer, Ltd."
GNL -----Gymnastics Newfoundland and Labrador
GYN -----Gynecology
GEA -----Gyro Electronic Assembly
GME -----Gyro Management Electronics
GYQ -----Gyro Yaw Query
GEU -----Gyroscope Electronics Unit
GYP -----Gyroscope Package
GYU -----Gyroscopic Unit
HAB -----Habakkuk (bible)
HFH -----Habitat For Humanity
HSI -----Habitat Suitability Index
HUN -----Hacettepe Ueniversitesi
HUZ -----Hacker Underground Zone
HIT -----Hackers In Touch
HRU -----Hackers 'R' Us
HEU -----Hacking at the End of the Universe (convention)
HXZ -----Hadamard Not Phase-shift
HHM -----Haddonfield Historical Museum
QQX -----Hadronic Cross-Section
HBA -----haemaglobin something
HBS -----haemaglobin something
HGB -----Haemoglobin
HFV -----Haemophilia Foundation Victoria
HOK -----Haerens Operative Kommando
HAG -----Haggai (bible)
HZM -----"Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi (Bible)"
HDA -----Hail Detection Algorithm
HJZ -----Halbjahreszeugnisse
HWZ -----Halbwertszeit
HLF -----Half
HDX -----Half Duplex
HMM -----Half Molecule Model
HRC -----Half Rate Codec
HAX -----Half-Assed eXamination
HAQ -----Half-Assed Question(s)
HVL -----Half-Value Layer
HOF -----Hall Of Fame
HII -----Hallesche Informationsinitiative
HMC -----Halley Multicolor Camera (on Giotto)
HZR -----Hallische Zertifizierungszentrum fuer Russischkenntnisse
HAA -----Haloacetic Acid
HAF -----Halogen Acid Furnace
HDF -----Halogenated DibenzoFuran
HCP -----Halon Control Panel
HCT -----Hamburger ComputerTage
HZK -----Hamburgische Zimmererkrankenkasse
HRX -----Hamburg-Rosat Xray
HDB -----Hamilton Direct Bank
HJE -----Hamilton-Jacobi Equation
HJX -----Hamilton-Jacobi Inequality
HJB -----Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (mathematics)
QJV -----Hamlet (North Carolina) Hospital Medical Library
HQQ -----Hampshire Quality Quest
HTD -----Hancock-Truhlar-Dykstra
HFM -----Hand and Foot Monitor
HCD -----Hand Carried
HHP -----Hand Held Programmer
HBK -----HandBooK
HXP -----Handcross Park School
HUI -----Handelns Utredningsinstitut
HKZ -----Handelskammer Zentralschweizerische
HHL -----Hand-Held Laser
HHR -----Hand-Held Radar
HQR -----Handling Quality Rating (Aeronautical)
HJC -----Handmaids of Jesus Christ
HOP -----Hand-Off Point
HFT -----Hands Free Telephone
HOU -----Hands-On Universe
HWK -----Handwerkskammer
HWX -----Handwriting Recognition Engine
HTL -----Hanford Technical Library
HTC -----Hanford Training Center
HWS -----Hanford Work Standards
HGR -----Hangar
HEZ -----Hannoversche Erzeugergemeinschaft Zuchtschweine
HEK -----Hanseatic Krankenkasse
HLX -----Hapag-Lloyd Express
HLD -----Happy Little Duck
HNY -----Happy New Year
HDC -----Harbor Defense Command
HCS -----Hard Clad Silica
HDU -----Hard Disk Unit
HLP -----Hard Light Productions
HOH -----Hard Of Hearing
HPD -----Hard Point Defense
HXR -----Hard X-Ray (solar flare emissions)
HXD -----Hard Xray Detector
HXS -----Hard X-ray Spectrometer
HXT -----Hard X-ray Telescope
HXC -----Hardcore Christian
HDW -----Hardware
HAL -----Hardware Abstraction Layer
HGU -----Hardware Group Unblocking signal
HIU -----Hardware Installation Unit
HWL -----HardWare Listing
HMF -----Hardware Mission Failure
HPS -----Hardware Product Services
HSR -----Hardware Specification Review
HWT -----HardWare Testing
HUA -----Hardware-group Unblocking Acknowledgment signal
HKR -----Hare Krishna Report
HKY -----Hare Krishna Youth
HUJ -----Harkat-ul-Jihad
HCZ -----Harlem Children's Zone
HYC -----Harlem Yacht Club
HST -----Harmonised Sales Tax
HJT -----Harper Joy Theatre
HKC -----Harrisburg Kennel Club
HFO -----Hartree-Fock Orbital
HFB -----Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov
HFG -----Hartree-Fock-Gopinathan
HFJ -----Hartree-Fock-Jucys
HFR -----Hartree-Fock-Roothaan
HSL -----Hartwell Subroutine Library
HCO -----Harvard College Observatory
HGL -----Harvard Geospatial Library
HMJ -----Harvard Medical Journal
HRL -----Harvard Robotics Laboratory
HHJ -----Harwich Historical Journal
HNV -----Has Not Voided
HKS -----Hasegawa Kitagawa Sigma
HKJ -----Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
HLV -----Hasta La Vista
HCM -----Hastings County Museum
HYJ -----Hat Yai Junction
HNB -----Hatton National Bank
HZY -----Hauptabteilung Zyklotron
HIB -----Have I Been ....
HGI -----Haven't Got Information
QVQ -----Haverhill (Massachusetts) Municipal Hospital Library
HIG -----Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
HIX -----Hawaii Internet Exchange
HKA -----Hawaii Kiteboarding Association
HOT -----Hawaiian Ocean Time
HLG -----Hawk Logistics Group
HKM -----Hawthorne Key Management
HFN -----Hayward Fault Network
HQB -----"Hayward Quality Builders (Camp Douglas, WI)"
HZD -----HaZarD
HPI -----Hazard Potential Index
HTW -----Hazardous (and) Toxic Waste
HMR -----Hazardous Materials Regulations
HZW -----HaZardous Waste
HWC -----Hazardous Waste Coordinator
HWE -----Hazardous Waste Engineering
HWI -----Hazardous Waste Incineration
HWO -----Hazardous Waste Operations
HWP -----Hazardous Waste Programme
HWU -----Hazardous Waste Unit
HZJ -----Hazardous Zone Job
HRE -----Hazards Research Equipment
HZX -----Hazard-Unknown
HDH -----HDLC Distant Host
HBF -----Head Before Feet
HMD -----Head Mounted Display
HOM -----Head Of Media
HOQ -----Head Of Queue
HXQ -----Head pressure by Flow rate
HDR -----Header
HEC -----Header Error Check [ATM Forum]
HEL -----Header Extension Length
HDG -----Heading
HHN -----Headline Hockey News
HHB -----Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion
HHC -----Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HHU -----Headquarters and Headquarters Unit
HQC -----HeadQuarters Company
HQD -----HeadQuarters Detachment
HQF -----HeadQuarters Force
HQG -----Headquarters Garrison
HQI -----HeadQuarters Installation
HOI -----Headquarters Operating Instruction
HQO -----HeadQuarters Operation
HQP -----HeadQuarters Platoon
HQT -----HeadQuarters Troop
HQU -----HeadQuarters Unit
HQA -----"HeadQuarters, Army"
HQY -----"HeadQuarters, Yemen "
HUM -----Heads Up Message
HSA -----Headspace Analysis
HUD -----Heads-Up Display
HLT -----Health
HHS -----Health and Human Services
HSW -----Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974
HSE -----Health and Safety Executive
HSO -----Health and Safety Officer
HBL -----Health Based Level
HHA -----Health Hazard Assessment
HHE -----Health Hazard Evaluation
HIN -----Health Industry Number
HIA -----Health Insurance Associate
HIE -----Health Insurance Enrollment
HLN -----Health Libraries Network
HMO -----Health Maintenance Organisation
HNQ -----Health Needs Questionnaire
HNE -----Health New England
HPK -----Health Partners of Kansas
HPB -----Health Protection Board
HQL -----Health Query Language
HSJ -----Health Service Journal
HSQ -----Health Status Questionnaire
HUC -----Health Unit Co-ordinator
HUO -----Health Unit Operations
HVO -----Health Volunteers Overseas
HAH -----Healthcare Association of Hawaii
HYE -----Healthy Years Equivalent
HYA -----Healthy Young Attitude
HDO -----Hearing Designation Order
HBH -----Heartbreak Hotel
HYU -----Heartland Youth University
HHY -----Hearts and Homes for Youth
HAZ -----Heat Affected Zone
HDT -----Heat Distortion Temperature
HEM -----Heat Exchanger Method
HEN -----Heat Exchanger Network
HXE -----"Heat eXchanger, External"
HXI -----"Heat Exchanger, Internal"
HBI -----Heated Biological Input
HRW -----Heated Rear Window
HTR -----Heater
HCE -----Heater Control Electronics
HOB -----Heater Outlet Box
HFU -----Heat-Flow Unit [unit of geothermal flux]
HEV -----Heavy
HVY -----heavy
HDY -----Heavy Duty
HET -----Heavy Equipment Transporter
HGV -----Heavy Goods Vehicle
HLC -----Heavy Lift Capability
HLH -----Heavy Lift Helicopter
HMK -----Heavy Metal Kids
HNX -----Heavy Nuclei Explorer
HOA -----Heavy Observation Aircraft
HTT -----Heavy Tactical Transport
HUV -----Heavy Utility Vehicle
HWR -----Heavy Water Reactor
HDE -----Heavy-Duty Engine
HDV -----Heavy-Duty Vehicle
HJY -----Heavyweight Jacket-Youth -----
HEB -----Hebrew -----
QYZ -----Heerenveen (Netherlands) -----
HGT -----height -----
HXW -----Height by Width -----
HTU -----Height of Transfer Unit -----
HRF -----Height-Range Finder -----
HZU -----Heilpaedagogischer Zusatzunterricht -----
HTZ -----Heimtierzentrum -----
HZF -----Heimwerkerzentrum -----
HHI -----Heinrich Hertz Institut -----Machine Language
HNI -----Heinz Nixdorf Institut -----
HSN -----HEIS Sample Number -----
HKH -----Helen Keller Hospital -----
HKW -----Helen Keller Worldwide -----
HKF -----Helgeson-Kirkham-Flowers -----
HCJ -----Heliborne Common Jammer
HAW -----Helicopter Assault Wave
HAI -----Helicopter Association International
HBD -----Helicopter Battle Damage
HIR -----Helicopter In-flight Refueling
HIS -----Helicopter Inter-Service
HLZ -----Helicopter Landing Zone
HNM -----Helicopter Noise Model
HTA -----Helicopter Training Area
HUX -----"Helicopter, Utility Experimental"
HXM -----Helicopter-Experimental-Medium lift
HJD -----Heliocentric Julian Date
HID -----Helium Ionization Detector
HNO -----Hell NO
HDM -----Hellfire Dummy Missile
HTM -----Hellfire Training Missile
HFF -----Hellmann-Feynman Force
HSS -----Helmet Sight System
HFL -----Help File Lists
HTE -----Help The Elderly
HYN -----Help Your Neighbor
HYR -----Helping Youth Rehabilitation
HJK -----Helsingin JalkapalloKlubi [(Finnish) Helsinki (association) Football Club]
HLK -----Helsingin Lawn-Tennis Klubi
HYO -----Helsingin Yhteiskunnallinen Opisto
HYL -----Helsingin Yhterslyseo
HYY -----Helsingin Yliopiston Ylioppilaskunnan
HPY -----Helsinin Puhelin Oyj
HKI -----HelsinKI [(Finnish) abbreviation used in mail addresses]
HQE -----Hemi-Quantal Equations
HQM -----Hemi-Quantal Mechanics
HMN -----Hemmings Motor News
HLY -----Hemolysin
HPX -----Hemopexin
HCK -----Hemopoetic Cell Kinase
HFZ -----Hen Free Zone
HRR -----Henley Royal Regatta
KXJ -----Henry Hill Correctional Center Library
HAV -----Hepatitis A Virus
HBX -----Hepatitis B Virus X
HBV -----Hepatitus B Virus
HMS -----Her Majesty's ship
HGC -----Hercules Graphics Card
HHT -----Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (a hereditary blood disorder)
HXF -----Hereford and Friesian
HXH -----Hereford and Hereford
HXJ -----Hereford and Jersey
HJH -----Heritage Junior Hockey
HQZ -----Herkunfts- und Qualitaetszeichen Baden-Wuerttemberg
HGF -----Hermite Gaussian Function
HYS -----Herndon Youth Soccer
HZO -----Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus
HPL -----Herrick Public Library [Holland MI]
HRD -----Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
HKT -----Herzhaufte Kraeutertropfen
HKK -----Herz-Kreislauf-Klinik
HJP -----Hessische Jugendpresse
HKG -----Hessische Krankenhausgesellschaft
HLB -----Hessische Luftsportbundes
HJV -----Hessischer Judo Verband
HZQ -----Hessisches Zentrum fuer Qualitaetssicherung und Qualitaetsmanagement
HTN -----Heterodyne
HCW -----Heterogeneous Computing Workshop
HLM -----Heterogeneous LAN Manager
HBT -----Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
HMB -----Heteronuclear Multiple-Bond
HMQ -----Heteronuclear Multiple-Quantum
HQH -----Hetletved Quarter Horse
HPJ -----Hewlett-Packard Journal
HCH -----HexachloroCycloHexane
HEX -----hexadecimal
HBN -----Hexagonal Boron Nitride
HXL -----Hexcel Corporation
HXK -----Hexokinase
HXG -----Hexylene Glycol
HPZ -----Hidden Palace Zone
HSM -----Hierarchical Storage Management
HVQ -----Hierarchical Vector Quantization
HGX -----"HieroGraphiX Productions, Inc. "
HAO -----High Altitude Observatory
HAE -----"High Altitude, long-Endurance"
HAD -----High Aluminum Defect
HBE -----High Bay Extension
HBR -----High Bit Rate
HBP -----High Blood Pressure
HCU -----High Capacity Unit
HCV -----High Capacity Voice
HDQ -----High Definition Quincunx
HDS -----High Definition System
HDP -----High Defition Progressive
