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Use this template for editors that violate .
Use this code: {{username|reason}} where reason is one of the three letter codes below or a custom message.

  • offfor offensive, profane, or hateful usernames.
  • botfor names that claim to be bots.
  • pubfor users claiming to be a public figure. Use {{username|pub|Other person}}
  • numfor usernames made of mostly numbers and symbols.
  • admfor users claiming adminship or other user rights.
  • emafor usernames made of an e-mail address.
  • simfor usernames confusingly similar to another active user. Use {{username|sim|othername}}
  • nonfor usernames that are unreasonably long or nonsensical. This does not apply to otherwise acceptable names written in a non-English language.

To make:

We're so glad you joined us! I noticed, however, that your username is in violation of our .

If you're not sure how your username violates our policy, just ask me by replying to this message!

To have your username changed, just . If you continue to edit with an inappropriate username, however, your account may be .

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Template:Username images

2019 year
2019 year - Template:Username pictures

Template:Username forecast
Template:Username forecasting photo

Template:Username pictures
Template:Username pictures

Template:Username Template:Username new foto
Template:Username new pics

picture Template:Username
picture Template:Username

Watch Template:Username video
Watch Template:Username video

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