HDD -----High Density Disc
HDL -----High Density Lipoprotein
HEA -----High Energy Astrophysics
HED -----High Energy Detector
HEI -----High Explosive Incendiary
HFS -----High Fidelity Sound
HFI -----High Frequency Interference
HFP -----High Fuel Pump [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
HGA -----High Gain Antenna(e)
HHV -----High Heating Value
HIZ -----High Impedance
HZP -----High Impedance Probe
HIQ -----High Intelligence Quotient
HJW -----HIgh Jump World
HLI -----High Layer Information
HLA -----High Level Architecture
HLL -----High Level Language
HLQ -----High Level Qualifier
HMX -----High Melting eXplosive
HMT -----High Mobility Trailer
HOV -----High Occupancy Vehicle
HOL -----High Order Language
HPF -----High Pass Filter
HPE -----High Performance Equipment
HPG -----High Performance Generator
HPH -----High Performance Helicopter
HPO -----High Performance Option
HPQ -----High Performance Quad
HPW -----High Performance Workstation [Sun]
HPM -----High Power Microwave
HPR -----High Power Rocketry
HPT -----High Pressure Transducer
HPP -----High Profile Promotion
HQJ -----High Quality Joinery
HQS -----High Quality Stuff
HQV -----High Quality Video
HQW -----High Quality Water
HRI -----High Resolution Imager (on ROSAT) [Space]
HSD -----High Salt Diluent
HSG -----High School Graduate
HTS -----High Temperature Superconductor
HVC -----High Value Compound
HVD -----High Voltage Differential
HVE -----High Voltage Equipment
HVM -----High Volume Manufacturing
HWJ -----High Water Junction
HWM -----High Water Mark
HWA -----High Wind Advisory
HWW -----High Wind Warning
HWH -----High Windy Hall (Hotel and Restaurant)
HYT -----High Year of Tenure
HYI -----High Yield Investment
HYV -----High Yielding Varieties
HCA -----High-Contamination Area
HDI -----High-Density Inclusion
HDJ -----High-Dispersal Jet
HEG -----High-Energy Gas
HHQ -----Higher HeadQuarters
HNC -----Higher National Certificate
HND -----Higher National Diploma
HSC -----Higher State of Consciouness
HCF -----Highest Common Factor
HFW -----High-Frequency Waveform
HLU -----High-gain Line Unit
HXU -----High-gain Multiplexer Unit
HHF -----High-Heat Flux
HIC -----High-Intensity Conflict
HLE -----High-Level Exposure
HLW -----High-Level Waste
HEF -----Highly Enriched Fuel
HTG -----Highly Tactical Glove
HEO -----Highly-inclined Elliptical satellite Orbit
HPA -----High-Powered Amplifier
HQK -----High-Quality Kites
HRA -----High-Radiation Area
HIY -----Highschool Youth
HTF -----High-Temperature Fuel
HTB -----High-Test Bleach
HVT -----High-Value Target
HVU -----High-Value Unit
HVA -----High-Voltage Adapter
HVX -----High-Voltage Switch
HWY -----Highway
HAR -----Highway Advisory Radio
HRP -----Highway Regulating Point
HTP -----Highway Traffic Point
HZA -----Hilfe Zur Arbeit
HZE -----Hilfen Zur Erziehung
HCC -----Hillsborough Community College
HWV -----Hilton Waikoloa Village
HVK -----Hindu Vivek Kendra
HZV -----Hinterbliebenen-Zusatzversicherung
HHZ -----Hip-Hop Zone
HXA -----Hipoxrom Anemiyali
HNF -----HIPPI Network Forum
HJU -----Hiroshima Jogakuin University
HIH -----His
HIM -----His
HSH -----His
HBM -----His
HMG -----His
HMI -----His
HRH -----His
HMV -----His Master's Voice
HRG -----Histidine-Rich Glycoprotein
HEQ -----Histogram Equalization
HCN -----Historical Climatology Network
HZB -----Historischer Zueri-Bus
HSY -----History
HPC -----History of Present Condition
HUU -----History of the University Unit
HMH -----Hit Me Hard
HNH -----Hitch n' Hike
HHG -----Hitch-Hiker's Guide
HER -----Hit-Exchange Ratio
HTK -----Hits To Kill
HKQ -----HIV Knowledge Questionnaire
HLJ -----Hobby Link Japan
HFQ -----Hochfrequenzquelle
HBZ -----Hochschulbibliothekszentrum
HDZ -----Hochschuldidaktisches Zentrum
HFK -----Hochschule fuer Kirchenmusik
HKB -----Hochschulekontaktboerse
HHK -----Hochschul-Hyperschall-Kanal
HRZ -----Hochschulrechenzentrum
HRK -----Hochschulrektorenkonferenz
HNA -----Hockey North America
HUY -----Hockey Umpires for Youth
HXB -----Hoehe und Breite
HGZ -----Hoergeschaedlenzentrum
HZS -----Hogere ZeevaartSchool
QGY -----Hogeschool van Amsterdam Bibliotheek
HHD -----Hogshead
HZL -----Hohenzollerische Landesbahn
HUL -----Hoist Up Limit
HAJ -----Hokkaido Arbeit Jidosha
HAY -----Hold A Year
HAM -----Hold And Modify
HIO -----Hole In One
HGW -----Hollow Glass Waveguide
HFX -----Hollywood Effects
HSX -----Hollywood Stock Exchange
HDK -----Holo-Dynamic Kinesiology
HOE -----Holographic Optical Element
HOO -----Holoholo
HCB -----"Holy Cow, Batman!"
HAN -----Home ATM Network
HBO -----Home Box Office
HBG -----Home Buyers Guide
HEY -----Home Educators and Youth
HES -----Home Electronic System
HHO -----Home Heating Oil
HIP -----Home Internet Protocol
HJS -----Home Job Stop
HLR -----Home Location Register
HME -----Home Made Explosive
HMW -----Home Network
HNW -----Home NetWork
HOR -----Home Of Record
HOJ -----Home On Jamming
HRJ -----Home Rabbit Journal
QVC -----home shopping channel (meaning unknown)
HVI -----Home Ventilating Institute
HVR -----Home Video Recorder
HYG -----"Home, Yard, and Garden"
HAS -----Home-A-Syst
HBB -----Home-Based Business
HGK -----Home-Grown Kids
HPN -----Homeless People's Network
HOX -----Homeobox
HZG -----Homeopaten Zonder Grenzen
HOZ -----Homeownership Zone
HQN -----HomeQuest Network
HWF -----Homes for Working Families
HNJ -----Homes Not Jails
HIK -----Homeschoolers In Kitsap
HAT -----Homework And Teachers
HOG -----Homing Optical Guidance
HCY -----Homocystinuria
HZH -----Homoeopathie-Zentrum Hannover
HVN -----Honda Vereniging Nederland
HJL -----Honest John Launcher
HKD -----Hong Kong Dollar
HKL -----Hong Kong Legends
HKO -----Hong Kong Option
HKP -----Hong Kong Phoey
HKU -----Hong Kong University
HKV -----Hong Kong Video
HYF -----Hongkong and Yaumati Ferry
HVZ -----Honnefer Volkszeitung
HFD -----Honolulu Fire Department
HJQ -----Honolulu Jazz Quartet
HTY -----Honolulu Theatre for Youth
HON -----Honorary
HGQ -----Honors Graduate Questionnaire
HAC -----Honourable Artillery Company
QHZ -----"Hoofddorp, Haarlem"
HTH -----Hope This Helps
HVF -----Hope Valley Farms
HYM -----Hope Youth Ministry
HGJ -----Hopital General Juif
HUG -----Hopitaux Universitaires de Geneve
HUT -----Hopkins Ultraviolet Telescope
HZN -----Horizon
HFY -----Horizon For Youth
HNR -----Horizon Natural Resources
HVP -----Horizontal and Vertical Position
HBW -----Horizontal BeamWidth
HXV -----Horizontal by Vertical
HCR -----Horizontal Control Rod
HTI -----Horizontal Technology Integration
HWD -----Horizontal Weather Depiction
HTV -----Horlicks TeleVision...
HGP -----Hormonal Growth Promotant
HNG -----Horny Net Geek
HUF -----Horny Unattached Female
HIJ -----Horological Institute of Japan
HOS -----Hosea (bible)
HEP -----Hospital for Elderly People
HGY -----Hospital General Yaguee
HTO -----Hospital Transfer Order
HUQ -----Hospital Under Quarantine
HUB -----"Hospital Unit, Base"
HUH -----"Hospital Unit, Holding"
HUS -----"Hospital Unit, Surgical"
HNS -----Hospitality Network Service
HNL -----Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador
HOY -----Hospitality Yukon
HAP -----Host Access Protocol
HAU -----Host Attachment Unit
HMP -----Host Monitoring Protocol
HOD -----Host On Demand
HSP -----Host System Processing
HNT -----Hostage Negotiating Team
HRT -----Hostage Rescue Team
HTQ -----Hostage Taker Quarterly
HGD -----Hot Gas Diminution
HGG -----Hot Gas Generator
HTJ -----Hot Temporary Jobs
HUP -----Hot Uniaxially Pressing
HDN -----Hotel Discounts Network
HEH -----Hotel Europaeischer Hof
HRY -----Hotel Reservations Yugoslavia
HVJ -----"Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten (Hamburg, Germany)"
HSZ -----HotSpotZone
HBJ -----Hougen-Bunker-Johns
HRS -----Hours
HJR -----House Joint Resolution
HVH -----House Versus Home
HEE -----Household Earnings and Expenditures
HFC -----Household Finance Corporation
HHW -----Household Hazardous Waste
HHX -----Household Serial Number
HIF -----Housing Inspection Foundation
HJN -----Housing Justice Network
HNZ -----Housing New Zealand
HZI -----Housing-Zoning Inspector
ZHO -----Houston (Canada-BC) (location identifier)
HGO -----Houston Grand Opera
HJM -----Houston Journal of Mathematics
HZC -----Houston Zen Community
HIW -----How It Works
HOW -----Howitzer
HWB -----Howitzer Battery
HYH -----How's Your Health?
HYK -----Hoylake
HZT -----Hrvatski Zavod za Telekomunikacije (Croatian Institute of Telecommunications)
HNK -----Hrvatsko Narodno Kazaliste
HZZ -----Hrvatskom Zavodu za Zaposljavanje
HTX -----HTML Extention
HWG -----HTML Writers Guild
HBU -----Hub Bearing Unit [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
HHH -----Hubert Horatio Humphrey (former US Vice President)
HBC -----Hudson Bay Company
HRM -----Hudson River Museum
HSV -----Hue Saturation Value
HSB -----"Hue, Saturation, Brightness"
HVG -----Huettentechnische Vereinigung
HAK -----Hugs And Kisses
HML -----Human
HBY -----Human Biology
HCG -----Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
HCI -----Human Computer Interface
HFA -----Human Factors Analysis
HFE -----Human Failure Event
HGM -----Human Genome Meeting
HGN -----Human Genome News
HGS -----Human Genome Sciences
HGH -----Human Growth Hormone
HIV -----Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HIL -----Human Interface Link
HJA -----Human Job Analysis
HKE -----Human Knowledge Europe
HLS -----Human Language System
HNP -----Human Nucleotide Polymorphism
HPV -----Human Papilloma Virus
HRB -----Human Resources Board
HRN -----Human Resources Need
HRO -----Human Resources Office
PRH -----Human Resources Partnership
HRQ -----Human Rights Quarterly
HSF -----Human Space Flight
HVS -----Human Visual System
HJJ -----Humanistisch Jeugd- en Jongerenwerk
HUR -----Humanitarno Udruzenje Roma
HJF -----Humboldt Juggling Society
HLO -----Humboldt Light Opera Company
HSU -----"Humboldt State University [Arcata, CA]"
HNU -----Hunan Normal University
HMY -----Hundred Million Years
HYW -----Hundred Years War
CWT -----Hundredweight
HEJ -----Hungarian Electronic Journal
HUE -----Hungarian Exporter
HJO -----Hungry Jack Outfitters
HUK -----Hunter-Killer
HBQ -----Huntington Brass Quintet
HUW -----Hurricane Watch
HWN -----Hurricane Watch Net
HYB -----Hybrid
HMA -----Hybrid Microelectronics Assembly
HNN -----Hybrid Neural Network
HYD -----Hydraulic
HGE -----Hydraulic Grade Elevation
HKX -----Hydraulic Kits for Excavators
HPU -----Hydraulic Pumping Unit
HCX -----Hydrocarbon Extraction
HCL -----HydroChloric Acid
HOC -----Hydrofoil Ocean Combatant
HXX -----Hydrogen Exchange Experiment
HXY -----Hydrogen Exchange Yield
HWQ -----Hydrology and Water Quality
HMU -----Hydromechanical Unit
HMZ -----Hydrometalurgicke Zavody
HYX -----Hydrometeorological Data
BQH -----Hydroxy-Benzoquinone
HCQ -----Hydroxychloroquine
HYZ -----Hydroxyzine
HSK -----Hylleraas Scherr Knight
HYP -----hypertension
HVV -----Hyper-Velocity Vehicle
HVW -----Hyper-Velocity Weapon
HJI -----Hyphenation and Justification Interval
HXO -----Hypohalous acid
HVB -----Hypovereins Bank
HXN -----Hypoxantine
HYQ -----HyTime Query Language
IBD -----I Back Down
IBI -----I Believe It
ICJ -----I Can't Jump
ICM -----I Can't Move
IDC -----I Don't Care
IDK -----I Don't Know
IDS -----I Don't See
IDT -----I Don't Think (so)
IDU -----I Don't Understand
IGI -----I Give In
IYQ -----I Like (Wike) You
ILI -----I Like Ike
ILY -----I Love You
ILU -----I Love You(U)
IMU -----I Miss yoU
ICQ -----i seek you
ITY -----I Thank You
IWM -----I Want Money
IWU -----I Want yoU
IWH -----I Was Here
IVZ -----Ibbenbuerener Volkszeitung
ZYJ -----Ida Coppenbarger School Library
IFO -----Identified Flying Object
ILC -----Idle Load Compensator [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
IIT -----IDX Institute of Technology
NRG -----ie. energy...
IZJ -----Iedereen Zooo Jotje
IIF -----If I Fail
IIL -----If I Leave
IIQ -----If I Quit
IIR -----If I Recall
IIC -----If I'm Correct
IUA -----If yoU Accept
IUC -----If yoU Can
IYC -----If You Care
IUW -----If yoU Want
IYW -----If You Wish
IGP -----Igneous and Geothermal Processes
IGN -----Ignition
IDM -----Ignition Diagnostic Module [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
IYJ -----Ihmisoikeuksien Yleismaailmallinen Julistus
YVZ -----IJsvereniging Zoetermeer
IKZ -----Ikizu
IBB -----I'll Be Back
IKY -----I'll Kill You
IUU -----"Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated"
IDB -----Illicit Diamond Buying
IJJ -----Illini Ju-Jitsu
ILL -----Illinois
IBJ -----Illinois Business Journal
IJY -----Illinois Journalist of the Year
ITW -----Illinois Tool Works
IOE -----Illogical Operation Error
IPB -----Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IFV -----I'm Fully Vested
IVS -----I'm Very Sorry
IUY -----Image Unit Height
IOD -----Images On Demand
IFA -----Imaginative Fruit Arranger
IVM -----Imaging Vector Magnetograph
IED -----Imitative Electronic Deception
IAL -----Immediate Action Limit
IRZ -----Immediate Response Zone
ITI -----Immediate Transient Incapacitation
IEG -----Immediately Early Gene
IGB -----ImmunoGlobulin B (gamma globulin)
IGK -----Immunoglobulin Kappa
IPP -----Impact Point Prediction
ILE -----Impact-Level Evaluation
ZPN -----Impedance Pneumogram
ICI -----Imperial Chemical Industries
IHQ -----Imperial Headquarters
IJF -----Imperial Japanese Forces
IJN -----Imperial Japanese Navy
IKV -----Imperial Klingon Vessel
ISO -----Imperial Service Order
ICN -----Implementation Change Notice
IUT -----Implementation Under Test
ILG -----Import-Led Growth
IPH -----Impressions Per Hour
IPV -----Improve
IRV -----Improved inter-Range Vector
INH -----Improved Nike Hercules
IPM -----Impulses Per Minute
IWV -----ImpulsWahlVerfahren
ISX -----Impurity Study Experiment
IFL -----In a Former Life
IWA -----In Accordance With
IAF -----In Another File
IAW -----In Another World
IAE -----In Any Event
ICW -----In Conjunction With
IGE -----In Ground Effect
IHO -----In Honor Of
INL -----In my Next Life
IMO -----in my opinion
IOQ -----In Order Queue
IOW -----In Other Words
IRL -----In Real Life
IVO -----In View Of
IYD -----In Your Dreams
IYF -----In Your Face
IYL -----In Your Life
IYO -----In Your Opinion
IAI -----Inactive Aircraft Inventory
IQE -----Inadequate Quality Evaluation
IBE -----Inboard Booster Engine
IPS -----Inches Per Second
IBT -----Income Before Tax
ITL -----Incoming Transaction Listing
INC -----incorporated
INY -----Increment on Y-axis
IPW -----Incremental Packet Writing
INR -----Incremented Number Generator
IXZ -----Indeloxazine Hydrochloride
IBX -----Independence Blue Cross
IAB -----Independent Accountability Board
IAC -----Independent Accountability Class
IAP -----Independent Activities Period (January at MIT)
IID -----Independent and Identically Distributed
IBA -----Independent Broadcasting Authority (defunct)
IER -----Independent Evaluation Report
IET -----Independent Evaluation Team
IXN -----Independent Exchange Network
IHV -----Independent Hardware Vendor
IIA -----Independent Inspection Agency
ILR -----Independent Local Radio
ILA -----Independent Logistics Assessment
IOA -----Independent Operational Assessment
IQB -----Independent Quality Board
IQG -----Independent Quasi-Geminals
IRN -----Independent Radio News
ITR -----Independent Task Regiment
ITV -----Independent TeleVision
ITA -----Independent Television Authority
ITC -----Independent Television Committee
ITN -----Independent Television News
IVH -----Independent Variable Hull
IVV -----Independent Verification and Validation
IWB -----Independent Wholesale Brokerage
IDX -----Index
IXB -----Index Book
ILQ -----Index Lexicologique Quebecois
IRW -----Index of Relative Worth
IWI -----Index of Watershed Indicators
IXY -----Index of Yield
IXU -----Index Translation Unit
ICS -----Indian Civil Service
ICC -----Indian Claims Commission (US)
ZIO -----Indian Ocean Zone
IPA -----Indian Pale Ale
IVJ -----Indian Veterinary Journal
IZC -----Indian Zebra Corporation
IEJ -----Indiana English Journal
ILJ -----Indiana Law Journal
IUP -----Indiana University of Pennsylvania
IWX -----Indiana Western Express
IYG -----Indiana Youth Group
IYI -----Indiana Youth Institute
IHP -----Indicated HorsePower
IMN -----Indicated Mach Number
IOH -----Indication of Hostility
IGQ -----Indice de Gitologia Quantitativa
IFK -----Indirect Free Kick (Soccer)
IDH -----Indirect Hire
IJO -----Individual Job Order
IRR -----Individual Ready Reserve
ITD -----Individual Training Division
ITP -----Individual Training Plan
ITQ -----Individual Transferable Quota
IVQ -----Individual Vessel Quota
IQF -----Individually Quick Frozen
IAA -----Indoleacetic Acid
IOJ -----Indonesia Open Jazz
IYS -----Indonesian Youth Society
IAQ -----Indoor Air Quality
IEQ -----Indoor Environmental Quality
IKR -----Indoor Kart Racing
IZB -----Indpendent Zone Boundary
IMT -----Induced Muscular Tension
IEB -----Industrial Evaluation Board
ILV -----Industrial Launch Vehicle [Space]
ILM -----Industrial Light & Magic (special effects company)
IOB -----Industrial Order of Battle
IRJ -----Industrial Relations Journal
IWT -----Industrial Waste Treatment
IWW -----Industrial Workers of the World
IHK -----Industrie- und Handelskammer [Chamber of Commerce & Industry]
IKT -----Industriele Kring Twente
IGF -----Inert Gas Fusion
IGG -----Inert Gas Generator
IGS -----Inert Gas Supply
IGA -----Inert-Gas Atomization
IFS -----Inertia Fuel Shutoff [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
IWC -----Inertia Weight Class [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
INS -----Inertial Navigation System
INU -----Inertial Navigation Unit
IUS -----Inertial Upper Stage
ICV -----Infantry Combat Vehicle
IHN -----Infectious Hematopoietic Necrosis
INF -----infinite
IIS -----Inflationary Impact Statement
IWG -----Informal Working Group
IUZ -----Informatika pro Uzevatele
IEF -----Information Engineering Facility
IEW -----Information Engineering Workbench
INX -----INformation eXchange
IXE -----Information Exchange for Economics
IEL -----Information Exchange List
IEM -----Information Exchange Meeting
IXQ -----Information eXchange Query
IXO -----Information Exploitation Office
IHW -----Information Hiding Workshop
IJA -----Information Junkie Alliance
IMB -----Information Management Branch
INI -----Information Networking Institute
IPF -----Information Presentation Facility
IRM -----Information Resources Management
IRX -----Information Retrieval Experiment
ISW -----Information Survivability Workshop
ISF -----Information Systems Factory
ITB -----Information Technology for Business
ITM -----Information Technology Management
ITZ -----Information Technology Zone
IUB -----Information Technology Zone
IZU -----Informationen zur Umweltpsychologie
IZQ -----Informationszentrum Qualitaetssicherung
IZW -----Informationszentrum Waermepumpen- und Kaeltetechnik
IZG -----Ingenieurs Zonder Grenzen
IWZ -----Ingenieurwissenschaftliches Zentrum Deutz
ZNQ -----Ingolstadt (Germany)
IHF -----Inhomogeneous Hartree-Fock
IAR -----Initial Address Reject
IBH -----Initial BeachHead
IBP -----Initial Boiling Point
ICZ -----Initial Contact Zone
IDR -----Initial Design Review
IDO -----Initial Dissolved Oxygen
IDI -----Initial Domain Identifier
IIV -----Initial Input Variable
IML -----Initial Machine Load
IPO -----Initial Public Offering
IQC -----Initial Qualification Cost
IQT -----Initial Qualification Training
IQQ -----Initial Quantity and Quality
ITG -----Initial Terminal Guidance
IQS -----Initiative Qualitaetssicherung
IWK -----Initiativen Wirtschaft fuer Kunst
ILD -----Injection Laser Diode
IMK -----Injection Molding Kit
IPR -----Injector Pressure Regulator [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
IQJ -----Injector Quadrapole Junction
INJ -----Injury
IJP -----InkJet Printer
WLI -----Inland Buoy Tender (US Coast Guard ship designation)
IRO -----Inland Revenue Office
IWO -----Inland Waterway Operation
IAZ -----Inner Artillery Zone
IBZ -----Inner Border Zone
IQN -----Inner Quantum Number
IQW -----Innovations- und Qualifizierungzentrum Worms
IDE -----Innovative Design Expertise (british company)
IUG -----Innovative Users Group
IKK -----Innungskrankenkassen
IPQ -----In-Process Quality
IOU -----Input
INP -----Input [See also Hawkman's Automotive Webspace]
ZIN -----Input Impedance (Z = Impedance)
IME -----Input Method Editor
IQM -----Input Queue Message
IOX -----Input-Output eXpansions
IOS -----Input-Output Storage
INQ -----Inquiry
IQR -----Inquiry
ICP -----Insane Clown Posse
INZ -----Insatsu Zasshi
IGR -----Insect Growth Regulator
IHE -----Insensitive High Explosive
ISI -----In-Service Inspection
IYH -----Inside Your Head
IZS -----Insitute of Zen Studies
IGJ -----Inspeccion General de Justicia
IGZ -----Inspectie voor de Gezondheidszorg
INM -----Inspector of Naval Machinery
IRD -----Installation Requirement Document
ISL -----Installation System Library
IIG -----Instantaneous Inverse Gain
IBQ -----Institut Biblique du Quebec
IGD -----"Institut fr Graphische Datenverarbeitung [FHG Institute for Computer Graphics, Germany] "
IFW -----Institut fr Wirtschaftsforschung
IBK -----Institut fuer Bildung und Kultur
IEK -----Institut fuer Emotionale Kompetenz
IFZ -----Institut fuer Finanzdienstleistungen Zug
IIZ -----Institut fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit
IPZ -----Institut fuer Politologische Zeitfragen
IUQ -----Institut fuer Umweltschutz und Qualitaetssicherung
IVK -----Institut fuer Verbrennungsmotoren und Kraftfahrwesen
IZF -----Institut fuer Ziegelforschung
IZP -----Institut fuer Zukunftfaehige Projekte
IZT -----Institut fuer Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung
IKJ -----Institut Kirche und Judentum
IMQ -----Institut Maritime du Quebec
IQA -----Institute (of) Quality Assurance [UK]
IGC -----"Institute for Global Communications [provides ConflictNet, EcoNet, LaborNet, PeaceNet, and WomensNet] "
IHR -----Institute for Historical Review
IHD -----Institute for Human Development
IJR -----Institute for Justice and Reconciliation
IKM -----Institute for Knowledge Management
IMV -----Institute for Molecular Biology
INO -----Institute for Naval Oceanography
IPJ -----Institute for Peace and Justice
IQH -----Institute for Quality Healthcare
IRH -----Institute for Reproductive Health
ISJ -----Institute for Social Justice
IAY -----Institute for the Study of Antisocial Behavior in Youth
IWE -----Institute for Wireless Education
IWL -----Institute for Women's Leadership
IWR -----Institute for Wood Research
IAJ -----Institute of Actuaries of Japan
ICE -----Institute of Civil Engineers
IEE -----Institute of Electrical Engineers
IFT -----Institute of Family Therapy
IGT -----Institute of Gas Technology
IOG -----Institute of Groundsmanship
IHM -----Institute of Health Management
IHG -----Institute of Human Genetics
IIB -----Institute of International Bankers
IOL -----Institute of Linguists
IMA -----Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
IMM -----Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
IOO -----Institute of Ophthamology
IOP -----Institute Of Physisists
IQO -----Institute of Quantum Optics
ITE -----Institute of Transportation Engineers
IUL -----Institute of Urban Life
IOV -----Institute of Videography
IWP -----Institute of World Politics
IOZ -----Institute of Zoology
IBV -----Instituto de Biomechanica de Valencia
IEO -----Instituto Espaol de Oceanografa
IZK -----Instituts fuer Zukunftsorientierte Kompetenzentwicklung
IZD -----Institutszentrum Dresden
ILP -----Instruction Level Parallelism
IDQ -----Instructional Design and Quality
IMC -----Instructional Media Center
IMS -----Instructional Media Service
IQI -----Instructional Quality Inventory
ILT -----Instructor Led Training
IFE -----Instrument Flight Examiner
IFR -----Instrument Flight Rules
IIH -----Instrument Interface Hardware
ILS -----Instrument Landing System
IWS -----Instrument Work Station
ITH -----Insulation and Trace Heating
AAR -----insurance against all risks
AXA -----insurance company
IUX -----Insurance Index
IGW -----Integral GateWay
IQV -----Integral Quench-Vertical
IAM -----Integrated Assessment Modeling
IBN -----Integrated Business Network
ICK -----Integrated Circuit Keyset
ICT -----Integrated Concept Team
IXF -----Integrated Exchange Format
IIP -----Integrated Infrastructure Planning
IJI -----Integrated Justice Information
IKS -----Integrated Kanban System
IMP -----Integrated Manpower Program
IPE -----Integrated Programming Environment
IVC -----Integrated Visual Computing (architecture)
IVX -----Integrated Voice Exchange
IVN -----Integrated Voice Network
IVR -----Integrated Voice Response
IWD -----Integrated Weapons Display
IXP -----Integrated X-ray Potential
IJQ -----Integration Jeunesse du Quebec
IQU -----Integriertes Qualitaets- und Umweltmanagement
ITJ -----Intel Technology Journal
ILX -----Intelex
NLX -----Intelex Corporation
IAG -----Intelligence Analysis Group
ICH -----Intelligent Connection Handling
IQX -----Intelligent Exposure Technology
INA -----Intelligent Network Architecture
INE -----Intelligent Network Element
ITS -----Intelligent Tutoring Systems
IQZ -----Intelligent Zoom
IXD -----Intensity times Duration
ICU -----Intensive Care Unit
IXT -----Interaction Cross Talk
ICD -----Interactive Call Distribution
ICG -----Interactive Computer Graphic
IDL -----Interactive Data Language [Space]
IES -----Interactive Estimating System
IGX -----Interactive Graphix
ILF -----Interactive Learning Forum
INK -----Interactive Networked Kiosks
IQP -----Interactive Qualifying Project
IQL -----Interactive Query Language
IVD -----Interactive Video Disc
IVI -----Interactive Video Interface
IVE -----Interactive Visualization Environment
IWQ -----Interactive Web Query
IRT -----Interboro Rapid Transit (one of the subway systems in New York City)
IFF -----Interchange File Format
IEZ -----Interdisziplinaeres Forschungsinstitut fuer Entwicklungzusammenarbeit
IZN -----Interdisziplinaeres Zentrum fuer Neurowissenschaften
III -----"Interesting, Informative, Impressive"
IXC -----Inter-eXchange Carrier
IEC -----"Inter-Exchange Carrier [Telephony] (see also IC, IXC) "
IAD -----Interface Analysis Document
IFX -----Interface Configuration x
IDD -----Interface Design Description
IEU -----Interface Electronic Unit
IXX -----Interface Translator
IRI -----Interfaculty Reactor Institute
ZEW -----Interfakultaeres Zentrum fuer Ethik in den Wissenschaften
IRE -----Interferon-Responsive Element
IGM -----InterGalactic Medium
IHA -----Interim Housing Allowance
IOI -----Interim Operating Instructions
ISB -----Interim Safety Basis
ISH -----Interim Scout Helicopter
IUM -----Interim Use Material
IVW -----Interior Volume and Weight
ILZ -----Interkantonale Lehrmittelzentrale
IDV -----Interlibrational Derived Vehicle [Space]
IUV -----Interlibrational Utility Vehicle [Space]
ILK -----Interlock
ICO -----Intermediate Circular (Earth) Orbit
ICR -----Intermediate Common Room
IEH -----Intermediate Effective Hamiltonian
IFM -----Intermediate Frequency Modulation
IHX -----Intermediate Heat Exchange
IPU -----Intermediate Processing Unit
ISD -----Intermediate School District
ITX -----Intermediate Text Block
IMW -----InterMediate Wave
ILW -----Intermediate-Level Waste
IMD -----Intermittent Motion Driver
IBW -----Internal Bore Welding
IDG -----Internal Drive Generator
IFU -----Internal Framing Unit
IGL -----Internal Granule Layer
VXY -----Internal Medicine-Digestive Diseases
VXK -----Internal Medicine-Poisoning
IZR -----Internal Reducer
IRP -----Internal Reflection Photolysis
IRS -----Internal Revenue Service (US)
IRB -----Internal Review Board
INT -----international
IAN -----International Affairs Network
IAS -----International Army Staff
IAX -----International Asset Exchange
IAH -----International Association of Hydrogeologists
PEN -----"International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Essayists and Novelists"
IAU -----International Astronomical Union
IAT -----International Atomic Time
IBU -----International Biathlon Union
IBG -----International Biometric Group
IBF -----International Boxing Federation
IBC -----International Broadcasting Conference
IBO -----International Broadcasting Organization
IBS -----International Broadcasting Standard
IBM -----International Business Machines
ICY -----International Cooperation Year
IDY -----International Design Yearbook
IDA -----International Development Association
IDN -----International Directory Network
IDJ -----International Disk Jockey
IDF -----International Drilling Federation
IEV -----International Electrotechnical Vocabulary
IEA -----International Energy Agency
IEI -----International Environmental Institute
IXG -----International Experimental Ghia
IXW -----International Extreme Wrestling
FHF -----International Federation of Health Funds
IFJ -----International Federation of Journalists
IFC -----International Finance Corporation
IFI -----"International Financial Institutions (IMF, World Bank, etc.) "
IFH -----International Foundation for Homeopathy
IFY -----International Foundation Year
IGU -----International Gas Union
IGY -----International Geophysical Year
IGH -----International Guild of Hypnotists
IHC -----International Harvester Corporation
IHH -----International Head Hunters
IHY -----International Heliophysical Year
IHT -----International Herald-Tribune
IHJ -----International Heroines of Jericho
IHL -----International Hockey League
IHB -----International Hydrographic Bureau
IIW -----International Institute of Welding
IIU -----International Islamic University
IJL -----International Jewellery London
IJC -----International Joint Commission
IJV -----International Joint Venture
IJD -----International Journal of Dermatology
IJE -----International Journal of Epidemiology
IJH -----International Journal of Hyperthermia
IJT -----International Journal of Testing
IJG -----International JPEG Group
IJM -----International Justice Mission
IJS -----International Justice Statistics
IKO -----International Karate Organization
IKF -----International Karting Federation
IKW -----International Khepera Workshop
IKB -----International Klein Blue
IKD -----International Knife Directory
ILO -----International Labour Organisation
ILN -----International Logistics Negotiations
IMG -----International Maintenance Group
IMY -----International Metal Yachts
IMF -----International Monetary Fund
IMH -----International Museum of the Horse
INW -----International Network of Women
ING -----International Notification Group
IOF -----International Oceanographic Foundation
IOC -----International Olympic Committee
IOK -----International Order of Kabbalists
IPI -----International Painting Interactive
IPY -----International Polar Year
IPN -----International Printers Network
IPT -----International Project Team
IQD -----International Quiet Day
IRU -----International Reform University
IRC -----International Reply Coupons
IRF -----International Road Federation
IRG -----International Rogues Guild
ISE -----International Society for Epistecybernetics [scientific knowledge stewardship]
ISK -----International Society of the Knee
ISV -----International Software Vision
ISS -----International Space Station
ISY -----International Space Year
ISG -----International Stratigraphic Guide
ISQ -----International Studies Quarterly
ISN -----International Supernovae Network
ITU -----International Telecommunication Union
ITT -----International Telephone and Telegraph
ITO -----International Trade Organisation
IUE -----International Ultraviolet Explorer
IUF -----International Unicycling Federation
IUJ -----International University of Japan
IVU -----International Vegetarian Union
EAK -----international vehicle registration for (East Africa) Kenya
EAT -----international vehicle registration for (East Africa) Tanzania
EAU -----international vehicle registration for (East Africa) Uganda
EAZ -----international vehicle registration for (East Africa) Zanzibar (=Tanzania)
BRN -----international vehicle registration for Bahrain
ADN -----international vehnicle registration for Yemen
IXI -----International X.25 Interconnect
IXS -----International XAFS Society
IXK -----International Xylophon Kommers
IYK -----International Yamanote Kindergarten
IYE -----International Year of Ecotourism
IYV -----International Year of Volunteers
IYA -----International Youth Advocates
IYB -----International Youth Ballet
IYR -----International Youth Regatta
IYT -----International Youth Travelcard
IZA -----International Zeolite Association
IZE -----International Zoo Educators
IZY -----International Zoo Yearbook
IZI -----International Zoological Imports
IGV -----Internationale Gangpferdevereinigung
IJU -----Internationale Jeugduitwisseling
IJZ -----Internationale Jugendzentrum
IJK -----Internationale Juristen Kommission
IDZ -----Internationales Design Zentrum
IMZ -----Internationales Musikzentrum
ISZ -----Internationales Studienszentrum
IQK -----Interne Qualitaets Kontrolle
IBL -----Internet Baseball League
ICX -----Internet Content Accelerator
IEN -----Internet Engineering Notes
IAK -----Internet explorer Administrator Kit
IEX -----Internet Exposition
IIJ -----Internet Initiative Japan
IJB -----Internet Junk Buster
IKE -----Internet Key Exchange
IKX -----Internet Key eXchange
IKP -----Internet Keyed Payment
IKH -----Internet Know-How
ILB -----Internet Link Business
IMR -----Internet Monthly Report
IPL -----Internet Public Library
IQY -----Internet Query
ISC -----Internet Service Center
ISP -----Internet Service Provider
IPK -----Internet- und Projektkompetenz
IUK -----Internet United Kingdom
IWF -----Internet Watch Foundation
IWN -----Internet Webtrade Nederland
IWJ -----Internet Writing Journal
IYP -----Internet Young Polonia
IZZ -----Internet Zentrum Zwiesel
IKI -----Internet-Kaeyttaejaet Ikuisesti
IKQ -----Internetservice Kontroling Qualitaetssicherung
IPX -----Internetwork Packet Exchange [Novell]
ION -----Internetworking Over NBMA
INN -----InterNode Network
IOR -----Interoperable Object Reference
IDP -----Interplanetary Dust Particle
IRQ -----Interrupt ReQuest
ISR -----Interrupt Service Routine
IST -----Interrupt Service Thread
IVG -----Interrupt Vector Generator
ILH -----Interscholastic League of Hawaii
IXR -----Intersection of Runways
IHU -----Interservice Hovercraft Unit
ICB -----Interstate Computer Bank
ISM -----InterStellar Medium
IRK -----Interswitch Rekeying Key
IUN -----Inter-University Network
IVL -----Intervalometer
IWY -----Intiki World of Yesterday
IYU -----Into Your Underwear
ICF -----IntraCellular Fluid
IPG -----Intranet Process Guide
IUD -----Intrauterine Device
IUI -----Intrauterine Insemination
IVP -----IntraVenous Peripheral
IVT -----IntraVenous Therapy
ITK -----Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami
IFD -----Invariant Factor Decomposition
IOY -----Invention of the Year
IAV -----Inventory Adjustment Voucher
IIM -----Inventory Information Management
ZIV -----Inverness Scotrail (UK-Scotland) (location identifier)
IMX -----Inverse Multiplexer
IPD -----Inverse Power Distance
IUH -----Investigation of Unexplained Happenings
IUO -----Investigational Use Only
IDW -----Investigation-Derived Waste
IFG -----Investing For Growth
IXJ -----Investing in Exploration Journal
IIY -----Investing In You
IGO -----Investment Grant Office
IYM -----Investment Year Method (insurance)
IFQ -----Invitation For Bids
IFP -----Invitation For Proposal
IBY -----Invitations By You
INV -----Invoice
IXH -----Ion Exchange Histogram
IXM -----Ion Exchange Module
IIX -----Ion Induced X-ray
IXA -----Ion X-ray Analysis
IPC -----Ion-Pair Chromatography
ISU -----Iowa State University
IEY -----Iranian Engineers Yellowpage
IJX -----Iranian Java Experts
IRY -----Iraya
IZL -----Irgun Zva'i Le'umi [Hebrew for National Military Organization]
IKC -----Irish Kennel Club
IKA -----Irish Kidney Association
IMJ -----Irish Medical Journal
IRA -----Irish Republican Army
IFB -----Is Finished By (Time or Date)
IKL -----Isaenmaallinen Kansanliike
IHI -----Ishikawagima-Harima Heavy Industries
ISA -----Isiah (bible)
IAO -----Isis Apophis Osiris
IIO -----Islamic Information Office
IUR -----Islamic University of Rotterdam
IKN -----Islamsk Kvinnegruppe Norge
IOM -----Isle Of Man
IEP -----IsoElectric Point
IKG -----Isolde Kurz Gymnasium
INB -----Israel Numismatic Bulletin
IMI -----Israeli Military Industries
IIK -----Issue In Kind
IKU -----Istanbul Kultur Universitesi
SZX -----Isuzu (trucks)
IZO -----Iszultzaile Zerbitsu Ofiziala
IJW -----It Just Works
IHZ -----Italia Hotel Zentrale
ITF -----Italic TypeFace
ICA -----Item Control Area
IFN -----Item For Negotiation
IIN -----Item Identification Number
IBR -----It's Been Real
IYN -----It's Your Net
NUF -----I've Had Enough
IZH -----Izhmash
IZV -----Izvidjacki
JJB -----J J Broughton
JXY -----Jaccaid Index (genetics)
JBX -----Jack in the Box
JLA -----"Jack L. Albritton (famous broadcaster in US, founder of WJLA-TV) "
JHP -----Jacketed Hollow Point
JCZ -----Jackie Chan Zone
JQK -----Jack-Queen-King
JCC -----Jackson Community College
JNL -----Jackson National Life Insurance
JNV -----Jackson Nugent Vintners
JTU -----Jackson Turbidity Unit
ZLQ -----Jacksons Bay (New Zealand)
ZJX -----Jacksonville Air Route Traffic Control Center
JSU -----Jacksonville State University
JUU -----Jacksonville University Union
JKJ -----Jacob Koppel Javits
JHV -----Jacobetti Home for Veterans
JCG -----Jacobi Conjugate Gradient
JSI -----Jacobi Semi-Iterative
JNH -----Jacquinth Nursing Homes
JBG -----Jadgbombergeschwader (FRG)
JGK -----Jaeren Golfklubb
JIY -----Jaffari Islamic Youth
JXK -----Jaguar Experimental-11th generation
JFV -----Jahrbuch fuer Volksliedforschung
JZT -----Jahrzeiten
JFX -----Jakarta Futures Exchange
JGC -----Jakarta Golf Club
JIX -----Jakarta Internet Exchange
JJM -----Jakarta Job Market
JSX -----Jakarta Stock Exchange
JLJ -----Jalantol Lingkarluar Jakarta
JBU -----Jamaica Baptist Union
JBM -----Jamaica Bauxite Mines
JTA -----Jamaica Teachers Association
JMD -----Jamaican Dollar
JKZ -----Jamarski Llub Zeleznicar
JXJ -----James and James (publishers)
JBL -----James Bullough Lansing (audio
JIK -----"James I, King of England"
JJC -----James Jones Company
JJQ -----James Joyce Quarterly
JMU -----James Madison University
JTQ -----James Taylor Quartet
JWQ -----James Watt Queensway
JYP -----James Youth Program
JYC -----Jamestown Yacht Club
JYL -----Jamestown Youth League
JKX -----Jamie Kennedy Experiment
JKQ -----Jamiyah Khadamatil Quran
JMK -----Jamska
JDU -----Jane's Defence Upgrades
JDW -----Jane's Defence Weekly
JAN -----January
JEX -----Japan Airline Express
JKP -----Japan and Korea Program
JBR -----Japan Best Rescuesystem
JCJ -----Japan Congress of Journalists
JEF -----Japan Economic Foundation
JEY -----Japan Encounter for Youth
JFB -----Japan Federation of The Blind
JFA -----Japan Fisheries Agency
JGA -----Japan Gas Association
JGU -----Japan Geomorphological Union
JGN -----Japan Gigabit Network
JHN -----Japan Hotel Network
JIJ -----Japan Industrial Journal
JII -----Japan Information Infrastructure
JIN -----Japan Information Network
JIL -----Japan Institute of Labor
JIS -----Japan Institute of Standards
JJF -----Japan Juggling Federation
JKF -----Japan Karate Federation
JKO -----Japan Karate-do Organization
JKR -----Japan Karate-do Ryobu-kai
JKA -----Japan Keirin Association
JKC -----Japan Kennel Club
JMA -----Japan Management Association
JNC -----Japan Nuclear Cycle Development Institute
JQN -----Japan QOL net
JSB -----Japan Satellite Broadcasters Inc.
JSV -----Japan Silver Volunteers Inc
JTY -----Japan Times Yokohama
JTI -----Japan Tobacco International
JUS -----Japan Unix Society
JWX -----Japan Weather Exchange
JWE -----Japan Wind Ensemble
JYH -----Japan Youth Hostels
JYV -----Japan Youth Volunteers
JUV -----"Japan, USA and Vietnam"
JEI -----Japana Esperanto Institute
JEJ -----Japana Esperanto-Junularo
JFD -----Japanese Federation of the Deaf
JGY -----Japanese Gay Youth
JGL -----Japanese Gays and Lesbians
JJN -----Japanese Journal of Nursing
JJO -----Japanese Journal of Ophthamology
JJP -----Japanese Journal of Physiology
JLE -----Japanese Language Enveronment
JLI -----Japanese Language Institute
JLK -----Japanese Language Kit
JLS -----Japanese Language System
JNA -----Japanese Nursing Association
JPO -----Japanese Patent Office
JTH -----Japanese Traditional House
JVR -----Japanese Voltage Reducer
JWS -----Japanese Women in Sport
JWP -----Japanese Word Processor
JXS -----Japanese XAFS Society
JPY -----Japanese Yen
JYX -----Japanese Yen Exchange
JNP -----Jasper National Park
JWF -----Jastrow Wave Function
JKL -----Jaunuju Konservatriu Lyga
JCK -----Java (platform) Compatibility Kit
JAI -----Java Advanced Imaging
JXA -----Java and Ada
JCW -----Java Callable Wrapper
JXR -----Java Cross-Reference
JXD -----Java Crossword Designer
JCE -----Java Cryptographic Extension
JDO -----Java Data Object
JDC -----Java Developer Connection
JDJ -----Java Developers Journal
JGF -----Java Grande Forum
JMX -----Java Management eXtensions
JMF -----Java Media Framework
JMQ -----Java Message Queue
JMS -----Java Message Service
JMM -----Java Multi-Meter
JNI -----Java Native Interface
JNT -----Java Network Technology
JOX -----Java Objects in XML
JPX -----Java Plus XML
JQV -----Java Quality Value
JQD -----Java Query Designer
JQX -----Java Query Exchange
JQB -----Java Question Book
JSP -----Java Server Pages
JTK -----Java ToolKit
JTS -----Java Transaction Service
JVG -----Java Vector Graphics
JVM -----Java Virtual Machine
JXO -----Java XML Object
JXQ -----Java XML Quarterly
JXT -----Java XML Toolbox
JXU -----Java XML Unit
JXV -----Java XML View
JXW -----Java XML Word
JZQ -----Java Zero Query
JAX -----"Java, Apache, and XML"
JZX -----Java-based Sinclair ZX emulator
JXL -----Java-Excel
JVN -----Javanese
JPQ -----Java-Powered Queueing
JRY -----Jawahar Rozgar Yojana
JNU -----Jawaharlal Nehru University
JFW -----Jaws For Windows
JAZ -----"jaz format disc drive, meaning unknown"
JAH -----Jazz After Hours
JZH -----Jazz Hour
JMY -----Jazz Music Yesterday
JZZ -----JaZz Zone
JZM -----Jazzman Resources
JWB -----J-base Web Builder
JJR -----Jean-Jacques Rousseau
JMJ -----Jean-Michel Jarre
ZJF -----Jebel-ali Free Zone
ZJS -----"Jeep Grand Cherokees, 1993-98"
JKD -----Jeet Kune Do
JCH -----Jefferson County Hospital
JGH -----Jefferson General Hospital
JGQ -----Jefferson Grant Quintet
JLO -----Jennifer Lopez
JLH -----Jennifer Love Hewitt
QKJ -----Jennu Kurumba (language)
JER -----Jeremiah (old testament)
JOW -----Jerk of the Week
JSH -----Jersey Shore Hospital
JBK -----Jerusalem Bible-Koren
JQF -----Jerusalem Quarterly File
JVP -----Jerusalem Venture Partners
JDM -----Jesse Duplantis Ministries
JCF -----JESSI (Joint European Submicron Silicon Initiative) Common Framework
JEV -----Jesuit European Volunteers
JRS -----Jesuit Refugee Service
JRH -----Jesuit Retreat House
JLX -----Jesuiten Lexikon
IHS -----Jesus (original printing IHS)
JFH -----Jesus Freak Hideout
JLY -----Jesus Loves You
JOY -----Jesus Offers You
JOK -----Jesus Orienteering Klubb
JTJ -----Jesus To Japan
JVV -----Jesus Verbindet Volker
JJY -----"Jesus, Journey, and You"
JAL -----Jet Approach Landing
JBD -----Jet Blast Deflector
JBP -----Jet Boat Performance
JFI -----Jet Flight Information
JGO -----Jet Grind Online
JPL -----Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JXM -----Jet-X Millennium
JBV -----Jeugbuitenverblijven
JFN -----Jeugd Filatelie Nederland
JGZ -----Jeugdgezondheidszorg
JNW -----Jeugdnatuurwacht
JNQ -----Jeune Notariat du Quebec
JVY -----Jeunesse Volontaire de Yopougon
JWL -----Jewel
JBT -----Jewelers Board of Trade
JDD -----Jewellery Design Development
JFR -----Jewish Foundation for the Righteous
JFJ -----Jewish Fund for Justice
JGS -----Jewish Genealogical Society
JGB -----Jewish Guild for the Blind
JHE -----Jewish Home for the Elderly
JNF -----Jewish National Fund
JQS -----Jewish Quality Singles
JRI -----Jewish Records Index
JSQ -----Jewish Studies Quarterly
VXJ -----Jewish Theological Seminary of America Library
JUF -----Jewish United Fund
JVL -----Jewish Virtual Library
JVS -----Jewish Vocational Service
JWV -----Jewish War Veterans
JWD -----Jewish Watchdog
JWW -----Jewish Webnet Week
JWI -----Jewish Women International
JWA -----Jewish Women's Archive
JWN -----Jewish Women's Network
JAP -----Jewish-American Princess
JYZ -----Jia Ying Zhou (city)
JKK -----Jidosha Kiki Kaisha
JRW -----Jig Raw Image
JVW -----Jimmy's Value World
JJH -----Jin Jiang Hotel
JXH -----Jing Xi Hotel
JZJ -----Jing Zhi Jie
JRZ -----Jitter Ring Zone
JZG -----Jiu Zhai Gou
JAC -----Job Assistance Center
JCV -----Job Component Validation
JCQ -----Job Content Questionnaire
JCA -----Job Control Administrator
JCN -----Job Cost Number (accountancy)
JDV -----Job Deck View
JDF -----Job Description Form
JDQ -----Job Documentation Questionnaire
JES -----Job Entry System
JFT -----Job File Table
JHA -----Job Hazard Analysis
JHB -----Job Hazard Breakdown
JIM -----Job Information Memorandum
JIQ -----Job Information Questionnaire
JKT -----Job Knowledge Test
JML -----Job Material List
JOE -----Job Openings for Economists
JOB -----Job Opportunities for the Blind
JPM -----Job Performance Management
JPF -----Job Planning Form
JQI -----Job Quality Index
JQO -----Job Query Opening
JRQ -----Job Requirements Questionnaire
JSA -----Job Safety Analysis
JTD -----Job Task Data
JTP -----Job Training Package
JTM -----Job Transfer and Manipulation
JCL -----Job-Control Language (computing)
JEE -----Job-Employee-Employer Model
JWK -----Jobless White Kids
JLT -----Jobs and Labor Turnover
JFG -----Jobs for Florida's Graduates
JKG -----Jobs for Kentucky's Graduates
JWJ -----Jobs With Justice
JSO -----Job-Specific Orientation
JSJ -----Jodeit Schelmztecknik Jena
JQJ -----Joder Que Juegos
JGJ -----Joenkoeping Gripensbergs Jaernvag
JYK -----Joensuun Yhteiskoulun
JHC -----Joffna Hindu College
JVO -----Johan van Oldenbarnevelt (passenger liner)
JKU -----Johannes Kepler University
JUH -----Johanniter Unfallhilfe (medical help organisation)
JCY -----John C Yesno Education Centre
JCU -----John Carroll University
FXJ -----John Fairfax
JHK -----John H. Kallenburger
JHF -----John Hancock Financial Services
JKV -----John Knox Village
JLF -----"John Lemmon Films, Inc. "
JPJ -----John Paul Jones
JQP -----John Q Public
JQW -----John Q Witness
JQA -----John Quincy Adams
JWY -----John Watts Young (US astronaut)
JZD -----John Zachery Delorean (automotive pioneer)
JHU -----Johns Hopkins University
JZI -----John's Island
JNJ -----Johnson and Johnson (consumer products)
JSZ -----Johnson Shear Zone
JSC -----Johnson Space Center (NASA) [Space]
JUK -----Johnson UKulele
JYR -----Johnson-Yokogawa Recorder
JAB -----Joint Activity Briefing
JAG -----Joint Advisory Group
JAR -----Joint Airworthiness Requirement
JAT -----Joint Analysis Team
JAW -----Joint Analytic Warfare
JAD -----Joint Application Development
JBI -----Joint Battlespace Infosphere
JBE -----Joint Blind Equalization
JCS -----Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCX -----Joint Committee on Taxation
JCI -----Joint Communications Instruction
JCM -----Joint Conflict Model
JDB -----Joint Data Base
JDL -----Joint Data Library
JDA -----Joint Deployment Agency
JDS -----Joint Deployment System
JDP -----Joint Development Plan
JDT -----Joint Development Team
JDZ -----Joint Development Zone
JDX -----Joint Dumping Experiment
JEC -----Joint Economic Committee [of Congress]
JEW -----Joint Electronic Warfare
JEZ -----Joint Engagement Zone
JET -----Joint European Torus (fusion research)
JEG -----Joint Evaluation Group
JXC -----Joint Exercise Control
JEM -----Joint Experts Meeting
JFP -----Joint Fabrication Project
JFQ -----Joint Forces Quarterly (journal)
JGI -----Joint Genome Institute
JHQ -----Joint HeadQuarters
JHX -----Joint Hospital Examinations
JHD -----Joint House Department
JIB -----Joint Information Bureau
JIF -----Joint Integrated Firepower
JIG -----Joint Integration Group
JIA -----Joint Interest Audiovisual
JJE -----Joint job Evaluation
JLP -----Joint Logic Project
JLC -----Joint Logistics Commanders
JLG -----Joint Logistics Group
JLM -----Joint Logistics Management
JLQ -----Joint Logistics Quarterly (meeting)
ZLT -----Joint Logistics Training
JMB -----Joint Management Board
JMO -----Joint Management Office
JMP -----Joint Management Plan
JMT -----Joint Management Team
JMG -----Joint Meteorological Group
JMC -----Joint Movement Center
JOD -----Joint Occupancy Date
JOI -----"Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc."
JOA -----Joint Operating Agreement
JOF -----Joint Operating Facility
JOP -----Joint Operating Procedures
JOG -----Joint Operation Group
JOR -----Joint Operational Requirement
JOT -----Joint Operational Test
JOC -----Joint Organizing Committee
JPI -----Joint Packaging Instrumentation
JPA -----Joint Permitting Agreement
JPB -----Joint Planning Board
JPC -----Joint Planning Committee
JPD -----Joint Planning Document
JPN -----Joint Planning Network
JPP -----Joint Planning Process
JPS -----Joint Precision Strike
JPR -----Joint Program Review
JPT -----Joint Project Team
JQR -----Joint Qualification Review
JQT -----Joint Qualification Testing
JQG -----Joint Question Group
JRT -----Joint Rapporteur Team
JRG -----Joint Rapporteurs Group
JRE -----Joint Readiness Exercise
JRX -----Joint Readiness Exercise
JRA -----Joint Rear Area
JRB -----Joint Reconnaissance Board
JRP -----Joint Relief Partnership
JRV -----Joint Requirement Validation
JRL -----Joint Requirements List
JRO -----Joint Requirements Office
JRR -----Joint Requirements Review
JRC -----Joint Research Centre
JSE -----Joint Second Echelon
JSG -----Joint Service Guidance
JSD -----Joint Standards Document
JSR -----Joint Strategy Review
JSF -----"Joint Strike Fighter (new US all-forces jet, still in development)"
JSL -----Joint Support List
JSS -----Joint Surveillance System
JTC -----Joint Tactical Centre
JTF -----Joint Tactical Fusion
JTR -----Joint Tactical Radio
JTT -----Joint Tactical Terminal
JTB -----Joint Targeting Board
JTE -----Joint Targeting Enhancements
JTL -----Joint Targets List
JTG -----Joint Task Group
JTO -----Joint Tasking Order
JTX -----Joint Telephone eXtension
JUW -----Joint Unconventional Warfare
JUA -----Joint Underwriting Association (insurance)
JUP -----Joint Underwriting Participation (insurance plan used by Hawaii)
JUM -----Joint Union Management
JUO -----Joint Urban Operation
JUC -----Joint Users' Committee
JVA -----Joint Venture Authorization
JVF -----Joint Venture Funding
JVT -----Joint Venture Team
JVE -----Joint Verification Experiments
JVX -----"Joint Vertical Lift Aircraft, Experimental (V-22 Osprey)"
JVI -----Joint Vienna Institute
JVB -----Joint Visitor Bureau
JWR -----Joint War Room
JWC -----Joint Warfare Center
JWG -----Joint Working Group
JZY -----Joint Zionist Yout
JGG -----Jolly Green Giant
JHJ -----Jolly Holly Jog
JBJ -----Jon Bon Jovi (rock music artist)
JON -----Jonah (bible)
JIU -----Jones International University
JME -----Jones Matrix Eigenanalysis
JHM -----Joods Historisch Museum
JHH -----Joods Historisch Museum
ZEY -----Jordan Catholic School Center Library
JKB -----Jordan Kuwait Bank
JQM -----Jordan Quality Mark
JTV -----Jordan Television
JAS -----Jordanian Astronomical Society
JVJ -----Jornal Voz Jovem
JRU -----Jose Rizal University
JOS -----Joseph (bible)
JCB -----Joseph Cyril Bamford
JPK -----Joseph Patrick Kennedy
JRF -----Joseph Rowntree Foundation
JJT -----Josephson Junction Transistor
JKS -----Jouhou Koukai Services
JSK -----Jouhou System Kogaku
JHZ -----Joule-Hertz
JDE -----Journal de Enfants
JBW -----Journal of Basic Writing
JCP -----Journal of Chemical Physics
JDR -----Journal of Dental Research
JEL -----Journal of Economic Literature
JEP -----Journal of Electronic Publishing
JEN -----Journal of Emergency Nursing
JEU -----Journal of Emergency Ultrasonography
JEH -----Journal of Environmental Hydrology
JEQ -----Journal of Environmental Quality
JEO -----Journal of Evolutionary Optimisation
JEB -----Journal of Experimental Biology
JXB -----Journal of Experimental Botany
JXE -----Journal of Experimental Education
JFE -----Journal of Financial Economics
JGE -----Journal of General Education
JGP -----Journal of General Physiology
JGR -----Journal of Geophysical Research
JGT -----Journal of Graphics Tools
JHS -----Journal of Hebrew Scripture
JHG -----Journal of Historical Geography
JHR -----Journal of Human Resources
JID -----Journal of Infectious Diseases
JIP -----Journal of Internet Purchasing
JIR -----Journal of Irreproducible Results
JIH -----Journal of Israeli History
JJL -----Journal of Japanese Linguistics
JJS -----Journal of Japanese Studies
JLR -----Journal of Liberal Religion
JMR -----Journal of Magnetic Resonance
JMI -----Journal of Medical Imaging
JOM -----Journal of Metals
JMH -----Journal of Modern History
JNN -----Journal of Neonatal Nursing
JNM -----Journal of Nuclear Medicine
JNE -----Journal of Nursing Education
JOL -----Journal of Online Law
JOO -----Journal of Oregon Ornithology
JPH -----Journal of Policy History
JPE -----Journal of Political Economy
JQL -----Journal of Quantitative Linguistics
JQE -----Journal of Quantum Electronics
JRM -----Journal of Range Management
JSM -----Journal of Sport Management
JUR -----Journal of Undergraduate Research
JOV -----Journal of Visualization
JWH -----Journal of Women's History
JYI -----Journal of Young Investigators
JZU -----Journal of Zhejiang University
JZR -----Journal of Zoological Research
JOZ -----Journal of Zoology
JED -----Journaliste En Danger
JFS -----Journalized File System
JIV -----Journee Internationale des Voluntaires
JOH -----Journey of Hope
JWO -----Journey With Olds
JUX -----Joviak Unterhaltungen zu Unix
JQY -----Joy Global
JNX -----Joyful Noise Express
JNG -----JPEG Network Graphics
JQU -----JPEG Quality Unit
JLN -----Judaica Library Network
JYE -----Judeo-Yemeni
JQC -----Judicial Qualifications Commission
JGX -----Judicial-Granted Extension
JUD -----Judith (Apocrypha)
JVH -----Judo Vereinigung Hannover
JZW -----Judo Zewa-Wasserstop
JGM -----Juedische Gemeinde Mannheim
JZO -----Juedische Zeitung fuer Ostdeutschland
JMW -----Juedisches Museum Wien
JMV -----Jugador Mas Valioso
JBH -----Jugenbegegnung Herten
JAV -----Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung
JAK -----Jugendarbeitskreis
JUB -----Jugendberatung
JFZ -----Jugendfeuerwehr Zug
JGW -----Jugendgemeinschaftswerk
JGD -----Jugendgottesdienst
JHW -----Jugendhilfswerk
JIZ -----Jugendinformationszentrum
JUI -----Jugendinitiative
JKW -----Jugendkunstswerkstatt
JMZ -----Jugendmedienzentrum
JPZ -----Jugendpastoraleszentrum
JRK -----Jugendrotkreuz
JWZ -----Jugendserien-Wertungszahl
JVK -----Jugendverbandsklasse
JZP -----Jugendzeltplatz
JUZ -----Jugendzentrum
JZE -----Jugendzentrum Essen
JZL -----Jugendzentrum Leichlinger
JZN -----Jugendzentrum Nord
JVD -----Jugular Vein Distention
JJD -----Ju-Jitsu Do
JJX -----Ju-Jitsu Experience
JJW -----Ju-Jitsu Wuerttemberg
JJZ -----Jukebox Jazz
JDN -----Julian Day Number
JZB -----Julian Jazz Band
JUL -----July
JRD -----Jumbo Random Driver
JBF -----Jump Back-Forwards
JDK -----Jump Don't Kick
JNB -----Jump if Bit Not Set
JNZ -----Jump if Not Zero
JXP -----Jump if X-register Positive
JXX -----Jump Instructions Table
JNO -----Jump Not Overflow
JXZ -----Jump on X-register Zero
JZF -----Jump on Zero Flag
JTZ -----Jump To Zero
JTN -----Jump Tomorrow's News
JIO -----Jumper In
JUT -----Jumpin' Jive Tour
JJJ -----Jump-Juggle Jest
JNK -----Jun N-terminal Kinase
JCT -----Junction
JXN -----Junction
JSN -----Junction Switch Number
JIW -----Junction-Isolated Wafer
JSW -----Junctor SWitch
JUE -----June
JUN -----June
JJA -----June-July-August
JLZ -----Jung Lesben Zentrum
JZS -----Junge Zukunft Schweiz
JGV -----Junggesellen Verein
JWT -----Jungle Warfare Training
JZV -----Jungzuechtervereinigung
JNR -----Junior
JBQ -----Junior Bible Quiz
JBA -----Junior Boys Academy
JBO -----Junior Boy's Own (record label)
JCR -----Junior Common Room
JFC -----Junior File Clerk
JHY -----Junior High Youth
JHL -----Junior Hockey League
JHI -----Junior Home Internationals
JHO -----Junior House Officer
JJK -----Junior Jedi Knight
JJV -----Junior Junior Varsity
JKH -----Junior Kernel Hacker
JLB -----Junior League of Bakersfield
JLD -----Junior League of Denver
JLL -----Junior League of London
JLV -----Junior League of Victoria
JLW -----Junior League of Washington
JOQ -----Junior Olympics Qualifications
JRJ -----Junior Riders Journal
WJL -----Junior Women Lightweight
JYA -----Junior Year Abroad
JYF -----Junior Year in France
JYM -----Junior Year in Munich
JYS -----Junior Year in Spain
JYG -----Junior Youth Group
JYO -----Junior Youth Orchestra
JYQ -----Junior Yukon Quest
JZC -----Junior Zoo Crew
JZK -----Junior Zoo Keeper
JUJ -----Juniper-Japanese
JYN -----Junk Yard Network
JYW -----Junk Yard Wars
JYB -----Junkyard Band
JYD -----Junkyard Dog
JYJ -----JunkYard Jeans
JPV -----Juntos Pela Vida
JEK -----Junularo Esperantista Kanad
JQZ -----Jurassic Quiet Zone
JUY -----Juray
JBB -----Juridische Banenbank
JCD -----"Juris Canonici (sive Civilis) Doctor (trans: Doctor of Canon, or Civil, Law)"
JTW -----Jurisdictional Transfer Workgroup
JDY -----Jury Duty
JQQ -----Just a Quick Question
JUQ -----Just a Useless Question
JAA -----Just Another Acronym
JAE -----Just Another Explanation
JAF -----Just Another Fight
JAJ -----Just Another Joke
JAO -----Just Another Observer
JAY -----Just Another Youth
JBN -----Just Be Natural
JBY -----Just Be Yourself
JBC -----Just Because (I) Can
JDI -----Just Do It
JFF -----Just For Fun
JFK -----Just For Kicks
JFL -----Just For Laughs
JFM -----Just For Me
JFO -----Just For Openers
JFU -----Just For Us
JFY -----Just For You
JIC -----Just In Case
JIE -----Just In Explanation
JIT -----Just In Time
JJG -----Just Jazz Guitar
JKM -----Just Keep Moving
JKI -----Just Kill It
JNY -----Just Not Yet
JND -----Just Noticeable Difference
JOJ -----Just Off the Jet
JPW -----Just Plain Weird
JSY -----Just Say Yes
JWU -----Just When yoU...
JYT -----Just Your Type
JST -----justice
JVU -----Justice and Victims Unit
JWM -----Justice and Witness Ministries
JDG -----Justice Design Group
JKE -----Justice Knowledge Exchange
JKN -----Justice Knowledge Network
JPU -----Justice Programs Unit
JUG -----Justice Under God
JCO -----Justification for Conditional Operation
JMN -----Justification for Mission Need
JNS -----Justification for New Start
JAM -----Justified Ancients of Mummus
JVZ -----Justitieele Verslavingszorg
JBZ -----Justitio en Binnenlandse Zaken
JLU -----Justus Liebig Universitaet
JQH -----Jutlands Quarter Horse
JDH -----Juvenile Detention Home
JJI -----Juvenile Justice Initiative
JJU -----Juvenile Justice Unit
JOU -----Juvenile Offenders Unit
JVQ -----Juvenile Victimization Questionnaire
JXG -----Juvenile Xanthogranuloma
JRN -----Juventud Renovacion Nacional
JYU -----Jyvaekylaen University
JYY -----Jyvaelkylaen Yliopiston Ylipilaskunta
JKY -----Jyvaeskylaen Kirjatyoentekijaein
KCO -----Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory
KQK -----Kable Quake Killers
ABK -----"Kabri Dar, Ethiopia (ABK)"
KQF -----Kabuki Quantum Fighter
KVW -----Kaffe Veredelungs Werk
XAH -----Kahayan
KZQ -----Kaike (language)
QKQ -----Kaimbe
KLU -----Kaiser Aluminum Corporation
KBD -----Kaiser Broadcasting Detroit
KBS -----Kaiser Broadcasting System (radio network)
KEO -----"Kaiser Electro-Optics, Inc."
KFN -----Kaiser Ferdinands Nordbahn
KAS -----Kalamazoo Astronomical Society
KHU -----Kalamazoo Handicappers United
KND -----"Kaleva Norman Dickson School District (Brethren, Mich.)"
KTX -----Kaliotoxin
KLQ -----Kaltlichtquellen
QKH -----Kambiwa
KFW -----KampFWagen
KOA -----Kampground of America
QKY -----Kamu
KLB -----Kanados Lietuviu Bendruomenes
KTE -----Kanchanjangha Tea Estate
KXV -----Kangaroo Pox Virus
KNU -----Kangwon National University
KRP -----Kano River Project
KTV -----Kansai Television
KAN -----Kansas
KAT -----Kansas Area Tigers
KAD -----Kansas Army Depot
KAQ -----Kansas Art Quilters
KBI -----Kansas Bureau of Investigation
KCD -----Kansas City District (Corps of Engineers)
KCS -----Kansas City Southern
KCE -----"Kansas Consulting Engineers, Inc."
KGA -----Kansas Golf Association
KGJ -----Kansas Government Journal
KHF -----Kansas Health Foundation
KHC -----Kansas Humanities Council
KJL -----Kansas Job Link
KPW -----Kansas Press Women
KUS -----Kansas Ultrarunners' Society
KWA -----Kansas Walleye Association
KWO -----Kansas Water Office
KZC -----Kansas Zen Center
KZW -----Kanton Zentralstelle fuer Wohnungsbau
KZO -----Kantonsschule Zuercher Oberland
KZU -----Kantonsschule Zuercher Unterland
KCZ -----Kanu-Club Zuerich
KZS -----Kapitan Zur See (German Naval Rank = Captain)
KXA -----Kappa Chi Alpha
KXE -----Kappa Chi Epsilon Fraternity
KEZ -----Kappa Epsilon Zeta
KKG -----Kappa Kappa Gamma
KKY -----Kappa Kappa Psi
KON -----Kappa Omicron Nu
KQE -----Kappa Theta Epsilon
KXI -----Kappa Xi
KZX -----Kappa Zeta Chi
KKX -----Kar Kraft Experimental
KPT -----Karachi Port Trust
KSE -----Karachi Stock Exchange
KUJ -----Karachi Union of Journalists
KKH -----Karakorum Highway
KHE -----Karaoke Home Entertainment
KTC -----Karate Tournament Central
KWF -----Karate-no-michi World Federation
KPZ -----Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (physics)
KLT -----Karhunen-Loeve Transform [image compression]
YUJ -----Karkar-Yuri
KIV -----Karlsruhe Interactive Verifier
KGK -----Karlsruher Gesamtkatalog
KVK -----Karlsruher Virtueller Katalog
KQA -----Karnataka Quiz Association
KWI -----Karst Waters Institute
KRM -----"Kart Racing Motorsports, Inc."
KKJ -----Kartastokoordinaattijaerjestelmae
KVJ -----Kartell Juedischer Vereine
KZV -----Kartell Zionistischer Verbindungen
VZX -----"Kasba Lake, Northwest Territories"
KAV -----Kaspersky Anti-Virus
KBV -----Kassenaerztliche Bundesvereinigung
KIL -----Katechetisches Institut Luzern
KWM -----Katedra Wytrzymalosci Materialow
KRO -----Katherine Regional Office
KVF -----Kathmandu Vineyard Fellowship
KLJ -----Katholieke Landelijke Jeugd
KUL -----Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
KUN -----Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen
KEB -----Katholische Erwachsenenbildung
KGI -----Katholische Glaubensinformation
KHJ -----Katholische Hochschuljugend
KJN -----Katholische Jugend Nackenheim
KJQ -----Katholische Jugend Quickborn
KJF -----Katholische Jugendfuersorge
KJS -----Katholische Jugendsozialarbeit
KJZ -----Katholische Jugendzentrale
KJG -----Katholische Junge Gemeinde
KSZ -----Katholische Sozialwissenschaftliche Zentralstelle
KSJ -----Katholische Studierende Jugend
KJA -----Katholischen Jugendamt
KNI -----Katmai New Instructions
KAI -----Katolicka Agencja Informacyjna
KJT -----Katolicka Jednota Texaskaa
KJY -----Kattassery Joseph Yesudas (music)
KRE -----Kauffman Racing Equipment
KGT -----Kawasaki Grand Touring
KHI -----Kawasaki Heavy Industries
KMX -----Kawasaki Motocross
KYB -----Kayaba Industry Company
KYZ -----Kayabi (language)
XAY -----Kayan Mahakam
KNG -----Kayan National Guard
KXY -----Kayong (language)
KZR -----Kazahk Republic
KPB -----Kazakhstan Pharmaceutical Bulletin
KVZ -----Kazanskii Vertoletnyi Zavod
KJX -----Kddi Java Extensions
KGX -----KDE with GNU
KFD -----Kearny Fire Department
KLD -----Kedit Language Definition
KBW -----"Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods, Inc. Securities dealer"
KNO -----"Keel-, Neus-, en Oorheelkunde "
KAC -----Keep America Connected
KDW -----"Keep Digging, Watson"
KHW -----Keep Hawaii Wild
KIT -----Keep In Touch
KIB -----Keep Iowa Beautiful
KKB -----Keep Knoxville Beautiful
KTB -----Keep Texas Beautiful
KTZ -----Keep the Zoo Committee
KTR -----Keep Them Rolling
KVO -----Keep Vein Open
KYH -----Keep Your Head
KYJ -----Keep Your Job
KYN -----Keep Your Nick
KLX -----Keeper Linux
KPS -----Keeper of the Privy Seal
KFH -----Keeping Families Healthy
KII -----Keeping Independents Independent
KTF -----Keeping The Faith
KIM -----Keep-In-Memory
KUC -----KEEPRITE Unit Cooler
KSY -----Kehilat She'ar Yashuv
KAZ -----Keio Advanced ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle)
KBB -----Kelley Blue Book
KKN -----Keluarga Kudus Nazaret
KRQ -----Kema Registered Quality
KUI -----Kemija u Industiriji
KQG -----Kempenfelt Quilters' Guild
KDO -----Kempense Darts Organisatie
KPC -----"Kenai Peninsula College, Alaska"
KIW -----Kenan Institute in Washington
KHN -----Kendall Hill Nursery
KVR -----Kenilworth Vehicle Rental Company
KSV -----Kenmac Steam Vaporizer
KKI -----Kennedy Krieger Institute
KSC -----Kennedy Space Center
KHR -----Kennedy Space Center Historical Report
KVY -----Kennedya Y potyvirus
KLG -----Kennelm Lee Guinness (auto parts)
KHT -----Kensington Housing Trust
KVC -----Kensington Valley Conference
KWW -----Kent and the Wider World
KBG -----Kent Bat Group
KEF -----Kent Engineering and Foundry (loudspeakers)
KIJ -----Kent International Jamboree
KKA -----Kent Korfball Association
KSU -----Kent State University
KWT -----Kent Wildlife Trust
KYP -----Kentriky Yperesia Plerophorion
KCU -----Kentuckiana Choral Union
KAR -----Kentucky Association of Realtors
KBA -----Kentucky Broadcasters Association
KCA -----Kentucky Conservatory of Arts
KCG -----Kentucky Contest Group
KDE -----Kentucky Department of Education
KER -----Kentucky Equine Research
KFG -----"Kentucky Financial Group, Inc."
KYF -----Kentucky First Bancorp
KFC -----Kentucky Fried Chicken
KGQ -----Kentucky Gray Quartz
KHO -----Kentucky Heartland Outreach
KYL -----Kentucky Law Reporter
KLA -----Kentucky Library Association
KMA -----Kentucky Motorcycle Association
KPR -----Kentucky Population Research
KQP -----Kentucky Quilt Project
KRZ -----Kentucky Reptile Zoo
KYS -----Kentucky State (university)
KSP -----Kentucky State Police
KVU -----Kentucky Virtual University
KWP -----Kentucky Works Program
KYD -----Kentucky Young Democrats
KKW -----Kenwood Knights Wrestling
KBC -----Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
KNM -----Kenya National Museum
KTN -----Kenya Television Network
KIX -----Kenyan Internet eXchange
KNH -----Kenyatta National Hospital
KSX -----Kerala Sub-contract Exchange
KZY -----Keratec Zirconia-Yttrium
KGF -----Keratinocyte Growth Factor
KPF -----Kerio Personal Firewall
KRV -----Kern River Valley
KHG -----Kernel Hacking Guide
KLL -----Kernersville Little League
KVI -----Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut
KZB -----Kernzeitbetreuung
QQK -----Keuru (language)
KDQ -----Kevin Dorrian Quartet
KAM -----Key Account Management
KCR -----Key Component Review
KCT -----Key Construction Test
KCV -----Key Customer Value
KDP -----Key Decision Point
KDT -----Key Definition Table
KDC -----Key Distribution Center
KDL -----Key Distribution List
KEI -----Key Enabling Investment
KET -----Key English Test
KES -----Key Escrow System
KFL -----Key Facilities List
KGR -----Key Generator Receiver
KIP -----Key Intelligence Position
KMC -----Key Management Center
KMF -----Key Management Facility
KMI -----Key Management Infrastructure
KML -----Key Management List
KMP -----Key Management Protocol
KMS -----Key Management System
KPI -----Key Performance Indicator
KPP -----Key Performance Parameter
KPU -----Key Personnel Update
KPA -----Key Process Area
KPK -----Key Production Key
KPE -----"Key Professional Engineers, Inc."
KRA -----Key Recovery Alliance
KSH -----Key Strokes per Hour
KSF -----Key Success Factors
KTA -----Key Technical Area
KTP -----Key Technologies Plan
KTS -----Key Telephone Set
KTU -----Key Telephone Unit
KVQ -----Key Value Question
KVG -----Key Variable Generator
KVE -----Key Vision Event
KWY -----Key Way
KWQ -----Key Words in Questions
KAK -----Key-Auto-Key
KMM -----Keyboard
KDS -----Keyboard Display Station
KDU -----Keyboard Display Unit
KBX -----Keyboard Extension
KID -----Keyboard Input Device
KBP -----KeyBoard Processor
KSO -----Keyboard Send Only
KSR -----Keyboard Send Receive
KVM -----"Keyboard, Video and Mouse "
KCJ -----Keymen's Club of Japan
KOL -----Key-Oriented List
KFK -----Keys For Kids
KAU -----Keystation Adapter Unit
KBU -----Keystone Builders Unlimited
KOZ -----Keystone Opportunity Zones
KPY -----Keystone Partnership for Youth
KXW -----Keyword Index
KXU -----Keyword Transformation Unit
KGN -----Khachoe Ghakyil Nunnery
KIG -----Kholvad Islam Gymkhana
KCF -----Kibaale Childrens Fund
KAH -----Kick A Hamster
KYX -----Kicks
KFR -----Kidnapping For Ransom
KUF -----Kidney Urology Foundation
KLS -----"Kidney, Liver, Spleen"
KUH -----"Kidney, Urologic, and Hematologic Diseases "
KUB -----"Kidneys, Ureters and Bladder"
KAY -----Kids and Youth
KCW -----Kids Computer Workshop
KDJ -----Kid's Denim Jacket
KDN -----Kid's Design Network
KGC -----Kids Get Care
KLO -----Kids Like Ours
KOB -----Kids On the Block
KOW -----Kids On the Web
KOS -----Kids Over Shoulder
KPJ -----Kid's Polar Jacket
KQN -----Kid's Quilt Night
KSN -----Kids Sports Network
KSW -----Kids Stories Writer
KVH -----Kids Voting Hawaii
KWR -----Kids Who Read!
KWK -----Kids with Kites
KNW -----"Kielder Newport West, Limited"
KTD -----Kiev Traktor Detal
KMZ -----Kievskii Mototsikletnyi Zavod
KAA -----Kill All Animals
KBN -----Kill Bad Name
KBQ -----Kill Before Questionning
KDB -----Kill Da Bastards
KEA -----Kill the Enemies of America
KYT -----Kill Your Television
KDR -----Kill-Detection Ratio
KBH -----Killer Beez Hive
KWL -----Killers Without Limits
KHY -----Killifish Hobbyist of the Year
KQC -----Kill-Quick Charlie
KFO -----Killybegs Fishermen`s Organisation
KBY -----Kilobyte
KEV -----Kilo-ElectronVolt
KFT -----KiloFeeT
KGY -----Kilogrey
KHZ -----KiloHertZ
KLY -----Kilo-Langley
KIH -----Kilometers In the Hour
KPH -----Kilometres Per Hour
KMQ -----Kilometro Quadrato
KXH -----Kilometros por Hora
KSI -----Kilopounds per Square Inch
KQH -----Kilo-Quadergy-Hour
KVA -----KiloVolt-Ampere
KWB -----KiloWatt Breakdown
KWE -----KiloWatt Electric
KWH -----KiloWatt-Hour
KQR -----Kimaragang
KIY -----Kimberley Indigenous Youth
ZKY -----Kimberly Clark Corporation Technical Library
KKC -----Kind Kids Club
KJJ -----Kinder- en Jeugdjury
KKZ -----Kinder Kirchen Zeitung
KJH -----Kinder- und Jugendhaus
KJI -----Kinder- und Jugendinitiative
KJE -----"Kinder-, Jugend und Erwachsenenhilfe "
KTY -----Kindergarten Transition Year
KHB -----Kinderhilfe Bethlehem
KZH -----Kinderzahnheilkunde
KZM -----Kinderzahnmedizin
KVD -----Kinematics for precise Variance Detection
KNS -----Kinesiology and Nutritional Science
KCP -----Kinetic Cavity Preparation
KEW -----Kinetic Energy Weapon
KIE -----Kinetic Isotope Effect
KKV -----Kinetic Kill Vehicle
KPQ -----Kinetic Priority Queue
KFF -----King Faisal Foundation
KFU -----King Faisal University
KGV -----King George V
KJB -----King James Bible
KJC -----King James Colony
KJO -----King James Onlyist
KJV -----King James Version (of the Bible)
KKU -----King Khalid University
KKQ -----King King Queen
KOE -----King Of England
KOG -----King Of Glory
KOF -----King Of the Forest
KOM -----King of the Mountains
KOY -----King Of Yuma
KXB -----King Takes Bishop
KXR -----King Takes Rook
KWC -----King William's College
KJK -----"King, Jack, King"
KBM -----Kingdom Building Ministries
KFM -----Kingdom Faith Ministries
KMT -----Kingdom Magic Travel
KSQ -----Kingdom Seekers Quartet
KVN -----Kingdom Vision Network
KQO -----King-Queen Off-suit
KQJ -----King-Queen-Jack
KQQ -----King-Queen-Queen
KQX -----King-Queen-Unknown
KGS -----Kings (bible)
KCY -----Kings Church York
KXP -----Kings Cross Partnership
KXT -----King's Cross Team
KGL -----King's German Legion
KHQ -----King's Harmonica Quintet
KOO -----Kings Of Oblivion
KOQ -----Kings of Queen
KQW -----King's Quickening Word
KRH -----Kings River-Hardwick Elementary School
KRR -----King's Rules and Regulations
KQS -----Kingston Quay Stadium
KRU -----Kingston Road United Church
KHD -----Kingsville Historic District
KHA -----Kingsville History Association
KFP -----Kinkos File Prep Tool
KLN -----Kinoshita-Lee-Nauenberg
KQM -----Kinsman Quartz Monzonite
KNQ -----Kintaq
KVL -----Kirchoff's Voltage Law
KPO -----Kirin Plaza Osaka
KSA -----Kirkwood Superposition Approximation
KNV -----"Kirstein, Neidig, Vance Chartered Accountants"
KGD -----Kiruna Geophysical Data
KJR -----Kiski Junction Railroad
KUG -----Kiso Ultraviolet-excess Galaxy
KMG -----Kiss My Grits
KVX -----Kissei-Vertex (pharmaceuticals)
KUA -----Kissimmee Utility Authority
KPL -----Kit Parts List
KDA -----Kitchen Distributors of America
KAP -----Kite Aerial Photography
KCQ -----Kittyhawk Clarinet Quartet
KEY -----Kiwanis Educating Youth
KRD -----Kiwi Ride Distribution
KBO -----Klamath Bird Observatory
KLZ -----Kleeneze
KMU -----Kleine und Mittelgroesse Unternehmen
KAG -----Klingon Assault Group
KPV -----Klingon Privateer Vessel
KLH -----"Kloss, Lowe, and Hoffman (audio products)"
KKK -----Klu Klux Klan
KDG -----Klub der Grossen in Deutschland
KIK -----Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej
KOT -----Klub Otomotif Timor
KUV -----Knapheide Utility Van
KJP -----Knee Jerk Politican
KFS -----"Knife, Fork, and Spoon"
KNT -----Knight
KCB -----Knight Commander (of the order) of the Bath
KBE -----Knight commander of the British Empire
KSG -----Knight of Saint Gregory
KSS -----Knight of Saint Silvester
KHS -----Knight of the Holy Sepulchre
GBE -----Knight or Dame Grand Cross (of the order of) the British Empire
KRT -----Knight Ridder-Tribune
KRI -----"Knight-Ridder, Incorporated"
KOC -----Knights Of Columbus
KGE -----Knights of the Golden Eagle
KLC -----Knights of the Lambda Calculus
KOV -----Knights Of the Vine
KOU -----Knights Of Unity
KOX -----Knights Of Xentar
KRY -----Knights Rugby Youth
KTO -----Knights Templar Oasis
KAE -----Knigliches Athenum Eupen
KCK -----Knik Canoers and Kayakers
KIO -----Knock It Off
KYO -----Knock Yourself Out
KDF -----Knocked Down Flat
KOD -----Knocked Out
KHH -----Knockranny House Hotel
KBF -----Knott's Berry Farm
KNL -----Know No Limits
KYC -----Know Your Customer
KYG -----Know Your Government
KYI -----Know Your Insect
KYR -----Know Your Rights
KIS -----Knowbot Information Service
KUU -----Knowing the Unknowable Universe
KAW -----Knowledge Acquisition Workshop
KIN -----Knowledge and Innovation Network
KUW -----Knowledge and Understanding of the World
KBT -----Knowledge Based Targeting
KCM -----Knowledge Center Management
KCC -----Knowledge Consistency Checker
KDD -----Knowledge Discovery in Databases
KEP -----Knowledge Economy Partnership
KEE -----Knowledge Engineering Environment
KEL -----Knowledge Engineering Laboratory
KEN -----Knowledge Exchange Network
KXS -----Knowledge Exchange System
KEX -----Knowledge Explorer
KGH -----Knowledge Gap Hypothesis
KIF -----Knowledge Interchange Format
KMN -----Knowledge Management Network
KMO -----Knowledge Management Officer
KNC -----Knowledge Navigation Center
KNE -----Knowledge Network Explorer
KNB -----Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity
KOJ -----Knowledge Of Jesus
KOP -----Knowledge Oriented Policy
KQL -----Knowledge Query Language
KQU -----Knowledge Quest University
KQV -----Knowledge Quest Ventures
KRL -----Knowledge Representation Language
KST -----Knowledge Sharing Technology
KSL -----Knowledge Systems Lab
KWX -----Knowledge Worker Exchange
KBL -----Knowledge-Based Logistics
KXG -----Knowledgexchange
KYW -----KnowYourWater.org
KXD -----Knox D'Arcy Trust
KTK -----Kobenhavns Triathlon Klub
KOI -----Kobe-Osaka International
KCI -----Koch Crime Institute
KFX -----Kodak Foto-Enhancer
KPG -----Kodak Polychrome Graphics
KXF -----Kodak X-ray Film
KNJ -----Kodaly New Jersey
KXM -----Koeksmaestare
QKU -----"Koeln-Deutz, Rheinland"
KIQ -----Koelner Initiative Qualifizierungstransfer
KIU -----Koelner Internet Union
KKT -----Koelner Kuenstler Theater
KVB -----Koelner Verkehrs-Betriebe
KNF -----Koh-i-Noor Foundation
KKR -----"Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts"
KYQ -----Kokizz Y Que
KAF -----Kol Adonai Foundation
KEU -----Kolding Erhvervsudvikling
KAX -----Kollection of Archived Graphix
KCX -----Komatsu Castex
KUE -----Komatsu Utility Europe
KZA -----Komitee Zuidelijk Afrika (Holland Committee On Southern Africa)
KGB -----Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (big nasty USSR secret people)
KHM -----Komitor Healing Method
KSK -----Kommando Spezialkraefte
KTI -----Kommission fuer Technologie und Innovation
KZG -----Kommission fuer Zeitgeschichte
KKE -----Kommounistiko Komma Elladas
KBZ -----Kommunikations- und Begegnungszentrum
KFB -----Kommunikationsforskningsberedningen
KED -----Kommunistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands
KPD -----Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands
KMD -----Komodo Manchester Debugger
KUQ -----Kompetenz und Qualifikation fuer junge Menschen
KZK -----Kompetenz Zentrum Kommunal
KEG -----Kompetenzzentrum fuer Elektronischen Geschaeftsverkehr
KHV -----Kona Hawaiian Village
KEK -----Konferenz Europaeischer Kirchen
KDY -----Kongelig Dansk Yachtklub
KNK -----Kongra Netewiya Kurdistan
KPN -----"Koninklijke PTT [Post, Telegraaf, Telefoon] Nederland"
KRC -----Koninklijke Racing Club
KSB -----Koninklijke Sterrenwacht van Belgie
KZZ -----Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum
KAJ -----Kontaktstelle Arbeit und Jugend
KVP -----Kontinuierlicher Verbesserungs Proze [Siemens process]
KLV -----Kontrol Limitation Vitesse
KZL -----Konzentrationslager
KTQ -----Kooperation fuer Transparenz und Qualität
KKS -----Koordinierungszentrum fuer Klinische Studien
KQY -----Koorete (language)
KEC -----Kootenai Electric Cooperative
KUD -----Koperasi Unit Desa
KLF -----Kopyright Liberation Front
KOR -----Korea
KDI -----Korea Defense Intelligence
KDM -----Korea Direct Marketing
KEJ -----Korea Esperanto-Junularo
KLI -----Korea Life Insurance
KMJ -----Korea Metal Journal
KNX -----Korea Network Exchange
KPX -----Korea Power Exchange
KQT -----Korea Quartz Technology
KSD -----Korea Securities Depository
KTJ -----Korea Telecom Japan
KTL -----Korea Testing Laboratory
KTG -----Korea Tobacco Group
KUT -----Korea University of Technology
KAL -----Korean Air Lines
KDZ -----Korean Defense Zone
KDX -----Korean Destroyer Experimental
KDH -----Korean Direct Hire
KFA -----Korean Financial Association
KFQ -----Korean Foundation for Quality
KGP -----Korean Ginseng Products
KHL -----Korean Heritage Library
KIA -----Korean Inferior Automobile
KLP -----Korean Language Program
KLE -----Korean Linux Extension
KMH -----Korean Multi-purpose Helicopter
KNR -----Korean National Railroad
KRX -----Korean Recycler's Exchange
KRS -----Korean Register of Shipping
KSM -----Korean Service Medal
KUP -----Korean United Pharmaceutical
KWV -----Korean War Veterans
KRW -----Korean Won (currency)
KXC -----Korean X-ray Crystallographer
KGG -----Koreanische Gesellschaft fuer Germanistik
KNY -----Koreans in New York
KNZ -----Korfball New Zealand
KFY -----Korn-Ferry International
KWZ -----Kornwestheimer Zeitung
KHK -----Koronare Herzkrankheit
KQB -----Korzh Query Builder
KCH -----Kosciusko Community Hospital
KIC -----Kosova Information Center
KWN -----Kosova Women's Network
KYE -----Kosova Young Ecologists
KLR -----Kosten- und Leistungsrechnung
KRB -----Kourou Reflexe Badminton
KMB -----Kowloon Motor Bus
KZN -----Kozani
KGO -----Kozmikus Geodeziai Obszervatorium
KFZ -----Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe
KWU -----"Kraftwerk Union, AG"
KZD -----Krajowy Zjazd Delegatow
KTT -----Kran- und Transportdienstleistungen Thueringen
KEH -----Krankenkasse Eintracht Heusenstamm
KTW -----Krankentransportwagen
KVT -----Krasnovian Variant Tank
KMW -----Krauss-Maffei Wegmann
KWG -----Kreditwesengesetz
KJU -----Kreis Junger Unternehmer
KJW -----Kreisjazzwerkerschaft
KJD -----Kreisjugenddienst
KKM -----Kreiskolbenmotor
KLW -----Kreislaufwirtschaft
KKF -----Kreitman Foundation Fellowship
KDV -----Kriegsdienstverweigerung
KZT -----Kriminaltechnischen Zentralstelle
KRK -----Krisen Reaktions Kraefte
KYM -----Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram
KFI -----Krishnamurti Foundation India
KKD -----Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
KOK -----Kristiansand Orienteringsklubb
KRN -----Kristna Radionatet
KZJ -----Krivicnog Zakona Jugoslavije
KYV -----Kriya Yoga Vigyan
KQI -----Krogman-Quaid International (Private Investigations)
KRJ -----"Kromm, Rikimaru, and Johansen Architects"
KTM -----"Kronreif und Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen (motorcycles)"
KNP -----Kruger National Park
KRG -----Kruger Research Group
KRF -----KRypton Flouride laser
NXK -----Krysslistearkiv for Karplanter
KLK -----Kuala Lumpur Kepong
KAO -----Kuiper Airborne Observatory
KUX -----Kukatja
KUK -----Kultur- und Kongresszentrum
KKL -----Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern
KIZ -----Kulturinformationszentrum
KUM -----Kulturministeriet
KMK -----Kultusministerkonferenz
KCN -----Kumamoto Cable Network
KUO -----Kumukio
KZF -----Kundenzufriedenheit
KZI -----Kundenzufriedenheitsindex
KFE -----Kung Fu Exchange
KTH -----Kungl Tekniska Hoegskolan
KAB -----"Kunsan Air Base, Korea"
KVS -----Kunststoff-Verband Schweiz
KUZ -----Kunststoff-Zentrum
KYY -----Kuopion Yliopiston Ylioppilaskunta
KFJ -----Kuratorium fuer Journalistenausbildung
KFV -----Kuratorium fuer Verkehrssicherheit
KGM -----Kuratorium Ganzheitliches Management
KWJ -----Kuratorium Wiener Jugendwohnhaeuser
KKP -----Kurdistan Komunist Partisi
KNN -----Kurdistan National Network
KKO -----Kurpfaelzisches Kammerorchester
KZE -----Kurzzeitexperten
KWD -----Kuwaiti Dinar
KMY -----Kvaerner Masa-Yards
KVV -----Kvinner Viser Vei
KMR -----Kwajalein Missile Range
KGU -----Kwansei Gakuin University
KUY -----Kwanyama
KZP -----Kwartalnik dla Historji Zydow w Polsce
KYA -----Kwaya
KYK -----Kyklos
KIR -----Kyocera Image Refinement
KPM -----Kyocera PrintMonitor
KBJ -----Kyoto Business Journal
KCL -----Kyoto Common LISP
KDK -----Kyoto Daiichi Kogaku
KEM -----Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing
KJM -----Kyoto Jazz Massive
KMV -----Kyoto Musik Verein
KUR -----Kyoto University Reactor
KGZ -----Kyrghyzstan
KME -----Kyushu Matsushita Electric Company
KYU -----Kyushu University
LPO -----La Palma Observa


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